Still unsure why those ladies permitted me to


Still unsure why those ladies permitted me toTo this day I am fascinated with a lady in nylon hose. Seams, all the better. Cum Fuck me heels and slender ankles in hose make me hard as I watch her walk or sit or stand. I am an Ass Man; with legs like the ZZ Top song a very close second as a turn on. Shapely calves and that special area where a woman’s thigh magically transform into her butt are some of the most sexually exciting parts of a woman. Tits are great, nipples that are made for sucking are even better but her ass and legs are the best. This true tale of my misspent youth is about legs, ankles, feet and nylons.I am not sure how this began, but begin it did. My parents were quite the social entertainers. And on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons it was either they (dragging me along or leaving me with my grandfather) kaçak iddaa going to visit, drink and generally party OR folks would visit our house. And these folks, gentlemen as well as their wives and ladies would dress for the occasion. A lady dressing was always in a dress or skirt along with nylon hose and high heels. High heels that we today refer to as Cum Fuck Me Shoes or CFMs. I recall being fascinated as I watched these MILFs (decades before the term was coined) in their tight skirts or long dresses with well shaped legs in those nylons. Beneath the table or while sitting with their legs crossed these ladies would sometimes have a leg bouncing and even balance one of their CFM Heels on a toe at the same time. I tried to NOT get caught staring in rapt fascination as I was pretty much hard as a rock and struggling kaçak bahis to not be caught with a boner.This next part is more than a bit hazy these 50+ years later but somehow, someway I ended up permitted to sit at their feet, usually but not always beneath the dining room table as they played cards or something or another and actually:Fondle and run my hands and fingers up and down their nylon covered legs. Never approaching their knees as that would surely have ended my game. Oh that feeling. Fondle their ankles and heels. If under the table and out of sight I would sniff their legs, ankles and feet; filling my nostrils with that heavenly scent of nylon covered leg. If they were dangling those CFMs I would touch and rub the bottoms of their feet and sometimes they would drop their shoes to the floor. That moment was almost illegal bahis orgasmic for me. I could then touch, rub and smell their entire foot and smell their shoe. I do recall more that one of my mom’s lady friends commenting about how good it felt as I rubbed their feet. Perhaps they thought I was just a foot masseur in training instead of a kinky son of their hosts.I had yet had learned about masturbation or had my first Debbie inspired orgasm (read that story) but I had a rock hard boner and an incredibly good feeling in my groin as this was happening. I still love to feel a lady’s legs when she is wearing hose. My late wife, Renee, was 6’1″. She could find Panty Hose that fit well but could never seem to find hose with garters that worked on her long legs. To my disappointment. Panty Hose seemed to be a close miss but a miss all the same when compared to a woman wearing hose with seams and garters.No wonder that my kinky ideas grew into Doing It with Joey, Bi Fun with Renee and more. I had an early start on hedonistic pleasure.

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