Smoking Paradise Origin’s – Tanya


Smoking Paradise Islands Origins -Tanya

This story is part of a little trilogy of “how did the residents get to the island” you may find it interesting, or you may not.

I have tried to have a different story for each character. I hope that it’s enough to hold your interest.

I hope that there is enough smoking and hints of pretty women smoking for you all to enjoy.

Thanks again,



Chapter 1

The dark tanned, slim hour glassed figure slowly climbed the stainless-steel ladder out of the shimmering blue pool. The rivulets of chlorine infused water pouring down from the tip of her long dark hair over the bumps of the vertebrae of her back and over fine dark fuzzy down on the small of her back and quickly dripping off her bronzed naked buttocks as they jiggled and wobbled as she slowly climbed the two plastic rung steps. She slowly and purposely made her way the four strides to the sun lounger and took a deep breath of fresh air and retrieved a cigarette between her wet fingers and placed it between her lips, she ran her hands through her hair to remove it from her face, daintily flicking the excess water off her fingers before picking up her lighter.

She was soon enveloped in a cloud of smoke as she exhaled through her dripping nose before the gentle breeze took the smoke off across the bright green manicured garden lawn beside her.

With the cigarette perched in the corner of her mouth she pushed the sun lounger with her foot, the yellow bottle of sun lotion leaning next to a pack of Marlboro Reds and lighter balanced on the white plastic beam, the lounger screeched and sounded like nails being dragged down a blackboard as she moved it along the grey tiles next to the shimmering small swimming pool. she paused and stood up as she exhaled again through her nose as she double checked her position she looked up and squinted against the bright sunlight as she tried to line herself up with the ever-moving sun.

On the other side of the garden where the lounger had started off where her black knickers and nonmatching white bra, along with her green t-shirt and short red skirt which were in a bundle on the grass next to a pile of text books, pens and blank paper for the planned afternoon sun baked revision session.

Tanya Fitzpatrick paused and dragged again on her cigarette and as she removed it from her lips she stood up straight and as she exhaled she flicked her ash on the floor, she replaced the cigarette between her lips as stood next to the sun lounger and picked up the yellow bottle of factor 10 sun lotion and squirted the white liquid in to the palm of her hand, she smiled as some of it splattered up her arm. She rubbed her hands together and then smeared the cream massaging it all over her shoulders and then the remaining cream on her hands over her small bare chest.

She wiped her hands dry on her soft wobbly inner thighs and rubbed her nose of a drip and sniffed as she sat back. She accidently pushed the pack and the lighter on the floor which landed with a clatter as she exhaled yet her cloud of smoke she settled down on the sun lounger, double checking that her glasses were secure on her face and the cigarette was returned to her lips and she closed her eyes against the bright sunlight as she cheeks deeply concaved as her small chest rose as the smoke again pummelled her ever so briefly nicotine deprived lungs.

She lay there with there with her eyes closed, the peace and quiet surrounding her was ended with screech of breaks followed by repetitive beep of horn on the road, the birds suddenly flapping out of the nearby trees flying and squawking into panicked circles against the clear blue sky, followed by the obvious sound of Marion Fitzpatrick’s light blue BMW Z3 crunching up the gravel driveway. Tanya pushed her glasses up her nose and on top of her wet hair and screwed her face up waiting and shook her head and smiled as she breathed out as there was the predictable loud thud and crunch of metal on metal as bonnet of the car hit the garage door.

Tanya rolled her eyes and dragged on her cigarette, “Here we go, Dad will be cross yet again.” She muttered as she exhaled. She cocked her head and expectantly looked towards the back gate.

“Tan, are you home?” Marion shouted as she unsteadily got out of the car holding on to the bodywork as she extracted her legs. “Hello Tan where the fuck are you?” She bellowed.

Tanya leaned across and gently coughed and shook her head as she stretched out her fingers and recovered her can of diet coke with the plastic red striped straw poking out and she slowly walked it back in her direction with her fingers and sucked on it.

“Tan hello where the fucks are you?” Marion bellowed again before turning around and opening the car door again rummaging around in the side pocket of the door before smiling as she extracted a cigarette and lighter from her spare pack and placing the filter between her lips and swiftly lighting it.

Tanya swallowed and put the can down beside her “I’m here Mom, I am around escort izmir the back!” she barked back, pushed her glasses down her nose and then dragged on her cigarette.

