Temporary Assignment


Temporary AssignmentAt 50 years old, the company I worked for asked me to help with the start-up of a new division. Of course, the new division was located across the country. This was going to be a 6-month to one-year assignment. My wife has a great job and didn’t want to move. Besides the company was going to furnish me housing. My sister in-law, Kelly, and her husband, John lived within 25 miles of this assignment. That made my wife happy. The first 3 months flew by. One afternoon, my sister in-law Kelly, who is 42, called me and asked if I had any dinner plans. I told her, “No plans. Just going for a few brews after work, and then home.” She replied, “why don’t you come over and we’ll go out to dinner?” I liked Kelly, she was always so kind to me, but the thought of dinner with John just was not the way I wanted to spend my evening. I told her, “maybe next week.”I was watching TV, when the doorbell rang, and there stood Kelly when I opened the door. We kissed on the cheek and hugged as she entered. “Surprise!!”, she said. Kelly, like my wife Susan was simply stunning. Always the lady, always dressed impeccably. We entered the family room and sat down, Kelly on the large leather sectional and me in an old recliner. We started chatting about going out to dinner the next week, and after a while, I could not help but notice how short Kelly’s skirt was. She had pulled it down as far as she could, but it was still mid-thigh. The conversation turned from dinner next week, to her problems with John. She confided that she really thought he was having an affair, but had no proof. She asked me “How do you and Susan do it, you always appear to be so much in love ?” I replied to her “I really don’t know. I think it we’re just two people who really got it right. We never really have to work at it. It came natural”. I could see her eyes water a little, maybe thinking that couldn’t be her. To get off the subject, I offered her a glass of wine. Both Susan and Kelly are wine drinkers. Susan turned our basement into a wine cellar, she was quite the expert. Personally, I never could really taste the difference in the wines, so I always let Susan choose. I had purchased a couple bottles of Merlot, as I love a good red wine. I went to the kitchen to open it and get two glasses. I returned to the family room and handed Kelly her glass and took my seat. After taking a sip of the wine, I could not help but notice that Kelly had slightly parted her thighs giving me a few of her silky white upper thighs. As we talked, I found it increasingly difficult to carry a conversation, with the view I was getting. I was not sure , but I sensed that several times she caught my eyes wandering. “Would you like another glass of wine?” she asked. “Sure” I replied, “Let me get it for you”. I went to the kitchen and returned with a fresh glass for her. As I sat down again, I immediately noticed she had parted her legs even further. I could now see her lacy white panties between her thighs. Our sex life had waned, and the majority of my release was masturbating alone. It became so stale, that I might have been only indulging once a month for the past year or so. But suddenly with this new visual stimulation, I could feel my penis swelling with absolutely no physical contact. I was trying really hard not be obvious, looking her in the eyes as we spoke. Only when she would look away, would my eyes dart down to her legs. We talked for a few minutes more, then she said she had to be going. I thanked her for stopping by and as I leaned in to kiss her cheek, she turned her lips to mine and gave me a soft, very moist quick kiss on the lips, followed by a hug. As soon as she pulled out of the driveway, I sat back down in the recliner and tried to watch TV, but my mind kept wandering to those white lacy panties and that soft warm kiss. I decided that it was time for a shower and head to bed, this was getting me no where.Later in bed, I simply could not sleep. All I could think of was Kelly. Was she really coming onto to me ? Or was it just that I have been very lonely for too long of a time. Whatever the case, I soon found my hand around my cock, slowly pumping it up and down. In no time, my cock was throbbing and I could feel my orgasm coming. I closed my eyes, thought of Kelly, and exploded into the best orgasm I had experienced in quite some time. I can honestly say, I fell asleep that night and slept like a baby.The next day, I was at the office, when I got a call from Kelly. “How about dinner tonight?” she asked. Even though, I could not imagine spending a night with John, I accepted. “About 8 p.m.”, she said. “Come to our house, and we’ll drive.” There it was confirmed, John would be attending. I trudged through the day and soon was headed home bahis