Summer at the cottage


My wife and I are teachers at a local community college.  It is the perfect job as it allows us to spend over two months at our summer house on the lake.  We were about to embark on the four hour trek northward.  My wife had agreed to give one of her students a lift, her parents lived not too far from our cottage, and she needed a ride home.I had packed the trunk of the car to the brim with our supplies for the summer, so when we went to pick up Jennifer there wasn’t much room for her stuff.  I had seen Jennifer around campus a few times, she hard to miss, at almost 6 feet tall with beautiful blond shoulder length hair.  I actually thought she might be a faculty member, as she was closer to mid twenties than her teens.  I later learned that she had come back to school after having worked for five years as a model in Paris.  She still did some modelling but found the big city life didn’t appeal to her as much as living bahis siteleri in the country.   She liked the area where she grew up, the lakes were clean and you could go days without seeing another sole, if you so desired.She had five large bags of clothes and even a couple of small appliances.  We managed to squeeze all the stuff in the backseat, and provide just enough room for her, but she had to sit towards the middle, and at an awkward angle, with her feet behind the passenger seat and her head on a large plastic bag behind the driver.   Her skirt was pretty tiny and as her legs were splayed I was left with a great view of her tiny pink underwear in my rear view mirror.  My wife offered to sit the back, as she’s a good six inches shorter than Jennifer.Jennifer would have none of it, and insisted that she would be fine in the back if we didn’t mind looking up her skirt for the next four hours.  My wife replied canlı bahis siteleri for me saying she was sure I was okay with it, and made some joke about how I was going to have a tough time keeping my eyes on the road.We talked about how we both loved the area we were on our way to.  Our cottage is really private, and we both agreed it’s the quiet and seclusion that makes the journey worthwhile.  We also appreciated the great unspoiled scenery, at which point I volunteered that I was enjoying the current scenery in my rear view mirror.   Jenny wasn’t the least bit embarrassed.  “ Jeez Gail I think I’m turning your husband on, you can thank me later”  “You’re obviously very comfortable with your body, and that’s healthy said my wife. “Ok Gail if it’s so healthy what are you going to flash professor?” I asked “Yeah you’ve all seen my panties, the least you could do is show yours,” said Jenny. “Better yet let’s canlı bahis test Josh,” she said as she parted her legs further and hiked the skirt even more.   “Josh you are obviously enjoying the scenery, but let’s see how attentive a husband you are,  I’ll bet you can’t tell me the colour of your wife’s underwear.”  Well I knew I could take that bet, because on these long drives my wife preferred to wear a sweat pants with nothing underneath, and on more then one occasion she had given me a show on the road.  Still given we had an extra person in the car, she might have decided to be somewhat more conservative, but knowing her, I doubt it.  My wife was every bit as comfortable with being naked as Jenny.  At our cottage we rarely wore much clothing, and around the house and on the deck, we usually stayed au natural.“I’ll take your bet, but what are the stakes?”“If you know the answer, you can have these pink panties, but if you get it wrong, you have to get Gail has to take her panties off and give them to me.”It was pretty much in a no lose situation.  Gail said she was pretty sure I would pass the test, so she was comfortable with the contest.

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