Sindee Lipstick, World Traveler


Sindee Lipstick, World TravelerShe was truly blessed under a lucky star as Sindee Lipstick found her gorgeous self being whisked away to Sweden to have a tour and sample the delights of the famous Swedish Milk House. She squirmed in her seat as she thought of the images she had only seen online. Titties of mammoth proportions, hanging waist length, bras bursting with over a foot of cleavage, wet leaking nipples creating contouring wet t-shirt spots over huge nipples, and beautiful women over six feet tall. She shuddered with delight and tried to get some sleep, as she’d be arriving in Stockholm in a few hours, sent to interview some of the tittiegirls for Mistress Samantha’s new dairy video series. Sindee, almost 30,was of medium height at 5’7′, golden brown hair, hazel eyes and a gorgeous rack of 34H and was a bona fide tit worshiping lesbian who created beautiful lingerie, stage wear and titwear for the biggest titties in the business. She loved her job as much as she loved tit, and was always face deep or dreaming about it, and becoming a talent scout for the biggest most beautiful tits around the world just made her sigh. Tit show empire queen Mistress Samantha tracked her down to create for all the huge and famous tits that appeared in her videos, and they’d been working together ever since. Her entry through customs was speedy, and a beautiful blonde buxom chauffer awaited her, her huge bosom causing her uniform seams to strain, but she welcomed Sindee, took her bag, and helped her into the back of the SUV limousine where she was greeted by two blonde tittiegirls in short robes, who immediately started helping her out of her clothes, the blonder one saying, “It is a long ride to the Dairy, so we will bathe you and entertain you after your long trip,” as the nearby floor opened up to a gently whirling tub.”We want to show you our titties. I am Inga and she is Lilly. You like titties, yes?” She had golden hair, pale eyes and full lips, while her friend was blonder, with white eyelashes and a splash of freckles across her nose. She released the tie around her her waist and let her robe slip off, as she slid into the tub, “Oh, you like?” She arched her back, lifting the lovely dripping titties out bahis siteleri of the water. Sindee, now naked, and aware they hadn’t even left the airport, smiled and slipped between the girl’s legs to fondle the huge titties. They were very firm, about the size of volleyballs, and stood out from her collar bone. “Maybe some champagne,” asked Lilly, as Inga lifted her rack and beckoned Sindee to bury her face in the big fat beauties while Lilly pour champagne down the immense cleavage. Sindee licked and slurped and buried her face in the big fatties. Sindee loved them, firm big and high, with large meaty nipples to suck, and lifting them up to her mouth, she said, “They are absolutely beautiful, Inga.” as she filled her mouth with nipple, sucking hard, and licking and kissing, and burying her face, then there were four beautiful titties, as Lilly pressed hers close, sitting next to Inga, smothering Sindee in tit, as she sucked each massive titty, one at a time, going back and doing it again, until one fucked her hard with a strap on as her face was buried in the smooth shaved pussy of the other. Which was which, she forgot, but she made out diligently with the soft warm pussy, squeezing the big soft titties, getting fucked and fingered until she had just one more shuddering orgasm before they had to dry off, and arrive at the Dairy. The girls helped her dry off, get ready and gather her things, and promised to see her later. She absolutely glowed. She needed that, all that, after a long flight. The titties, the hot tub, the titties, four big beautiful titties, two gorgeous girls, a hot tub in a limo, and just good naked fun, with lots of champagne and lots of pussy. The lovely chauffer helped her out, smiling knowingly, and Sindee wondered if she watched through a video system, and smiled to the chauffer her most catlike smile. “What a wonderful ride,” she said, smiling at the lovely blonde with the platinum spiked hair, appreciating her loveliness, and wondering if she’d be sampling those big titties too, noticing the very hard nipples pressing against the fabric and telltale wet spots forming.”Miss Lipstick, let me introduce myself. I am Lorraine. I am French. I am here to be taught the ways of a tittiegirl. canlı bahis siteleri As you can see, just the thought of you makes my aching titties