The Arrangement Pt. 02


Author note: To enjoy this story in context, you really need to read Part 1 first!

It was a week or so later, when Mandy and I were having a late dinner after the kids had gone to bed. In a strange kind of way, our relationship had strengthened, and we felt as close as we ever had been. It was as though the ‘Pamela episode’ had brought a spark back and had re-awakened our sexuality.

Mandy had been working almost constantly since that night, so we’d had little time to discuss what had happened, but it was obvious that she was completely fine with it.

“I never got the chance to tell you about our other ideas for sexy scenarios, did I?” she asked.

“One idea we had was this. Pam showed me this porn site, where this guy goes to visit middle-aged and older women. He gets them to lift their skirts and takes photos and videos up their skirts. Then he’ll get them to pull their knickers to one side and show off their pussies to the camera.

“Obviously, he pays them, but some are willing to do more for extra money. He usually just wanks over her knickers, but sometimes more happens, like her masturbating.

“When he gets a really willing one, sometimes she’ll suck his cock, and occasionally, he gets to fuck her. In fact, there was one where she let him fuck her arse.”

I could see where this was going…

“So, you want us to do a bit of play-acting? We visit Pam to ‘do a shoot’? I take lots of photos up her dress and get her to do all kinds of things, while I’m snapping away? I must admit, that sounds really quite exciting!” I replied.

“Exactly,” Mandy said, her eyes sparkling. “In fact, I could be your ‘assistant’ and video the whole thing… imagine that! We could play the film back whenever we wanted… we could even share it with Pam… reckon that would get her juices flowing!”

I laughed. “I don’t think Pam needs much to get her juices flowing! You do realise she’s a squirter, don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” was her reply. “The carpet has only just dried out! You have to admit, she’s a sexy old bird.”

“You are right,” I admitted. “I will never again judge a book by its cover.

“I must admit, what you two have cooked up, is a really erotic idea. When have you got in mind?” I asked, secretly hoping the answer would be very soon. I was now fully recovered, and was very much looking forward to another, sexually charged session like last week.

“Well, you’d need to sort out the cameras and stuff. I’m not working tomorrow night, so how about then? I’ll see if I can arrange a babysitter, so we can go round to Pam’s house. Better than here.”

After clearing up the dinner things, I wasted no time in sorting out the cameras, getting batteries on charge, and making sure we’d got empty memory cards.

When we were settled in the lounge, Mandy took out her tablet and opened up the section on the porn site she’d been talking about. We watched through a few of the videos, which I enjoyed. The subjects were just ordinary women, mainly in their 50’s and 60’s, nothing special, showing off their underwear to the cameraman. As Mandy had said, sometimes things went further if the woman was less inhibited, or more desperate for cash. I had to admit, it made a refreshing change from bog standard porn, with fake everything. It wasn’t long before we were both beginning to feel quite turned on.

But we went off to bed that night, resolving to keep our hands off each other. I wanted to be locked and loaded, ready for Pam tomorrow. But sleep was elusive… I tossed and turned, imagining all kinds of tantalising scenarios involving Pam. If I were honest with myself, I would admit to being more than a little intrigued by her and indeed, drawn to her. Was it the sheer intensity of her innate sexuality, her obvious willingness to try anything, or the prospect of leading her further down the path of depravity she had chosen? Either way, it was obvious that our lives were never going to be quite the same as they were a week or so ago…

The next day passed slowly, filled with the usual Saturday chores. During the afternoon, Mandy asked me to look after the kids while she popped round to see Pam. Funnily enough, this time, I had no objection to her disappearing next door, knowing that they would be scheming some fun for that night! While she was out, I packed all the camera gear into a discrete bag, together with a small tabletop tripod, which I thought might come in handy. Mandy had already left out her favourite sex toy — a silver bullet vibrator with a remote battery pack, which went in the bag as well.

Finally, it was time for dinner and as we were a couple of hours from our agreed time to meet Pam, she handed me another of the tablets, which I washed down with a cup of coffee. Then, it was time to get ready for what we both hoped would be another exciting evening. Mandy headed for the bathroom first; I followed her when she had finished.

In the end, I was ready before Mandy, and waited downstairs for her. I had isveçbahis yeni giriş chosen to dress in a short-sleeved shirt and loose-fitting chinos, figuring that overly tight jeans could quickly become constricting and uncomfortable, knowing the way my cock had expanded last time.

