Snowed In, Chapter 1


My heart sank as the announcement came over the loudspeakers at the Denver International Airport. The snowstorm that had been headed our way had arrived sooner than expected and was now on top of us.The airport was shutting down as the crews struggled to keep the airport runways cleared for incoming traffic already enroute. Most of the inbound flights had been diverted, but there remained a few that had come too far to be rerouted and had to land. But nothing was going out and my flight too had been delayed.I looked out the big plate glass windows as I walked towards the ticket counter. On the Arrival/Departure screens, I saw flight after flight after flight had a red “DELAYED” sign next to it. It wasn’t looking good. When I got to the ticket counter for my airline, I asked if the airline was going to put us up in a hotel or if they had made any arrangements with the local hotels for discounted rates due to the storm. They had done neither – it was up to us to find accommodations on our own.Many people opted to stay in the airport, on the off-chance that there would be a break in the storm and they could get out somehow. But I wasn’t looking forward to a night in an uncomfortable rigid plastic chair or sleeping on the floor in a corner someplace. So I got on my cell phone and called my office.“Hello Theresa, it’s Judy. Listen, I am here in Denver and the airport just shut down because of the snowstorm. I need a room, like now. This place is crazy and I need to get a room before they are all snatched up. Get on it, will you? Thanks.” I hung up then and found myself a seat to wait for a bit.About a half hour later I got a call that Theresa had come through (I really need to thank her when I get home!) and not only had I gotten a room, it was a suite too! Things were looking up! The hotel was just a short ride from the airport, but when I went to hail a cab, I found that there weren’t many to be had because of the road conditions.Those that did brave the storm were being taken very fast. So I called the hotel I would be staying at and told them I had a suite reserved. They assured me that they would send someone to come pick me up – anyone who has a suite gets preferential treatment. I relaxed a bit after that. I had a place to stay and a way to get there.As I was calling the hotel for a ride, I couldn’t help but overhear an attractive young woman trying desperately to find a room for herself. She was younger than me, and apparently traveling alone in unfamiliar territory. I listened to her for a short time as she was near panic trying to secure someplace to stay.I heard her tell whoever she was talking to that staying in the airport scared her to death and “there was no way she was going to sleep in the airport”. I had secured my room and a ride so I interrupted her call and offered to share my suite with her if she was interested.“Oh, thank you so much! Yes, I would be so very grateful if I could share your room. I won’t be any trouble and I don’t take up much room at all,” she said, tears running down her almanbahis şikayet cheeks.“It’s perfectly fine. I have a suite reserved so there will be plenty of room for both of us. Now let’s go into the bathroom so you can get those eyes dried up, shall we?” We went into the nearest ladies room and I gave her some tissues to get herself together. She smiled at me and I began to notice she was even more attractive than I first thought.“By the way, My name is Judy. Judy Kincaid,” I said.“I’m Catherine Adams. I’m on my way home to Birmington, Alabama. How about you – where are you going?”“Well, hopefully, I will be getting back to my job in Atlanta. That’s where I live. We’re almost neighbors!” I said.“Just a couple southern gals out of our comfort zones!” she said trying to inject some humor into a nervous situation.“Yeah, we certainly don’t see anything like this weather back home!“ I said, looking out the window at the blinding whiteness.It wasn’t too long, considering the miserable weather conditions before the hotel van showed up. The driver helped us with our bags and soon we were on our way. “Man, this storm is something else!” I commented to the driver just to break the awkward silence.“Yeah, it is the worst I’ve seen in a long time. We get some heavy snows here, but this one is worse than usual to be sure,” he said. My co-traveler was a little frightened of the roads, I could tell, so I held her hand as a way of reassuring her. She looked at me with a weak, but thankful smile.We made it to the hotel safely enough and the driver helped us get our things inside. I walked up to the front counter and after waiting for a couple people ahead of me, I got the key to the room and the poor hotel porter took yet another ride up the elevator with our bags.“Here you go ladies, Room 515. One of our best rooms!” the porter said as he swiped the keycard and opened the door for us. I let Catherine go in first and judged by her gasp that the room was more than what she expected. She was right too – the room was beautiful. There was a huge big screen TV taking up a majority of one wall, a recliner, and one huge king-sized bed. The bathroom had a deep soaker tub and a separate shower. There was a desk with several plug-ins and a bar stocked with liquor.I gave the porter a good tip and he thanked us and left. I looked around the room. “Hmm… Catherine, it would appear we are going to be sharing the big bed unless you want to sleep in the recliner tonight.” I said.“I’d just as soon share the bed with you if that’s okay with you. That recliner doesn’t look all that comfortable, to be honest. Unless you would rather sleep alone, of course. If so, I’ll make do with it.” she answered.“Well, I invited you to share a room, and when I did, I never thought about the bed situation, so we can share this big one,” I said, all the while looking at her sweet, young figure with lust in my eyes.With the sleeping arrangements taken care of, I turned to the next thing on the agenda. “Catherine, I don’t know about you, but almanbahis canlı casino I haven’t eaten since breakfast this morning and I’m starving. Before this place gets overwhelmed, I suggest that we either go down to the dining room or have room service bring up some dinner. What do you say?” I asked.