Single Dad and His 16-year-old Step-Daughter


When I married my ex, she had a six-year-old daughter, Sue. She also had a career that required her to travel extensively. I’m a computer programmer and work from home. After eight years of marriage, she decided that her job was more important than her daughter or me and left us. I never adopted Sue and she kept her last name. I did the best I could, being both Dad and Mom. I’ve always been entirely open to her concerns, so she knew she could talk with me about anything. Shortly after Sue turned sixteen, she came into my home office after school on a Friday and said, “We need to talk, Daddy.”“Sure sweetie, give me a minute to finish what I’m doing.”I completed what I was doing and turned off the computer, then turned to her and asked, “What’s on your mind?”“Sex,” she replied shyly. “The girls at school are always talking about it but I don’t know anything about it.”Now, it had been several years since I’ve been with a woman, and I just realized my daughter is turning into a woman with a 36C-26-32 figure, and the subject is getting me horny. “Let’s go sit on the living room couch. It will be more comfortable than in here,” I replied, my cock growing in my pants.She took my hand, and we went to the living room to get comfortable.“Would you like a drink before we talk?” she asked.“A beer would be nice, thanks,” I said. Sue went to the kitchen then returned with my beer and a glass of juice for herself. She sat down next to me and snuggled into my side.“Okay, what is the problem, exactly?” I queried.“Daddy, the girls at school talk about sex all the time but I don’t know what they’re talking about so I’m left out of their conversations.”I said, “As you already know, guys and girls have different equipment down below their belly buttons.””Yes Daddy, I know. We learned that in Sex Ed. but the girls are using terms that I’m not familiar with.”“Like what, sweetie?”“Things like cock, balls, cum, pussy, fuck, giving head, and a lot of other things.“Are you serious about wanting to learn all this? If I teach you all these things there’s no going back and you can never tell anyone, not even your best friends, who taught you. This isn’t going to be a conversation almanbahis between us, I’m going to be demonstrating and you will be participating. Are you okay with that?”Sue hesitated then asked, “Does that mean we’ll have sex at some point?”“Yes sweetie, we will if you want to.”“Thank you, Daddy.”“Let’s go to my bedroom, it will be better for what we’re about to do.”I left my beer on the end table, picked Sue up in my arms, and carried her to my room. Setting her down, I said, “We both need to get undressed. May I undress you?”As her face flushed red, Sue whispered, “Yes Daddy.”I slowly unbuttoned Sue’s blouse then removed it. Moving behind her, I unclasped her bra. Her chest turned red as she tried to hold it in place.“Take it off, you have a beautiful body.”She let the straps of her bra come down her arms and released the cups; it fell to the floor. I reached around her and fondled her bountiful breasts.”The boys call these tits or titties or jugs,” I whispered in her ear.Sue feels something hard in her ass crack and asks, “What’s that hard thing pressing against my butt crack, Daddy?”“It’s my penis, sweetie. Girls usually call it a cock or prick, sweetie.”“Can I see it?”“Of course, sweetie. Turn around and take my jeans and boxers off.”Sue turned around, unbuckled my belt, popped the snap on my jeans, and pulled both my jeans and boxers to the floor as she stared at my rock-hard cock. I stepped out of them.“You can touch it or do anything you’d like with it sweetie.”“Is it always this hard?” Sue asked as she ran her fingers along it.“No sweetie, only when I’m looking at a beautiful woman.”As she continued to explore my cock, she closed her hand around it.“Sweetie, that’s enough of that for now.” I raised my arms above my head, saying, “Take my t-shirt off.”Sue complies, and I’m naked from my head to my socks.“Sweetie, I’m going to take your shorts and panties off now. Okay?”Still looking at my cock, Sue nodded her head. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them and her panties to the floor, and she covered her pussy with her hands.“No fair, I didn’t try to cover my cock when you took my pants and boxers off!”“But Daddy,” Sue whined, “I almanbahis yeni giriş try not to let even the other girls see my vagina in the showers after gym.”