Teacher’s Pet (Chapter 2)


 It had been three agonizing days since I last saw Professor Morgan. My heart pounded when she arrived in the classroom that day. A warm feeling of arousal filled my body and my senses when I saw her. She was my tall raven-haired goddess. I shuddered when her big brown eyes searched around the room and stopped on mine. She gave me an assuring wink and then began to pass back our essays. I watched her strut around the room with confidence. Her strong athletic legs carried her around the tables gracefully. She wore the cutest outfit consisting of a tight black skirt and tights, emphasizing her beautiful figure. I could not take my eyes off of her firm butt as she made her rounds. My chest rose and fell rapidly with the beating of my heart as she came to me last. She laid my graded essay in front of me and leaned her full sexy lips towards mine. “Great job,” she whispered. I sighed, I wished I could grab her and kiss her sweet face. I knew I could not, however. I flipped through my essay to the last page and saw that she game me a big fat A plus. I probably did not deserve the grade. She had circled my grade with a heart and an arrow. I darted my eyes around me to make sure nobody else saw her romantic gesture. I stared at it for awhile, my body tingled at her sweetness. I locked in a quick gaze with her, she smiled when she saw the flushed look on my face. I felt a warm wet feeling between my legs. Miss Morgan sat on the table in front of the class and crossed her long legs. I looked at the legs which were wrapped around my head just three nights ago. I recalled darting my tongue around her sensitive button and diving it in her velvety tunnel. She had stroked my hair while I gave her a shuddering orgasm. I glowed as she lectured the class. My eyes were drawn to firm breasts, lifted by her bra. She spoke confidentially , reminded me of her dominant ways in the bedroom. A lot of people liked her at the university, but I was the only one who was also her lover. I flipped the pages of my essay to the heart she drew for me again. I shuddered warmly, feeling very special. It took forever for the class to end, I was dying to talk to her. I sat in my chair uncomfortable, because my panties were well soaked and starting to itch me. I felt a void that I knew Miss Morgan could fill. I could only grit my teeth though, because another student was still in the room talking with Professor Morgan. The girl was complaining about her grade. My heart burned because someone dared question my lover. Miss Morgan could do no wrong in my mind. I got madder, wanting güvenilir bahis to jump up and tell the girl to leave. Thankfully, I didn’t for I knew it was important to keep our relationship a secret. I did not want to get Miss Morgan hurt or have people find out I was a having a lesbian relationship. I sighed happily when the girl finally left the classroom. I raced up to Emma, who was still sitting on the table. Her short haircut bounced slightly as she eyed my every step towards her. She stood up and walked towards the corner of the room, beckoning me with her finger. I followed her to a corner of the room that was concealed from the windows and doors, so no one could see us. We embraced, pressing our bodies together. I gasped as she pulled my head to hers. I put my arms around her neck and raced my tongue around in her sweet mouth. She sucked on my lips and squeezed me around my waist. My heart pounded against my chest as we shared several passionate kisses. We had to be careful to not get caught though. The forbidden nature of out love made it more exciting to me. We broke our embrace and I watched her gather her things up in that graceful manner I had become accustomed to see. I admired her thin muscular arms as they packed her things in her sleek handbag. I saw a dreamy, loving look in her deep brown eyes as she gazed at me. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot, Kimberly,” she said. Her voice had a dominant quality in it with a sweet subtle tone. My body shivered when she spoke to me. I felt a burning sensation in my nipples and my sex. Her body exuded sexuality as she put her handbag over her shoulder. “I had a great time with,” I moaned. “I’m glad to hear that. Do you have time now? I thought you might like to come up to my office with me,” she said, brushing my hair back delicately with her fingertips. “Yeah, I don’t have any classes the rest of the day,” I replied, walking with her to her office. I wasn’t going to say no to her, I felt very alive when I was with her. She could make me shudder just in the way she gazed at me or spoke to me in that dominant voice of hers. We locked ourselves in her office. I saw that she had cleaned it up considerably since I was last there. “Sit down,” she said sweetly as she pulled her comfy chair out for me. “Thank you,” I said, taking a seat as she stood behind me, placing her hands on my shoulders. “What’s your major, Kim?” She asked as her feminine hands pulled on my tense shoulder muscles. “Journalism,” I squeaked, sinking down in her chair. “You should be a women’s studies major,” güvenilir bahis siteleri she told me. It felt to me like she was trying to convert me to