That Summer Pt. 02


This is the second in a three-part series.

Dreams Come True

Davey had no intention of waiting a week to see Sandy again. The weather heated up on Tuesday. He decided it was a good day to swim. Bathing suit in hand, he walked over.

His spirits dropped when he saw her car was not there. “Damn,” he thought.

As he turned around for his demoralized walk home, Sandy pulled around the corner. Rolling down her window she asked, “Where you headed off to, Davey? I’ve got a project for you today.”

Hoping they were thinking of the same kind of project, Davey smiled brightly and met her in the driveway.

“I see you brought your suit,” she said. “You won’t need it for this project.” She winked. “But first, can you help me with these groceries?”

“Yes, Sandy, whatever you say.” He grinned.

They brought in the groceries, and she put away the things that went in the fridge. He admired how fine she looked in her light summer dress, which showed off her long, shapely legs and, of course, her breasts.

“I see you like this dress, too, Davey.” She never missed anything. “Maybe I can make you like it even more.” She reached under the yellow dress, pulled down her pink panties, and stepped out of them, never taking her eyes off Davey’s. His lust for her was boundless.

“Here, hold them for me while I fix us some tall glasses of ice water. It’s so hot today, don’t you think?”

Staring at the still warm panties in his slightly trembling hands, he said, “Incredibly hot.”

“Do my panties smell nice, Davey?”

Holding them to his nose and breathing in deeply, he stammered, “They smell wonderful, Sandy.”

Sandy smiled and fixed their drinks.

“Shall we sip our cold beverages by the pool?” she asked and led him outside. “Let’s get these lounge chairs facing each other.”

Davey arranged the chairs so they were close and faced each other. Sandy sat and demurely crossed her legs at the ankles. Sitting facing her, Davey tried to use his mind to will her legs apart. She seemed to relish making him crazy with lust.

“It looks like you have something on your mind, Davey. I have some things on my mind, too. First, you’re way overdressed, compared to me. Take your shirt off.”

He instantly pulled off his shirt and dropped it on the ground.

“Come over here so I can see you more closely,” she directed, patting the cushion on her lounge chair.

He sat next to her, at her hip.

“That’s better,” she said, smiling as she surveyed his body. She touched his chest, gently playing with his nipples. She felt his heart pound.

“Does that feel good, Davey?”

“Very good, Sandy.”

“Now take off the rest of your clothes.”

Davey took off his shoes and socks then stood up and pulled off his pants and underwear, his hard-on pointing straight up. He started to sit with her again.

“No, stand, Davey,” she insisted. “I’m not done looking at you. Turn around slowly so I can see you from all sides.”

He turned slowly and stopped with his back facing her.

“So handsome,” she said as she put her soft hand on his ass. “I love your legs.” She very slowly slid her hand from his ass down his inner thigh to his calf.

“Turn and face me again, Davey.”

He did.

“I love how your cock stands up when it gets so hard. It’s very hard today, isn’t it Davey?” She reached up and touched it softly, sliding her hands down to caress his balls.

“It’s very hard, Sandy.” Davey struggled with his excitement.

“You like to rub your cock until you come don’t you, Davey?

“Yes, Sandy,” he stammered.

“Do you think of doing dirty things with me when you make yourself come?” She stared into his eyes.

“I do, Sandy.”

“Well, today is going to be different, Davey. No more imagining. You just keep doing as I say, and we’ll both be very happy.”

“Ok, Sandy.”

“Sit back down in your chair,” she directed. He would jump off a cliff if she told him to.

“I know you like to look at my body. So, I’m going to give you a tour. First I’m going to show you my pussy.”

Looking him straight in the eyes she very slowly uncrossed her legs, lifted her knees, then spread her legs. Her pubic hair was dark brown. Not taking her eyes off Davey, she slid her fingers through her hair then spread the lips of her pussy, which was glistening in the bright sunlight.

“Come close, Davey. I want you to see everything.”

He moved to the foot of her lounge chair and leaned in between her long legs, his huge erection poking his abdomen. He reached out to touch her, but she took his hand.

“Not yet, Davey. You’ll get your turn. Do you see this?” She pulled her lips back further to expose her large clit. “This is my clitoris, or clit. When you rub it or lick it, it gets excited and gets swollen and hard, like your cock. Watch me touch it.” Wetting two fingers in her mouth, she reached down and slowly circled her clit. “Mmmm, that feels so good. Do you like watching me rub my clit, Davey.”