şirketleri to get ready. We headed out to a really nice restaurant not far away. John as always, was his old charming self. I just simply could not see what Kelly ever saw in this guy. But as always, I held my tongue and made small talk. Dinner was more of the same, but I did notice that John was really drinking a bit more than usual. While waiting for desert, John got up and excused himself to go to the restroom. Kelly as always, quickly apologized for his behavior. “Its not your fault Kelly” I replied. “You simply have to quit excusing him for being this way.” She nodded in agreement just as he returned to the table. We finished desert, while John finished two more drinks. When we got up to leave, I just knew he was not in the position to drive home. As to not get Kelly into an argument with him, I stepped up and said “John, let me drive home, you can relax, why take a chance on a DWI?” John gave me one of his looks and replied, “I am not even close to being ready to go home, lets head to a club.” Not being the drinker, I declined. We rode back in silence. I could tell John was pissed as usual. I felt bad for Kelly because I knew she was going to bear the brunt of it. As we pulled into the driveway, I thanked them and got out quickly. I was late when I got home, so I decided to head straight to bed. I was probably asleep for a couple of hours when my cell phone rang. I reached over half asleep, looked at the phone and saw it was Kelly calling. “Jeff” she said. “Yes, what’s wrong?”. “I don’t know”, she replied, “I just can’t sleep.” She told me that John had dropped her off at their home and went back out. He was still not home. I looked at the clock and it was 3:44 in the morning. “Does he do this often ?” I asked. “Yes” she replied, “Lately a lot.” She then pretty much opened up to me about her entire marriage with John and how she had just about come to the breaking point. Somehow during this conversation she began telling me about her sex life. She told me that she used to talk to Susan about this, but was tired of repeating it. And now, there was really no one to confide in. She told me for the past few years, the only person John was interested in satisfying was himself. She hinted that she was pretty much having to take care of herself just to be able to relieve a bit of tension. “Well” I replied, “I know that feeling well.” She giggled and the conversation ended a minute or two later. I looked at the clock and it was almost 5 a.m., so there was no point in trying to go back to asleep. It was Saturday and being alone meant I had to buy groceries, wash my car and clean the house up a bit. The day flew by and I got a lot accomplished. That evening I went to a local Chinese Restaurant, got a lot of take out and went back home. I took a quick shower, then sat down to eat and watch TV. About five minutes later my phone rang and once again it was Kelly. I actually debated on whether to answer the phone or not. I really was not up to being the considerate listener tonight. But after two more rings, I picked up. “Hi Kelly, what’s up?”, She replied “Not much, John went to the basketball game with his friends, won’t be home until late.” She added, “Would you like to go out and grab a quick bit to eat?” I told her I had just got back from the Chinese Restaurant and had a lot of food spread out here. Before I could say anything else, she chirped, “Oh, then I will join you.” I couldn’t say anything else but, “Sure, no problem” at that point. “I’ll be right over”, Kelly said. About 45 minutes later the doorbell rang and it was Kelly. As she passed me in the open door, I immediately smelled a fresh, powdery fragrance, with a slight hint of perfume. I figured she was just out of the shower. She had on jeans and a “T” shirt, something which I have rarely seen her wear. I got her a TV tray and set her up on the end of the sofa with a plate. We watched TV, ate and chatted for a good while. The program went off at 8 p.m., and there wasn’t much else coming on. “How about some wine?”, Kelly asked. I told her the bottle we had opened earlier in the week was still on the island counter. “Great”, she replied and was back with two glasses in no time. We talked for a while about her job, family and whatever else I could think of to keep the conversation off of John. Then, right out of the blue, she blurted “Jeff, can I ask you a really personal question ?” I thought for a second, then hesitantly said, “I guess so.” She took a deep breathe, turned a bit red then asked, “How often do you and Susan have sex?” I replied, very quickly, “A couple times a year.” She seemed kind of surprised and said “WOW!!., I had no idea. Susan and I don’t talk like we bahis firmaları used to.” I thought to myself, I hope this conversation is over with. But before the thought