Subject: Son Swap IV A couple of things. The Characters of Mal and his boys are primary characters in ONE SURPRISE AFTER ANOTHER in the gay incest folder posted 7.27.15. I happened across a video of spectacular cum shots. I seriously was looking to see if there was a small tube under the cocks in the video because I couldn’t believe the amount of liquid produced. So, that’s where the last scene in this chapter comes from. N-joi Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rocky led me past the spanking group to the other side of the platform and climbed on, encouraging me to follow and once there the boy melted into my arms. He kissed me on the mouth but only a quick one then backed his head away to look me in the eyes. “You are very handsome daddy,” he said softly. “Every boy is jealous that I get to be with you.” I wasn’t sure that I believed that but okay. Rocky reached out and gently put his index finger on my lips and traced them. “I think these will fit very nicely around my cock daddy,” the boy said softly. My hand had been gently rubbing the boys’ back but I moved it up and just as gently as he had done, used the back of my fingers to rub his cheek. Rocky leaned into my touch. “Your touch is so gentle daddy. Are you going to be gentle with me?” “Only until my cock is planted in your tight little asshole baby boy; then I plan on fucking you senseless.” “I like it when I get fucked real hard daddy. I can hardly wait.” That said the little hottie planted his mouth against mine and began kissing in earnest. His mouth moved in a variety of ways; first off straight kissing and then working his mouth similar in the way a fish moves it mouth when it feeds, all the while keeping our mouths together and all the while his tongue probed at my teeth or my tongue. I ran my hand up and down his back and onto the glorious brown orbs of his small butt. Rocky moved one leg out farther in order for me to explore between his cheeks and I took advantage of the opportunity. I rubbed down across his puckered boy pussy, reveling in the different textures, following his perineum to his balls. The boys’ eggs were totally smooth, not that I expected anything different and because of his position were all but hanging in the air. I cupped the soft warm sac, reveling in the feel of him. “I love it when my balls are played with daddy,” he said then went back to kissing me with a vengeance. Rocky gently ground his waist against me and I could feel his stone hard young boner as it pressed into my hip. Rocky finally broke the kiss, panting. “I think we need to get your underpants off so I can see your cock daddy,” the boy said. His eyes were already closing in lust. That said he got to his knees and gave me the first glimpse of his boyhood pride and joy. His brown boner was sticking straight up between his dusky thighs and I could see that he was uncut. Rocky appeared to be around 5 inches long but it was difficult to tell exactly. I could make out his balls hanging below his cock and at the base of it I spied some black hairs, although not very much at all. The hot young thing rubbed at my cock and my balls, barely restrained in the rainbow stripped bikini briefs that I was wearing. “So big and hard,” he whispered. “My boy pussy is going to be so happy having him inside of it.” One of the things that I’d learned so far was that the boys all knew the terms and expressions and were well aware of how words, talking, could enhance the sexual experience. It had sounded odd to me at first, maybe even slightly uncomfortable but I too had made the realization. Rocky leaned down and wrapped his lips around the cloth covered head and blew warm air onto it while he cupped at my balls encased on the briefs, all of which caused me to shiver. The boy didn’t stay there long but hooked his fingers into the waistband and tugged. I lifted my butt up off the mattress to help him out and in a moment had the garment off and once it was done Rocky just stared for a moment. “Oh my gosh daddy,” he exclaimed and his eyes seemed to glaze over. Rocky then reached out and took hold of my cock and held it upright and stroked it a couple of times. He set it down gently and cupped my nuts. “So soft and smooth,” the boy purred. Movement alongside where we were lying caused a distraction and I looked up to see my son and Mal standing there, both cocks at full stand. “Can Mal and I play next to you guys papa,” Tavin asked. “Of course you can Tavin,” I answered. When we were in these situations we chose to stay in role. I became papa so as not to interfere with any boy that I was with who would call me daddy. Likewise I would not use the word son nor would I call him any of the pet names that I might use otherwise such as baby or baby boy. The two climbed on alongside us and began making out, kissing and fondling each other. It was hot as fuck watching