“Oh, are you revising in the sun? You are such good girl for doing your revision.” Marion hollered back as she leaned over the door and picked up her large bag and slid her arm through the white leather handles before turning and tottering on her nude heels and short white skirt and wavering across the gravel which crunched under foot as she unsteadily made her way towards the back door gate.

Tanya quickly sat back down again, and got her breath back from sprinting across the garden as she straightened her damp hair, tucked the cigarette in the corner of her mouth repositioned herself on the lounger with her large ‘Advanced Mathematics’ book on her knees and looked as if she was intently studying it as her mom wobbled and staggered around the corner.

Marion triumphantly smiled “Well done you!” she stated as she let go of the wall and unevenly meandered towards Tanya.

Tanya sighed “Yeah only got a week to go! Yay me, can’t wait for this last final exam!” she grinned and removed the cigarette from her lips as she exhaled and flicked the ash off. “How did the tennis go?” She asked as Marion tottered around the side of the house using her hand against the wall and a handbag to keep her upright.

“Well I had a lovely lunch with a bottle of 1992 cabernet sauvignon and then we played a game of tennis with Denise, we were meant to play a few games, but as she won the first to love, and it was getting very hot, and I was thirsty and I didn’t feel like running around and serving, so we thought it would be good to be again served properly by someone else, so we went back to the bar.”

Tanya rolled her eyes “You can tell!” she smiled back. “I hope you had fun?”

“I did, it was so much more fun than actually playing tennis, as it must be said that young Javier’s arse and tanned muscular legs looks very good in those very tight white shorts and Denise is such a good laugh and full of gossip, but if your dad askes later, I’m definitely not drunk again now Tan, we played a lot of tennis, I am…” she let go of the wall tottered on her heels “…I’m perfectly ok.” She stated as she continued stumbling sideways across the garden like a crab in her heels waving her cigarette in the air and then eventually corrected herself so she was standing closer Tanya on the edge of the pool and took a recovery drag on her cigarette.

“Yes mom, be careful.”

“Oh, I am, but have you been for a swim already?” She looked across at the naked wet Tanya with the book on her lap as she dragged deeply on her cigarette.

“Yes mom.” Tanya replied petulantly exhaling in the process.

“That is good, are you ready for another one, as I need to cool down, did I say it was very hot a sweaty with Javier?” Marion asked rhetorically as she drew on her cigarettes as Tanya had hers dangled between her lips as she twisted her dark hair of excess water. “It’s so very hot today, and I got very sweaty playing tennis and we sat in the sun near the bar on that balcony, you know the one… did mean I could keep looking at the rather fit waiter Javier, I think it’s time for me to swim, your dad is on the island till Sunday morning so there is no rush for dinner tonight.”

“Guess I’m ‘cooking’ takeout pizza again for tea then?” Tanya grinned and took a final drag on her cigarette and as she gently exhaled she stubbed it out in the arm of the lounger and dropped the butt on the floor, she closed her book and placed it down the other side of the lounger and swung her legs out the side.

“Oh, that would be good of you!” Marion giggled as she kicked one off her heels and then awkwardly tugged at her skirt which eventually slid down her tanned smooth legs and landed around her ankles, Marion unsteadily stepped backwards on to the grass so she was standing with one shoe on and just her lacy white thong and her fitted white tennis top.

Tanya looked up and tutted “Mom, if you want to go swimming you will need to take the other shoe off?” She said with distain and she sucked on her diet coke. “You won’t want to ruin it!” she grinned.

“Oops good point Tan, I am just getting to it.” Marion said as she lifted her foot off the ground and with her hands on her shoe to pull it off and with a loud shriek she promptly toppled backwards landing on the soft grass. “Oh for fucks sake Tan help me up!” she cried waving her legs in the air as if she was a fish out of water before bursting in to a fit of uncontrolled giggles and a coughing fit as she lay on the hot grass, she placed cigarette between her lips and got her cough under control and as she exhaled she attempted to make snow angels on the warm grass by waving her legs and arms in a uncoordinated way.

Tanya sighed “On my way mom…”

Chapter 2

“Mom I’m home for summer!” Tanya shouted and slammed shut the front door, the letterbox flap banged loudly against the metal frame, her long dark hair lifting escort izmir briefly as the door moving created the air turbulence before she turned walked through hallway dropping her huge rucksack on the floor as she mooched through to the lounge of their large house. She smiled as she saw her mom as ever sitting relaxed half- dressed on the sofa.

