Spring Break Ch. 01: Saturday Morning


Spring Break Ch 1; Saturday

Sex with a MILF

Category: Romantic Couplings.

I thank bbcbarry9033 for making this story much more readable and enjoyable than I could master on my own. I also want to express my gratitude for members of the Author’s Hangout forum for suggesting an alternative and more acceptable plot.

This story is set in South Africa. Seasons are different (Spring break is late September/Early October. The academic year starts January and ends December.

Matric refers to Grade 12 or the final year in school, equivalent to senior year in the US, a year during which scholars turn 18 years old. Several learners (scholars) go on a short holiday (rage) after completing their matric exams to celebrate their scholastic freedom. This is the story of what happened during a matric rage, almost two years earlier.

All characters in actual or implied sexual situations are 18 or above.


Dirk locked the door behind him at the place where he, Steve and two other male students were staying near the University of Stellenbosch.

Steve looked at him questioningly from the passenger seat of the red city golf in the driveway. He lifted his left hand and tapped his wrist as if to ask Dirk why he was wasting unnecessary time and to signal that he should hurry up.

Dirk lifted a long slim gift bag as an explanation. He glanced at his watch and just shook his head. It was already past half past eight in the morning, despite their intention to hit the road before seven.

Dirk struggled to get in behind the city golf’s steering wheel. He tried in vain to move the seat further back, mumbling something about small cars and big guys, and started the engine. A loud hiss from the radio announced that it too came to life.

“What was taking so long?” Steve turned the volume down and pressed the ‘scan’ button in the hope of finding a station with better reception. The radio went silent when it started to scan.

Dirk got the vehicle into gear and pulled away before answering. “Just taking precautions for our return. We will be away for more than a week. If you weren’t sitting comfortably on your ass, I would have been done sooner. I checked that all windows are closed, and that all the doors are locked. Oh yea, I threw out the kitchen trash! Do you realize how the house would smell if last night’s fish and chips left-overs and containers had been left in the kitchen trash …… “

“Okay, okay,” Steve sensed that Dirk enjoyed the attention and cut his tirade short. “But all that shouldn’t take you over an hour. And how much of the luggage did you pack in the car? So, don’t pretend that I didn’t lift a finger.”

“Don’t you pretend that it was a huge task. There wasn’t a lot to pack, I see everything fits into the boot.”

Steve could hear Dirk wanted to say more so he led the conversation in a different direction. “And the package? If it wasn’t so flat and light, I would swear it’s a bottle of Cape wine that you want to give someone.”

“Carol Boyes salad serving set for Ingrid. She’ll celebrate her birthday soon. Alta said she would appreciate something like this.”

“I know Alta is your sister, the one you want me to meet. But Ingrid? Is that the sexy young stepmother of yours?” The radio started hissing again after a fruitless search for reception and Steve pressed the ‘Scan’ button again.

“Yes, that’s her. She’s turning twenty-nine just after our visit.” Dirk turned the car in the direction of the N1 at the T-section.

Steve smiled shyly, “And did you . . . . uhm, do her already? “

“What do you mean?” Dirk knew what Steve was hinting at, but he played dumb.


“With Ingrid? Sex? Never!”

“Did you ever want to?”

The radio started buzzing and Steve was trying his luck again in search for a radio station with reception.

Dirk did not expect this twist. His mind was racing through recollections, but he couldn’t think of any incident where he wanted to have sex with his young stepmom. He bit his lip before answering. “No, not really.”

Steve noticed the vagueness of Dirk’s answer and pushed for more information. “What do you mean with ‘not really’?”

“I don’t want to flat out deny it and then recall something later. Besides, you must keep in mind that I hated her at first, especially when my mother was still alive. She was the reason my mother divorced my father and why I had to move away from the farm and my friends.”

“But isn’t the idea of sex with her a way of getting back at her?”

“Not at all, I was only twelve years of age and didn’t think along those lines. Alta and I conspired to ignore her as if she didn’t exist and that really freaked her out. In any case, we had little contact with each other, just holidays when we visited my dad on the farm, and I was mostly out in the fields.”

“Why did you have to leave the farm?”

