Sybian Cougar Pt. 02



2A Brooke’s reaction

Just after she said goodbye to Janey Hanson and closed the door, Brooke Morrison was back in the Sybian room very quickly. She was wearing just a robe, and that quickly hit the floor. She went over the vision of her full curved body, her big breasts rose up proudly, and the superbly curved hips, her pussy was waxed and fully bald, was something she never tired of seeing. Seeing the dildo attachment that Janey had used still in place, she was eager to have that filling her vaginal vault. Knowing that a teen girl’s cream was smeared all over it made her pussy lurch with need.

She quickly squatted over it, poised then thrust down hard, Mmmmm, oh fuck, the sweet impaling, watching the teen girls getting satisfied by her Sybian just drove her wild. Masturbation just damped down the need to get a ride right after.

With the control box in hand, she flicked the vibration switch. “Mmmm, nice,” Brooke cooed as she started out, she closed her eyes, rocking her hips against the flesh-colored ride pressing up between her pussy lips, she could feel it nudging against the hood of her clit.

“Ohhh yes, so good,” Brooke purred, rocking and rolling her hips, she looked at the box, time for rotation, and she flicked on the switch. She felt the pressure as the dildo began to slowly rotate. The vibration was making the pleasure surge, she turned it up, making the Sybian hum faster.

The sensation was increasing, and Brooke’s pussy responded to the buzz of the machine, clamping down on the dildo between her thighs. Riding the Sybian was like a dream come true, she was going to explode so fast! She loved the quick arousal.

She had put the paddled bench in front of her, moaning, she leaned forward slightly and gripped it, her thighs quivering as her orgasm began, her clit making circles over that slick, vibrating ridge.

“Mmmmm, so good,” Brooke murmured, wiggling and feeling the shocks of pleasure vibrating her clit.

“More, more,” she whispered to herself, turning the rotation switch higher. Oh yes, the dildo inside her turned faster, making her pussy muscles move and give with each pass.

“Keep riding the wave,” Brooke cooed to herself, her eyes fluttered as her Sybian worked its magic. She had never had such pleasure, as she had from her Sybian. Her whole body felt as if it were on fire, and the pressure building between her legs was intense. She leaned into it, letting the cock inside her do the work, the rising shake and hum of the machine working once again on her clit. Her breath came faster and faster, and her moans filled the room.

Brooke could feel the rising pressure, oh yes, her G spot was getting the stimulation she kaçak iddaa needed, and it was like a filling pressure, getting set to explode.


Brooke’s body stiffened, her eyes wide and staring, the squeezing urge inside, she tightened up and bore down, Brooke screamed, her back arching, and the G spot explosion stole her breath. She could hear the wet juicy squelch as a pool of sticky wetness formed between her thighs, she rode it, turning the dials down to the minimum, letting the feeling ebb away.

Brooke was a skilled rider, and she was ready for more. Nudging the dials up, she went for another ride, her body sizzling as she started another blissful climb.

It was almost an hour after countless body-shaking explosions of pleasure, before Brooke slid off the Sybian, her pussy still pulsing with the aftershocks. She lay sprawled on the thick carpet, holding her hand over her pubic region, trying to get her wildly stimulated cunt to calm down. After such a marathon ride, it took a while before she could get to her feet.

As she wiped down the saddle, she looked forward to the next lucky rider. She had ordered a new attachment, and she had a feeling that her group of teens when they came over for their second session, was going to like it very much.


2B Jayne is back in school.

The next day, back in school, I caught up with Kirsten, Lisa, Sarah, and Jordan during the period break, and I happily shared the details of my Sybian pleasure ride. I could see bright eyes, flushed faces, and smiles, as I was explicit, and I could feel my tingly warmth building.

At lunch, we got together, and Lisa brought up the idea.

“I’m sure everyone is as hot and bothered as I am, right?” At our nods, she said, “My house is 2 blocks away, Mom and Dad are at work, let’s go there, strip down naked, and stroke our tight pussies, while we all watch each other.”

That made my warmth bubble up even more, and we were all in agreement. Lisa led us in, and in the rumpus room, there was deep pile carpeting, and she said, “Right here.”

Having shared the details of our exploits, and the fact that we all of us had wantonly pleasured ourselves on a machine while Brooke had watched us and masturbated to our pleasure had burned away any idea of modestly, and clothes started flying off, bras unsnapped, panties shoved down and tossed away.

All of us were eyeing each other up, my friends were a pleasant smorgasbord for the eyes. Kirsten, long auburn hair to the middle of her back, she had a buxom, voluptuous build, hefty 36DD cups, full, curvy hips, and a totally bald pubic region. I bet Brooke had a hell of an explosion watching Kirsten ride.