my son with another man, that’s for sure. Rocky moved between my legs and lay prone on the mattress. His arms were draped across my upper thighs and his head was above my crotch. The boy lowered his head and simply pressed it into my body parts and inhaled deeply. “Such a lovely smell,” he said. He started nipped at my balls sac using just his lips. Done his minor exploring he held my cock upright and began licking all over the swollen head before taking it into his mouth and sucking it. Looking down at Rocky’s sweet face, a mask of concentration, was definitely awesome. It was likewise looking over his shoulder and down his back to the twin brown mounds that rose up from the small of his back. The kid had a delicious ass and I was looking forward to burying my face and my hard cock between those cheeks. I glanced around the room and saw that everybody was now fully naked. I got a good glimpse of JJ’s boner, a solid 6� inches of hot cock. The boy had a sweet little nest of sandy brown hair at the base and below it a set medium sized balls hung low in a smooth sac. I saw young Shiloh bent over with one foot planted on a sofa edge. His man was behind him licking the boys’ hole while another boy was sucking his cock. He happened to look up and see me looking at him and shot me a lopsided grin. “You’re next Chad,” he called out in a husky voice. His head then went back and his eyes close as I assumed a series of intense feelings shot through his 12 year old body. Next to us Mal and moved Tavin above him to engage in a 69 and while my son was sucking Mal’s 6 inches of cock, the man had his face buried in my son’s ass, working him like it was his last meal. Around the room others were engaged in the same endeavor, mostly oral sex at this point. The floaters were doing their job as well, sucking a cock here, and rimming an asshole there or getting their cocks and holes worked on. Andre had cuddled up with Keegan after Cairo and filled his little asshole with teen sperm and Kai had done the same to the boys’ mouth. Rocky stopped sucking on me and moved upward, straddling my body then lowering himself until our boners were mashed side by side between our bellies. The boy kissed me hard on the mouth. When we broke it I rolled him over and worked my way down his tight little body using my lips and tongue until I came to all that made him boy. Rocky was about as perfect as it gets. His torso was flat where it needed to be and gently mounded where it needed to be, sharp creases separating the two. His belly sloped beautifully down to his pubic bone where his raging hard cock, about 5 inches give or take, hung in the hair and quivering with each beat of his little heart. His dusky foreskin covered about half of a swollen and red tinged cock head and down between equally dusky thighs hung an awesome set of totally smooth balls. I pulled his cock upright and could see the short black strands of hair that were struggling to grow at the base of his shaft. I put my face in, drew in the exhilarating fragrance of boy then put my lips against his hairs and nuzzled the ultra-soft fuzz. Like Rocky had done to me, I licked all over the sensitive head cleaning off the residue of precum that had leaked out and gotten trapped by his foreskin. Once it was cleaned I put my mouth over the head then swallowed the boy to the root which earned me a loud gasp. I bobbed my head on his cock while my hand moved down to cup his young balls, heft and feel the wonderful eggs in their satiny soft smooth bag. I loved boys’ balls tremendously and reveled in how Rocky’s boy nuts felt in my hand. “Ready here,” someone called out. trabzon escort I stopped sucking Rocky and watched Jim lead Asa to the same spot where the spanking took place. The man looked to be 6� to 7 inches in length, a nice slender cock. Asa flopped down and pulled his legs back to make his pussy easily accessible, all of it caught on the big screen. Jim got in close and began rubbing his cock head around Asa’s hole, teasing the boy. “That’s feels good daddy; keep teasing my pussy like that,” the boy moaned. Others had stopped what they were doing, at least partially. One could still suck or stroke a cock and watch the show at the same time. “I need it daddy,” Asa said in a husky voice. “I need your cock in my ass fucking me daddy, put it in me please put it in me.” Knowing Asa, I knew that was part of the foreplay for the boy, the teasing and the talking. We watched Jim stop moving then heard Asa gasp as the man’s cock moved past the tight ring of muscle. Jim moved Asa’s legs over his arms and leaned way forward so that the camera picked up his cock with the head lodged in the boys’ asshole. We all watched as Jim plunged downward, ramming every inch of cock into the 11 year old’s boy pussy. “Oh fuck daddy, oh fuck, your cock feels good in my ass. Fuck me daddy, fuck my little