Soccer Moms Ch. 15


Soccer Moms — Part 15

[Author’s Notes: 1) Everyone in this story is over 18; 2) This is a work of fiction and so certain aspects of this story relating to college soccer not completely accurate, but they advance the storyline. Please try to look past that to the more important aspects of the story; and 3) This is the penultimate Chapter for Soccer Moms. However, Carol and Jen and some others will still feature in the companion story which will be following shortly. And as the tag for the first story said this was “the beginning of one woman’s path of discovery.” So we will complete that path eventually.]

When Carol finally got home from her weekend at her old college for the Soccer Homecoming and stadium Dedication, she knew her next call had to be to Megan Sims. She had to thank her for the pep talk and she also wanted to know exactly what had happened when she sent her to the airport with Jessica all those months before. All Jessica had said was that her and Megan had become fast friends but she would give no more details than that. At first Carol’s mood kept her from pursuing more information. With her renewed zest for life, she had been more conversant with people, but now even though she was trying, she had not been able to wheedle out any more information from Jessica. And she had a plan for how she would go about loosening up Megan’s tongue. “I might even get her to tell me what happened with Jessica.” she quipped to herself.

Carol called Megan and right from the start of the conversation Megan noticed the change in Carol’s voice and hoped it meant a change in her mood. “Carol you sound positively chipper.”

“I am and I have you to thank for that Megan. That was some tough love you gave me the last time we talked but it was just the thing I needed. So I am back in the game and I want to thank you. Not just for the talk although that was so important for me. But also for all that you did coming to the airport, and organizing all that help. It was extremely kind of you. So I would like you to come to dinner if you don’t have any plans for this Friday, say around 6:30?”

Fortunately Megan did not have anything else planned at the moment and she agreed to come over for dinner. “What would you like me to bring?” Megan asked. Carol had expected Megan would ask this and she had planned her response. She could only hope that Megan would take the offer favorably. “Megan all I want you to bring is yourself, a toothbrush and that strap-on you had at that soccer tournament two years.” Carol closed her eyes and waited, hoping she hadn’t gone too far.

Megan had been flabbergasted by the request and so it took her a moment to get over the shock and answer. Carol was getting worried she might have insulted her friend with the implicit assumption of her request. Megan finally replied “I can do that.”

After a deep sigh of relief, Carol said “Great. I’ll see you at 6:30 then.” She was not only back in the game, Carol was aiming to be an MVP Candidate.

At 6:25 Megan pulled up in front of Carol’s house. She took a deep breath and made sure she was okay with all this. Megan had had an extremely active sex life in college, mostly involving other women. When she had first gotten divorced Megan had gone back to that wild side. Carol had been the first woman she had sex with after the divorce. Since then she had continued to have a lot of sex with both men and women. But this would actually be the third time her and Carol had sex if she went through with it. She thought back to the day of the plane crash. When she first saw that it was Carol calling, her first thought had been about having sex again. Then she learned of Paul’s death and she went into full scale “helpful friend” mode.

Then there was that day when she was with Carol and Carol was so vulnerable which only made her seem that much sexier. But Megan couldn’t take advantage of her in her grief like that. And so she vented her own frustration at Carol. And yelled at her pretty harshly. She regretted it later but was too ashamed to even call and apologize.

Well apparently karma worked this time. Because she had not taken advantage of Carol when she probably could have (and if she were completely honest with herself part of her wanted to) she was frustrated and yelled at Carol. But somehow, that yelling had actually helped Carol. And now she had a chance to have the sex she wanted to have again.

Megan didn’t want to take advantage of Carol, but she had sounded so happy on the phone. Megan finally decided that this might be just the thing Carol needed right now. Megan knew it would be fun. She grabbed the bottle of wine she hadn’t been asked to bring and the bag with her toothbrush and the strap-on and harness that Carol had requested and went to the front door.

Megan rang the doorbell and heard “Come on in! The door is open!” from inside the house. Megan entered and then heard “I’m in the kitchen! Dinner is almost ready!” Megan put down the bag on the couch and walked toward the kitchen with the kaçak iddaa bottle of wine. As she was entering she said “I know you didn’t ask, but I brought a bottle of wine an…” Megan stopped right in her tracks and almost dropped the bottle. Standing at the stove in nothing but a cooking apron and four inch heels was Carol Rogers.

