My name is Holly. I grew up just outside of Toronto, Canada, but my family had been living in Manlius, a small town in upstate New York, since I was about six. This story actually happened to me during the summer after I graduated from high school.

By the time I was a junior in high school I was a fully developed young woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and nice, 36D-size tits. I got a lot of attention wherever I went and I was very aware of my effect on the guys around me. After high school I had no plans to go to college, so my parents made me get a job that summer. I didn’t really mind, though. I liked being around people and getting a job was a nice way to have a natural social network.

I interviewed to be a cashier at a local farmer’s outlet store. It was a working farm so, along with the open air produce market, it also had two large barns and several storage buildings, with sacks of fertilizer, animal feed, and farm equipment stored around the outside of each of those buildings.

Summers are hot and humid in upstate New York, so I went to the interview in a thin summer dress that reached to about mid-thigh, and had spaghetti straps holding up the top. I couldn’t wear a bra with it, which was by design, as I was hoping my swaying boobs would encourage Mr. Talbot, the owner, to hire me on sight… worked. With my boobs jiggling as I walked and my nipples poking through the thin material, Mr. Talbot couldn’t take his eyes off my chest. He hired me immediately.

Over the next couple of weeks, Mr. Talbot would find excuses to bump up against me and rub my ass or breasts whenever he was in the produce market where I was working. I didn’t complain, which I’m sure he took as a green light, because one day when it was slow in the store, he came over to my station and said “Holly, you look like you could use a break. Let’s step outside for a few minutes.”

I followed him out the side door where he quickly pulled me behind some stacked bags of animal feed. He pulled my shirt up to my chin and immediately began squeezing my tits and pulling on my nipples. I grinned as he played with my boobs and I reached down between his legs and began rubbing his growing shaft through his jeans. When he bent down and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, I unzipped his pants and fished out his engorged cock. It was a good sized dick…..not the biggest I’d seen, but plenty big enough for me. I stroked it with my hand as he continued kneading my breasts and nibbling on my nipples, which was sending tingles through my entire body and making me extremely wet.

He released escort izmit one of my tits and reached between my legs. He smiled when he found that my pussy was dripping from all the attention he was giving my boobs. He roughly turned me around to face the building and bent me over so that my ass was sticking out and I was supporting myself with my hands against the wall. I felt him flip the hem of my skirt up onto my back, pull my panties down to my knees, and kick my legs wide so he had better access to my exposed pussy. With one hand guiding his stiff rod, he rubbed it along my pussy lips until he had his dick lined up perfectly, then shoved – hard – causing me to squeal when he entered me. With one hand on my hip, and the other squeezing one of my dangling tits, he began pounding his cock in and out of my pussy in earnest. He was hammering my cunt pretty hard, making me grunt with each thrust, but it felt great. Between the tit squeezing and his cock slamming into me from behind, I suddenly had an intense orgasm that sent tingly tremors shooting though my entire body.

I stood there with my legs spread wide and my heavy tits swinging beneath me – my hands on the wall, my head thrown back and my eyes closed – enjoying the throes of my ebbing climax. Mr. Talbot kept pounding me from behind, and it wasn’t long before he released the boob he’d been fondling and put both hands on my hips. He slammed his hips forward and, with a growl, blasted a torrent of cum deep inside me. He kept shoving his cock into and out of my pussy, causing his spunk to leak out from the sides of his shaft and drip onto the ground between my legs.

After a few more strokes, he pulled his softening dick out of me with a “plop”, allowing the rest of his jizzm to drain out of my pussy onto the ground underneath us. He reached around to grab my tits in each of his hands for a final squeeze before he shoved his flaccid cock back into his pants and zipped up.

“That was amazing, Holly”, he said. “I’ve been wanting to do that since the day you came in for your interview.”

As I pulled my panties back up, straightened my clothes and tucked my boobs back inside the top of my sun dress, I smiled at him and said, “I know, Mr. Talbot…I could tell.”

He grinned and patted my ass, then headed back to his farm work, while I went back inside the store to my cashier station. I suspected this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing with Mr. Talbot.