could leave my head she came back with “Do you masturbate a lot?” I guess, I must have turned a pretty dark shade of red because she quickly added, “Oh its ok, I know all men do and most women do too.” She continued “If I didn’t get myself off regularly, I would never cum.” Apparently John would last only long enough to get himself off. She told me many, many nights after he would roll over and fall asleep, she would bring herself to two or three orgasms. I guess she could tell I was not the forward type and if this was going to go anywhere, she was going to have to take it there. “Jeff, my sister and I used to talk a lot about sex and she always told me what a kind, considerate lover you were.” She added, “In fact, Susan told me that many times even though you were tired you would go down on her and make her cum, asking nothing in return.” I was shocked. Even though Kelly was dead on, and I knew only Susan could have relayed that information to her, I shrugged my shoulders and stammered, “I guess so.” Then Kelly added, “Did you like what you saw the other day?” I tried to plead ignorance, “What are you talking about?”, but I knew the quivering in my voice gave me away. “Oh come on Jeff “, Kelly replied, “I saw you looking up my skirt.” This situation was growing more uncomfortable by the moment. While I was extremely embarrassed, I was equally aroused or so it seemed. “Its ok”, Kelly added, “In fact, it turned me on to see a man paying me attention.” Now I knew she was exaggerating . Kelly was beautiful and I know guys hit on her all the time. “I doubt that you are suffering from lack of attention, Kelly” I added. “Oh I get attention” she said, “But not from decent guys, just from guys who want a quick piece of ass”. “I can get that from John anytime I want.” I noticed that she was beginning to squirm a bit and had crossed her thighs very tightly. I think she was as uncomfortable as I was, at least I hoped she was. This just was not the kind of conversation I have had with any other woman then my wife. In fact, I had only been with one woman my entire life. Then once again she spilled a bit of information that could only have come from Susan. “ I know watching a woman making herself cum is big on your list of turn-ons.” I told her I really couldn’t believe that Susan had shared so much of our personal life with her. She smiled this almost evil grin and told me “Oh, I know a lot more than that.”Without much hesitation she quickly said, “Would you like to see another woman cum?” My head was spinning trying to process all this new information that was being thrown at me. Both of my heads were thinking at the same time, and the large one was having a hard time keeping up with the small one. “Kelly”, I replied, “You’re my wife’s sister, you’re married, and we are actually family.” She looked at me with a disappointed face and replied, “You don’t find me attractive Jeff?” My facial expression must have answered the question because she quickly followed up with, “Then, what’s the problem?” I thought quickly for any answer I could find. “Kelly, I just think it would make things real uncomfortable for us, now and in the future.” She looked at me with those soft eyes and said, “I’m not asking you to fuck me, we both get ourselves off anyway, what’s wrong with doing it together?”I thought about this for a second, then before I could respond she added, “How about I start and if you feel like joining in you can, if you start to feel uncomfortable, you tell me to stop.” Once again I thought about it, taking probably longer than she would like, then replied, “Ok, but I still think this is a bad idea.” Kelly took another long drink of wine from her glass, then leaned back on the sofa. Her eyes were glued to mine, but her hands were visibly shaking. Before I could ask her if she was sure this is what she wanted, she reached down to her jeans and unbuttoned them. Without taking her eyes off mine, she slowly slid the zipper down all the way and open them up. I could see the top of black lace panties peeking out above the jeans. She slid one hand inside her jeans and I could tell exactly when they touched her pussy. Her head jerked back, just a bit from the electricity of the touch. By now, my cock was already harder than it had been in a long while, begging to be released. But I just was not sure yet, what to do. Kelly then lifted her hips from the sofa and with a gentle tug, pulled her jeans down her legs. It was as if someone had knocked the wind out of me. I was having a hard time breathing and I know I was trembling. There sat this beautiful kaçak bahis siteleri young woman in a pair of sexy black lace panties slowly rubbing herself through the thin, sheer fabric. “Does, this excite you Jeff?” I nodded yes, without hesitation. “Then why don’t