Carol turned and walked over to Megan. She took the bottle from her hands and said “Thank you Megan. That was very thoughtful of you.” She then took the bottle and put it in to the refrigerator to chill. Then she went back to the stove acting as if there was nothing strange or unusual about the situation.

Megan had not moved from the spot. As Carol was putting the finishing touches on the meal Megan finally found her voice. “Carol, may I ask what the hell you are doing cooking naked?”

“Well, remember the summer when the girls went to those soccer camps. With Katie gone for those weeks, Paul and I were the only ones in the house, so we started going around naked. It got to be that we were used to it and on more than one occasion we had to catch ourselves as we were about to have someone over or have food delivered. When Katie went to school it was all the time. Now you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. And if it makes you uncomfortable at all, I can go put some clothes on. But it’s just about time to sit down for dinner now.”

Megan realized that as the fast and loose divorcee she couldn’t let the housefrau one up her, so she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She picked it up and walked out to the living room and laid her dress over the back of the love seat. Then she took off her bra and panties but left her pumps on and went back into the kitchen to eat dinner with the very naked Carol Rogers.

Both women sat down and began eating and making casual conversation. Neither wanted to be the first to bring up the fact that they were eating naked in Carol Rogers’ kitchen. They consumed their meal and the bottle of wine that Megan and brough and done a fairly good job on a second bottle before Megan finally broke. “Carol, I still cannot get over you. I always thought of you as this stuffy housefrau and it turns out you’re a nudist and you have trysts with college girls…”

“Jessica is a grad student” Carol corrected Megan.

“Yeah and about that. You set us up to have sex.”

Carol got a mischievous smirk on her face before saying “Well, I knew that it was a possibility. You had been so helpful to me during all that and her coming to the funeral to pay her respects and to check on me. I felt like I owed you both something and could maybe kill two birds with one stone.”

Megan seemed to think back for a moment and said “She is the one who figured out your little clue about us having something in common.”

“I could have said some one in common, but that would have made it too easy.”

Megan pointed a finger at Carol and exclaimed “See, that’s what I mean. You’re a wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing, or should I say a cougar.”

Carol laughed as this reference. “No Megan, that’s you. You are giving me too much credit. You are the sexy, vivacious, beautiful woman here.”

“Well, thank you Carol. But maybe you’re not giving yourself enough credit.”

Carol got pensive for a moment but then added “I really think very highly of Jessica. I really got to know her in the short time since we met and I was very impressed by how smart and mature and together she was right from the start.”

“Well she was very complementary of you…and Paul. You all really made a connection with each other.”

After dinner was over both women were feeling no pain if not really drunk. Carol looked at Megan and said “I don’t know what plans you may have but I would really love it if you would stay over tonight.”

Megan grinned and said “I think my staying over was implicit in asking me to bring the toothbrush.” They both had a nervous laugh at that.

Carol continued “I would like to digest dinner a little first though. Could we go sit on the couch for a little bit?”

“Sure. What do you want to do about the dishes?”

“Let’s just get them in the sink and I’ll leave them for tomorrow…afternoon.” Carol added. Megan smiled, stood up, and helped Carol clear the table. Then Megan took Carol’s hand and walked her out to the living room.

When they got to the couch Megan sat down at the end and opened her arms for Carol to come and sit next to her. When Carol sat down, she leaned back against Megan, having Megan’s wonderful breast pressed right into her back. Megan put one arm around Carol’s waist and placed the hand on her stomach. Carol put a hand over Megan’s and they interlocked their fingers.

With her other hand Megan began stroking Carol’s hair as Carol laid her head back against Megan’s shoulder. Carol finally got up the courage to ask Megan something she had wanted to ask but was afraid. “Megan can I ask you something and I hope I don’t offend you or kill the mood, but it something kaçak bahis I have to know.”

“Go ahead honey.”

