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The sex stuff starts during the first home visit, just in case you wanted to start stroking early. Part One: Online Sessions Ben Whitfield studied the room that he just finished arranging. The room still had the smell of fresh paint, and furniture polish. The desk was mostly made of glass, the chair was modern in all white leather, in fact the room was entirely white. This was a very special day for Ben, he was starting his therapy practice both online, hence the room, and in person as well. Ben was trying to make a niche service, therapy online from the privacy of your home, as well as the option for Ben to do onsite visits in his patient’s homes. New York City, coming out of a pandemic was still very strange and Ben thought that by delivering his therapy in this way he could make his client’s feel more comfortable. Ben, a recent graduate, specialized in early child development and family therapy. Ben was 26, he stood 6’4, 240 lbs with extremely broad shoulders, and amazingly massive pecs, in fact his pecs were so large that as a teen he earned the nickname “Nipper” due to his giant nipples sitting proudly on those huge mounds of muscle. He was very furry, with dark chestnut colored hair covering him from his toes to his neck, his body hair was extra-long in length. His pubes seemed to explode out behind his peach sized balls which hung very low on a man his age. His face was chiseled, with a semi-permanent heavy five o’clock shadow. His eyes were a striking almost white blue, that stood out against his double rows of long lashes and heavy caterpillar like brows. were broken by a very warm smile, and a pleasant demeanor. Aside from these amazingly gifted physical traits, he had enormous penis. Its length when soft was about 8.5 inches and when hard he was just a bit over 14 inches by 8.5 in circumference. As friends and lovers would joke, his penis should have its own zip code. His cock like the rest of him was pale, that was relived only by a healthy pink hue. Ben had 3 new clients today, all on line. He felt that the online experience, for initial consultation, allowed his patients to open up more, since they were sitting in their own homes. Being new to practice, Ben was very careful about his appearance, he wore a very tight white knit shirt, that allowed his chest hair to curl over the collar, the shirt material thin enough in the bright lighting to show off his massive pecs, and his huge nipples, he wanted to project an aura of hyper masculinity, that added with his heavy 5 o’clock shadow would help to negate his age. As he sat down, he saw on his large monitor that his first client had just logged on. Jason Summerfield was 30 years old, 5’10, 190, very muscular, biceps bulging, and showing off most of his hairless pecs in a thin tank top. He was very handsome, with dark hair, and a chiseled face. He had dark eyes, and a worried look on his face. Jason explained to Ben that his young son, Ethan, was having night terrors and was terrified of the dark. Ben reassured him that that was common to a boy his age. Jason told Ben that all of this started after his ex-wife had remarried and left the city. Her decision to leave was sudden, taking Jason off guard and causing his son to have many tearful nights. She had explained over the phone that she wanted nothing to do with her gay ex-husband, and her potentially gay son. She was washing her hands of both of them, now that she married a “real man.” Ben sat back in his chair, raising his arms and placing his hands behind his neck, allowing Jason to see both his rippling biceps, as well as his long armpit hair exploding out under his short sleeves. He caught Jason staring. Had Jason actually been in the room he would have smelled a burst of Ben’s manly scent. The talked about the days after his ex-wife’s letter, how it affected his son, and if it coincided with his night terrors. Ben could tell that Jason was very tired and upset, and he also admitted that his sleep has been off as well. They set up an appalment close to Ethan’s bed time for later in the week. Ben ended the video call with assurances that he intended during their therapy sessions to bring father and son closer together, and he ended the call with a smile and a wink that he knew both of them will enjoy, and even look forward to their appointments. Ben had a quick bite to eat, and sat down for his second appointment. His computer screen chimed and he saw Ian Kroger looking at him. Ian Kroger, was 40 years old, 6’2, and had huge broad shoulders, the stretched out his suit. He had light green