Subject: Sunday Afternoon Workout This story is 100% true. Practice safe sex. If you’re not 18 don’t read it. Copyrighted. Enjoy. Like any other Sunday there wasn’t much to do but lounge around the house. I decided to take some initiative and head to the gym for short workout even though it was my day off. I buzzed through my routine and decided to kill more time by doing some cardio. Now I’m no slouch and my workouts have definitely paid off. I’m 24, 5’9″, 155lbs with a hard chest and nice abs and ass. During my session a buddy of mine had come in and started lifting. He is bigger than me in all accounts. About 35, 6’1″ 200lbs of solid muscle. Nice hairy chest and hefty 7inch cock with huge balls that pump out big loads. I know these details from past experiences in the locker room. We nod at each other when we make eye contact. I finish up my cardio about 20 minuets later and sit down to stretch and relax. I keep catching my buddy glancing over at me. I grin and head to bathroom off the main weight area. Hopefully he will catch the drift and sure enough in a few minuets he was coming through the door. Now this bathroom is old, though it has a unique cruising function: an outer door and an inner door that both have to be passed through to get into the room. The first door squeaks loudly and slams so there is plenty of notice if someone is coming. Inside the room it has two urinals with and no partition and two sinks mounted next to them with two stalls down at the end. I smile at my buddy as he passes and heads to a stall and I follow. We each kızkalesi escort enter our respective stall, him blowing his nose and me playing with my half hard cock. He passes by mine and sees what I’m doing. He motions for me to come out into the main part of the restroom near the urinals and sinks. I’m not about to get caught and thrown out but my raging hormones wouldn’t let me stop. He quickly starts groping my cock through my shorts and ck hip briefs [the only thing I found that will hide my hard cock during a workout]. “Let me suck it bro.” He whispered to me. I just nod and glance at the door. Before I know it he’s bend over and got my thick 7 inch cock in his mouth. He’s a mad man eating my cock pushing it all the way into his throat and back out to the mushroom head. Damn, the man can give head, my cock is covered in spit as he gives me an expert blow job. He stands up and pulls out his cock from his track pants. It’s prefect for my mouth and slides right in. I thought I heard someone trying to come in and get nervous and pull back off his cock. “It’ll be okay bro, it’s Sunday and you saw there was no one out there today.” He was right, there was no one really out there. He goes back down on my rock hard cock to ease me back into the fun. He knows I like to be fingered while I’m sucked and starts rubbing my hole. I grind myself against his finger as he deep throats my cock. He stands up showing me his dick again but this time I spit on my hand and get his know slick. I turn around and grab the sides tarsus escort of the square sinks that are mounted on the walls. He gets the idea and spits on his fingers rubbing it on my hole. He pushes his cock up against my hole. I love to feel a cock trying to get in. He then pushed a little too hard and the head slipped in. Unexpected pain involuntarily pushes his cock out of my hole. “I am not about to get caught getting screwed in the gym restroom. This was just supposed to be a little fun.” I tell him and he grins. “Just rub it against my hole, can you come that way?” “Yeah I can, you have a hot little ass.” He says sliding back up behind me. I’m still a little nervous but this is getting me hotter than hell. I bend over the sink to give him better access. I hear him spitting and feel the cool spit on my hole. He must have put some on his cock too because the friction of his hard dick against mmy ass felt so good. I didn’t even think about it, but he knew what he was doing. He knew that he’d broken into my hole and would no accept his cock without much pain. I was looking in the mirror above the sink watching him thrust against me, damn he’s one hot fucker. Then it happened. He aimed his cock at my willing pucker and pushed in. He gripped my hips so I could not push him out and he slowly slide balls deep into me. I had to groan through my clenched teeth not to yell. “It’s okay baby, this won’t take long and you know you want it.” He’s right, I did want it. He started with small strokes to let me get use anamur escort to it, working me perfectly. I had not forgotten that we were in a bathroom and kept listening for the outer door to open. Damn his bare cock felt good in my hole. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn’t feel anything but the hard cock in me. I started pushing back a little really enjoying my fuck. His strong hands holding me in place and plowing me. I grabbed my own cock and jerked it a few times then reached back to feel him going inside me. I glanced at him in the mirror and mumbled, “Hurry up bro, and don’t come in me.” He nodded in agreement. My fucking only took about two minuets. My cock never going soft pressing up against the sink. I heard him grunt and thrust a few times then pull out dropping a little cum on my ass. A small load for my friend. I wipe the little bit of cum from ass cheek and a drop that fell on the floor. When I stood up I felt it and realized what he’d done. The son of a bitch came in me. My hole was leaking his big load and it felt warm around my hole. “I thought I told you not to come in me.” I glared at him. “I couldn’t resist a hot ass like that holding my cum.” He reached around and fingered my freshly fucked and loaded hold. I sighed and let him probe me. “I gotta go bro.” He thanked me and I left. Still having not cum I had a hard-on in my shorts and had trouble trying to hide it. I usually shower but today I didn’t. I left my briefs on and threw on my jeans a shirt. I made my way home and before I could get to my room my clothes were off. I started fingering my self with his warm cum coating my fingers while jerked off. I sprayed a big load hitting my neck thinking about his fat cock working my hole in the gym bathroom. That was my first real public ass fuck. Hopefully next time I see him we can do it again.

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