Symphony Of Pain


You awaken with a startDisorientedConfusedIt is darkand hard to seeMoans and cries of pleasurecome from the darkMany different voicescry outFrom everywhereAre those cries of pleasureor cries of anguish?As you begin to orient yourselfyou feel unsteadyAs if you could toppleat any secondYour legs reachto find footingStabilityThere’s nothingYour arms reach into the darkNothingWhat is this place?Soon you noticeA discomfort between your legsA strange fullnessStraining your maidenheadFilling your cunt What is wrong?What is happening?The fullness begins to press outwardGrowing inside youYour skin burnsYou begin to spasmYour eyes waterAnd your nose begins to runYou try to screamBut cannotThe fullness inside etlik escort presses ever upwardsPressing against your lungsYour ribsYour spineIt feels as if your cunt will split in twoat any secondIt is then you notice the soundIs it a grunt?A chuckle?A growl?What is that noise?You feel something clawing at your feetMany somethings skitter and scrape up your legsYour insides start to pulseIs it a heartbeat?It’s not your heart.There’s the chuckle-growl againThe skittering continuesAcross your assOver your bellyYour nipplesYour breastsIt’s too muchThat growlCreatures crawl up your backUp your neckYour throatYou try to screamThese creatures pull at your lipsIn your mouth they keçiören escort reach for your tongueThat chuckleThat gruntThe creatures prick at your lipsAt your nipplesYour entire body feels as though it could split in twoIt is then you get a glimpseThe creaturesThey’re ImpsThey’re torturing the pleasure zonesOn your skinBut why?What is wrong?You feel like your could burst into flamesYour cunt is stretchedDistortedViolated painful…Pleasure?You look straight downThat’s itYour eyes search until you finally seeYou are impaledOn the monstrous cockOf a DemonHe is the chucklesthe growlsthe groansthe gruntsThis demon has selected you to carry his spawnYour eyes have kızılay escort adjustedAnd now you can see your demon rapistAll at onceBeastly, GhastlyAnd AngelicLust and revulsion flood your mindJuices flow from your cuntAs it tries to gobble the demon’s pounding memberYour body has taken overYour cunt is hungry and to swallow everythingVisceral lust pushes your fear awayYou no longer fear splitting in twoYou can beatheAs your body melts into one with your demon loverYou floatMid airConnected onlyCock toCuntYou close your eyesAnd arch your backTrying to make more room insideFor your loverImps tug at your earsYour lipsYour nipplesIn a lustful symphony of painYou are the vesselYou have been chosenYour skin and your loins rageWith pleasure”Don’t ever stop”Escapes your lips in a gruntYour body begins to flex and squeezeMilking his cockYou are insatiableYou are transformedYou are womanYou are beastYou are the chosen”Yes, I am the vessel.””I am the chosen””Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

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