Subject: Sucking my dad by Colin My dad is gay. I guess he wasnt always. I mean im here so he had sex with my mom but hes gay now. They got devorced when I was 10 & now she’s in norway & i haven’t seen her in 3 years. I hate her but dad is cool. He reads so I think hell read this. I know he does cos I know his cimputer password & I looked at his histry. The pass is my middel name with 2468 after it. Hi Dad. It’s Colin. Don’t b mad. Dad used to have a bf that I liked. His name wuz Barry and he was nice to me. Sometimes I wood lissen at the bedroom door when they had sex and I wood jerk off. Dad wood be moaning and sayin fuck me barry harder harder. I wood jerk off in the hall but i coodnt cum şişli travesti yet. I wanted to go in & suck my dad while Barry fucked him. I wish I had. Heres sumthing dad doesnt know. When I wuz 11 one time I snuck into his room when bsrry was away and I got in bed with you and i took your cok out of your boxrs while you were sleeping & I rubbed it til it got real hard. I kept checking if u were asleep but you didn’t wake up. Then I likked the tip & sucked you. U got soooo hard & it wuz oozing and I likked it up. I want to suck your dick again. Ive seen u checking out my bulge in my undees. I kno you like when I ware the ones with the holes that you can see my cok & balls hanging out. beylikdüzü travesti I wore them the other nite when we were watching godzila vs kong. You kept looking over at me insted of the movie ha ha. I had a hard on most of the movie and I think you did to. You were waring your tite shorts and I wanted to reach over & rub your hot bulge dad. I cood make u feel so good like Barry did. I wood suck your big cok and you wood grab my head and fuk my mouth and say oh Colin your so good at this. When did my boy get so good at sucking cok? I reely am good at it dad. I will swalow ur sperm. I dont spit ha ha. You havent seen me naked since I was a little boy. I’ve gotten a lot biger. Im istanbul travesti not as big as you but gettin there. We cood 69 and you can taste my load while I tsdte yours. I loved the smell of your crotch when I sukked your dick that 1 time. I want to smell it agan. Fuk me daddy. I want your cum in me. If your only a bttm I cood fuk you insted. I fukked robby when he slept over at Xmas. Remember when he was here? I fukked his ass but I was thinking of you. I’m so hard for you dad. I’m leeking pre all over while I rite this. I want your hot body. Give your boy what he wants. Robby wants 2b my bf but im only in love with my dad. Please fuk me. I’m beging you. I’ll be your new bf. Please dad. I need you. Ill be naked & hard in bed for you. When you read this you can just cum in & ill suck you in my room. That wood be soo hot! Pleez dad. Make love to your boy. My ass is throbin waitin for your big cok. Fuk me dad. Fuk me. I’m waiting. Love, Colin

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