Lisa kaçak bahis was a tall, lithe blonde with deep blue eyes, 32B boobs, a body with a curvy waist, and a smooth-shaven mound. Another pleasant sight to stroke off to.

Sarah was a long-legged redhead a 34C boobs, and a smooth bare mound, with a little fluff of her natural copper-colored curls just above her pussy opening.

Jordan had an hourglass body, big hefty boobs, looked like a 38D. Just like the rest of us, her pussy was shaved clean, those hips had the curves that would turn heads.

I felt their eyes on me, and it made my pussy creamy wet. All 5 of us, totally nude and eager to share our pleasuring styles.

We sat in a circle, our legs spread, and I saw tight pussy lips spread open slightly, mmm, the sight of those juicy entrances made my mouth water.

“Let’s do it,” Lisa cooed huskily.

We all moved our hands to our pussies and started up. I was really powered up, watching the various styles that my friends employed to coax out those wonderful spasms.

Kirsten liked to fondle her breasts, and toy with her stiff nipples. She slowly slid her hands down, caressing her body, resting her left hand on her lower stomach, gently rubbing back and forth. She dropped her right hand down and immediately inserted her index and middle fingers inside her pussy. She twisted these fingers inside herself so that her right thumb was in a position to commence a circular rotation against her clit. She went slow at first, and gradually increased the speed of her fingers and thumb as she continued on. Once or twice she brought her right hand back up, rubbed some of her juices on her breasts, then slid them back down and inside herself again.

Lisa’s right hand at the top of her pussy, her two middle fingers gliding over the slippery hood of her clit again and again, over her enlarged pleasure button. Slow, then a bit faster…then pausing and sliding these same two fingers down to fuck herself, penetrating herself, eagerly. As she became more excited she finger-fucked herself with more enthusiasm.

Sarah’s fingers were tucked snugly inside herself, as her thumb worked over her clit. Her eyes were closed, and she was gently pumping her hips upwards, cooing softly.

Jordan was pumping two fingers in and out, and her other hand was stroking softly at her clit, gasps and soft moans were filling the room to our self-pleasuring.

I was working myself over, two fingers driving into my pink hole, while I gently nudged at the hood of my clit, coaxing that orgasm button to come out and play. My moans increased, and the sound of hot squishes, as flying fingers frantically plunged in and out of hot, sopping illegal bahis pussies joined in. It really added fuel to the fire, I was sizzling with lust as I stuffed my fingers in, pumping with a frantic need to cum.

Lisa gasped, “I am really close, I can’t hold off much longer!”

Sarah panted, “I’m almost there, oh god!”

Kirsten moaned, “Yes, I want to cum so hard!”

Jordan joined in, “I am so ready, fuck it feels so good!”

I purred “Okay, girls, let’s go for it, take a deep breath, and let fly!”

It took less than a minute, Jordan went over the edge first. I watched as her furiously flying fingers brought on her orgasm. Her body froze for a moment and then she let loose. Her face went into contortions…her toes curled…she shuddered from the intensity of her climax, she groaned, “nnnnnnggggghhhhh”, and her body started to shake and writhe on the carpet, making her big hefty boobs bounce as she tumbled into orgasm.

Watching Jordan’s body tumble into orgasmic bliss set Sarah and Lisa off at precisely the same instant. Their cries of orgasmic joy set me off, the first spasm gripped my body, it literally lifted my body off the carpet…one long, wrenching spasm, the intensity of it tore a wordless animal cry from deep inside. I was gasping, moaning, grunting, finger fucking myself like a lust-driven animal. Knowing that my friends were watching me in the grip of a body-shaking, full bore orgasm drove me on, my eyes rolled back in my head as that first spasm was followed by more power-filled spasms, shaking me to the core.

The orgasmic cries of Kirsten filled the air, I was watching, drinking my fill as Kirsten shook and shuddered on the carpet. I thought the last spasm had shaken me when a few more welled up, not as wrenching, these were like a wave of pleasure, I slumped down, gasping for breath, my body wrung out, giddy. The orgasmic cries of my friends started to wane, as they reached their completions.

I looked around the room, five 18-year-old girls, naked and having masturbated wildly to each other’s gazes. Having bared all to each other, I knew that we would never look at each other the same way. And that idea did not displease me.

We languished, not eager to break the spell until we had to, then quickly got dressed and made our way back to school. Along the way, Kirsten asked me, “Janey, you get to pick the next Sybian rider, who do you have in mind?”

I replied, “Lara Wilder, she’s always boasted about how she’d be up for anything, and let’s see if she’s got what it takes to ride the Sybian.”

Jordan said, “Once she’s calmed down and sexed up by the lemonade, I think that will be no problem. I know I sure was ready for anything!”

I looked around, seeing the flush on our faces. The thought of Lara, writhing and shuddering on the Sybian, had us all thinking pleasant thoughts of when it would be time for our second ride.

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