Steve and Kyle: Episode 2


As the two young men stood there looking at each other, it became obvious to Steve that the first move would have to be made by him. So more or less assuming that eighteen-year-old Kyle was practising some form of sex, and not for a moment imagining  that he was dealing with an eighteen year old virgin, Steve suddenly took the bull by the horns stepped across to Kyle, took his shirt by the shoulders and pulled it off over the young man’s head, leaving him completely naked.This was the first time that Steve had really seen Kyle totally naked in front of him on a one-on-one basis; he had seen him showering together with his team mates, but this was something quite different. Here in front of him was a naked, young man of exceptional beauty with a figure like the mythical Greek God, Adonis, and with one of the largest and most attractive of rampant cocks Steve had ever seen; and he had seen plenty.He did not wait to see what Kyle thought of his action, but simply dropped onto his knees in front of Kyle and took his magnificent cock-head into his mouth and started to suck his student off. At that very moment, Steve, who simply could not stop himself, had no idea whether Kyle was gay or straight; but he assumed that a young man of his age and attributes would already be having sex with someone. And if Kyle turned out to be straight, Steve knew from long experience that even straight young studs did not necessarily shy away from what was obviously a homosexual overture.Kyle had never before had anyone touch him and so he was totally shocked by Steve’s action – but it has to be said, shocked in an agreeable sort of way by what was his first sexual experience with anyone – and did not resist. Within a minute of tending to the needs of Kyle’s cock, Steve brought him to an enormous, shuddering climax when that massive tool erupted a positive tsunami of cum, most of which delicious cream Steve took across his face.Things now got more serious as Steve pulled himself to his feet, stripped off his own shirt and shorts and stood there totally naked in front of Kyle. By now Kyle had got the message; that this was the beginning of some really serious sex; sex which he had long wished for but which he had had no idea was on Steve’s agenda that afternoon.But as he gazed with as much admiration at Steve as Steve had, just a few minutes ago looked at him in all his naked glory, he saw that his sports master too, now also totally naked, was a real hunk of a guy. Steve had a beautifully muscled body, in its own way just as perfect as Kyle’s; and his cock, which was almost, but not quite as big as Kyle’s own formidable tool, was also by now rock-hard; and free as it now was from the restraining confines of those tight shorts was more or less in direct confrontation with Kyle’s own freshly discharged cannon.The huge veins which coursed the surface of Steve’s magnificent tool seemed almost to be tearing at some imaginary lead in much the same was as a dog on a leash pulls away from his master’s hand as he scents a bitch in heat in the offing. If ever a man was ready for sex, it was Steve Shanit at that precise moment in time.Not surprisingly, in view of how swiftly things had developed between them after Steve’s opening gambit in the sex game, he still did not realise that he was confronting an eighteen-year-old virgin. From the way in which Kyle had accepted his impromptu, spur-of-the-moment overture of a blow-job and the speed with which he had delivered his copious offering of creamy cum, he was under the impression that Kyle was, like him, an experienced gay. What he would have done had Kyle resisted Steve’s initial overture we shall never know; but it is safe to say that spurred on by the oft irresistible force of sexual attraction, as Steve had undoubtedly been, he did not have a Plan B.So as Steve now advanced his plan to fuck Kyle, the proverbial penny had still not dropped; he still had no idea that the young man he was now preparing to fuck had never before taken another man’s cock up his ass; that the blow job he had just given Kyle was the lad’s first ever experience of sex of any kind. But ignorance, it is said, is bliss; and so Steve Shanit pressed on.He approached Kyle, put his arms around the lad and held him for a moment before spinning him around and pushing him again towards that dreaded horse. “Kyle, I want you to bend across the horse again spreading your legs and I will give your ass the tender loving care it really deserves.”Kyle was suddenly alarmed as he thought that Steve was about to take the paddle to his backside again. “Please sir, not more of the paddle. Please sir not… My backside is really very sore and I don’t think I could stand anymore. You really did hurt me with what you did to me with the paddle; so please sir, no more!”“Kyle what on earth made you think that I was going to paddle you again given what we have just done together? The paddling is done and gone and you have taken your punishment for your bad behaviour; that is all behind us now. No Kyle, I thought that as a reward you would like me to give your ass something it really enjoys; so just do as I say and I will do my best to make amends for the paddling I had to give you.”Kyle said nothing and played dumb.