her lesbian lifestyle. It was not a long shot considering her power over me. She leaned over me and tilted my head back, pressing her fingers on my forehead. I kissed her warm mouth, planting my hand behind her head. Her arms slid down my chest as we made out, placing her hands over my breasts. She groped me tenderly as her tongue darting about in my mouth. I sighed, my panties were absolutely soaked from the stimulation. She felt me up, squeezing my tender breasts, and then kissed my forehead. I was heaving, I stood up and threw my arms around her neck. She was wearing a perfume that made me even hungrier for her. I nibbled on her ear as she rubbed my back. “Oh Miss Morgan,” I cried. She squeezed me when we heard a knock on the door. We both froze, my heart pounded like crazy. We held each other and tried to keep quiet. Miss Morgan lifted my shirt and put her hand on my tummy though. I gasped quietly as she pressed down firmly on my stomach. I felt a warmth growing rapidly within me. I looked up at her, begging her to stop. She was going to make me moan very loudly. She began to tickle me as the person outside the door knocked again. I started to giggle and then buried my face between her firm breasts. I kissed her chest lightly as we both started to laugh like idiots. It was so hot to make out with my professor while someone was knocking on the door. Hiding like this made my heart pound and my body sweat. “I have to teach a class tonight,” she whispered regretfully. “Aww,” I whined. I didn’t want to leave her. She held me around my waist and lovingly stroked my hair back. “Are you free tonight?” She asked. “Yes, of course,” I said, rubbing my hands down her hourglass shape. She let go of me and took a set of keys from her purse. I straightened myself out somewhat and began to look at the artwork in her office. She had lots of pictures of semi-naked women, I felt special to be her lover. I looked at Miss Morgan’s breasts bounce as she pulled two keys off of her keyring. She took my hand and placed them on my palm. I bit my lip and grinned at her as she closed my fingers around her keys. “These are my keys, will you wait in my apartment for me?” She asked hopefully. I held them in my hand tightly, getting even wetter as I thought about another night with Miss Morgan. “Yes, I’ll wait for you Miss Morgan,” I answered obediently. She smiled the submissiveness in my voice. iddaa siteleri I knew this aroused her tremendously. I could smell the scent of her sex as she game me one last kiss. I put my hand in her short black haircut, feeling incredible warmth as our bodies melted together. I left her office while she prepared for her night class. I noticed a girl sitting by her door who almost jumped up when I stepped out from the door. She was starting at me with a wide-eyed look, I feared she was the one was knocking earlier. I held my head down and skipped by her as fast as possible, my heart pounding against my chest. I started to giggle when I got further away from her, feeling excited about being caught. I raced home and grabbed a pair of running shorts and clean underwear. I drove to Miss Morgan’s apartment building, thanking God that my car started. My body buzzed as I let myself into her apartment. I spent some time observing the framed photographs of artistically naked women. The subjects were holding their breasts or had their long hair concealing their nipples. The whole lesbian lifestyle intrigued me, I didn’t know anyone else who had pictures like these hanging on their walls. I danced around her apartment, eagerly awaiting her arrival. I snooped around in her bedroom, wondering what to do with myself. All of her toy’s from before were there. Miss Morgan was super kinky. She talked a lot about the nature of power and the struggle of women in her classes, yet she had collars and whips that were made for willing women into submission. I desperately wanted her to make me her pet again. I wished she would collar me and use her toys on me to give me that magical orgasm. I ended up taking a cold shower while I waited anxiously for dominant lover. I pictured her sitting in her class, lecturing the students at that moment. Her skirt would be stretched around her strong thighs, the boys and girls all wishing they could experience her love. I imagined her velvety insides were gushing as she thought about me waiting in her apartment. I groped my breasts under the splash of cold water as I fantasized about her. I put on my clean panties and my running shorts after my shower. I wanted to look cute for my professor so I fixed my hair into a ponytail and got into her makeup. I used a little of her blush and mascara so I could surprise her when she came home. I liked the idea of putting a smile on her face, so I rummaged around for something to light her candles with. I found a lighter and began to light the many scented candles she had around her apartment. I dimmed the lights real low to give the places a very romantic feel. I was sitting on her couch staring at the clock when she knocked on the door. I jumped up to let her inside. Her deep brown eyes lit up when she saw me and all the candles.

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