“The time you fucked the shit out of me with the dildo was the best fucking I had ever had. Even better than anything Paul had ever done, God rest his soul.” “But afterwards we didn’t hold each other or share any kind of intimacy. We just had sex. Great sex, but just sex.”

There really wasn’t technically a question there but Megan felt she needed to give an answer. “Carol back then for me it was just about sex. I had just been freed from a very sexless marriage and I wanted to let loose. And you told me that you had been experimenting with Jen Smith, which by the way you have never elaborated on that and some day I am going to get the full story on that, but you indicated that this was just a continuation of your experimentation. So I always thought it was just about the sex with you too.”

“But please don’t think that our time together didn’t mean anything to me. It meant a lot. Are you looking for this to be more than just about the sex tonight?

Carol turned so she was looking at Megan and said “No. And Yes. I still want you to fuck the shit out of me again. But the last few minutes sitting here with me in your arms felt really great. The thing I miss the most with Paul gone is his holding me in his arms. Both times we’ve had sex the sex has been great. But I would really like to have some of that intimacy as well. But only if you want to, I don’t want you to feel like you have to do it. I am not trying to turn this into something more than it is, I was just hoping that maybe we could make what it is a little bit different from what it was.”

Megan brought a hand up to Carol’s face and lightly stroked her cheek with her fingers. Megan said “Well if I learned one thing about you Carol, it is that you are an early riser so I am sure you’ll be the first to wake up.” Megan was trying to make a joke but Carol was still looking at her expectantly. So Megan added “And if somehow I do wake up first, I will just watch you sleep until you do wake up so we are the first thing each other sees tomorrow morning. How does that sound?”

“That would be wonderful. Now, I have fully digested my dinner and I am ready for that first part now. So take me up to my bedroom and fuck the shit out of me.”

“With pleasure Carol.” And the two women got up and started walking to the stairs. As they were going past the other end of the couch, Megan reached over and grabbed her bag, happy that she was going to need both items inside.

When they got to the bedroom Carol came up behind Megan embraced her and reached around to start playing with her breasts. They weren’t quite as impressive as Elena Manescu’s but they were beautiful in their own right. Carol’s chin was resting on Megan’s shoulder and the blond let her head tilt to the side so her head was touching the redhead’s.

Megan began to coo and aahhh as Carol’s finger played across her nipples, lightly stroking one moment and then pinching the next. While enjoying the slow build up of pleasure, Megan thought about the nature of her relationship with Carol. There were seven or eight other Mother’s who helped out when Paul died, but she was pretty sure that none of the others had their breasts played with by Carol.

Megan was pretty sure the other mothers got Thank You cards, Megan got hooked up with a hot brunette and was about to have what was likely going to be a very enjoyable sexual experience. It had already been a memorable dinner.

And Megan knew that Carol was going to do everything she could think of to bring Megan as intense and as large an amount of pleasure as Carol could. Megan wondered what the other mothers would think and wondered if any of them would be jealous of her.

Carol whispered into Megan’s ear “I really do want to thank you properly for everything that you did for me. Go sit on the bed.” Carol released her and Megan walked to the foot of the bed. Carol hadn’t said where on the bed she wanted Megan to go, but Megan knew where she wanted to be and where she wanted Carol.

Megan sat at the foot of the bed, spread her legs as wide as she could with her feet planted firmly on the ground. The invitation could not have been any more clear and Carol quickly accepted. She knelt down at the foot of the bed in between Megan’s spread thighs and began planting light kissed about midway up Megan’s left thigh.

Megan looked down and watched as Carol was slowing working her way up Megan’s thigh toward her moistening sex. She was glad Carol was in this position, not so Megan could be dominant, but so she could more easily watch Carol pleasurer her.

When Carol finally put her mouth on Megan’s pussy she brought her hand down to Carol’s head, not to push it into her but to caress it. Megan enjoyed the feel of Carol’s hair running through her fingers as she felt Carol’s tongue running through her vagina and up around her hardening clit.

Carol meantime was trying to think of everything illegal bahis that Elena or Jessica or even Mandy had ever done to her that felt really good so she could do the same for Megan. She spent some time just licking all around Megan’s sex. She put her tongue in as deep as she could and wriggled it around inside Megan. She sucked Megan’s labia and her clit. It was important to her that Megan enjoy this.

