Sunnyside Rest Home Adventures Ch. 02


The three old men from sunny side say bye to Leila. Their attention moves to the sweet little blonde in the cinema foyer. Allow me introduce you to the sunny side three.

First is the leader, Ronnie, a sixty nine year old former wrestler. He is still strong but more plump than he used to be. He chooses the lucky ladies. Ronnie is still ruggedly handsome in a Clint Eastwood type way, if Clint Eastwood had a beard.

Next is Jerry, a Sixty six year old ex-marine who fought at desert storm. Being an ex-marine, he is very clean and tidy, his clothes are neatly ironed and shoes are shiny. He looks after himself and he still turns some heads, his hair is a classic buzz cut.

The third man is Joey. He is seventy one, overweight, scruffy and a dirty pig. He drives Jerry mad with his untidiness. Joey was an old rocker in the seventies, his hair was long and greasy, in a pony tail. He bedded a lot of women in his pomp and he still loves fucking, who wouldn’t when you have an eight inch dick. The three share a condo on the sunny side retirement complex.

Back to the foyer. Ronnie as signalled the ticket man and the usher that they pay. The hot blonde chick is their next target.

“We have got a upgrade to the posh seats!” The blondes boyfriend yells excitedly.

” You go in, I don’t fancy it now, I’ll go to the bar next door and grab some food.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I will meet you afterwards.”

The boyfriend heads for the screen. The blonde stands there for a few minutes, she waves goodbye to her boyfriend.

“Evening fellas.” She says to the three old men as she leaves, giving a flash of her pearly white teeth. They watch her leave, her petite tanned body and a little bubble butt in a short black skirt which fell to the thigh.

“Oh my god did you see that body Ronnie, what we going to do now.” Says Joey, almost drooling.

“Calm down Joey, let’s go to the bar and think of something.”

The men sit at a table overlooking the whole bar, like a pride of lions hunting for their prey. They think they spot their prey, she is playing on an old pinball machine near the back of the bar, the view is restricted from where they sit. The men move to a different table closer to the pinball machine, their she is, her body jerking with every push of the paddles. The guys gazed at her petite frame.

“Oh crap I’m no good at this.” The blonde girl snaps. Ronnie makes his move.

“Let me help you with that my dear.”

“Oh it’s okay.”

“No please, I will help you. Hi I’m Ronnie.”

“Hi I’m Chelsea, so what am I doing wrong?”

Ronnie moves behind her, his large frame shadows over her demure figure.

“It’s all about hitting the paddles at the right time and putting your whole body into it.”

Every time Ronnie press the buttons to flip the panels, he would bang his crotch against her body which is trapped between him and the pinball machine. The other two men were now standing either side of the machine. They watch as Chelsea’s eyes close with everything thrust from Ronnie.

“So let’s try this on my own Ronnie.” She said smiling at the three men. As she presses the buttons she bangs her butt into Ronnie’s crotch. Her tiny skirt riding up.

“Is that how to do it Ronnie.”

“Oh yes dear very good.”

Ronnie’s hands were now on her waist. The other two men grind their crotches against her hands while she presses the buttons.

“Might be easier for you Chelsea, if you slip your hoodie off.”

“Really are you sure.”

She pulls the hoodie over her head, lifting the red vest top underneath up, showing her tanned, toned midriff. güvenilir bahis Her breasts were small, but the nipples are poking through her vest. Ronnie’s hands are now inside her vest top on her stomach, her butt still banging against his crotch. Jerry on her right is now stroking her arms and shoulders. Joey’s hand now stroking the outside of her tanned thin leg.

“What are you guys doing to me.”

Like Leila earlier, she was trying to fight it, but her body was loving it. She was now leaning back against Ronnie, her hand was squeezing Joey dick through his trousers.

” Oh my god your a big boy.”

The three men are now surrounding her. Ronnie’s fingers are now tweaking her rock hard nipples over her vest. The view to the pinball machine is restricted from the bar. Joey’s hand is now inside her skirt. The three men continue to grope Chelsea, Ronnie stops playing the pinball machine, his crotch is now grinding against her. Jerry is kissing her neck. Joey’s fingers enters her knickers. Chelsea is feeling wet from the groping. Chelsea eyes are closed, her hands are wanking Joey and Jerry through their trousers. Jerry starts kissing her, Ronnie pulls her blonde hair to the side and starts nibbling her neck. Chelsea is hot, her panties wet, Ronnie lifts her vest top up exposing her large nipples, Jerry latches onto them.