pussy hard.” Jim began to fuck Asa fast and hard from the get go. I watched Jared go to the boy and climb on the mattresses at his son’s head. Jared loved watching another man fuck his boy. He told me that for him it was almost better than fucking Asa or another boy. The other thing he loved was shooting his warm gooey sperm on his son’s face while he got fucked and as it turned out it was a huge turn on for Asa as well, although I didn’t find that out until after we had both done Jaxxon. Dakota had been playing with Jared so while his man was otherwise occupied the youngling sought out me and Rocky. “You got as nice a cock as my friend Tristan’s dad does Chad,” the boy said. I thanked him and moved between Rocky’s legs, my goal to eat his puckered little hole. “Jesus Christ daddy,” Asa cried out, almost sobbing. “God I love being fucked; I love a daddy cock in my asshole.” One the screen I had a larger than life view of Jim’s cock sliding in and out of Asa’s hole, a place I knew well to be tight and wet. The man’s balls were slapping against the boys butt as he pummeled his little hole. “Shoot your sperm on my face papa,” he groaned, “soak my face with your sperm.” “We’re ready,” I heard another voice call out and turned to see Keegan moving up behind Matt. I had heard that, like me, Matt preferred to be with sperming boys, particularly he loved being fucked by sperming boys. He had chosen a somewhat odd place however. The man was draped over the arms of a chair, facing the back, so that his asshole was facing outward. His body was situated at the very front of the arms so that he could lean forward and rest against the chair back. That raised his hole up so that it was almost a straight shot for Keegan who was stepping up to the plate. I didn’t catch the penetration because I was too goal oriented. I pushed Rocky’s legs back and took a moment to admire the tight little hole where my cock was eventually going to go then leaned in and began licking. I may have said this before but I love rimming a boy. I love the different textures that are found around a boys’ secret spot and of course I love tonguing the little aperture that is the hole itself. Rocky moaned loudly as I worshipped his young pussy and put his hands on my head as if to keep me where I was at. “Fuck me good and hard Keegan,” I hear Matt say. Asa continued to moan and cry out, asking Jared to ram his daddy cock into his boys’ asshole. I found myself moving up into a fog of hotness, getting close to the point where I would need to breed my boy. “We’re ready here,” Mal called out. “I’m cumming daddy I’m cumming,” Asa blurted out all of a sudden. “Fuck my ass hard daddy give me your sperm papa. Oh fuck ohhhh…” the boys’ voice trailed off and I knew that he was having a great orgasm. “Do you want to fuck me alongside Tavin Chad,” Rocky asked me. “Hhmm, what are your thoughts on that baby boy?” “I think it would be hot. If we’re turned the right way then Tavin and I can kiss while our daddy’s fuck our pussies.” “Do it papa. Fuck your boy next to me,” Tavin said and got a head nod from Mal. I heard a growl from somewhere and discovered that it was Matt. Keegan was fucking our host like there was no tomorrow and I wondered briefly about having one of the teen boys fuck me before we went home, not even sure when we were going home. Cairo brought us a bottle of lube and a hand towel so both Mal and I slathered our cocks and got situated on the bed. Kneeling between our boys’ spread legs we faced the same direction but Rock and I were angled slightly outward. Both Mal and I worked a finger up our respective boys’ tight little pussies to prep them. The boys were close enough to kiss, and kiss they did. It wasn’t perfect for them but the two boys managed admirably. “Quick out then in,” Mal asked and I nodded my head. I knew that he meant we’d get the boys into a fog of hotness then quickly pull our fingers out and stuff our cock heads in. “I’m ready for you daddy; I’m ready to get fucked,” Rocky finally said. “Me too daddy,” Tavin said to Mal. “Put your cock in me daddy and fuck me.” It was still just a tad weird for me to hear my son talk like that but I was getting used to it. Mal and I had eye contact and on a head nod we did the deed, pulled out fingers out and stuffed our cock heads in. The boys grunted in unison. Rocky reached out and took Tavin’s hand. A few couples had come over to watch the side by side and when I leaned forward with Rocky’s legs draped over my arms I could hear some soft spoken comments about how hot it looked with my big fat cock sticking of the boys’ asshole. I had discovered that I was sporting the largest cock in the group which of course always provided a point of interest to any group of males, although most wouldn’t have acknowledged that like this group of men did. I slowly lowered my waist, gently inserting almost 8 