Tangled Attractions Ch. 03


Tangled Attractions CH. 03

JB got right to the point and asked what was going on. He said that he waited for my aunt to come down here afterward and that she had not shown up for some time so he came in here to finish waiting.

This is one horn-dog buddy of mine. There was a social meme of him wearing a doctor’s scrub while naked from the waist down which was derived from a vintage American porn actor who mildly resembled him and his brushed down mustache. Between the high-grade marijuana he sought out and this uncontestable leg-humping demeanor, JB had earned the street name of Doc. He was still JB to me.

I did not want him sleeping over at my house with the intent of banging my aunt at all hours until my mother showed back up in a few more days and who would then be more present for these visitations.

JB wanted to go right inside and start to have another few hours with my aunt. I told him that she was feeding my grandfather now so it would just be us out in the garage for the time being. He reached into his little pouch and handed me a couple of these wrapped edibles.

“You can put one into her hot tea and the thing will melt and then she can drink this thing. She liked it the other night,” he told me. My thoughts then went back to the previous night when she was out on the front porch with her glasses off and her mouth open. JB’s story at that time was then a little more glossy and he had made it sound like my aunt was somewhat of the protagonist in coming on to him. This latest version of strategic cannabis edible consumption looks to have been the trigger in my aunt and her sudden promiscuity.

The look in his eyes was somewhat startling. I knew that if I did not see fit to dose my aunt with these edible products JB would then do what I would not. Still, he had sexually been with her earlier today and that did not seem to involve any edibles. What a web was being woven!

My aunt diligently prepared her large mug of tea each night and this one was no different. After letting the tea bags steep in the mug, I unwrapped an edible and dropped it into her cup. After a moment I stirred the tea and the product was completely dissolved inside of it as I placed the wrapper in my pocket.

Sweets came out from what she was doing and sat next to the cup and began to drink from it. She pulled on it pretty good a couple of times, leaving about half left in there.

I said that I would be right back and went out to talk to JB who was still sitting out there.

“She is all ready now,” I told him.

With eyes that looked like the character Quint from the Jaws film, he gathered up his travel bag and headed inside with kaçak iddaa a newly wrapped joint.

Sweets looked at JB and smiled at him. He suggested that they go into the front porch which she agreed to. He looked at me and I waved him along as he entered the room and proceeded to light his dutchie up which he then passed to her on the left-hand side. She inhaled deeply and then coughed.

I went back and checked on my grandfather. He was just going to get ready for bed. With his walker, he started to go out into the other part of the house to tell my aunt something. I cut him off and said that she was on the telephone and that I would pass the message on to her. He said that his stomach was queasy and that he might have to get up to relieve himself overnight.

Loitering in the kitchen, I considered going out to the garage until JB came back out but against my better judgment, I went back out to the front porch, which the lights had been shut off in. In turn, I shut off all of the lights on the first floor except the kitchen lights which I turned down.

No more voices were going on but some heavy breathing was heard. My aunt’s shirt was now off and JB had his hand down into her bra. She in turn had his shirt off and she was trying to put her lips on his small male nipple, which she was grasping with her own fingers.

He had a finger down by her pussy and was working it around there over her clothing. His cargo pants were still above his knees for the time being but he would shed them like a WW2 bomber over Germany as his father had once done, rest his soul.

She looked to be almost out of it but she was still talking a little. JB took her glasses off and that about shelved her monitoring resources for what was going on around her.

JB then unhooked her bra which he then removed from her upper body. There was no stopping the guy right now; he was indeed on a roll. As he helped her up, he proceeded to pull down her pants and panties in one fell swoop, which were still slightly visible in the late dusk hour.

I was building up an erection when I saw a head move behind JB as someone was walking in the driveway. I proceeded to walk back into the house and walked back outside where I bumped into the adult daughter of the next-door neighbor couple that lived there and shared the driveway.

Patricia, known as Patty, was a spinster with a lame boyfriend. She was the only child of a liquor enforcement officer and his wife, but in reality, she had been a pre-marital pregnancy of the wife who had been briefly married before the groom abandoned his pregnant bride as she was about to give birth.

Her parents must have been out of kaçak bahis town and Patty was watching the house and taking care of the dog in their absence. The dog did not like me but Patty would even put the dog into the basement when I would talk to her in the fenced backyard of her parents.