Soon Mandy joined me, looking very sexy, but in a restrained way. She had put on a simple denim skirt together with a white t-shirt. She had applied slightly heavier make-up than usual, with smoky grey eye shadow and deep burgundy lip gloss. Her toenails and fingernails were painted to match. A sexy, verging on slightly tarty look. I loved it. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, as her nipples were making delightful little bumps in the fabric of her shirt. Mandy had a quick check to make sure the kids couldn’t see, then turned her back to me and flicked up the hem of her skirt, to display her gorgeous, naked bottom. I nodded in approval and smiled, feeling my cock stir at the sight.

“There didn’t seem to be much point,” she confided, with a little grin.

Finally, the babysitter arrived. I spent possibly one moment too long looking at her peachy 18-year-old arse and perky little breasts, which resulted in me getting a swift dig in the ribs from Mandy.

She hissed at me, “Just because I’m letting you fuck the neighbour, don’t get any ideas about screwing anyone else, or I’ll cut your balls off!”

Well, that told me. Suitably admonished, I averted my gaze from Victoria’s nubile body and tried to act more like the dutiful husband, about to accompany his wife for drinks with a neighbour.

Clutching a bag containing the camera gear and a couple of bottles of chilled Chenin, we said goodnight to the kids, urged them to be good and told Victoria to call us if there were any problems, whilst secretly praying that nothing would contrive to interrupt us.

We covered the short walk to Pam’s house hand in hand. As we strolled up the path to her front door, Mandy confirmed the plan for tonight.

“We’re going to role-play the whole ‘internet shoot’ scenario. Pam is really excited about the whole idea, so play along as much as you can, please.”

“Sounds like it’s going to be fun,” I said. “I can’t pretend I’m not looking forward to it!”

With that, Mandy tapped on the door, and a few seconds later, it was opened by a smiling Pam, who was wearing a grey two-piece skirt suit, with a cream blouse under the jacket. The skirt was fitted and reached to just above her knees, revealing her nylon-clad legs below. She was wearing elegant black shoes with a low heel. She was made up nicely and had done her hair.

I spoke first, getting straight ‘into part’, “Hello, are you Pamela? We’re here to do the shoot. I’m Alan, and this is Mandy, my assistant.”

“Hello, both of you. Do come in.” Pam ushered us into the hallway and led us into the lounge. I handed her the bottles of wine, and she went to put them in the fridge.

She called from the kitchen, “Can I get you both a drink of something, before we start?”

We settled on white wine, and a minute later, Pam returned with three glasses. I tasted the wine, then started unpacking the cameras.

“Okay, so how does this work then?” she asked, getting the game going.

I explained, “Well, this is what we call an audition shoot. I’m afraid you don’t get paid for this one. It’s really to see how well you respond in front of the camera and what you’re prepared to do. Some people get camera shy and freeze up a bit, so the best thing is to try and ignore the cameras.

“I’ll be taking stills and talking you through what I’d like you to do, and Mandy will shoot a video of the whole thing. Is that alright? We can even give you a copy on DVD.”

Pam beamed and nodded enthusiastically.

I made a big deal of checking that the curtains were fully drawn. “We don’t want nosy neighbours to see what’s going on, do we?” I said. I was starting to enjoy the play-acting.

“Now we do need plenty of lights on. It might not look very romantic, but the video will come out much better than in subdued lighting.”

Pam went round switching on the various lights, while I set the camcorder onto its little tripod and switched it on, ready for Mandy to use. Then I set my small still camera to auto flash and a skin-tone setting.

“Good, I think we’re all ready to go then,” I announced. “Let’s sit and have our wine, get you nice and relaxed, then we can start,” I added, trying to sound as if I knew what I was doing.

Once we’d finished our wine, I got Pam to pose in various ways: leaning on the mantel, bending to pick up something off the coffee table, and so on. All the while, I was snapping off lots of shots.

“Ok Pamela, can I get you to unbutton your jacket and pull it open a bit, please?” I asked.

Pam deftly undid the buttons and scooped the sides of her jacket apart, to reveal her sizeable breasts, with a pretty white lacy bra showing through the thin material of her isveçbahis giriş blouse.

I snapped off more frames, getting in closer all the time. Looking closely at her boobs, I said, “D’you mind if I have a feel?”

Pam shook her head, and I made a play of gently squeezing them, as if gauging them for size and firmness, taking more photos of my hand on her boob.

“That’s great, can we lose the jacket now, please,” I directed. Pam complied, and shrugged the jacket off, before tossing it onto a chair.

“Lovely, lovely,” I said, as I clicked the shutter repeatedly. “Now let’s see what you’ve got under that blouse. Can you undo a few buttons please?”