eyes, a close-cropped brown beard, and was pacing. Ben called his name and he stopped pacing and sat down, with a deep frown on his face. Ben smiled, and asked him how he could help. Ian explained that his son Karl, was experiencing early onset puberty, and had gone from a sweet boy into a sullen, angry teen. Not all was bad, Karl was becoming exceptional in all sports, and has had a recent growth spurt. Ben informed şişli travesti him that all of this was normal, that Karl’s body was being flooded with hormones, and his mind has not caught up with his body. But Ian was not convinced. Ben sensed something deeper was going on. Ian then informed Ben that Karl was becoming a bully at school, and at home with his friends, who all seemed a head shorter than him. Ben assured Ian that they could work through this, and that Karl will soon be “tamed.” They agreed to meet in person later in the week. Ben barely had time to grab some water when his computer screen chimed with an incoming call, this would be his last online appointment for the day. Ben accepted the video call, and Ben developed an instant throbbing hard when he saw his next client, cursing himself for buying his glass desk. Sean Olfsen, was a powerfully built 21-year-old, 5’10, 200 pounds of a purely gymnast-built body. He has a narrow waist the grew into an impressive V, with giant deltoids and pecs. His biceps were literally bulging out of his side cut out tank, as well as his huge pink round nipples. He had a ruddy healthy glow, with a mop of curly white blond hair that kept falling in front of his eyes. He was sitting on a couch that was piled with laundry in piles that looked ready to topple. Ben introduced himself and asked how he could help. Sean explained briefly how his hedge fund investor parents had gone on what was to be a 2-week vacation in Italy during Covid, and tragically never returned home, Sean was made instantly the guardian of his very younger brother Mikey. Barely having time to grieve Sean dropped out of college to return home to take care of his baby brother and learn how to manage his parents’ estate and their huge apartment overlooking Central Park from the 89th floor. Sean was simply overwhelmed, with caring for his brother, he had gone through a slew of nannies and cleaning staff. No one was a good fit. Ben encouraged Sean to discuss his problems, and Sean did admit he had become jealous of his little brother, since Sean’s world consisted of nothing but finding the perfect Prep school for Mikey, making sure he was on the waitlist for the correct fencing academy, plus countless other social obligations, all revolving around Mikey. Sean was both flushed and embarrassed to be complaining about his baby bro who he loved deeply, they only had each other. Ben noticed that during his whole appointment, Sean was being constantly interrupted by his brother, demanding where he had left his toy or that he was hungry or thirsty. Mikey moved so fast across the screen with all his demands that he could not get a good look at him, and it was not until Sean grabbed him and held him did he get a good look. Mikey was in many ways a much smaller version of his brother Sean, with similar wide shoulders and a narrow waist, his ass, which was threatening to split his white briefs apart, was very large and overall, he still had a good layer of fat covering him, though in all the right places. Ben glanced at the wall clock mounted on the opposite wall, he would never let a client see him checking his wrist watch, and informed Sean that he could stop by since he was literally 2 buildings over, though his duplex was located on the 60th and 61st floors overlooking the park. Sean almost had tears in his eyes when he said that would be awesome. Ben told him goodbye and began to fill a large gym bag with the items he thought he would need tonight. He walked into his private elevator and pushed the down button. Part One: In Person Sessions Sean Olfsen’s apartment was in one of the newer, pencil thin super skyscrapers. When Ben looked up, he could swear that the top of the tower was swaying. Ben checked in with security and was waived through to the bank of elevators, and pressed Sean’s floor. The elevator opened up to a brightly lit oval shaped lobby. At this level there were only 2 apartments per floor, and Ben walked over and pressed Sean’s doorbell. Sean opened the door and Ben was greeted with Sean’s just showered scent, he must have just pulled a tank top on, Ben could see that it was semi transparent. No time to dry Ben jokes, and Sean just rolled his eyes, describing how Mikey never leaves him alone, even