“I’d prefer we ate in the dining room, if you wouldn’t mind. I like to have some room when I am eating, rather than try and do it on my lap,” she answered.“Not at all. That’s fine, let’s go see what they have in the restaurant downstairs then,” I said.We had a nice dinner with, admittedly, a few too many drinks. I put the dinner and drinks on the room, so the company would pay for it and that thrilled Catherine. When we passed through the lobby on our way back to the room, we were amazed at the number of people there. It seemed like the whole airport had come to the hotel without having a reservation in the hopes their very presence would get them a room. But it wasn’t working for them.“Catherine, I think we’d better get back up to the room before this crowd gets out of hand down here and these people storm the rooms.”It was getting nastier by the minute at the front desk. The crowd was already angry from having their flights delayed and now their frustrations were amplified by the lack of accommodations. The crowd was beginning to take it out on the hotel staff and I’m sure other hotel desk clerks were having the same problems. Our desk clerk had already called hotel security who posted two guards there, but the crowd was well over fifty angry, upset, and tired people and more were coming with each van or cab.We had made a smart move getting our dinner before the crowd had started to get too big. It wouldn’t be long before they realized they needed more than just a place to sleep.Safely back in our room, Catherine and I got comfortable and began chatting. We talked about lots of things but most of all, our interrupted trip. I was coming back from a business trip in San Francisco and she was returning from a visit with her grandparents who lived in San Diego. I was thirty five years old and divorced, and she was twenty four and had never had a boyfriend. Which struck me as strange and when I asked her why, she said. “Well, I have had a few dates, but nothing real serious. Boys don’t find me that attractive, I guess. I’m pretty plain and not what they consider a hottie.”When I heard that I went straight over to her and stood in front of her. I reached down and put one hand under her chin.“Then those boys are out of their fucking minds. You are very attractive,” I said. Catherine recoiled a bit at my use of profanity.I pulled her to her feet and took her into the bedroom where we found a full-length closet door mirror and I went up behind her and made her stand in front of it with me right behind her.“Now take a look at the girl you are saying ‘isn’t very attractive’. If you still think that after looking at yourself I ought to make an appointment for you with the eye doctor for a thorough almanbahis casino eye exam because you need glasses!”I stood right behind her and put my arms around her and cupped her breasts and she gasped.“Catherine, besides having a lovely face, you have a very nice figure. Just look at these lovely breasts.” I said as I hefted her wonderful breasts. “What size are you?” I asked.“32D usually. Sometimes they drop to a C, but a C cup usually makes me look like a stuffed sausage,” she said. I lifted them and just smiled at our images in the mirror. Neither of us were beauty queens, but I was hoping my caresses would lead to something a whole lot more.“Well, you shouldn’t have to stuff yourself into a bra. Be proud of your breasts honey, a D cup is a badge of honor not something to be ashamed of,” I told her.“Do you really think that or are you just saying that to be nice?” she asked quizzically.“I really believe that, honey. I’m a 32DD myself. Catherine, I want you to step back and drop your skirt. I want to see your complete figure.” I said.“What do you mean? Are you asking me to get naked?” she asked, a bit shocked at this turn of events.“Well, that wasn’t exactly what I was asking, but in a little while we will be going to bed and you will be as close to naked as you can be,” I said. She couldn’t deny the logic of my arguement.“Yeah, I suppose so,” she said, and she reached around and dropped her skirt and laid it over the arm of a chair.She had gorgeous hips and legs and as I had her pirouette I could see through her thin white panties that she didn’t shave her pubic area. I was quickly dreaming of getting my face buried between her long legs. My own pussy was throbbing and I could feel moisture beginning to dampen my panties.“Now take off your blouse but leave your bra on.” I instructed.She did, and I was then looking at a very desirable twenty four year old woman.“Catherine. Let me ask you something. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but, you told me that you’ve never had a real boyfriend. Are you a virgin, hon?”The blush that came over her face would make an apple jealous. “Yes, I am and I am terribly embarrassed about it too.” she said, lowering her eyes.“Why are you embarrassed?” I asked.“Because I am twenty four now, and all of the other girls I know had sex by the time they were eighteen,” she said.“Sweetheart, being a virgin is nothing to be embarassed about. Now let me another question and again you can choose not to answer if you don’t want to. Have you ever thought about being with another girl?”She looked at me knowing full well what I was asking but the subject matter embarassed her and she was hesitant to talk about it much. “No, I’m not a lesbian. I have seen some pretty girls and have wondered what it would be like, but I’m not pretty enough I guess.”“Geez, Catherine, will you stop with the self-deprecating stuff. You are a very nice looking girl!” I said. And with that, I unhooked her bra and let it drop.I guess she wasn’t expecting me to do that because she caught it about waist level screeching, “What are you doing?”I told her, “I just wanted you to look at your lovely breasts. Breasts that many gals would die to have. Look at them.” She had her head turned to look at me and I repeated, more forcefully, “No, look at them, not at me.”

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