At some point Megan called to her “Carol, look up here.” Carol pulled back and looked up at Megan and saw the pleasure and lust in her eyes. Megan said “Honey you are making me feel sooo good. You really are getting to be quite the pussy eater.” Carol chuckled and then dove right back in. Now she had something to live up to and had to redouble her efforts.

Megan continued to play with her hair and watch her as Carol continued to feast on Megan. Every now and then Carol would look up and see Megan looking down at her smiling in between the soft moans and occasional compliments on how well Carol was doing. Megan noticed the difference in the feel of Carol’s mouth on her when this would happen and she was pretty sure that each time they made eye contact, Carol would smile.

Soon all of Carol’s efforts were beginning to pay off. Megan brought her hand from Carol’s head and put it behind her so both arms were now keeping her up. However, she had let her shoulders go back and her head was now looking up at Carol’s ceiling, not at Carol. Her back was arched and her hips were thrusting her body forward trying to get as much of her pussy up against Carol’s mouth as she could.

The soft coos and moans were now being replaced with grunts in between ragged breathes as the pleasure Carol had been creating between Megan’s legs was now radiating throughout her body and she felt her orgasm climbing to its summit.

At this point Carol pulled back. She took her four fingers and put them over Megan’s clitoris and rubbed them back and forth as quickly as she could. “Oh Carol! Yes! I am so close honey! Oh! That is fucking fantastic! “OOOOOOHHHHHH!” At that point Megan fell over the precipice and fell into her orgasm. Her hips thrust forward one last time but Carol was able to keep her fingers flying across Megan’s button. Carol kept her riding this wave for a while but as it was beginning to subside she took her fingers off of Megan’s body anticipating that Megan would be feeling very sensitive as the high of the orgasm began to wear off.

Carol stood up and got close to Megan. With one leg still on the floor and one leg now on the bed she was perpendicular to Megan who was still leaning back on her arms with her back arched. Carol leaned forward and with her tongue as flat and wide as she could get it, she licked across Megan’s stomach. The unexpected contact was like a jolt to Megan which sent a very pleasurable aftershock through her body.

Carol then continued to lick up until she reached one of Megan’s breasts and began to kiss and lick and nibble all around the fleshy orb, but not going to the areola or nipple. Megan had now tilted her head forward and was once again looking at Carol instead of the ceiling. When they made eye contact again, Megan smiled and said “You’re welcome Carol.” They both laughed hysterically at that for a long time.

Even after they had stopped laughing the women just lay next to each other. They didn’t say anything, but just looked at each other as they lightly stroked each other’s bodies. Megan broke the silence when she said “Well, now that you thanked me for all of my help, I still have to thank you for arranging that whole thing with Jessica.”

“Well I didn’t know for sure anything was going to happen so you really don’t have to thank me for that.”

“Don’t play innocent Carol, you knew exactly what was going to happen and I very much want to thank you. And while I am pretty certain I know the answer to this, just how would you like me to thank you?”

Carol looked off as if she was thinking this over, even though they both knew what she wanted. Megan just wanted her to ask for it. “Well, I was kind of hoping that if you did want to thank me, you would thank me with your strap on.”

“It is why I brought it.” Megan said as she got out of the bed and went to her bag. She pulled out the harness and the dildo and got everything fitting snug and ready to go. Megan said “So this is how you want me to thank you?”

“Yes, please. I have waited so long for a really good thank.”

Megan came up on the bed on Carol’s right side. She knelt next to Carol near her head. From this position, Megan would be able to use her left hand to rub all around Carol’s vagina to get some natural lubrication going. At the same time, Carol would be able to suck on the dildo and try to coat it with as much saliva as possible.

Megan decided that the time was right and had Carol get up on all fours. Megan got behind her and lined up the head of the dildo with Carol’s entrance. Megan than grabbed Carol firmly by the hips and slid the dildo in a few inches. She wanted to give Carol some time to get used to it, but that was not what Carol had in mind. Realizing that Megan had stopped, Carol pushed back hard against the intrusion and yelled “Hard!”

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