“Please, stop.” She whispers.

” We will stop if you want us too.” Ronnie whispers in her ear.

“No please carry on.” His hot breath on her neck and ears is turning her on. Ronnie picks her up and places her on the pinball machine. Her legs wrap his large frame.

“Oh my god, please not here, I have the keys to my boyfriends car.”

She scoops up her hoodie and leaves the bar. The guys follow Chelsea to her boyfriends car. The barman gives them a thumbs up, he knows what’s happening. They get to the car which is a large station wagon.

“So whose first then Chelsea?”

“I’ll take GI Joe.”

The other two laughed at Chelsea calling Jerry that. Jerry pushes Chelsea onto the backseat. He slipped her panties down.

“I want that pussy in my mouth.”

“Really, then do it solider.”

“Yes ma’am.” They both laugh as Jerry does a mock salute.

Chelsea lifts her up skirt, he lifts her butt up so it’s in the air, Jerry starts licking her clit, her pussy was shaven and tight. He slurped on her pussy, Chelsea’s body squirming from the barrage her pussy was taking. Jerry pushes two fingers in her vagina.

“Fuck me that’s really good. SHIT!”

Chelsea grabs his head, her body shakes as she orgasms.

“Oh that’s very good Chelsea.” Jerry congratulates her on her orgasm.

Jerry pushes her legs towards her head, he puts his weight against them slipping his penis in her tight snatch. Chelsea holds the headrest of the of the drivers seat and the rear seat. Jerry thrusts his cock into tight hole, the car shaking from the ferocity.

“Oh Chelsea your tight pussy, I love it. Oh guys wait to you try this pussy.”

“Oh my fucking god!”

Jerry pulls her lips to his, their tongues collide. Jerry continues his domination of her pussy. Then he pulls out of her, on his knees he wanks his cock shooting all over her vest top, face and the back door. He kisses her again, his soft wet dick lying on her stomach.

“Thanks darling whose next.”

Ronnie gets out the passenger seat, swapping with Jerry. Ronnie sits in the back. Chelsea kneels on the back seat, bends her back and starts sucking Ronnie’s cock. She licks down the shaft, giving it little kisses as she looks up at him and smiles.

“Slurp! Do you Slurp! Like güvenilir bahis siteleri that old man Slurp!.”

“Chelsea you are a little slut.”

Her mouth moves to his balls slurping and flicking them with her tongue. She moves back to the tip, licking his circumcised cock. Ronnie strokes her blonde hair.

“Are you okay my darling?”

Chelsea looks at him nodding her head in agreement, never releasing her mouth from his dick. She starts taking his dick deeper, her throat exposed as his cock hits it. She pulls her head off it, a gasp of air comes from her little mouth.

“Do you want to climb on my dear?”

“Can I just suck your dick, it Slurp! Tastes, Slurp!, so good. Can the fat guy fuck me while I do?”

“Oh yes dear, Joey open that door, take her from behind.”

Joey opens the rear door drivers side. He drags her butt to the edge of the open door. He plants his face in butt, slurping and licking her little butt hole. Ronnie adjusts his body, so Chelsea can reach his dick. She slurps on his dick, Joey’s pulls her vagina open, he guides his huge dick to it.

“Tell me if this starts to hurt my dear.”

He pushes it in her hole, Chelsea moans loudly as his dick first enters. Joey moves his dick in and out slowly, her pussy being stretched to its limit. He picks up the pace as her juices lubricate round his cock. His fat stomach leans on her butt. Ronnie strokes her hair again, the ferocity of Joey’s thrusts pushing her mouth on to his cock. Jerry manages to lean over from the passenger seat to massage her clit. Ronnie can feel his balls about too burst, he pushes her head over his cock shooting down her throat.

Her face falls into his lap as Joey fucks her pussy harder.


“Bigger and better than those college boys.”

” Oh fucking yes.”

Her body spasms as another orgasm hits her hard. Jerry still giving her clit a battering. Chelsea can hardly hold her petite frame up, her head is now on Ronnie’s shoulder. Ronnie holds her.

“Okay Chelsea, its alright.” Stroking her blonde hair, her petite frail body shaking in his arms.

“Do you want to stop my darling.” A concerned Joey asks.

“No please fuck me.”

Jerry as stopped rubbing her clit, his hand his now stroking her back.

“That’s it Chelsea, won’t be long now.”