thick inches of cock into the hot little brown skinned boy. Next to me Mal had all but bottomed out inside my son. “Goddamn daddy you’re spreading my pussy wide open. I love your big fat cock in my ass daddy.” That said I started the motion, pulling out of the boy about half way before sliding back inside of him. Rocky Boy’s hands rested on my forearms and he breathed deeply as I started fucking him. I all but stared at the boys’ face, registering the different facial expressions that reflected the feelings that were surging through his young teenage body. “I’m gonna shoot Matt,” I heard Keegan say but at that point I wasn’t paying much attention to the goings on in the room. I could hear moans and groans and some talking along with the sounds of sucking but that was about it. If I had glanced at the screen I would have notice my ass, my balls hanging in the air and my cock sliding in and out of Rocky’s tight ass. The kid felt good on my cock but then, most boys felt good on my cock. “I love how your cock feels in my butt daddy,” Tavin said beside us. That said my son turned his head as did Rocky and the two boys engaged in a tongue battling kiss while Mal and I fucked their tight little assholes. The boys finally broke the kiss and Rocky turned his attention to me. “I love how your cock feels fucking me daddy, I just know you gonna give me a real good cum.” His arms were resting on my forearms and as I fucked him Rocky began grunting each time I thrust into him. That soon changed and turned into an “Ughh”. Under other circumstance one might have thought that is was sound caused by pain because it had that feel to it. I’d seen enough videos back in the day when such things were easily available so I had heard boys utter that same sound but it was definitely pain and I knew that this wasn’t. I lowered my body so that I was much closer to the boy so he raised his head and we kissed deeply as I kept up a nice steady rhythm of my cock moving in and out of him. When we broke the kiss Rocky’s arms went around my back and his legs wrapped around my waist. His moans became louder as I thrust into me. “Oh God daddy fuck me hard daddy fuck your boy hard. Your boy loves you fucking him. You’re making my pussy happy daddy.” I raised my chest slightly and moved forward so at that point I began rocking tunalı escort into him. Rocky moved his head and I felt his mouth on my nipple and he began nursing. That was a first for me and I found it hot as fuck. I could hear him moan softly as he suckled not unlike a child. I could feel him stop long enough to lick the nipple and areola and go back to nursing, tug on my nipple with his lips and nurse some more. I felt my body changing, felt my orgasm building but I didn’t want to cum yet. For whatever reason I wanted to fuck Rocky longer; much longer. I mean, I loved fucking any boy, but for some reason I was rather taken with the boy and I wanted to give the best fuck of his young life and I had no idea how long he’d been fucking even. I wanted to impress the boy. “What do you think about changing positions baby boy,” I asked him as I slowed down. “What do you want to do daddy,” he asked, his voice husky from lust. “Well I thought I’d get you up onto my lap for starters.” I didn’t stop fucking him as we talked, just slowed down. “That would be nice daddy.” That said I lowered my upper body so Rocky could tighten his arms which were already up there. Once he was locked in I raised my upper body and brought him up then just held him there while I sat on my haunches, the position pushing my cock a little deeper into his body. “Oh shit daddy,” Rocky said, “that feels fucking great.” That said he planted his mouth against mine and we kissed deeply and heavily. Our tongues fought for supremacy, neither gaining anything over the other. Rocky held tightly to my head, his mouth working overtime as he kissed me. When we broke it Rocky laid his head on my shoulder and just held onto me. My hands ran up and down his back and down onto his tender little butt to fondle the globes then moved underneath to feel where my cock entered his young teenage body. “Can you pull me up like that daddy,” Tavin asked Mal who answered that he could indeed. As I glanced around the room someone else called out that they were ready. Rocky turned his head back toward me. “Daddy,” he whispered into my ear causing me to shiver. “Yes baby,” I answered softly as I watched Mal get my son into the same position that Rocky and I were in. “I really like you a lot. I love being with you. I can’t explain it, I just feel it. I know all the boys want to be with you but I don’t want to give you up. I’m sorry for saying that daddy.” My heart leapt at the boys words. He was saying to me what I also felt. “Don’t apologize baby,” whispered to him, “I feel the same way.” Rocky moved his head back so he could look me in the