“When she married my father, I was barely twelve years old. My mom didn’t think that it was a good 1xbet yeni giriş idea to have a teenage boy raised by a twenty-year-old. My mother made sure Alta and I stayed with her in Cape Town.”

“I don’t think I would have been interested in a woman of twenty when I was twelve, so what’s the issue?”

He took a deep breath before answering. “In the beginning I did not think much of it until recently when I realized the twelve-year-old boy would reach puberty while the stepmom is still in her twenties. And I guess my mother was concerned that things could happen.”

“Whaaat..? Did anything happen? “

“No, I already told you. Nothing happened… not that I can think of right now.”

Steve told Dirk to turn in at the Klapmuts shopping centre. “We have to get some snacks for the road.” Dirk was just too grateful that the interrogation over his stepmother came to an end and turned into the parking area.

While walking through the aisles, Dirk’s thoughts wandered back to some recent encounters with Ingrid. Did he miss hints of a seduction? Is it unfair of him to think that those signs might have been a subtle come on now that Steve raised the topic? The more he thought about it, the more incidents came to mind where there might have been… something. The semi-see-through sleepwear that she dressed in when he visited during varsity holidays. Her loose-fitting clothing while doing house chores with infrequent careless postures revealing intimate underwear or the occasional camel toe.

In the past he didn’t think much of it. This was not so much different from what his own mother did. She also had see-through sleepwear and lingerie and often did house chores in loose-fitting clothes. They do live in Tzaneen where the temperature and humidity force you to dress lightly, allowing even a light breeze to cool you off. Even his friends’ mothers did it.

Dirk gathered his thoughts and started to focus on his shopping, he could see Steve is already queuing at the pay point.

After fifteen minutes of shopping, Steve was back at the car equipped with a variety of snacks and drinks. Dirk arrived minutes later, again with a long slim gift bag, albeit notably heavier, in his hand. Again, Steve’s facial expression asked what was going on.

“Bottle of wine, for your mother. I almost forgot to get her a hostess present for tonight. I thought of flowers, but they will not make the trip through the Karoo.”

“Oh fuck, I’ll have to get something for Ingrid.”

Dirk decided to divert Steve’s focus away from Ingrid by reflecting the situation on Steve himself. “And what about you, did you ever do, uhumm, your stepmother?”

Steve was still organizing the purchases. “No, Sis and I were still young when my parents divorced, and my dad and stepmother emigrated to Australia soon after.”

Dirk meanwhile turned onto the N1 ramp to the North. “And have you ever fantasized about it? Like when they were here past December?”

“You have to remember that by the time I could be interested in her, she was already in her late thirties or early forties and living far away.”

Dirk felt that he was losing the initiative because the focus could now shift back to Ingrid at any time. He hadn’t liked Steve’s earlier line of questions, especially after his introspection in the shop, even when he was convinced that nothing happened. “Well, have you ever had sex with an older woman?”

Steve wanted to deny it, but his red face and the long silence before answering gave him away. “Uh huh.”

The radio was hissing again.

“More than one?”

“No, just the one.” After a short silence, he adds, “But three times in a week.”

Steve immediately had Dirk’s interest. “Tell me about it!”

Steve gave a nervous chuckle and turned the radio off. “Look, the road is long, you say about twenty hours’ drive, ten today, and another ten tomorrow. And it seems as if the radio is going to help us to shorten the road.

“We will depend on each other for distraction and entertainment to pass the time. I’m going to tell you all the intimate details of this story to get the time go by. When we refuel, I will take the steering wheel, and you tell me a story in all the juicy detail. Is it a deal?”

Dirk thought about this. Steve was right, the radio was not working, and his suggestion sounded better than spotting white horses along the way or, worse still, trying to play something like ‘I spy with my little eye’. “Deal!”

Steve retrieved a bottle of cream soda and a bottle of cola and held them for Dirk to choose. Dirk took the cola and Steve opened the cream soda for himself. He took a sip and then a deep breath. “You know of my back problem?” Steve pat the support cushion behind his back. “It was the first time that I realized that I had a problem, but it ended up as my best sex experience to date.” He took another sip of his soda before starting.