She was not attractive in any physical way but she had fairly large breasts and she was clean looking in the dark blue clothing that she wore incessantly like a uniform.

I cannot say what it was about Patty, but I had made my mind up to get into her pants at some point, and here she was strolling about the co-joined properties at this darkened hour.

Patty invited me in and I stood with her in her kitchen when she microwaved a cup of coffee and then walked into the basement door opening to calm the big dog down.

I took the opportunity to unwrap another edible and drop it into the coffee cup. The hot dark liquid enveloped the jelly roll-sized unit and I stirred the cup with my little finger which smarted from the heat.

Patty came back in and we went into the living room together where she turned on the television. We sat there for a while without saying much. I could only guess what JB was up to across the driveway from where I sat.

The coffee was going down her throat and Patty was indeed loosening up her tongue with me in a manner that I was unfamiliar with. Perhaps these edibles were some enhanced formula but they were working very well as natural social additives.

And at a certain point, Patty shut off the small talk and began to look at me with some hungry eyes.

I did not give it much thought but I slid over and sat next to Patty who was kind of stretched out on the wraparound sofa. She smiled at me as I reached across her body and placed my hand on her shoulder and upper chest before I slid my fingers down over her clothing atop her breast. She laughed slightly and pushed back her head to receive more of my attention.

My hand went under her tucked-in shirt and I got it under her bra. The hook on this one was formidable but I managed to get it unclenched.

Patty’s own actions dropped the bra from her chest as she stood up before kneeling on the ground before my waist area. I reached down and pulled her shirt up and her breasts were there free and untethered. My fingers tweaked her one nipple and she set her shoulders back in a natural response.

Just then I could hear JB calling for me in the backyard. Patty was so absorbed in what she was doing that I just pulled myself away and walked to her back door. JB was standing there looking like a goof until I yelled to him that I was over here.

He walked in illegal bahis and saw the disheveled state that Patty was in. I said to him that if you still have the mustard, there is another edible encounter going on right here. JB warmed up to that news and saddled up alongside Patty, who he had never spoken to before. He helped her to locate his erection through his cargo pants as she swallowed accordingly. JB was more than satisfied to be spending his time presently.

JB remained with Patty as I walked back over to my house through the side entrance. I walked inside and my aunt was snoozing soundly on the couch, wearing her bathrobe intact and not showing any signs of untoward activity. JB would have to tell me later what actually took place after I left for next door.

I went back into the other house. The dog in the basement was freaking out now and I rapped on the door to respond to the animal, which did quiet after I did so.

JB was standing up now after pulling up his pants. Patty had a load blown into her mouth and looked slightly forlorn at the moment in her gooiness. JB bowed deeply at the waist to me and headed out to his car which he then drove away. I attended to Patty with a warm washcloth and cleaned her up before I then stripped her of her clothing in an upstairs bedroom and fingered her to a nipple-wrenching orgasm that wracked her sturdy frame.

A pounding on the door came from downstairs. After it ended the phone started to ring. Again soon after the door was the source of more pounding. Patty was head down into a pillow as I worked her pussy from behind with both of my hands. The interweaving pattern brought her to a widely distributed full-body orgasm.

I filled her blood-engorged pussy up with my hard penis and thrust into her. The door pounding itself fell into a rhythm and Patty raised up slightly as I hit her sweet spot in the convenient angle that we found ourselves in.

Patty came and then so did I. She seemed to acknowledge the door as she pulled a housecoat around her and she walked downstairs, my cum now sliding down her one leg.

She opened the door and I began to hear a shrill male voice berating her. She closed the door and re-ascended the steps until she came back into the bedroom with me. I took a clean warm washcloth and wiped her down as she smiled at me in my personal attendance to her needs.

I fingered her a bit more and she eventually came again, after I pulled on her drooping breasts and her impressive hard nipples.

Leaving her alone, I dressed and went out into the garage where I just shook my head at all of the latest happenings going on in my little patch of the world. The sun outside set in yet another dazzling lakefront display. I lit up a bowl and puffed away it, the lit cherry alighting the air as the sole source of light in that moment.

(End of Chapter Three)


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