you do something about it.” I shrugged and mumbled something incoherently. “Well then, maybe you need a little more visual arts”, she added. With that she reached down and slowly pulled her panties down to meet her jeans. She leaned back and opened her legs to show me her beautiful sex. Her pussy had small lips that were puffy and a deep pink in color. Even from where I was sitting, I could see the dampness between them. She extended one finger from her right hand, placed it on her swollen clit and began to move in small but quick circles. Her breathing was becoming shallow and I could see her face getting a bit flushed. A few more seconds passed and she asked me in a soft, deep voice, “If you’re gonna cum with me, you better get started, because I am not going to last long the first time.” The first time, I thought ? Very unsure of myself, I moved my hand down to my jeans. At that point she gave me a smile. Not just any smile. One that told me this would be ok. I open my pants, then with one motion, pulled them down along with my boxers. My cock was rock hard and standing at attention. “Oh, Jeff, show me how you stroke your cock.”, Kelly moaned. I wrapped my hand around my cock firmly and started slowly moving up and down. Her eyes were glued to my cock and mine to her pussy. I guess she could tell by the quickening of my strokes I was perhaps rushing. “Not too fast” she said, “Enjoy it, slow it down, let me cum once, then we will cum together again.” I nodded ok, then slowed down a bit and watched Kelly. Her finger speed increased, and she started to arch her back a bit. I knew she was close. I asked her to look at me. She tilted her head down a bit and look me dead in the eyes. “Cum for me, Kelly, cum on that pretty hand of yours.” It was like I flipped a switch to turn the light on. “Oh my fucking God” she screamed. “I’m fucking cumminggggggg.” She bucked and twisted on her hand for what seemed like a minute before she came back down to earth. “Oh God, Jeff”, she moaned. “That was the best cum I have had in years.” “Although” she whispered, “I am a bit sorry about the language.” I shook my head and replied, “Its quite ok, Susan is always very ‘vocal’ when she had an orgasm”. “Can you cum again ?”, I asked innocently. “Oh yea, probably a few more times”, she answered. This was new to me. While Susan has never been the one to have orgasm problems, she never cums more than once in a session. “How about you?” Kelly replied, “You wanna cum with me this time ?” I nodded my head yes. She placed the two fingers that had just been in her pussy in her mouth and sucked on them slowly. She then lowered them back between her legs and started rubbing her clit again. First slowly, but constantly increasing in speed, though not as urgent as before. By now my cock was throbbing, my balls swollen, ready to erupt. “I wanna see you cum up close”, Kelly told me. “Come sit next to me over here.”I got up and moved right next to her on the sofa. As I sat down, my thigh was touching her thigh and I could feel the heat her body was giving off. We watched each other for several minutes until it became apparent to her I was not going to last much longer. She leaned over to me and softly whispered, “You wanna switch hands?” By this time, I was too far gone to even care anymore. “Oh God yes “, I answered. She took her right hand out of her pussy. I could see the juices rolling off her fingers. She brought them to my nose. The smell was intoxicating!! I instinctively opened my mouth, and she put her fingers in. Oh, she tasted good. She pulled them out, and wrapped it around my cock and began a slow, methodical motion. I moved my left hand down to her pussy. I slid my finger easily inside her. She was positively drenched. After a second of fumbling, I found her clit. “Oh yea, she whispered. Right there.” I began the rapid circular motions that I know Susan liked. Kelly started pumping my cock faster and moving her hips. “Oh God, I’m close again.” She turned her head and looked at me and for once I took control. I leaned over and pressed my lips to her in a long deep kiss. Her tongue quickly found mine and in a few mere moments, she was cumming again. “Fuck” she screamed, “Cum nowwwww. She was pounding my cock like a pro. All at once it hit me. Kelly arched her back once more and cried out softly, “Oh God it’s so fucking good.” Before she barely finished those words, I felt my body spasm and my cock erupted shooting out wave after wave of hot cum. Kelly continued to stroke and squeeze my cock until it was completely dry. She leaned up and once again kissed me long and deep. When our lips parted, she smiled and asked, “please move here permanently.” I replied, “You should start talking to your sister again.”

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