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Subject: Stan and Unky Matt – Part 14 This story is based on fantasy and doesn’t mean anything about the inclinations of its author or reader. Please donate to if you can and happy reading! Stan and Unky Matt – Part 14 Harry’s Day Continued “You’re going to fuck me?” I said. “Uh huh,” he nodded, “but not with my dick. I know I’d enjoy it, but I don’t think you would even feel it!” “So… what? You’re going to use a dildo?” He laughed. “You’ll see. Lift your legs.” I stayed still. Stan picked up his discarded school trousers and fumbled with them. I realised too late that he was removing his belt. He wrapped it around his hands and brought it down hard on my thigh. “Arrrgghhhh!” “Lift your legs!” I did as I was told. Stan grabbed my lube from the side and lubed up two of his skinny little fingers. I winced as he poked at my hole. I’m not a bottom in any way so I was very tight. Still, he persisted, and I gave way, letting his fingers in. I groaned. He wiggled them around a little and then withdrew. I looked on aghast as he bunched all of his fingers and his thumb together and lubed them up. He returned to my hole. “No… no…” I said. “What was it you said to Reece? This will hurt but I’m not going to stop…” He pushed his bunched fingers and my hole çankaya escort gave way. This I really felt. There was a stinging and a burning. I winced and Stan pushed further. “Ok, ok,” I said, “you’ve made your point. Enough.” With his free hand, he slapped my balls hard. I screamed. “It’s enough when I say it’s enough. Not you!” He pushed further, all of his fingers now inside me and I winced as he stretched them a little. Then he bunched them back together and forced his hand deeper. As he reached the top knuckles, his entire hand disappeared into me and I screamed again in pain – this was probably as thick as a larger than average adult cock and I had never taken anything before. His wrist was inside me now and he was slowly working his forearm in. I moaned and winced at the pain as he penetrated me, but I was held fast by my own handcuffs. I just lay there as he worked his way in. He stopped pushing and held it there. He was up to the elbow inside me. “See? This is how Reece will have felt that night! When you fucked him aged 7. Too big for him! And now I’m going to fuck you with my arm!” And he did. He pulled back, pushed in, pulled back, pushed in, using his arm like a cock. I moaned and thrashed about on the bed but it çankırı escort was no good. “How does it feel, Harry? To be raped?” “It… hurts…” “Good! Because it hurt Reece too! You could have loved him, could have been gentle with him, but you just couldn’t wait!” “But… I do… love him,” I moaned through my agony as Stan fisted me good and proper. “Maybe you do, but you were wrong to use him that way!” I started to moan. Despite the pain, I could feel Stan hitting my spot inside, and I started to feel the pre-orgasmic thrill. I moaned louder as he fucked and fucked. My whole body tensed, ready to cum… and he stopped. He pulled his arm out from inside me. “No!” He said simply, “that wasn’t about you cumming!” He bunched his hand into a fist and hit me again in the balls. I cried out in pain and tried to twist away from him. He got his phone out. “I’m going to video you now. You are going to say your name, admit to being a pedophile and admit to raping Reece. Then I will keep the video so that when I release you, you don’t think about hurting me or think that you’re not my slave. Understand?” “No,” I said firmly, “no I won’t say that on video!” He grabbed his belt again and struck me a few times, the blows landing in different places çayyolu escort as I wriggled around trying to avoid him. “Yes you will,” he said. He whipped me again and again. I cried out. “I’ll keep going until you agree,” he laughed, “and if you do agree, maybe I’ll even suck you off!” “Ok… ok… I’ll say it!” Stan stopped whipping me and pointed his phone. He nodded. “My name is Harry Henderson. I am a pedophile and I have raped my little cousin, Reece. I… I’m sorry…” Stan stopped recording. “Good pedo!” Then he climbed onto the bed and took me in his mouth. He licked and sucked and wanked me, teasing my balls with his fingers. I moaned and started to pant as he gave me an expert blowjob, using his lips and tongue to get me wet and throbbing. He built up his rhythm, and I cried out as I shot my spunk into his mouth. He swallowed it all and then started to get dressed. “I’m going to get dressed and then release you. Stay on the bed until I am out of the door. If you move, I will send that video to Unky Matt!” He dressed quickly and then came over and removed the right cuff. He gave me the key, and as I fiddled with the left one, he left the room and the flat. By the time I was free, he was gone. I wondered what his next move would be. And that’s it for this chapter. Quite a bit of story development still to come before I bring it to its conclusion – maybe another 4 or 5 chapters to go, then I’ll conclude things as I don’t want to retread much ground and it can’t go on forever. Comments welcome ail – donate to if you can!

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