when taking a shit. Ben laughed, and they walked into the living room together. The apparent Ben thought was roughly 5000 sq.ft, and was basically all stone walls and walls and floor to ceiling windows, there was no terrace, due to the height and strong winds, and yes it was swaying, though gently, as long as you did not stare too long at the park below, you would never notice. The apartment, though stunning, was covered in laundry, toys, and lots of online shipping boxes. Ben smiled again, and made room for himself on one of the many S shaped circular leather couches. Ben gave Sean a brief outline of his therapeutic approach. He told him that for him to really get to know his client’s and to mutually gain each other’s trust, there is going to be nudity, there is going to be a great deal of touching, it is all part of therapist to patient bonding. Sean nodded, and again looked so exhausted and overwhelmed. Ben told him now was a good time to start. Sean sat down, and proceeded to complain and vent, and at one point stood up ranting about Mikey, allowing Ben to see his muscular quads and his enormous ass cheeks that stood out proudly in his whit shorts. He then sat down and put his head in his hands, his damp white blond ringlets falling forward. Ben noticed his shoulders actually began to heave with sobs. This is the moment, Ben thought to himself, now we can begin. Ben removed his shirt, walked over and sat down next to Sean, taking him in his arms, with his head resting on one of Bens’ huge fur covered pecs. Sean started to sob. Ben just held him rocking slightly, encouraging Sean to cry, rubbing his damp neck and shoulders. Ben gently stopped rocking and asked Sean to go fetch his beylikdüzü travesti brother Mikey. Wiping his eyes, Sean rose and went to go find his brother Mikey. After a couple of minutes Sean returned, carrying his brother on his shoulders, smiling and telling Ben that Mikey was in “monkey mode.” He stopped when he saw Ben slowly get up from the couch, still shirtless, his muscles rippling, his pecs highlighted by the setting sun. Whoa you are so jacked, Ben smiled and told Sean to lead him to the master suite, he could see Sean hesitate, take a quick long hard look at my chest, and turned and left the living room. I picked up my heavy gym bag, and walked closely behind watching Mikey’s ass jiggle, as it bounced a bit on his brother’s wide shoulders. I followed both of them down a long hall, passing the master bath, past his and hers closets and dressing rooms. The large bed was raised up a few steps above the floor, Ben assumed to see even better views of the park. A large fireplace made of glass and marble dominated one wall, the other wall was just filled with floor to ceiling windows. The bed had no headboard, consisting of an enormous floor to ceiling mirror, the ceiling was mirrored as well. Sean removed his brother from his shoulders and placed him down beside him, both of them I could tell were in awe of my body. Ben put his gym bag down, and unbuckled his belt, slowly sliding through the hoops of his pants, until it fell to the stone floor. He then turned his back to them as he stepped out of his pants, which he kicked aside. He could see in the mirror both brothers staring at him, Ben turned slowly to face them, his cock still soft, though hanging obscenely low, and as he walked towards them, it slapped heavily on each upper quad. When Ben was a few feet away, he told Sean to take his brother’s clothes off. Sean seemed to hesitate again, but obeyed and soon his brother Mikey was nude. Ben then walked over to Sean, fingering the hem of his tank, he told Sean to raise his arms as he slowly slid it over his head, Sean’s blond pit hair, glinting like gold in the sun. Ben inhaled deeply his scent. Ben reached down and undid the top button of Sean’s shorts, and pulled the zipper down. Sean’s ass was so large and muscular Ben had to peel them over Sean’s ass cheek, he grazed his stubbled chin between those globes of flesh, until Sean’s shorts were at his ankles, he held Sean’s shoulders to steady him as he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Ben walked to the large bed, and pulled the sheets and comforters to the side and he slipped him. He told them both to climb in with Sean on one side and Mickey on the other. He placed one hand behind Mickeys small neck and pushed him towards his pec, guiding his lips to his erect 2-inch nipple, opening his lips with is finger and then pushing his head down, Mickey’s mouth latching on and soon the boy was suckling, just like he had years ago. He lifted Mickey’s face and quietly