leak. Would you be so kind as to help me? May I accompany to your room?”Sindee’s throbbing pussy throbbed harder as she nodded her head and followed Lorraine through the empty lobby that was a virtual shrine to tit. All the walls were video walls, with huge close ups of massive tits bouncing, jiggling, hanging, spilling out of tiny bras, Sindee could not stop smiling, and found herself in the tiny elevator with their huge tits pressed together, and Sindee feeling the dampness of the leaking nipples against her own. She groaned, and Loraine pressed forward a bit, squeezing their big titties together. The elevator dinged and they relaxed, and Lorraine lead Sindee to her room, opening her door, and letting her in. It was a big beautiful room with a fire place and spa like bathing area that was just around a wall from a huge bed, but Sindee just founder herself staring at Lorraine’s massive bosom, her wet spots twice as big. “I have brought my pump, unless you’d like to suck”, she said in her soft French accent, holding up a small case.”I’d love to do both,” said Sindee, as she guided Lorraine to the edge of the bed and slipped to her knees, lifting the two huge titties up.”Oooo, they’re so heavy. I better let them out of your top,” she said, as she started undoing the buttons, staring into Lorraine’s pretty golden eyes, and then kissing her hard, her tongue exploring her mouth, as she worked the rest of the buttons loose. “Mmmm, let’s get these big fat milkers out of this top.”, she said, still looking her in the eye, squeezing and heaving the big fat heavy titties. “These are so nice,” she murmured as she slipped down between the girl’s knees to free the big milkers, lifting and squeezing them, squirting milk onto her face and into her open mouth. She sucked and squeezed, the warm milk running down her face, as her very wet pussy convulsed into small spontaneous orgasms, as she gasped for air, burying her face in the fat wet titties. “Mmmm, just heavenly. Magnifique,” she said, remembering her French, as her mouth went greedily from one leaking canlı bahis nipple to the other, while Lorraine moaned and pushed her big titties forward.”Mon dieu, I sank you so much, Miss Lipstick. My titties are so big and full with milk, and I cannot always pump and they just get bigger and bigger, and then they leak. Thank you for milking me. Please don’t stop sucking, or maybe you would like to pump me?”Lorraine was a slight young woman, maybe 5’3″ but her magnificent titties had swollen up to throbbing leaking J cups that were always out of control. They made for such a lovely sight on Lorraine’s small frame, almost like a fantasy character, small and elfish with breasts twenty sizes too big for her body. They hung to her tiny hips, her nipples waist length and Sindee just had to see these big beautiful titties hovering inches over her pussy. Sindee slipped her out of her skirt, leaving her naked in her shoes and panties and sat her at the edge of the bed, and had her lift her thighs a bit while Sindee pulled the fatties through the thighs, so it was just pussy and those big beautiful leaking tits.Sindee wrapped her arms around the thighs, and went in mouth first, licking the smooth shaved pussy, holding the big fat leaking tits bulging over the pussy, where Sindee sucked hard, the warm milk flowing down her face as she tongued the sweet pussy and then sucked the other tit. She enjoyed the warm milk so much, holding Lorraine tight as she squirmed and moaned, sucking and teasing the big nipples into leaking more. Sindee was delighted that milk seemed never ending in these huge titties, so she coaxed Lorraine onto her knees, the huge tits almost touching the ground, while Sindee once more buried her face into Lorraine’s very wet pussy, making out with it, as she milked the huge udders. Lorraine moaned and pressed her pussy into Sindee’s face, murmuring sweet French things, as Sindee milked her like a cow, chewing on her pussy, kissing it and inserting her tongue, until the lovely little thing collapsed into huge shuddering orgasm, her huge leaking udders rolling about, as she gasped for air. Sindee lifted the huge tits, burying her face in the damp cleavage, licking and sucking more milk out, then squeezing the big fat titties, spraying her face with the warm milk. “I love these beautiful titties, Lorraine. They are wonderful milk fountains and so big. I must create something special for these beauties, but now let’s pump these.

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