Just inches casino siteleri from her pussy, Davey said, “I do, Sandy,” without lifting his head or looking up.

“I thought so. When my clit gets rubbed or licked in the right way it makes me come. I can come over and over again if you play with my clit just right. You’d like to put your mouth on my pussy and lick my clit until I come, wouldn’t you, Davey?”

Hi mouth watered at the thought and at the sight of her hardening clit as she massaged it with her lovely fingers. “I do want to lick you, Sandy, and make you come,” he responded from his close-up vantage point. She felt his warm breath on her pussy.

Sliding her fingers lower, she spread her lips with her other hand, her wedding ring sparkling in the bright sunlight.

“This is my vagina, Davey.” She spread herself wide open with her fingers.

“You’ve felt how wet it gets when I get excited. It gets wet so your big cock can slide in and out. I’ll love the feeling of your thick cock deep inside me, filling my pussy so tightly.” She pushed two fingers all the way into herself and slid them in and out.

“You want to put your cock in my pussy like this, don’t you, Davey?”

Davey could barely manage a “Yes.” He was so close he could smell her scent, as he had on his fingers the night of the party. He could hear the soft squishing sound her fingers made as they went in and out of her wetness.

She slowly pulled her fingers out of herself and told him to open his mouth. She slid them into his mouth. “Do you like the taste of my pussy, Davey?”

“Yes, Sandy. You taste so good.”

“Sit back up now,” she told him. Reluctantly he did. “I’m too warm in this dress.” She pulled it over her head, now wearing only a white bra. “You wanted to help me get this off when I massaged you. Take it off now, Davey.”

He reached around her, enjoying the smell of her neck, and worked at the clasp. Eventually, he got it unfastened, lifted the straps from her lovely shoulders, then pulled it off her voluptuous breasts. They shook enticingly. Unable to restrain himself he cupped one in his hand for a moment, before she pulled it away.

“You’re a bad boy for not waiting for my instructions, Davey.” She looked at him sternly, then smiled. “I know you like to look, so this is time for you to do that.”

“Ok, Sandy. I’ll just look.”

“Good,” she said. She held an ample breast in each hand, as if weighing them. Her nipples and areolas were large and dark brown.

“Do you think they’re too big, Davey.”

“They’re perfect, Sandy.”

Rubbing wet fingers around her areolas and nipples, she asked, “Do my nipples get you excited, Davey?”

“Very much, Sandy.”

She pinched a nipple and pulled on it. “When they’re touched like this, they get excited like my clit does, and my nipples get big and hard. Do you see that happening, Davey?”

“Yes, Sandy.”

“They’re very sensitive. If you play with them with your fingers, or with your mouth and tongue, or with your hard cock, it makes my clit get hard and my pussy very wet.” She played with her nipples as they got harder, jutting out from her soft round breasts.

“I can come just from having my nipples touched.” She closed her eyes as she continued pinching her nipples as he watched.

“We haven’t quite finished the tour, though. Would you like to see my ass, Davey?”

“I would, Sandy.”

She turned on the lounge chair, so her ass was facing him. She got on her hands and knees, then rested on her elbows, turning her head on a pillow so she could look back at him. “Come close again.” She reached back with one hand and squeezed one of her cheeks. “Do you like the shape of my ass, Davey?”

“Yes, it’s beautiful, Sandy.”

She arched her back, so her pussy was more exposed. “I like my pussy fucked from the back, too. When I arch my back like this you can drive you cock far into me and slam up against my ass.”

Davey trembled and his cock threatened to erupt.

Sandy then held her cheeks with both hands, spreading them wide. “See this, Davey?”

“Yes, Sandy.”

“It’s very sensitive, too. I want you to touch it with your fingers. I also want to feel your warm wet tongue on it, too. That will feel so good. And if you’re very good and do exactly as I say, I’ll even let you put your cock in my ass. Would you like to fuck my ass until you come inside me, Davey?”

“Yes,” he relied, incredulous.

“That wasn’t a complete response, Davey.”

“Yes, Sandy, I want to fuck your ass until I come inside you.” Davey was beside himself.

“Yes, that’s right. And you’ll make me come in many ways.”

“I will, Sandy,” Davy said earnestly.

“One slight problem we have is that as a very aroused young man, you’re going to come very quickly. The first time. So, you’re going to come first then, when you get hard again, we’ll be able to fuck for a long time. How does that sound, Davey?”