“Oh come on Kyle; don’t play the innocent with me, you know as well as I do what guys like you and me do when they get together; do I have to spell it out to you in detail? Kyle surely you know that I want to have sex with you and my guess is that you want me to do just that. Just look at us; we are both totally ready for sex; look at your own cock; it is still rock-hard and telling you what it wants.”And now came the unexpected moment of truth when Steve finally learned the facts about Kyle’s total lack of any form of sexual experience. “Sir, the only sexual experience have had to date is what you did to me just now when you sucked my cock and I squirted my stuff all over your face. That sir is all I have ever experienced.”To say the very least, Steve was astounded by this unexpected revelation of Kyle’s sexual innocence. “You mean tell me Kyle, that a magnificently well-set-up lad like you has never had sex with another man – or for that matter with a woman; I find that hard to believe as just looking at you Kyle, you are just about the sexiest young man I have ever seen; and here you are aged eighteen and telling me that you are sexually totally inexperienced.”Poor Kyle was now dying an embarrassing death, wallowing in the depths of his misery. His face was as red as a beetroot as he now confessed his total lack isvecbahis of sexual experience to Steve. And now the whole story came out; how he knew he was interested only in other men; how he was just too shy to make the first move; how he had no idea whether any of the guys in his class were of the same sexual persuasion as he thought himself to be.And how he was miserable in himself at his lack of any intimate friendship because of his sexual shyness which is probably what made him do the things he did on the football field. sd of that would somehow justify him in the eyes of others. And so the poor lad went on and one and poured out his heart in a flood of words to Steve Shanit as the two of them stood there naked facing each other.Steve Shanit, who, as we already know, had long had eyes for Kyle, listened with great sympathy as the young man, on whom he had just made his first move, laid his soul bare to him. And he understood himself just how difficult taking that first step could be; the hesitation as one questioned oneself about one’s sexuality; am I really a gay or is it just a passing fancy? If I take the first step and don’t like the result, what then? But having listened to Kyle’s outpourings, Steve now realised that he had to press on with his plan which had always been to have sex with the young man.However, things were now somewhat different for he was unexpectedly dealing with a guy who had just declare himself to be a virgin, whereas until a few moments ago, he had been sure that Kyle was already an experienced player in the game of gay sex. But having declared his own sexuality to Kyle by sucking the lad off, he knew he could not now abandon him and leave him in his present state of limbo.“Kyle; I had no idea when I did what I just did to you a few moments ago, that you were totally inexperienced. But if you will allow me, I will try to help you to find yourself and put to rest once and for all your doubts and dithering about your own sexuality. So why not let me go ahead and give you your first true experience of gay-sex. Now trust me Kyle; I do know what I am doing and as you must by now be acutely aware, I am totally gay myself.So why not do as I suggested just a few minutes ago and bend across the horse again and I will attempt to take you to heaven and back and show you the pleasure of getting yourself fucked by a truly experienced operator who has a really great cock. (No false modesty here!) Believe me Kyle, once you have lost your virginity, you will feel a new and liberated young man and any doubts you have hand about your sexuality will have vanished. Kyle; it’s up to you; if you don’t take that first step and try it just once, you will never know. So what’s it to be? Do we or don’t we have sex together?”Kyle who had until that moment been utterly miserable, drowning in his own uncertainty, suddenly saw that here was exactly the opportunity he had been wanting. Here was a man, fully experienced in sexual matters, who was offering to take him in hand and show him the ropes. And it was not some unknown guy who was offering him sex, but the very person whom he admired most at school and who, unbeknown to him until now, was himself a committed gay.Things could hardly have been better; and yet, there was still that hesitation. Kyle, even knowing precisely what Steve was proposing to do to him – he had seen it all times without number on the internet porn channels – wondered what if when push came to shove he suddenly would get cold feet as he felt Steve’s formidable fuck-stick knocking at his door for the very first time.But then he realised that such fears must be those which all young men experience the first time they have sex with another guy. To chicken out at this stage was no solution; he knew that he had to let Steve work what he himself hoped would turn out to be his sexual magic on him. In a word he had finally to burn his bridges; to put his trust in Steve and allow him to fuck his butt. And so he did as Steve had suggested and offered his