“And you know about the tag on my necklace?” Steve pulls the chain to show Dirk the tag.

“Yes, that one which read ‘Juliet 1xbet giriş December 2003′? Does that have to do with this woman?”

“Got it from her as a gift.”

“I think we should be careful not to use the names of our past sex partners openly. You know, to protect their identities.”

Steve smiled at his friend’s thoughtfulness. He was always decent and considerate. “There must be hundreds of Juliettes in the country. I doubt you’ll ever meet her and even if you do, that you will associate her with the events I’m about to tell.”

“I still think we should at least try to protect the woman or girl’s identity. Maybe lie about who it was and where or when it happened. Maybe give a pseudonym. I wouldn’t appreciate it if she spills my identity when she talks to her girlfriends about the sex, she had with me.”

“Shit man, you’re right. We must still be able to look them in the eye if we see them again the future. Both of us. Especially the ones that we are likely to see again. However, I think in Juliette’s case, we are safe.”

“Well, I was wondering what the name and year on the tag would mean. You have me curious, so spill the beans!”

“Let me give you some background on Juliette to set the scene. It turned out that she was a rich bitch. Actually, her parents were. The apartment where it all happened was her parents’, and they had a luxury boat in the harbour that Juliette’s cheating husband used to take rage chicks on a ride, in more ways than one, if you catch the double meaning. Juliette was sexually neglected, and I was just conveniently available to help her out when it all boiled over for her.

“It happened after my matric exams in 2003. Some of classmates and I went to Plett for our matric rage.”

“Isn’t ‘Plettenberg Bay’ also engraved on the tag?”

“That’s right, that’s where it all happened. We were seven in the group. Five guys and girlfriends of two of the guys. Our three single blokes planned to fish among the oversupply of chicks at the rage and maybe for a secret encounter with one of the two chicks in the group. We arrived in Plett late afternoon on the Sunday.

“I had a severe back pain and wasn’t of great help while the others unpacked the minibus and sorted our living arrangements out. The apartment belonged to one of the guys with girlfriends. They had the luxury of the main bedroom and the other guy with the girlfriend got the second bedroom with a double bed. The third bedroom had two single beds and I got the first option for a bed. The remaining guys battled it out for the second bed in the bedroom and the convertible sofa in the living room.

“When we were done there was just enough daylight left for the guy who arranged the gig, and who knew Plett well, to identify the two most important landmarks for our reference. The main beach and the shopping center where the liquor store and other shops were. They went to the shopping center without me to buy some essential supplies and to get something to eat. I asked them to get me rub for my back and something to kill the pain.

“The pain killers weren’t up to much because the pharmacy was already closed and the stuff available in the supermarket were all light-weight. So, one of the girls, Jenny, took pity on me and rubbed my back while the others socialized for a while. I got the idea that she might have fancied a romp with me, but I was in no condition to oblige. I had her after we returned home, but that is another story. I still had pain when her boyfriend checked up on us and told her to finish up, but the major pain was gone, and I could at least sleep. I dozed off while the others continued to socialize in the living room.

“Thankfully, I slept through the night, but as soon as I stood up the next morning, the pain was back again. I decided to stay put while the others went to the main beach. I planned to go to the pharmacy for stronger pain killers and promised to join them as soon as the pain was sorted. I ate something and took more pain killers and fell asleep soon after they left. At around ten o’clock I woke up with the sun beating down on my back. I felt really good and experienced no pain. I made myself a sarmie and after a cup of coffee I felt good enough to take a beach walk to the main beach to join the group. With just my swimsuit, flip-flops and a towel around the neck I started out.

“The beach in front of the complex where we stayed was quiet, but I could see that there were lots of activity on the main beach about a kilometre away. I started jogging because I was eager to join the action and to check out the chicks. It was a big mistake because, probably not even a hundred yards into the jog, at the entrance to the neighbouring complex, my back suddenly cramped and brought me to a halt.

“A sexy brunette, I guess in her early thirties, with a sleeping toddler in her arms came towards me. She had a semi-transparent cover-up that covered a quite conservative orange bikini.

