Susan Reveals Her Exhibitionist Side on Holiday

Big Tits

I am now fifty and have hooked up with Susan, thirty-eight. We have rented a beach-side house south of Sydney for a week’s holiday. Susan is very proud of her body – slim, athletic, shapely. She jogs most days, except for the day she does half a kilometer in the pool. She practices yoga, and eats healthily. When I see her naked, it feels like I am attracted to a very young woman.I think this was our first morning. She tells me she is going for a jog, and will be back in about an hour. Off she goes towards town. The beach is on the other side of the road. There are a few houses that side, but mostly it is open space, with a few bushy sections, and the occasional grassy park, between the road and the sandy beach. On our side of the road there are very few vacant blocks.She has been gone for about fifty minutes, so isvecbahis I leave the house, with movie camera, to catch her return. I walk about a hundred metres towards town, to the nearest open park-like section, and wait for her to appear. When I catch sight of her, I train the camera on her, and focus on her as she approaches. About ten metres from me, she turns down towards the sand and the ocean. The camera follows her. She quickly disposes of her shoes and socks, and as she jogs towards the sand, off come her top and her tight gym pants. She is now fully naked, unrehearsed, and unconcerned.The camera remains focused on her as she crosses the sand and runs into the water. She splashes about like a child, laughing at the camera, jumping the small waves, and clearly enjoying her ad lib nakedness. She frolics, she isveçbahis giriş dives under some small waves, and each time turns to the camera to make sure it is still concentrating on her. Then she starts to walk back towards the sand, her arms stretched above her head as she wrings the water from her hair. She is pure beauty.As she crosses the sand towards the grass, she turns her head to the left, and a look of mild apprehension comes across her face. The camera follows her gaze, and is now focused on a youngish male jogger entering the grassy area from the left. His gaze naturally is focused on the naked Susan, not watching where he is going. There is a narrow concrete path from the road, across the grass, and terminating at the sand. Near the road is a white post, in the middle of the path, probably there isveçbahis yeni giriş to prevent vehicular access. It is about a metre high.Our jogger collides with the post. He has not slowed down, so the impact is obviously painful. He hits the post firstly with his knee, and then the top of the post buries itself into his groin. He falls to the ground, in agony. Into the picture arrives the naked Susan, clearly concerned with the plight of her voyeur, but unable to suppress a gentle laugh nonetheless. She offers her hand to help him up, but he is too embarrassed to accept it. He staggers unaided to his feet, mutters something inaudibly, and the half hobbles, half jogs, back along the road.As he disappears, Susan breaks into unrestrained laughter, picks up her clothes and shoes, and we walk back to our holiday house. She does not feel the need to put the clothes back on, as it’s only a short distance. No doubt the occupants of a passing car appreciate her reasoning.Until now, I did not know Susan to be so uninhibited with her nakedness.

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