eyes. “Really Chad? Do you really mean that?” I nodded my head, my chest constricted with emotion. “Yeah, I mean it Rocky.” I swear a tear trickled down the boys’ cheeks. “Oh god that is so awesome. I would so love to be your steady boy. I’d be the best boy you ever had. I mean, not as good a boy as Tavin maybe,” he said by way of explanation. “That would be way cool if you were my dad’s boyfriend,” Tavin said, he and Mal heads both being less than a foot from ours. “You wouldn’t mind Tavin if I was your dad’s steady boy?” My son shook his head. “No, I think you’re way cool Rocky,” Tavin said then leaned his upper body toward us. Rocky did the same and the boys kissed deeply, both of them still impaled by man cocks. When they broke Tavin said, “Hey Rocky, let’s fuck our daddy’s.” Rocky grinned and said okay so the boys encouraged Mal and me to lay back. Once we were down they had us move close enough that our legs were touching. “God daddy I think your cock is even deeper into my pussy,” Rocky gasped. The young brown hottie leaned forward and rested his hands on my chest and started to move. He rose and fell for a moment then just moved his ass to and fro and side to side then went back to rising and falling. Next to us my son was doing the same thing, working Mal’s cock with his tight little preteen asshole. I didn’t know whether or not Tavin had ever fucked that way but I supposed that he probably had at some point in time. A rush of feeling shot through my body causing me to shiver. Rocky’s head alternated between hanging and being tossed backwards. He started the sound again that he’s uttered before. Each time he thrust his ass onto me he uttered it. Seriously it only made me that much hotter. Rocky leaned forward until his chest was almost touching mine, our faces inches apart. He kissed me a couple of times. “Do you like me fucking you like this daddy,” he said in a sultry voice. “Do you like your boy taking charge and taking care of his daddy?” I raised my head and kissed him back, my hands busy on his shoulders then downward to grab and knead his delicious butt. “I do baby, I love having you fuck me. Your pussy is so tight on my cock I want to leave it there for hours.” Rocky giggled which caused his asshole to twitch against my cock, something that felt pretty amazing. “Well I love fucking you like this daddy. It lets me work my little fuck hole real good.” Rocky raised his butt up a little bit which allowed me to move so I did and began to fuck the boy. “Oh yeah daddy that feels good. Fuck me fast daddy, fuck me fast.” I couldn’t believe how fast I did fuck him them. I called it rabbit fucking. There wasn’t much throw or depth really. The sound of my body colliding with his was making a loud slapping sound. “Fuck look at Chad go,” I heard someone say, a boy based on his slightly high pitch voice. “It sounds like a machine gun for Christ’s sake. Way to go Chad,” he said again and I saw Cairo come into my view. “Wouldn’t mind you fuckin me like that.” I couldn’t give that too much more though because I felt my body changing again. “I need to stop baby boy or I’m gonna cum and I don’t want to do that quite yet. I want to keep fucking your adorable boy pussy.” Next to us Tavin was fucking Mal the same way. We were so close that my leg and Mal’s all but touching. “I don’t want you to cum yet either daddy,” Rocky Boy said, his voice still deepened in lust. “Lean over to kiss me Rocky,” Tavin said so the boys leaned toward each other and engaged in a mouth open tongue battling kiss, both sets of hands rubbing on whatever was easiest for them. Tavin reached down and started stroking Rocky’s cock which cause my fuck boy to groan loudly. Rocky in turn did the same to my son while Mal and I waited patiently. “I’ve never him like this Chad,” Mal whispered. “That boy seems really taken with you. I hope it works out well for you guys. Actually I’m pretty sure it will. This group of men is pretty accommodating.” The boys finally stopped kissing, both panting like racehorses. We moved again and ended up back in a sitting position. Rocky wrapped his legs around my waist and put his mouth against mine yet again. Again, we kissed deeply, tongues battling, hands working up and down each other’s back. “God I love being with you Chad,” Rocky whispered. Next to us Mal had already gotten Tavin onto his back and was fucking him good and hard. “I don’t want to be with anybody else anymore, or at least not for a while. I would really like to spend the weekend with just you.” My heart was doing flip flops hearing Rocky’s words. I felt the same way but I didn’t know what the rules were but assumed that there were some. “I feel the same way baby but let’s get through this round and see how things go, okay?” “Okay daddy,” he replied. That said I held on to Rocky, moved around then gently lowered him onto his back. “Oh god