“I must have bent in pain because she immediately saw my problem and offered help 1xbet güvenilirmi and told me that she was a physio. She led the way and I limped on behind her. When we came to her apartment another mayor cramp forced me to a halt. She told me to wait there so she could put the child down to free her hands so she could help me up the stairs to her apartment on the upper floor.

“Anyways, in spite of my condition I could not help watching her as she walked away to her apartment. She walked like those models in fashion shows, swaying her feet over the center line so their hips can swing seductively. She must have stomped her feet that made her firm buttocks shake. I didn’t think much of it, thinking that the baby was getting heavy in her arms. I could see the silhouette of her well-shaped body through her semi-transparent swimsuit cover-up. It wasn’t bad for a mother with a young child. If my back didn’t cramp right then, I guess I would have sported a healthy erection.

“The cramp was not as bad when she returned. She no longer wore the cover-up, and she was now wearing a small lily-white bikini. Her model-like steps made her D-cup tits swing delightfully with every step and her nipples pressed through the thin cloth. She must have noticed that I looked at the bikini and said with a smile that she draped the cover-up over the baby, avoiding the fact that she changed her swimwear.

I started to shuffle in the direction of the stairs to her apartment when she told me to follow her. Fuck, from behind, it looked as if she was wearing only three thin strings around her body. One halter around her neck and another around her chest with the third one around her hips. A vertical spaghetti strap was connected to the lowest string and disappeared into her butt cleavage. I watched her well-toned bums vibrating with every step she took.

“All went well until I took the first step onto the staircase. I must have grunted in pain because she immediately looked back and came to my rescue. She took my arm and wrapped it around her neck and took hold of my hand. Then she pressed her nice firm breast into my ribcage and slid her arm around my waist.

With my free hand I gripped the handrail and pulled myself up. I don’t know how and when it happened, but when I reached the top, her bikini cup was worked off her breast and my hand cupped her naked breast. I pretended that I didn’t notice and faked another cramp, bending backwards in pain, pressing my ribcage hard into her nice boob. Simultaneously, I gave the other boob a firm squeeze.

“She supported me into the apartment. I could feel her boob pressing hard into my ribs with every step she took. I, on the other hand, rubbed my palm over the other boob with every shuffle that I took, working her nipple quite hard in the process. Either she didn’t mind or didn’t notice. By then, my cock was rock hard.

“She led me to the baby’s bedroom. The cot was in one corner with her orange bikini hanging over the rails. There was a single bed against the opposite wall. She worked herself loose from me and returned the pieces of her bikini’s cloth to their proper places as if nothing happened. She pulled the bed away from the wall and told me to get onto the bed with my face down.

“I heard the microwave and realized that she left the room. I got up reoriented my stiff dick into a more comfortable orientation for when I am laying on my tummy and got back onto the bed. The next thing I knew, she threw a folded towel onto my back followed by something warm. She said I must wait for the cramp to warm up while she checked up on the baby who had started to make short crying sounds.

“The pain was mostly gone by the time she returned, I guess about fifteen to twenty minutes later. She removed the towel and hot bag and poured some liquid onto my back spreading it with her hands. She returned the towel and warmed up the hot bag before putting it onto my back again.

“The liquid that she poured onto my back must have been some secret formula because it started to heat up my back even before she returned with the hot bag. Then she straddled my buttocks and poured the magic lotion on my lower neck and started to massage the area. I thought it was senseless because there was no pain, until she probed a tense muscle or nerve. I jerked in pain but she had me constrained. She added more magic liquid there and found the nerve again. This time I was prepared for it and could control my reaction to the pain.

“As she worked and the area got heated up, I could feel how the cramp in my back subsided. She must have sensed that I started to relax because soon after, she worked the sides of my neck as well.

“After a while, she moved down to sit on my knees. She ordered me to pull my swim shorts down because she needed to work my lower back as well. Once done she poured her magic lotion on my lower back. With her palms resting on my buttocks, she worked and probed my lower back muscles until she found another culprit.

“I tensed up again, but she worked me back into a relaxed state, except for my cock of course. And the fact that she then proceeded to massage my bum cheeks ‘to work the last oil away’. I had to lift my hips and reposition my cock which obviously didn’t go unnoticed although she said nothing.

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