Sister In Law Comes To Visit


Sister In Law Comes To VisitSeveral years ago my Sister In Law came to visit. It was well known by my wife that I had a thing for her sister. She is equally sexy and seeing her dressed and watching her I always wondered what was beneath the clothing. Do her tits look similar? Is her pussy similar with large labia? When I found out she was coming for a visit my wife was already on to me about how lucky I was going to be. I could check her out. We made plans to take her to see the sights locally. We had even planned to take her to a friends house who also had a pool. When she arrived I was already excited. Riding back in the car my mind swirled. When home my eyes were constantly checking her out. Looking at her relaxed in her t-shirt and sweat pants, no bra, comparing the size of her tits through her shirt with my wife’s. Wondering if the nipples were the same. We took her out to see the local stuff, watching her in her jeans, always walking slower than everyone else for some reason. It was fun watching both sisters talk as I looked at both of their asses and fantasized about them being nude, side by side. One day my wife, we’ll call her Katsumi came to me and said, “come quick, you’re going to want to see this”. I went with her into the kitchen towards the back door. She said, “peak out the window through the blinds”. When I did I saw her sister, who we will call Azumi on the back porch doing stretches. She was in some snug sweatpants and her long sleeve shirt with no bra. I watched for a moment and then thought, I need a camera. Katsumi was already prepared and had a camera. She knew I jerked off thinking about her sister and there were many times that Katsumi sucked my cock while I looked at pictures of her sister or thought about Azumi. Many pictures later I was satisfied, sort of. I was still wanting to discover exactly what Azumi had underneath her clothes. A casual “oops” in the bathroom while she is showering? May seem to obvious. Spying through a window? Not likely she’ll be nude in the spare bedroom. The mind was a whirlwind of ideas, some plausible, others. required equipment I did not have. What to do, what to do. We planned our trip to the pool. I was told that Azumi brought her bathing suit and I was going crazy thinking about seeing her. Would I see nipple? Maybe some traditional Japanese peak a boo pussy hair? Sadly though, the plans fell through and again my plans were thwarted. güvenilir bahis This all took place within the first day or two. One night while relaxing on the couch Azumi went into the bathroom. She called for her sister. Katsumi came to the bathroom and she opened the door. Azumi was trying to figure out the shower. Strange tub, odd, unknown faucet operation, we’ve all been there. I heard them chatting in Japanese and my mind went to work once again. Azumi was still dressed, unfortunately. Where the couch was positioned it was a mere six feet from the bathroom door. I could see Katsumi and would catch a glimpse of Azumi. Once the shower was explained Katsumi came back out and told me in a whisper, “Azumi’s going to take a shower”, wink wink. I said, “I wish I could see that”. Katsumi smiled. Katsumi was in the kitchen for a few minutes. I heard the shower start and then I heard a change in the water sound as it hit the bathtub floor. You could tell Azumi was in the shower, fully nude. Katsumi then came back out from the kitchen and said, “I will try and get a picture for you.” I think I almost came right there. How glorious, my wife is going to take a picture of her nude sister for me to see! Katsumi knocked on the door and Azumi called out. Katsumi entered and started to talk with her in Japanese again. It was about two minutes and then Katsumi came back out of the bathroom. She said she was trying to catch her while she was washing her hair so she could take the picture but she was to early and Azumi’s eyes were open. Katsumi did give me some information. She told me that Azumi had a natural but trimmed pussy, her tits were small like hers but she had big brown nipples and they were puffier than hers. I as a guy was hoping for a little more detail on the pussy, thick hanging lips or a nice little slit? I cannot complain about the information I received however, especially considering the source! Katsumi went and put the camera back then returned to me. She said, “you really want to fuck Azumi don’t you?”