virgin backside to the rampant cock of his sports master. It was to be a life-changing decision.Steve surveyed Kyle’s bright red buns, which now spread wide gave him his first real view of that all important port of entry: Kyle’s hitherto untouched, virgin anus: the point where he would shortly give both Kyle and himself the pleasure of his own cock. Steve had been shocked – possibly too strong a word – but at least surprised, that such a magnificently attractive and sexually well-equipped young man was still a virgin; but that state of affairs would soon come to an end.Kyle, this physically superb young gay-in-waiting, would, he felt sure, suddenly realise his full sexual potential and the joys that exploiting it would bring him. Steve had had and was, in fact, still having sex with many different men; both as a bottom – when he took the other guy’s cock up his own ass and allowed himself to be fucked – but also as a top when he was dominant and fucked his partner, which was of course where Kyle’s initiation into the joys of gay sex would begin.There were no two ways about it. Kyle’s initiation into gay sex, had to begin by allowing Steve to fuck him; he had to surrender his anal virginity to Steve; to take Steve’s cock up his ass and allow himself to be fucked for the first time. In his very active life as a practising gay, Steve could never recall a single occasion where his subordinate, bottom partner had been a virgin: someone totally uninitiated in the art of anal sex.So this was a very special occasion for both of them; for Steve, as he would be fucking a virgin for the first time ever; and for Kyle, as he would finally be surrendering his own virginity by allowing himself to be initiated into the art and practice of gay-sex. Steve looked at the enticingly attractive globes of the delicious bubble-butt of an ass which Kyle was now offering him, and saw, nestling there, Kyle’s tight little anus, barely bigger than a slight pucker in the skin.Steve found himself in an unusual state of arousal just at the thought of being the first person to be allowed to stretch Kyle’s anal sphincter and slide his cock into the young man’s rectum, thereby robbing him of his virginity. That one single act, as his penis penetrated Kyle’s most private parts, would change Kyle’s life forever. He would be turned instantly, as if by the touch of a magic wand, from a boy into a young man.Steve had every intention of making Kyle’s first time into a highly pleasurable occasion for both of them. Looking at the angry red colour and obvious isveçbahis giriş pain which Kyle’s buttocks were still suffering as a result of the very severe paddling he had just given the lad, Steve decided to make haste slowly and to begin by trying to ease Kyle’s pain before getting down to the essential act of copulation itself.And so, he produced a jar of a cream based on the natural extract of the plant, Aloe Vera, which has a strong anti-inflammatory action and almost immediate soothing properties. Of this he very gently applied a liberal quantity to Kyle’s blistered ass; and as he massaged the cream into Kyle’s skin, the soothing effect was immediate. Within five minutes, the raging pain left by the paddle retreated into a not unpleasant warm sensation. Kyle gave a sigh of relief as the pain in his ass dropped from the excruciating to the tolerable level.Steve then applied a liberal quantity of a proprietary brand of oil free lubricant especially formulated for gay sex. This he massaged well into Kyle’s anal crevice ensuring that a good quantity remained around that vital opening, Kyle’s anus, through which his own cock would shortly penetrate Kyle’s virgin rectum.“Kyle, I think you are now ready for your first gay sex experience. I have lubricated your vital parts very thoroughly so that I can give you a really comfortable fuck after I have penetrated you for the first time. Lubrication is very important in gay anal intercourse as we men do not automatically produce the sort of natural lubricant which our female friends do when they are being fucked by a man; and so we need to use an external lubricant.”“Now I am sure you have read about having safe sex; well what that means is that that the guy who is the top – in this case today, me – should roll a rubber condom onto his cock before penetrating his partner; but today, as this is your first time and as I am completely clean and HIV negative, I propose to give your first ever fuck with my naked cock as I think every guy should experience the ultimate sensation of a bare-back fuck”So unless you object, I propose now to take your virginity from you and to attempt to take you to heaven and back and introduce you, bare-back, to the joys and pleasures of gay anal sex.”Kyle listened to this rather technical discourse in complete silence; he was happy to let his mentor, for that is already how he thought of Steve, do as he wished; the guy was obviously a competent cocks-man and knew exactly what he was doing. Steve’s massaging of Kyle’s buns had again raised his cock to a full erection, which was now pressed against the padded leather of the horse. Steve’s own cock too was in a state of rock-hard readiness the likes of which he himself had never seen before.Like Kyle, Steve too was very well endowed; but the