“Afternoon Tan!” Marion grinned and then leisurely dragged on her cigarette.

“Yay Mom, I have finished my exams, I am finally home for summer!” she stated as she peeled off the three nicotine patches on her tanned arms and threw them on the table “I know I shouldn’t, but Mom please open the champagne! School is out for ever- whoop- whoop!” Tanya grinned at her mom who was sitting there is just a lacy black slip, her large left mammary almost teasing out of it as she leaned in for a hug with Tanya. Marion put down her wine glass and moved the cigarette out the way to give her a hug.

With the hug released Marion smiled back at Tanya “That’s good Tan, I may be one step ahead as you can expect I may have already opened the wine… Shush don’t tell your dad!” Marion grinned and she groaned as she shuffled up in the chair and took a sip of her wine glass.

Tanya shook her head and then look across and her eyes lit up as she saw on the wooden coffee table the open pack “Oh this is more important, a ciggy, I have been dying for another since the end my exam, those patches only work for a little time.” Tanya stated as she pulled out a cigarette and after fumbling with the lighter swiftly lit it with a double pump inhale.

“Didn’t you take your fresh pack with you this morning? Surely you had one for the ride home?” Marion asked “Oh sorry I wasn’t up to say goodbye” she apologised sheepishly and dragged on her cigarette.

Tanya nodded “Yeah, but the pack was finished by the time I went in, both Aiden and I were a little nervous, and he may have helped himself to my pack at lunch.” She stated almost guiltily and no sooner had she exhaled the cigarette was back between her lips and her cheeks hungrily collapsed as she instantly dragged again.

“At least with you out of school I won’t get any more of those angry letters and emails about your continuous smoking!” Marion grinned and subsequently dragged on her cigarette.

“Well yeah!” Tanya smiled back and took another drag on her cigarette. “All those times you had to explain that it was your entire fault” she smiled at her mom as she inhaled on her cigarette.

Marion giggled “That last one where all three of us sat there twiddling cigarettes between our fingers whilst Ms Potts berated us for letting you smoke.” She smiled and flicked her ash and dragged again.

“Oh yeah, that was a good one!”

“You told her that it was very difficult not have me smoking, as we live surrounded by them, and that my experimentation with them, had been totally sanctioned and assisted by you!” Tanya smiled fondly at her Mom.

“Well hell yeah!” Marion almost shouted as she leaned forward and picked up her wine glass and took another gulp.

“So, Tan did you actually have any lessons today?” Marion asked before taking another sip of her wine.

Tanya laughed as stream of exhaled smoke poured out her mouth, “God no mom, remember it was the final exam! I still had to be inside.” She grumbled and flicked her ash on the ashtray in front her. She sniffed the air “Oh have you been baking?” She asked looking around expectantly.

“Well, I tried to make you a cake, but one thing led to another and I forgot about it in the oven and…well…slightly burnt it.” Marion frowned, shrugged her shoulders, and then inhaled again on her cigarette.

“Oh, I am sure it will be fine. If its chocolate Dad will eat it, oh is he home this weekend?”

“Yes, I think he might be back tomorrow morning as he is needed at the office, something to do with the island again.”

“Wonderful. As I thought he was meant to stock us up with a couple more cartons of ciggies!” Tanya rolled her eyes and took another deep drag on her cigarette before falling back sprawled out into the spare sofa chair beside her mom.

“I am sure he will bring some back with him, he always does!”

“Goody, but you told him, didn’t you that we don’t need like two thousand he brought home from the island earlier in the year, as I can’t pass that many out, now I am not at college, however many I smoke myself.” She grinned.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about that anymore!” Marion smiled dreamily and inhaled on her cigarette, “Did your day go okay?”

“Mom, it went fine, but, oh mom can you err get dressed before Aiden comes around,” she asked whilst staring down across at Marion “it’s really embarrassing for me, him staring at your chest as he always thinks your tits are about fall out of your top?”

Marion laughed deeply and drew on her cigarette again, she exhaled and smiled at her daughter “They are nice though?” squished her elbows together squeezing her full breasts together in her chemise, they bulged out her large dark nipples which escaped the scalloped lace edge before she released the pressure and they fell back in, “They probably will fall out as they have a mind of their own, but Tan for you, I will try and remember to put a top on?” she smiled and nodded, then picked up her wine glass and took the last dribble on to her tongue. “I have said, and I will say again your dad would pay for you to get yours done too?” she stated as she looked across at her daughter.