daddy fuck me hard. I’m close to cumming daddy,” Tavin cried out. Somewhere in the room I heard a boy cry out like a little girl, saying that he was cumming and to fuck him harder. I slipped my arms underneath Rocky’s legs and leaned forward on the mattress. The move spread the young teen’s legs about as far open as they could get. “Fuck me daddy,” Rocky Boy groaned, “fuck my ass hard and make me have the best cum in the world.” Rocky started making the “ehh” sound each time I thrust into him. I had the boy rolled backwards so that his pussy was angled upward and my thrusts were going almost straight down into him. I started with a typical steady rhythm but decided to change it out. I began to slam into him, pull almost all the way out of him, doing it slowly, then slam back into him. It was taking probably 7 seconds round trip. The sounds when I slammed into him got louder. “Oh fuck daddy,” Rocky moaned. Slam into him. “Oohhh God.” Slam into him. “God daddy.” Slam into tunceli escort him. Rocky started whimpering. “So good daddy, so good.” Slam back into him. I swear that I saw a tear on his cheek. I kept that up for a good 2 minutes. “Are you ready to cum baby,” I whispered to him. Rocky gulped and nodded his head. “Yes daddy I’m ready. Fuck me like a boy is suppose be fucked. Make me cum daddy, make me shoot my boy sperm out.” I picked up speed and began fucking him good and hard. My balls were slapping into Rocky’s ass, the sound of our bodies seeming loud to me despite the other noises going on around the large room. Rocky was making the sounds again as I fucked the boy higher up into a fog of hotness. Once again his arms went around my neck and his legs around my waist. He seemed to be hanging off of me much like a marsupial baby might. The moans and other sounds became louder, his breathing quicker. “God daddy you love me sooo good,” he whispered. “Nobody has fucked me as good as you. Keep fuckin me daddy, make your boys’ sperm come up out his balls. My sperm needs to come out daddy, my balls need to be drained. God daddy I’m really close. “I’m cumming baby,” Mal announced. A second later I heard the grunts of orgasm issuing from him. “I’m cumming too daddy, you made me cum,” my son cried out. I did a quick glance at Tavin’s face and saw the typical rictus of orgasm etched in his smooth skin. Mal had stopped fucking and was grinding his cock into Tavin’s asshole, creating even more feelings for my son. “Oh god daddy oh god,” Tavin exclaimed, his hands gripping Mal’s forearms. Jesus Christ I can’t even describe how hot it was to hear that. I mean, seeing another man fuck my son was pretty intense but hearing seeing him make my boy cum from such a good fucking was almost more than I could stand in terms of hotness. I continued to fuck Rocky as hard as I could, I too stopping to grind my waist against him and reveling in the different feelings that it caused me as well. Below me my boy lover was whimpering softly, almost crying. His eyes were closed and it was easy to tell that he was about as far up into a fog of hotness that a boy could be. He had to be near to cumming. It happened suddenly and without any forewarning. The long scream that came out of Rocky’s body seemed unreal. It scared the shit out of me but only for a moment. “Oh shitfuckgoddamn daddy I’m cumming like a rocket you’re making me cum daaaddeeee.” The boy’s asshole gripped me like a vise. He clung onto me tighter than he had been which was another surprise. I felt my balls tighten and then I too was cumming, blasting jet after thick jet of sperm into my young lover. “I can feel you cumming daddy, I can feel you shooting your sperm into me,” Rocky cried out. I continued to hammer the boy, slamming my cock into him. It seemed like he was using his legs around my waist for leverage to try and thrust into my thrusts and thus providing another dimension to his orgasm. Alongside of us Mal and slowed down then finally stopped. Tavin’s arms were around the man’s neck so Mal lowered his upper body in order for the 2 to kiss, which they did. I could almost hear Tavin purring in the afterglow of his cum. My son had turned into a horn dog, no question about it. He loved fucking, loved having a cock shoved up his tight little preteen asshole. We had fucked every single day since he’d lost his cherry at Jared’s house, sometimes twice a day. He stayed home from school one day and I skipped work and we fucked all day long and in every room of our house including while sitting on the toilet. I swear I fucked my boy 7 or more times that day and when he fell asleep in my arms around 7 that night he said it was the best day of his life and that included having gone to Disney World. “You’re the best daddy in the whole wide world,” he whispered then fell into a coma like sleep. I had to disengage from him in the middle of the night and the kid didn’t