Later that week Mr. Talbot hired a couple of brothers – Connor and Lee – to scrape and paint one of his barns, and to occasionally drive his produce truck up to Pulaski izmit escort when he had a load of vegetables to deliver. Connor immediately caught my attention. He was a really handsome guy, about my age, who had been on his high school’s wresting and gymnastics teams before graduating the previous spring, so he had broad shoulders and big muscles, which tended to make me weak in the knees. I started flirting whenever he was around, and it wasn’t long before we were dating for the summer.

Once we started dating, we’d take our breaks together whenever we could and find hidden spots among the stacks of animal feed and farm equipment behind the storage buildings for a blow job or a quick fuck. I didn’t tell Connor about the occasional trysts I had with Mr. Talbot during breaks when Connor was busy scraping, painting or delivering produce.

One day Connor came into the store to let me know he was taking a break and to meet him in one of our usual spots around the back of the storage building. A few minutes later I was able to take my break, and went to meet him. When I came around the corner, I saw Connor standing there with his zipper down and his fully erect cock already in his hand, stroking it as he waited for me to arrive. I smiled at him, walked over to where he was standing by a short stack of feed bags and sat down. I took over stroking his shaft with my hand for a few minutes, then sucked the head of his dick into my mouth to give him a blow job. As I moved my head back and forth on his thick rod, he reached between us and pulled my tits out of my tank top and started squeezing them and pulling on the nipples. It didn’t take long before he grabbed the back of my head, jerked his hips forward, and shot a load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some managed to spill onto the ground between us.

Connor kept pumping his dick into my mouth for a few minutes, as I sucked and licked his shaft clean, then pulled it out of my mouth and tucked it back into his jeans.

As he pulled his zipper up he said, “Sorry, Holly, but this has to be a really short break. I have a whole section of barn that I need to finish painting by this afternoon.”

With a smile I said, “No problem, Connor – you know I love sucking you off, even if it’s just a quickie.”

He gave me a kiss and headed back to the barn, while I sat for a few more minutes to enjoy the rest of my break. About two minutes after Connor had left, Mr. Talbot came around the corner from the other direction and saw me sitting there. At first he looked a little surprised to see izmit kendi evi olan escort me, but then he got a big grin on his face and walked over to where I was sitting, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock so that it swung back and forth between his legs as he came over to me.

“Hey, Holly – I wasn’t expecting to see you out here, but I’m glad I did.” As he talked, he took his prick in one hand and held it to my lips. I smiled up at him and opened up, sucking the head of his shaft into my mouth. He put one hand behind my head, and slipped his other hand inside my tank top and pulled out my tits, as I started bobbing my head back and forth on his dick. He closed his eyes and moaned, rocking his hips in rhythm with my sucking, as he enjoyed my warm mouth and lips wrapped around his cock.

After a few minutes like this, he pulled his now fully erect penis out of my mouth and pushed me back so that I was resting on my elbows behind me. He reached down and pulled my skirt up to my waist, pushed my panties to the side, and lined up the head of his prick with the opening to my pussy. I was already wet from Connor’s blowjob, and from both of them teasing my tits, so when Mr. Talbot shoved his cock into me, it slipped in easily.

He pulled my legs up and spread them, holding them in this position with his arms under my knees, while he plowed my cunt with his stiff rod. God, it felt good. This angle was great for stimulating my clitoris, and I could feel an orgasm building inside me. I closed my eyes and moaned as he continued hammering his shaft into and out of my pussy. In no time I felt a massive climax rip through me from nipple to clit, causing my legs to tremble as a warm sensation flooded my body.

Mr. Talbot kept pounding away and then, with a muffled grunt, exploded inside me, sending rope after rope of cum deep inside my cunt. Still holding my legs up, he continued sliding his shaft in and out of my pussy as he enjoyed his orgasm. When he finally stopped, he just stood there for a minute or two, with his semi-hard dick still inside me. Eventually he pulled his softening cock out of my vagina and, as he stood there with his hands on his hips catching his breath, I sucked his shaft into my mouth and cleaned it off with my tongue and lips. When I was done, I tucked it back inside his jeans and zipped him up.

With a wide grin he said, “You never cease to amaze, Holly. That was great.”

“I agree, Mr. Talbot. That felt great.”

He squeezed my boobs and pulled on my nipples one last time before rushing off to resume his farm duties. When he was done with them, I tucked my tits back into my tank top and headed back to my cashier station to finish my shift.

This was pretty much how my days went for most of that summer.

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