Joey’s dick is still ploughing her pussy, her vagina is red and sore from the battering Joey is giving it.

“OH MY GOD PLEASE, YES YES YES. OH MY FUCKING GOD! IT FEELS SO BIG!” she screams with a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Joey I think the girl as had enough now.”

“No! Carry on fucking me!” she snaps angrily.

Her pussy is soaking wet, Joey’s large cock slides in all the way, he decides to give her a fuck she will never forget. He grabs her rolled skirt and pulls her body on to his cock on every inward thrust. He is balls deep in her tight little pussy.

“SHIT!” She screams as Joey is pushing her to heights of pleasure she could only dream of. Ten minutes later Joey is still penetrating Chelsea. The other guys still holding her frail body.

“Cum in me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes cum in me, please sir.”

Joey now holding her waist, his body weight pushing his cock inside her. Her small body arches at her back as she feels Joeys cum flood her insides, the feeling was amazing Cooling down her red hot saw pussy. Her butt soaking wet from Joey’s body sweat.

“Are okay my dear.”

Chelsea couldn’t speak her body was too tired and weak, her body just crashed against the seat, her face in Ronnie’s iddaa siteleri crotch.

Chelsea sat up in the middle of the back seat, putting her head on Ronnie’s shoulder, as they held each other. Joey returned to the drivers seat.

“You sure your okay my dear.”

“Oh yeah.” She said with a satisfied grin.

“What a way to lose my virginity.”

“What?” Joey was dumbfounded at Chelsea’s revelation.

“Yeah I’ve never had sex before.”

The three men looked at each other, they actually felt really guilty that they had taken her virginity.

“Sorry if we had known.”

“I didn’t want my first time to be a quick fumble. I wanted something memorable.”

“Okay, your welcome then.” Joey said with pride.

The four of them made their way back to cinema foyer. Ronnie got some drinks and they sat at a table while Chelsea waited for her boyfriend. The guys look at this beautiful petite blonde, her legs crossed flashing her pantie less crotch.

“Can’t believe your were a virgin. That’s why you were so tight.” Jerry says like a coach going over the game.

“As I said I wanted my first time to be memorable. The first man to shut inside me was a fat old man.”

“Ha Ha, well you will always remember me then. On your wedding day, the birth of your first child, your remember old Joey.”

“I was the first fuck though.” Jerry snapped.

“You sure were soldier boy. I have a confession, I knew about you guys.”

“What?” All three said with a quizzical look.

“My friends older sister told me how she was groped and fucked at this cinema by three old guys. The usher had told her the whole story. Do you remember a plump brunette, about a month ago.”

“Oh yes, gym leggings.”

“That’s her. Well that story got so hot, I masturbated to it. I knew that’s how I wanted to lose my virginity. I deliberately bought my boyfriend to this cinema and on a Tuesday night. I saw you when I came in with that pretty milf, your first victim I presume. I knew it was you that I was looking for. I shouted, how bored I would be watching the film. I even smiled at you to get your attention.”

” You saucy little minx.” Ronnie replied grinning.

“I suppose I am. I didn’t want groping in a dark cinema, I wanted fucking. That’s when I decided to go to the bar next door, I even spoke to you to make sure you followed me. As I entered the bar I saw an old pinball machine, so I played until you came over to me.”

“Well, did you enjoy your first time?”

“Oh dam, yeah.”

The guys were still shocked at Chelsea. They all kissed her good night and left, all the way home going through what happened. Two hot ladies in one night, one being a virgin, they will be heroes in the morning, telling the other guys.

Chelsea waited as the film finished. Her smile was broad as she thought about the old men. Her mind was wandering when her boyfriend arrived from the film, she couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt being fucked by Joey, she wanted it again.

“Chels! You okay? Your miles away.”

“Oh sorry, how was the film?”

“Really good.”

“Come on lets go home, could be your lucky night.”

“What! Tonight’s the night I take your virginity.”

“Yeah sure.”

Chelsea and her boyfriend sat in the car that she had been fucking in just a short while ago.

“It stinks in here. What hell did you do in here while I was in the movie?”

“Oh yeah me and three old guys had an orgy.”

” Yeah right.”

“No I had a foot long sausage, it was really thick and beautiful.”

” You do love your hot dogs.”

Chelsea kept looking back at the seat where those three old men had violated her.

“Where did you say your Gran was living.”

“Sunny side, Chels. Why?”

“Just wondering, I think we should go and visit her.”

“That would nice.”

“It sure will.”

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