“Your vagina is commonly called a pussy, twat, or cunt,” letting her know the common names, “Besides which, if I’m going to teach you, you can’t hide it.”She dropped her hands to her side, clearly uncomfortable, revealing a thick, brown bush.“Some guys like a thick bush like yours but I prefer a pussy without hair. Follow me.” I took Sue’s hand and led her into the bathroom, where I had her sit on the toilet. I put a towel on the floor and grabbed my electric hair clippers. Spreading her legs wide, I started clipping her overgrown bush. She moaned and jumped a few times as the clippers got near her clit. I soaked a washcloth in hot water and applied it to her pubes when done with the clippers. I then took shaving cream and spread it. The razor glided smoothly across her pubes as I stretched her skin. Sue is almost panting at this point. The final step was to ensure her outer lips were free of hair, so I lifted each of her outer lips and gently shaved them. “There, that’s much better,” I said.“Daddy, I don’t know what’s going on but my body feels strange, like something inside me is churning.”“Nothing to worry about sweetie, it’s a natural reaction.”We returned to my bedroom, and I had Sue lie on the bed.“Tell me honestly, have you ever touched your pussy to make yourself feel good?”“A couple of times, Daddy, but I never had an orgasm.”“Are you okay with me touching your pussy?” “Daddy, you were touching it in the bathroom. Go ahead.”I wet two fingers in my mouth, then ran them up and down her outer lips and repeated the action several times. I then move my fingers to the top of her slit and circle them around her clit.“Daddy! That feeling is coming back!”I remove my fingers, spread Sue’s legs, and position myself between them. I use my tongue on her sweet, tight slit, just as I had with my fingers.“Daddy, I feel like I’m going to explode!”“Sweetie, just relax and let it happen.”After a few minutes of using my tongue, it happens.“Daddy!” she yells as her first orgasm overtakes her. almanbahis giriş Her back arched, pushing her pussy to my mouth.I back off and let her orgasm subside.When she’s fully aware again, I say, “Congratulations, you’ve had your first orgasm!”“Oh Daddy, that was amazing. I want more of them!”“Sweetie, that’s only one way to have an orgasm, there are many more.”“What’s that way called?”“It’s called being eaten out, sweetie. Now it’s time for you to make me feel as good as you just did. Remember how I stopped you when you had your hand around my cock? I want you to straddle my chest facing my feet and do that now.”Sue followed my instructions and positioned herself, then took my cock in her hand.“Now move your hand up and down my cock.” I’ve been on the edge of cumming all night, so it didn’t take long before I felt my balls draw up, and I spewed cum all over Sue’s tits and belly.“Daddy! What happened? A lot of sticky stuff flew out of your cock!”“That’s what happens when a guy has an orgasm. The sticky stuff is called cum. Go ahead and taste it.”Sue dipped a finger in and tasted it. “A little salty but not bad tasting,” she says.“I think we’ve done enough for tonight. Go get cleaned up and go to bed. We’ll continue your education tomorrow.”The following day I woke up at 7 am, did my morning routine, started breakfast of bacon, eggs, and biscuits, and woke Sue at 7:30. She arrived in the kitchen at 7:45, totally naked.I looked at her and said, “I guess I’m totally overdressed but cooking bacon can be dangerous without clothes on.” “You’re done cooking. Let’s be naked together.”I’m amazed at the overnight change in Sue’s behavior. My shy girl who didn’t like revealing her body had become an in-house nudist. I stripped out of my clothes, already hard, and joined her at the kitchen table.We eat breakfast, and she helps me clean up. As we were doing that, she turned to me and said, “Daddy, I have a confession to make. Remember when you told me to go clean up and go to bed? Well, I cleaned up by eating all that cum you sprayed on me. I really like it.”“Sweetie, some women like it and others don’t. I’m glad you liked it because you’ll make some boy very happy.”“So what are you going to teach me today?”“We still have a lot of ground to cover but seeing as you like to eat cum, I think we’ll start with blowjobs. After we finish here, let’s go to my bedroom and we’ll get started.”

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