. I told her yes, very much. She then grabbed my cock through my shorts and said, “wow, it’s hard.” I told her of course, you were just trying to take a nude picture of your sister for me. My heart was pounding out of my chest. Katsumi began to stroke my cock through the shorts. I slid down the couch and looked over towards the bathroom. Katsumi, said, “wait a minute”. She went güvenilir bahis siteleri into the spare room and got her sisters glasses and put them on. She was almost a dead ringer for Azumi. Katsumi then got on her knees and pulled my shorts to my ankles, opened my legs and slid between them and started to stroke my stiff cock. I kept looking over at the door for the bathroom. Katsumi said, “we have to hurry before she comes out.” I was thinking the exact opposite. Lets drag this out so Azumi comes out and see’s your mouth filled with my cock, so I can invite her to join us. Katsumi massaged my cock, licked up and down the shaft then swallowed me into her mouth. The glasses and the angle I would have sworn it was Azumi. She sucked on me for a few minutes, stopping to ask if I was going to cum. Hell no, I’m waiting for Azumi to open that door and see your head bobbing up and down. Katsumi’s instructions before starting were to call her Azumi. Looks like her sister and now I can call her sisters name, perfect. After about five or more minutes of her sucking me I could not resist. I grabbed Katsumi and pulled her up. She stood up and I said, “Azumi, I want to fuck your pussy, take your clothes off.” She pulled off her pants and shirt, revealing her tiny tits and hairy Japanese pussy. She straddled my cock and slowly lowered herself towards my throbbing manhood. When I felt the tip touch her cunt I had to thrust my hips and drive it into her. Amazingly Katsumi’s pussy was soaking wet and my cock plunged inside of her. I pushed her back to get a good view of my cock sliding in her, looking at her face with the glasses on. I could not help but tell “Azumi” how good her pussy felt and how long I had been waiting to slip my cock in her. I was not bashful either, I was told several times to quiet down because I was talking to loud and Azumi might here me. That was the plan. I wanted Azumi to hear the moaning and sexual sounds as her name was called. Katsumi played along like a pro. She called my name, said she had been looking at me for a long time wanting to fuck me too. As I drove my cock into her wet pussy I kept looking at the door, waiting for it to open. What would Katsumi do now? Fully nude, cock inside her while wearing her sisters glasses as her husband called her by her sisters name, mmmm, Azumi. She started to get a little nervous and was trying to hurry it along, “are you iddaa siteleri going to cum?” she would ask. I don’t want to, Azumi hasn’t come out yet. I had hoped the door would open. Azumi would step from the bathroom and we would be right there. Katsumi’s hairy cunt visible and split open with my dick right up the middle. My plan was to grab Katsumi and pull her tightly to my chest and fuck her hard as I called her sisters name while staring Azumi in the eyes. If it worked out I would invite Azumi over and roll Katsumi to the side. Azumi would then be given the chore of cleaning her sisters cum and juice from my stiff cock. Once that was accomplished I would strip Azumi in front of Katsumi and have her straddle me, lowering her towards my cock. An added bonus would be getting Katsumi to guide my cock into her sisters waiting love hole. Unfortunately, Azumi is one of those several hour shower ladies. I pounded on Katsumi, calling her Azumi. Her pussy, surprising still, was soaking wet with cum and her love juice. She, pretending to be Azumi said, cum, cum inside my pussy, I want to feel your cum inside of me. She really turned up the dirty talk and acting. She could have won an Oscar. I grabbed her ass and started to pound her pussy, she moaned as I called out Azumi, I’m going to cum. Then my balls exploded, I thrust deep inside of her as she leaned across my chest. My cum gushed inside of her, still moaning Azumi’s name until my cock was completely drained. Katsumi laid there for a half a minute and then sat up and jumped off. The cum gushed from her open pussy and dripped onto my stomach and cock. She said, “oh my gosh, you came a lot!!!”. Indeed I did, wishing it was actually in Azumi’s wet hole. Katsumi quickly pulled on her panty’s and pj’s., then threw on her shirt. I laid there with my cum and her cum all over my cock and stomach. Katsumi said, “get your pants on before she comes out”. Roughly about the time the water turned off in the bathroom. I said, I’d rather sit here like this until she comes out so she can see and maybe I can add Azumi’s pussy juice to this mess, with a smile. She grabbed my shorts and started to pull them up and I ended up assisting her. For the remainder of the time I checked out Azumi and did not hide the fact that she gave me a hard on when in my shorts relaxing. I wanted her to see that she made me hard. Azumi still makes me hard today and if she makes it back over for another visit I will still want to see her nude and if possible test that more mature pussy in front of Katsumi. To have them both side by side, nude in the bed and just go back and forth between pussies and mouths, mmmm. THE END

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