Sister Forgot Her Key Pt. 03


That day after school, Mac picked Claire up in his blue Honda.

“So, how was your day Claire bear?”

“Not the worse day, I was a little distracted thinking of you and that big monster of yours.” “Is that right? Cuz I was thinking of you all day too!”

“You’re so sweet and handsome.”

Claire gazed at him with love. “You definitely made my shower longer and more enjoyable” He smirked as he glanced at her open legs placing his hand on her thigh (Close enough to feel the heat of her snatch.)

“Your the best little sister ever, you know this right?”

“Awe, your the best. Honestly the only thing I could change about you…”

“What is it? You can’t just pause after that, what have I done wrong?” Mac looked nervous as his little sister giggled.

“The only thing I want to change is the position your hand is in.” Claire grabbed her big brothers hand and moved it to her Pussy. “Oh, yes, that’s better” Mac rubbed her clit sensually as he drove with one hand.

The beautiful scent of his sisters vulva filled the car and his tent gave a hard salute.

Claire soaked her seat with all her juices then pulled his hand away. She leaned over to her brothers lap to pull out the awaiting hard Cock, slowly she jerked him getting her mouth closer and closer as her tongue swirled around the head of his dick.

Mac then hit a pot hole causing his little sisters head to jerk down on him forcing all of his 9 inches of dick into the back of her throat. Mac swerved off the road and nearly hit a tree as he shot his load.

Claire swallowed every last bit yalova escort of her brothers cum before she had a chance to back off from choking on it.

“That was amazing Claire bear.”

“I hope so, your giant cock was stuck in my throat. I’m just glad you came. Who knows how long I might have had that in there. I couldn’t breathe.” Claire was catching her breath and smiling as Mac kept a smug smirk.

“I’m sorry Baby Bear, I didn’t do that on purpose.”

“I know, I love you so much. It really turned me on even though I almost passed out.”

They listened to music for the rest of the drive home.

When they pulled into the driveway their Mom was on the porch and seemed concerned.

“What’s wrong Momma” Claire sat next to her. “Well, I know you’ve been seeing someone and I was hoping you might tell me about it yourself but -“

“It’s just a friend Mom.”

“I’m not stupid Claire, your happier lately and I can smell your excitement. I want to take you to get birth control before it’s too late.”

“Mom I don’t nee-“

” I’m taking you, that’s that.” Claire went with her Mom to get birth control and was secretly happy to be able to have care free sex with her older brother.

After receiving the control they got back into her Mom’s vehicle and headed home. “Just treat your brother good, ok?”

“What do you mean?”

“Momma knows everything about her babies. Believe it or not, Mac tells me all of everything. He’s my baby boy and we have no secrets. I’m actually happy he got rid of that slut, Sue.

She’s a no good cheating whore who yalova escort bayan sneaks into his room every night and I was gonna pick the right time to kick her out but now I don’t have to. Also, I like you two getting along.”

“Mom this is awkward.”

“Get used to it honey, I need both my kids happy and if this is what does it, then I’m happy”

“Why is this so normal to you Mom.”

“When I was your age I used to get busy with my brother, I guess we’re just a freaky family”

“I guess so…”

“No need for guessing, you know it cuz I told you.”

“which uncle?”

“Don’t you worry bout the details, it’s ancient history now. What’s left in the past I keep there”

“Does dad know?” “I said, don’t worry about it.”

They got back to the house and Mac was sitting on the couch in his boxers watching tv. “Alright baby, why don’t you give that young man some attention. Your brother has an erection almost 24/7”


“What? As if it’s not noticeable, Go fix that. I’m gonna start making supper” Claire joined her brother on the couch and engaged in rubbing his thick shaft.

“Ready for your sister to pleasure you?” “Always, your the sexiest little sister ever” She started down his barrel, bobbing her head up and down.

“I can’t believe you told Mom” Claire stated before going back down on him. “Well, me NNN Momma don’t keep secrets from, UGH…each other” barely able to speak during this moment of pleasure.

Mac stood up and bent his pretty little sister over the couch and hiked her skirt up. He grabbed his dick and rubbed escort yalova her mound with it and his other hand pawed at her ass cheek.

“OOH, FUCK MEEEE!” She felt a warm need of satisfaction rise through her body. Mac then jammed his mighty prick deep into his sisters pussy “UGH, FUCK YES” she cried into the cushion as he began thrusting back and forth.

Claire felt all of her brother barreling into her repeatedly, followed by his balls swinging and to her this was heaven. All she wanted to do was make this last forever.

Claire lost herself in ecstasy, She had came at least half a dozen times then her brother pulled out and spun her around. They kissed hard for a moment, right as she thought they had finished, Mac lifted her up and she threw her legs around him as he dropped her directly on his cock.

He grabbed his sisters ass cheeks and lifted her up then slammed her down onto his member. This created loud slapping noises to fill the room as he jacked himself with his sister like a life size sex toy.

“Ok my loves, hurry up and cum. Daddy will be home soon. Suppers almost done too so I hope you have an appetite.”

“KAAAY” Claire sang as she tried to answer promptly.

“Almost done Mom” Mac determined to make his Mom proud, dropped Claire gently on the couch and got down and reamed her as hard as he possibly could While squeezing her delicious C cup breast. He fired jet after jet into her pussy then collapsed out of breath.

Mom then brought the two of them water and Mac chugged it then pulled out of his sister still hard and jerked all over his sisters cleavage.

“Oh, my… You really are a stud, Honey. Now go get cleaned up for Dinner. Your father will be here any minute.”

From that day on, nothing would ever be the same for Claire and her brother Mac.

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