even stir. Tavin was a terrific lover and I was forever grateful for his having found Asa and then convince me that sex between father and son was more than okay. I pondered that as I slowed to a stop then pondered the boy beneath me. Rocky had made an indelible impression on me and based on what he had said, the feelings were reciprocal. I wondered if it was going to be possible to spend more time with him, not just on this little soiree but in the future. I further wondered how Tavin might feel about that. Rocky broke into my thoughts by tugging on my neck. I lowered my head and we kissed, a lot of small quick kissed that said thank you so much for fucking me in such a good way. He finally unhooked his legs from around my waist. “Put all your weight on me daddy,” he cooed to me so I did as he asked and once settled in he sighed heavily. My head was alongside his and he began whispering in my ear while his hands rubbed at the back of my head and down back and even onto my butt. “That was the most incredible fucking I’ve had in a long time daddy. You’re the best lover ever. My boy pussy loves having your big fat daddy cock inside of it.” For emphasis he did a couple of Kegels’ and gripped my cock. I did the same back to him. “I meant what I said earlier daddy. I feel an awesome connection with you that I’ve never felt before. I want to ask my papa if I can spend more time with you, not just here but from now on, at least for a little while. I hope that’s okay daddy but I understand if it isn’t.” He then hugged me a little tighter. “Fire hose going off in a minute,” someone called out. “You’ll want to see this daddy,” Rocky Boy said and let go of my neck, indicating that we should separate, which I did but reluctantly. I gently pulled out of him and as soon as I cleared he was in my arms kissing and hugging me. When we separated I saw the residue of his sperm on his belly. Next to us Mal and Tavin were also separating. There was a small crowd gathered off to the side, although a few other couples were still fucking. “When my dad cums it’s the most amazing thing in the universe,” Rocky said, “And I won’t say any more than that. We wandered over to find Dakota sitting on a chair that was covered in towels and one of the men I’d met was standing in front of him. Dakota had a grip on him and was stroking the man’s uncut cock while his other hand cupped and fondled the man’s balls. As I glanced around I saw that I had the biggest dick in the room although a couple of the men were damned close to me. “Almost there Dako,” the man said using an obvious nickname, “Let me take over.” The adorable blonde let go of the swollen dick but clearly he didn’t want to. “Watch,” Rocky said, the boy snuggled up to me as if I’d try to escape. “Oohhh fuck,” the man groaned and what followed was nothing short of spectacular. I’d seen porn before and I’d seen some pretty healthy cum shots but nothing like what I witnessed right before my very unbelieving eyes. The guys’ cock was about 20 inches from Dakota’s face. The first stream of sperm, and I do mean stream, seemed to stretch from the cock head to the boys’ face. It hit Dakota right at the point of his left cheek and broke into dozens of drops that splattered through the boys’ short hair, onto his forehead, his cheek and his ear. The second jet broke into 3 separate chunks of goo that the boys’ forehead, the bridge of his nose and his right cheek. It to hit and splattered every which way. The next jet shot clear over Dakota’s shoulder although the tail end of it splattered the boys’ shoulder. I swear it shot 3 feet if it went an inch. Over all I counted 8 solid jets of sperm plus some smaller burps the stuff. It wasn’t as thick and gooey as cum usually is but was more watery so the stuff was running like rivulets down Dakota’s face, arms, his chest, and all the way down to his cock and balls. Dakota was jacking off with a vengeance and cried out in his own orgasm before the shooter’s orgasm finally waned. About half of the squirts didn’t go out straight but did a little twirling and flying around. It was like someone waving around a spatula covered with a powdered sugar icing. The end result looked pretty much like icing as well. Dakota’s torso was all but covered in cum from his hair to his smooth young balls. “Pretty cool huh,” Rocky asked. Indeed it was and I said. “Wanna take a shower with me daddy?” I didn’t really need a shower but I didn’t want to part with the little hottie either. “Yeah papa,” Tavin said, “Come take a shower with us.” That said each boy took a hand and led me off to the rain locker where we were soon joined by a sperm covered Dakota as well as a couple other young boys who need to clean their spermy little boy pussies. TIME TO DO YOUR PART TO KEEP NIFTY ALIVE. PLEASE DONATE NOW fty/donate.html

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