prospect of deflowering a superb eighteen-year-old, virgin stud had somehow made his own erection seem longer and harder than usual. As he looked down on his ram-rod like piece of man-meat, he saw his superb, dead-straight shaft, the surface veins of which were pulsing with blood with an intensity that he had never before experienced; and his cock-head, brought into sharp relief by his own perfect circumcision, seemed to have swollen to a larger than normal size and was set off from its shaft by a well defined rim; by any standards this was a superb piece of very desirable man-meat: truly in its present rock-hard stse, a fuck-stick to be admired.Few men could boast such a magnificent-looking sex organ, which was so perfectly balanced in length and girth; in a word, with no exaggeration, Steve Shanit had an absolutely perfect fuck-stick and he knew it; but more importantly, he knew how to use it. He suddenly realised that although he had fucked many different guys over the last five or so years, he had never felt quite like this as he prepared himself to penetrate Kyle’s tight, hitherto unsullied anus. This truly promised to be a truly exceptional fuck: one which would be long remembered both by him, but especially by Kyle as he surrendered his anal virginity: that one-time unique experience which can never be repeated.Kyle, the immediate object of Steve’s attention, was feeling slightly apprehensive as the fatidic moment approached when he knew that he would feel Steve’s cock pushing against his anal sphincter which guarded the entry to his virgin body. He desperately wanted this to happen: to be fucked properly by someone who knew exactly what he was about. But at the same time he could not totally banish that vague feeling of fear of the unknown as he waited for the now inevitable to happen.He suddenly felt the head of Steve’s cock pushing against his fundamental orifice announcing its intention of entering his hitherto most private parts. But the die was cast as he nervously – but who would not be nervous under the circumstances? – waited for the inevitable to happen. And when it did happen and his anal sphincter relaxed sufficiently to allow Steve to enter him, as soon as that well-rimmed cock-head passed the sphincter, his powerful, anal muscle snapped closed and grabbed Steve’s cock directly beneath the rim of its head.But a bridgehead had now been made and there was now no going back. Kyle realised that his innermost secret wish was finally being granted and he was in the process of having his ass fucked for the first time. Steve waited a few moments and asked Kyle if he was OK and waited a few moments before smoothly sliding the full length of his long, hard shaft of man-meat into Kyle’s rectum.Kyle let out a cry of pain as the invading phallus brushed past his prostate and then relaxed as he felt the full length of Steve’s magnificent length settle inside of him. It was a moment to be savoured; a moment which could never ever be repeated; With that one simple gesture Kyle had lost his virginity; it was gone forever; never to be recovered. It was a life changing act which Kyle had just experienced.Steve, who was intent on making this first time as great an experience as he possibly could for his young partner, waited a few moment before beginning to show his pupil what classic, copulative, anal sex was all about. He started slowly and gently with his thrusting, before gradually building up to longer and more powerful strokes. Inevitably as he himself became totally aroused by what he was doing, the length, thrust and speed of his strokes all built up and up until when he was nearing climax himself, he was practically withdrawing his cock totally at each stroke from Kyle before forcefully thrusting his full length isveçbahis yeni giriş back into Kyle’s hole.But by now, fully caught up in the act of copulation, he was unable to stop what was now verging on the uncontrollable; and yet he still nevertheless managed to maintain sufficient control of what he was doing to ensure that he did not simply reach orgasm himself and leave Kyle high, dry and disappointed. And so although Steve had reached the stage where he was fucking Kyle with ever increasing force, he managed to hold back his own climax until he was sure that Kyle too had reached that fatidic point of no return.Then, at that very moment, he withdrew his massive member totally from Kyle’s hole and immediately thrust himself back with all the force he could muster, thereby bringing each of them to an immense orgasm. Kyle was in seventh heaven with this, his initiation into the art of gay sex, as he experienced for the very first time an intense orgasm that had both been induced by, but also experienced by his mentor.This went way beyond anything he had ever experienced himself when he had so often, as most young men do, jerked himself off to relieve his sexual tension. Both young men erupted their copious emissions of semen in great, shuddering spurts that seemed to Kyle to go on forever.Any doubts he had still harboured about his own sexuality had been swept aside by what he had just experienced. After their joint climax Steve remained with his cock still deep inside Kyle for several minutes whilst he recovered his breath after the enormous physical effort he had expended in naming Kyle’s first-time gloriously memorable. He then asked Kyle how he now felt and if he had enjoyed the experience.