“So good, Sandy.” He absolutely trusted her plan.

“Come here güvenilir casino then, dear Davey,” she beckoned.

He was off his chair and climbing on top of her instantly. They kissed for a long time, their tongues probing and their hands touching each other’s bodies. She gripped his hips and pulled his rock hard erection into her soft belly. He lifted himself slightly so he could touch her magnificent breasts. They were soft and full; her nipples were hard as he touched them eagerly.

Davey buried his face in her breasts, pushing them together so he could switch back and forth kissing and pinching and sucking her nipples. Sandy moaned softly with pleasure, running her fingers along the crack of his ass as he circled her erect nipples with his tongue, her other hand cradling the back of his head.

“That feels so good, Davey,” she whispered in his ear. “Why don’t you bring your big cock up here to my breasts.”

Not sure what she had in mind, he did not hesitate. He moved up her body so he was straddling her ribs. She reached down into her purse and pulled out a small bottle.

“This will make things feel even better,” she said as she rubbed lubricant onto his cock and between her breasts. He rubbed his rigid cock against each of her hard nipples as she held his ass tight. He lowered himself onto her breasts and let his cock sink into them as he moved his hips.

“Your tits, I mean breasts, feel amazing,” he told her.

“Call them whatever you like. You’re so good at touching them. Here, I’ll hold them together while you rub your beautiful cock between them.” She pushed her breasts together and he slid his cock between them.

“Fuck my tits till you come, Davey. I want to feel your hot cum on my skin.”

Davey began sliding his cock back and forth between her ample breasts, his hands on her shoulders. Sandy pinched her nipples as she held her breasts together.

“I’m going to come soon, Sandy,” he said, sounding concerned.

“Good. Come all over me,” she pleaded.

With that, Davey’s orgasm let loose and throbbed endlessly, shooting cum nearly to her face. As it wound down, he kept grinding between her breasts in the slippery pool of lube and semen. He rubbed it on her nipples and sucked and pinched them softly.

“Pinch them harder, Davey. I like that,” she told him. He increased the pressure. “Even harder. They like a firm hand.” He did not want to hurt her, but he pinched them hard. “Mmmm, yes!” she cried out in pleasure.

“Can I lick your pussy now, Sandy?” he asked, unsure of the protocol for such things.

“Oh yes, baby. You can do anything you want to me. Please eat my pussy. I’m aching to feel your tongue everywhere.”

He moved down her body, kissing her as he went. He circled her bellybutton with his tongue then combed through her pubic hair with his fingers, stroking and pulling it. Then he got between her long legs, which she spread wide. He lowered his face to her pussy, pushing the hair aside to better expose her. Spreading her lips, he slowly ran his tongue down, across her clit, between her inner lips, then across the mouth of her soaking wet vagina.

“Oh God,” Sandy cried out. With that endorsement, his tongue made the same slow trek, up and down, over and over. Sandy squirmed and clutched his head, holding it firmly between her legs. She cried out again when he hardened his tongue and pushed it slightly into her vagina. He loved her taste and scent, how soft she felt against his tongue and lips. He loved bringing her intense pleasure and the sound of her soft moaning.

Trying something new, he began to suck on her clit, not hard but enough that she moaned louder and forcefully held his head in place. She like having her clit sucked. He kept it up.

“That’s so good. I love you sucking my clit. Fuck me with your fingers, too, baby,” she said through clenched teeth.

Without taking the suction off her clit, his slid one, then two fingers, into her dripping vagina, pushing them in and out of her deeply.

“Oh God!” she called out.

She squirmed and the muscles in her thighs twitched. Davey relentlessly sucked while fucking her with his fingers. She gripped his head so hard it almost hurt, but he thought of nothing but the taste of her delicious pussy and the feeling of his fingers inside touching her smooth flesh. His only desire was to make her come.

A few minutes later, she suddenly cried out. Her body moved uncontrollably as her massive orgasm exploded, spreading through her entire body. Liquid gushed from her pussy as she held Davey’s head to her clit and cried “Oh god” again and again. Very slowly it faded and her grip on him lightened.

He moved up from between her legs and lay on top of her. They kissed passionately, holding each other tight.

“You’re amazing, Davey,” she said, looking into his eyes. “You must have more experience than I thought. I haven’t felt anything that good in so very long. Maybe never.”

“No, I have very little experience, and nothing canlı casino like this. You’re so incredibly beautiful and sexy, Sandy. It must bring out the best in me.”