“Mom, I like mine the way they are!” Tanya glared “No!”

Marion shrugged her shoulders and took another drag on her cigarette. “Fair enough, suit yourself, he would though, he and most men are in favour of big tits…anyway but before I get up and get dressed and forget to ask what you up to this evening? I assume you are leaving your poor old mother again for your younger friends?” Marion asked leaning back in her chair with empty wine glass in one hand and her cigarette in the other.

“Yeah, sorry Mom, once Aiden gets here we are going to have for the first time in ages warm up drink or two in my room, as I’ve been good and haven’t drunk anything for ages, but I promise to be good and then we are going to on to Shades to meet everyone, don’t worry I won’t drink too much, but it’s the last chance we are all together before everyone goes their separate ways. Oh yeah mom Aiden will definitely be coming back with me tonight.”

Marion looked up over the bottle of fizzing wine and picked it up and topped up her glass, she smiled before taking a large gulp. “That’s fine; as I will be probably be fast asleep when you get home.” She stated and gulped the rest of the wine down in one licking her lips after swallowing. “Just remember that he will need to give him back his boxers that he left on the stairs on Sunday before he goes!” she ginned and took a drag on her cigarette.

“Yeah mom, I am sure he will have appreciated you washing them!” Tanya stated as she leaned forward with a gentle cough and flicked her ash from her cigarette.

Marion nodded thoughtfully “Yeah, I was good this week; I managed to do the washing, must remember tell your dad tomorrow.” She stated and nodded positively to herself and then the pulled on her cigarette again.

Chapter 3

Martin and Marion were leaning back sitting on the large fluffy cream sofa drinking a coffee, their freshly lit cigarettes burning between their fingers as they smiled lovingly at each other at the crashing, bashing and subsequent groaning in the kitchen before Tanya shuffled in to the living room wearing her skimpy pink pyjama shorts and matching pink crop t-shirt, she hair was in a bedhead dishevelled messy state as she focused on carefully carrying her cup of coffee in both hands.

“Afternoon Tanya” Martin announced as she Tanya smiled and then yawned loudly,

“Ugh, sorry Dad nice to see you back,” she yawned again and sipped her coffee “I had a late night; this morning reminds me again why I don’t drink.” She croaked and sat down on the chair opposite them and unsteadily put her mug down and pulled out a cigarette from the open pack on the table and placed it between her lips.

“It’s understandable and allowable, end of the last exams don’t happen every week, fingers crossed you did well, yes even I was young once!” he smiled as he watched Tanya groaned as she reached forward again to pick the lighter up and then focused on getting her cigarette lit.

Tanya exhaled and smiled at her dad “I’ve now just got the painful wait for the results.”

“You will be alright; your Mom had told me how much revision you had been doing in the garden, we are both really proud.”

Tanya sipped her coffee and nodded quietly before dragging again on her cigarette. “Thanks dad”

“But we need to have a family chat, is Aiden here?” Martin asked with his hand supportively on Marion’s bare leg.

“Ohhh what’s going on?”

Martin looked around. “Is Aiden here, I haven’t heard him?”

Tanya shook her head and blew on the surface of her coffee to cool it down before taking a sip, and winced as it was still too hot “No, we lost each other in the nightclub, but he texted me when I was in bed to say he was ok.”



“Tanya your Mom and I have something to discuss with you.”

Tanya quickly looked up with her bloodshot hungover eyes wide “Oh god…Mom can’t be pregnant she is far too old!” She stated as she raised her eyebrow inquisitively as she placed the filter back between her lips and her cheeks instinctively concaved desperately around her cigarette.

Chapter 4

“Dad what do you mean move to the island?” Tanya sniffed the forming tears back and took a deep drag on her second cigarette of the morning, she left her mouth wide open as she continued to exhale, the smoke slowly drifting out her mouth.

“You are now eighteen and old enough, I would like to go take you and your Mom back to the island. It’s not doing either of us any good me constantly moving back and forth here, office, island, its tiring for me. As you know I have been very open that I am concerned about your mom’s excessive drinking, haven’t I” he said looking across at Marion as with her head bowed picked up her coffee and took a gulp.

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