“Sir what you have just done to me and for me was quite the most wonderful experience of my life to date. Believe me sir, it was worth the paddling you gave me to go on and experience what you have just shown me. I have no idea why I was so afraid of having sex with another man, as I have known for several years that my future, if I ever had one would be with another man as I have no eyes at all for the opposite sex. And now that it has finally happened and I have had my first sexual experience, thanks to you sir, I know without a doubt that you have shown me the path to my future sex life, for which I shall be eternally grateful.”After listening to this fulsome and rather overblown speech of thanks, Steve replied: “Kyle, I think under the present circumstance you should drop the “Sir” bit and call me Steve. Listen Kyle, I am relieved that you are OK; a guy’s first-time can be quite an ordeal, but believe me, Kyle, I enjoyed fucking you as much as you have also apparently enjoyed what we did together; and relieving you of your virginity, was also a first for me.”“So young man, if you feel up to it, I will show you another common position which we gays use when we have sex together. How about it? Are you up to being fucked again right now?”Kyle was over the moon at the thought that this, their first liaison together, was not yet at an end and nodded his head that he wanted to continue. Steve now withdrew himself totally from Kyle’s ass, swung the young man over onto his back, took hold of his legs which he held vertically against his own body, and proceeded to fuck him again in the mission position.This time he did not hold back at all and standing there, in a bout of really raw, rough sex, battered Kyle’s fuck-hole as hard as he could with his still rampant cock. And when they again climaxed together, it was with that almost explosive violence which only ever occurs when both parties have abandoned themselves totally to the joys of the sex act; and what a joy it was for Kyle to learn how much he actually enjoyed sexual intercourse with his master; it was just the most wonderful feeling that he was finally achieving his dream of being well and truly fucked and totally enjoying the experience.By this time the two of them were covered in a mixture of sweat and cum. Steve pulled his cock out of Kyle’s anus, pulled the lad to his feet and clasped him in a big hug. For a couple of minutes the two of them me stood there holding each other, their man-meat still hard, sandwiched between them.For Kyle it was a heavenly experience; he had never before today been touched by another man and now here he was in the arms of his idol, naked and with the cock which had just fucked him and to which he had surrendered his virginity, pressed hard against his belly. Kyle could hardly imagine life getting any better than this; but he as was shortly to learn, Steve had by no means done with schooling his pupil in the joys of gay sex.“Come on Kyle, let’s take a shower and get ourselves cleaned up; then I’ll take you out to eat and we can discuss plans for this evening.”Plans for this evening! Kyle could hardly believe his ears. Here he was about to take a shower with the man who just fucked him twice in quick succession and who was already talking about what they should do later. Kyle was surprised to see that Steve had a private shower room adjacent to his office; but as he habitually wore sports gear to take his classes during which he subjected himself to quite a lot of vigorous exercise, it was not surprising that the guy needed washing facilities before he changed back into his street clothes.But what was more surprising was the sheer size of the shower installation; it had two shower heads and ample space for two men to shower together. Anyway, Steve led Kyle into this place and together they relaxed under the soothing flow of hot water. Steve started to lather up Kyle’s back and chest; his hands moved over Kyle’s body in a very erotically arousing manner and gradually descended until one hand was cupping Kyle’s balls and the other gently fondling his erect penis.Then quite suddenly, Steve swung Kyle around and thrust what had again become his rock-hard member deep into Kyle’s fuck-hole. There were no preliminaries; no discussions; no questions as to whether Kyle was OK with what was happening to him. Kyle now realised that this impromptu fuck to which he was now being subjected, was due to the fact that Steve simply could not resist the allure of his body. And what active gay wouod not have done the same. for Kyke was an irresistably fuckable commodityThis had nothing at all to do with instructing Kyle in the gentle art of fucking butt by showing him yet another position; it had everything to do with satisfying Steve’s own libido, which at that moment under the shower and in the presence of a sexily attractive young man, had become that unstoppable force which often leads men to do things which they later regret.  But later regret was not a sentiment  which entered into the present situation as Steve hammered his cock into a very receptive Kyle.

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