She smiled and kissed him again. “Well, you’re so kind and handsome and sexy. But we’re not done here quite yet. I’m going to get you hard so I can feel your cock inside me. Would you like that?”

“Just tell me what to do, Sandy,” he said, sliding his softening cock between the lips of her pussy.

“That’s a good start,” she smiled. “Let’s give each other oral sex at the same time. Lay on your back.”

He did and she got on top of him, her face to his cock. “Now you eat me and I’ll get your cock ready.” His cock began to stir faintly just hearing her plan.

He loved the feel of her weight on him, and the sight of her pussy and ass in his face. Holding her cheeks in his hands, he spread them apart as he licked all around her clit, his nose pressing into her vagina. He wanted to be buried in her.

Sandy was surprised how quickly he was recovering. At first, she easily took his entire soft penis into her mouth, but it engorged quickly, filling her mouth. She licked up and down his shaft and all over his balls, taking each one into her mouth, then running her tongue from below his balls back up to the tip of his cock, where she lingered. She took his nearly fully erect cock deep into her mouth, squeezing his ass each time she sucked him in.

Feeling his young cock hardening in her mouth aroused Sandy tremendously. But Davey’s total attention to bringing her to climax with his tongue made it impossible for her to focus on his cock, which by that time was fully recovered. So, she lightly kissed and licked it, while basking in the incredible pleasure he was giving her.

“Make me come again, baby,” she said.

The thought he was bringing her to another orgasm thrilled Davey. He slightly increased the suction on her clit and interspersed that with long licks up from her vagina. As her moaning got louder and her muscles twitched, he held her ass tight and did nothing but suck her clit until her second orgasm erupted, causing her to cry out loudly and grip his head with her thighs. Her orgasmic convolutions went on and on. Davey was amazed — and a little jealous — at the intensity and duration of her ecstasy.

When it finally passed, Sandy turned and lay next to him. She kissed him deeply, then said, “Now get up and fuck me with your amazing cock,” which she was gripping in her hand. As she released her hold, he moved back on top of her, marveling at her beautiful, willing body.

She held each of her legs and pulled them toward her, opening her pussy for him completely. “Fuck me as deep and hard and long as you can, Davey. And come inside me — nothing to worry about.”

Not hesitating, Davey was on his knees, legs spread, when he drove his cock all the way into her in a single thrust, clutching her hips.

“Oh my God!” she cried.

He could not believe the incredible feeling of his cock deep in her warm, wet pussy. He lost all his usual reserve and did as she had directed, fucking her deep and hard. He pounded in and out of her, pulling his long cock nearly all the way out before plunging it back in to the hilt. The feeling of it going in and out of her made him crazy; he fucked her with even greater intensity. He felt like he could go on for a long time.

She moaned incessantly. “Oh God, Davey! Fuck me harder! Deeper!” The sweat poured off Davey as he penetrated her with all his might. Sandy pulled her legs up to her chest so he could go even deeper. He pressed his weight into her as he drove his cock in, as he reached around and held her ass tight. Sandy rubbed her clit furiously.

After a time, they both screamed and bucked as their orgasms collided. Davey felt the pulses of his cum flowing deep into her as her fingernails dug into his back. Eventually they fell into each other and kissed with great passion for a long time, his cock still inside her, neither of them wanting it to end.

“Come with me, Davey.” Sandy got up, took his hand, and led him into the house. In the bathroom she opened the shower door, turned on the water, and they went in together. The warm water cascading over them, they kissed and rubbed their soapy bodies together. Then they took turns gently washing each other. Leaving the shower, they dried each other then walked naked back through the house to their clothes.

“I’m afraid it’s time for your exit, baby,” she said. “We won’t be alone here much longer.”

“That was unbelievable, Sandy. All of it,” he said as they dressed, pulling her in close for one last kiss.

“It was Davey. Wonderful. Think of me when you go to sleep tonight. I’ll be thinking of you.” She gave him a beautiful smile as he reluctantly turned and went out the door.


Sandy called on Friday afternoon.

“Steve just told me he wants to barbeque tonight. He liked my idea of inviting you over, since you’re having such a lonely summer,” she said playfully.

Davey paused. “Won’t that be weird?”

“A little,” she responded. “But we’re going to visit Steve’s daughter, Ann, for the weekend. I wanted to see you before we leave in the morning. But if it feels too awkward, I’ll understand.”

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