told him to chew and bite them. He then turned his head to Sean. Sean’s face was full of jealousy of his brother, Ben sensed that and forcibly crushed Sean’s mouth to his other nipple, Sean seemed to be feeding, he was sucking and biting so hard. All of this nipple assault, made Ben’s cock rise to its full length of 14 inches of his enormous hard engorged and looking cobra-like. He allowed Sean to “feed” for ten more minutes, until he pulled him off, Sean’s face was twisted in need and he was about to say something when Ben said later, he will have more of his share of Ben’s body inside him. Sean sighed and nodded. Ben drew Sean back into his pecs resting one side of his face, and angled so that he was looking right into Ben’s eyes. He told Sean that he and his brother had been through a great deal, and that Sean had sacrificed so much for his brother, that now it was time for his brother to give him something in return, the use of his brother’s body for Sean’s pleasure. Ben told him that for now, Sean should just latch on to his other nipple and suckle, like his brother was doing. Ben promised him, he would sleep so much better. Ben drew both of the brothers more firmly to his nipples, almost crushing their faces, encouraging them to bite and suck harder. As they obeyed him, he looked down and sighed, breathing deeply as jet after jet of thick white cum shot, arcing, hitting his face, as well as the brothers faces. Ben knew he was going to have many great nights with these two. Jason Summerfield, buzzed Ben in, and he ran up the 2 flights to Jason’s apartment, his heavy gym bag over his shoulder. Jason opened up the door, wearing a thin gray sweatshirt and black sweatpants, his muscles just rippling beneath his close as he turned and welcomed Ben inside. The apartment was large and well lit. Ben was ushered into a large living room, dominated by 3 tall windows overlooking Park Ave, and a massive fireplace that was lit. Ben was told that it was pre-war, a classic “six,” and he inherited it from his parents many years ago. Ben then explained the type of therapy he practiced, and Jason asked if they should take their clothes off now. Ben said that was a great way to start. Both men stood up and stripped, Ben enjoying Jason’s shredded body, and though shorter than him, he sensed great power coming from his muscles, like a coil ready to be sprung. Jason was really large for his frame chest, fairly hairless, dominated by large blood red nipples. Jason had a great set of pubes, a nice but short treasure trail of black hair, and his pit hair was full and lush. Jason’s cock was about 6 inches soft, but was very girthy, almost as girthy as Bens. Jason’s balls were also large, and swung as Jason was stripping also appreciated Jason’s high, shelf-like muscular ass, which was surprisingly furry, as were his quads and legs. Jason complimented on Ben’s pecs and was literally staring at Ben’s massive cock, before asking if he should go get his son. Ben agreed, but told him to not undress istanbul travesti him yet. Jason left and shortly returned with his son Ethan. Ethan was very shy, and kept his head down as he stood next to his father. He was a slim boy, with a head full of dark hair, and eyes the same shade as his dads, a dark green. Standing next to his dad, he was smaller than he was. Ben introduced himself, and briefly explained what was going to happen. Ben instructed Jason to begin removing Ethan’s clothes and as he did so, he told Ethan that soon they were going to go into his dad’s bedroom, and that soon his dad was going to use some devices and toys that he had brought with him in his bag. He watched Jason’s body as he described, that some of the toys would bring, in time great pleasure to his body, and some would hurt at first, and glancing at Jason’s rising cock, informed him that both pleasure and pain would bring him and his father closer together. Ben walked over and put his hand on Ethan’s shoulder and looked down at him and said, there are some toys in his bag that he brought specifically for Ethan to use on his dad’s body, that could both cause great pleasure or pain. He looked at Jason in the eyes and saw pure lust in them. Ben was glad that the walls in Jason’s apartment were over a foot thick. He soon followed them down the long hall to Jason’s bedroom, enjoying the view of both father and son’s asses as he walked ahead of them. Ben’s cock left a trail of pre cum on the floor behind him. Ian Kroger’s townhouse was in the East 90’s, taking up half a city block, it rose 8 floors, and was clad in a soft grey limestone. Ben knew very little about the Kroger family, just that they arrived in New York a few years after his family did, over 200 years ago. Ben walked up a few steps to the wrought iron and leaded glass door and rang the bell. Ben saw movement through the glass and Ian stood there, in what looked like the same suit looking agitated. Ian’s body filled out that suit, threatening to burst it’s seems. He welcomed Ben into a circular marble hall that had an ornately carved circular staircase rising to dizzying heights above to an huge stained glass dome. Ian led Ben to a small reception room just off the hall, and both men sat down on opposite chairs. Ian was very curious about Ben’s therapeutic approach. Ben explained the nudity, the boding, which did not seem to trouble Ian, but Ben could see the man had doubts. Ian told him that Karl was becoming unmanageable, increasingly sullen and angry. The early onset of puberty, the huge growth spurt, all seemed to exacerbate Karl’s mood swings. Ben said that it will be hard at first, but soon Karl will learn to respect. Think of it as breaking a wild mustang, found in the desert, once broken in, begins to welcome his riders’ attention. Ben informed him that his son secretly craves discipline and control, at least for now. Ian led Ben down, not up the curved staircase, at least 2 flights down below street level. The stairs ended again in a circular marble hall, with 4 arched bronze doors. Ian opened one, and Ben caught first the scent of salt water, and then a wave of hot moist air hit him. Ben followed Ian into a huge room, ringed by 2 story marble columns with a large rectangular swimming pool in the center. The room was truly enormous. There was the sound of rhythmic splashes, and Ben could see a nude form that just dove in. As Ian and Ben stood at the end of the pool, Ben could make out a swimmer, nude unwater fast approaching them. The swimmer broke the surface of the water in a huge spray and was mounting the steps up from the water. Karl was glistening wet under the lights set in the ceiling high above. He slowly walked up from the water, his hair matted, rivulets of water streaming down his muscular body. Karl’s body was a smaller version of his dad’s, and they both had the same pale olive-skinned skin tone. Karl had impressive pecs for his age, large pale pink nipples, and a solid 8 pack. He had a fine dusting of hair in his abdomen, leading down a nice trail to a full bush. His balls were large, though they were rucked against his body from the water. Karl’s cock was definitely a grower, though he could tell it was large. Karl ignored Ben’s offer of a handshake, with a smirk on his face and went to grab a towel. Ben’s arms shot out blindly fast, and his huge fingers grabbed his nipples and immediately began to crush them, Karl howled, and Ben kept the pressure on. Ben instructed Karl to get down on his knees but Karl violently shook his head back and forth spraying the both with water. Ben increased the pressure until he saw Karl’s legs shaking. He also saw Karl and his dad begin to become aroused. Ben again increased the pressure, Karl bellowed this time and got down to his knees, sporting a massive boner. Ben released his nipples and stood up, leaving Karl sobbing and staring at him angrily. Ben began to strip, and he told Ian to do so too. Soon all three of them were nude, the rippling light off the water, shimmering on to their bodies. Ben approached Karl and gently put his hand on Karl’s shoulder. Karl immediately flinched, but Ben kept it there squeezing softly. That was when Karl immediately looked up and saw that they were nude. Ben gently guided Karl to his feet and completely embraced him, cocooning Karly in walls of hard muscle, allowing Karl to take in his scent. Ben helped him tight, then gently kissed him on the top of his head, glancing at the beautifully aroused body of Ian. Ben led Karl to a marble bench, he told him to lay on his stomach, his small but muscle globes of ass prominently displaced, his chin just jutting out over the bench’s edge. Karl instructed Ian to bring his gym bag over. Ben unzipped it and began to lay out lotions and oils, then rope and his “toys” with Ian’s growing wider as each toy was placed on the marble floor by the bench. As the shape and size of the toys increased, he could see Ian’s 9-inch cock leaking onto the floor, Ben looked up and nodded, indicating the therapy session was about to start. This ends PART ONE, guys please feel free to contact me with your comments, criticisms and what you would like to see these characters do in the future. Mark

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