Pam undid some buttons as requested, then pulled the top of the blouse open, to reveal her big boobs, lifted by the push-up bra into a delightful cleavage. The lacy edge of the material was just covering her nipples.

“Oh yes, that’s very nice indeed,” I commented as I clicked away with the camera. “Now Pamela, show us a bit of nipple.” I was getting into this and enjoyed directing her to display herself.

Pam eased the edge of the lace down to allow her nipple to come into sight, then gently rolled the teat between her fingers, sexily looking straight into the camera as she did so.

“Oh, that’s fantastic, our viewers will love that, really lovely tits,” I said as I snapped a couple of close-ups of her fingers squeezing her nipple.

I reached my hand into the other bra cup and felt her nipple, rolling it between my finger and thumb. I was quickly reminded of the previous weekend and felt stirrings in my loins.

I turned to Mandy, standing a few feet away with the camcorder. “Are you getting all this ok, Mandy?” I asked. She nodded and smiled, focused on the camera’s display screen.

I turned back to Pam. “Now, Pamela, it’s time to move it on a bit. Come over here and stand with your legs apart a bit.” She did as she was told, with me positioning her in the middle of the room.

“Nice arse,” I said, complimenting her as if it were the first time, I’d seen it. I ran my hand over the curve of one cheek, as if assessing it, then the other, before giving her bottom a lovely squeeze. I made sure to stand slightly to one side, so Mandy could get a good angle.

“Lovely firm bottom, Pamela! Can’t wait to see a bit more of that!” I tried to emulate the guy on the porn video.

Pam giggled and shimmied her backside, which looked very enticing under the business skirt. Crouching down on the floor in proper photographer style, I shot a couple of up-angles, then said, “Ok, Pamela, let’s see what you’ve got under there! I want you to… very slowly, lift the hem of your skirt, until I tell you to stop.”

Pam reached down and grasped the hem of her skirt and gently slid it up her nylon-encased legs. I snapped away as her shapely thighs came into view, and she finally exposed stocking tops.

“Oh, wow, fantastic, you’re wearing hold-ups!” I exclaimed. “Lovely, that’s dead sexy, hold it like that please.” Click, click, click. Then I took the liberty of running my hand over the soft, naked flesh above the stocking, and felt Pam respond to my touch. I then ran my hand over the sheer nylon all the way up her leg from her calf, and Pam sighed under her breath. I could feel my cock starting to swell.

“Ok, brilliant, can you lower your skirt back down for me?” I was having no difficulty playing this photographer role, and hoped she was enjoying hers as a model.

I positioned the camera under her skirt, pointing upwards and clicked off a couple of flash shots. I quickly reviewed the pictures of her thighs and knicker gusset, then said, “That’s lovely, spread your legs a bit more for me please.” Click, click.

These were better — lovely clear shots of her stockings, thighs, the curve of her arse and her pussy outlined against the thin white material of her knickers. I could even see the beginnings of a damp patch. Nice.

“Ok, Pamela, you’re doing absolutely great! Now I want you to bend forwards. Lean on the coffee table if you like.” I took her ankle, to persuade her to spread her legs, as far as the skirt would allow.

“Oh yeah, look at that arse! Really nice! Now let’s get some shots of your bum.” I ran my hand over each cheek in turn, slightly hampered by having to hold the camera in my other hand.

I gathered her skirt and steadily pushed it up her legs, until I was able to ruck it up round her waist, so it stayed put. What a glorious sight! The charcoal grey of her stockings, with a darker band round the tops, contrasted delightfully with the pale flesh of her upper thighs.

Pam was wearing a beautiful pair of white French-cut knickers, made from a satiny material, with a lace edging. The cut shaped up toward her hips, showing off her bottom perfectly.

I grasped the material and bunched it in the middle, so the thin material disappeared into the crack of her arse, leaving her twin globes on perfect display. Click, click. isveçbahis güvenilirmi I snapped off shot after shot, then used my fingers to pry her cheeks apart. I could just make out the edge of her brown anal ring and a few pussy hairs peeping round the edge of the gusset. Click, click. A couple of lovely close-ups.

I beckoned Mandy to come nearer and film what I could see. When she was close enough to film every detail, I pulled Pam’s knickers to one side, exposing her anus and some of her vaginal slit. I put my camera down for a moment and slid my finger all the way from her puckered anus, down between her pussy lips. She was deliciously wet; her juices lubricated my finger as I slid it back and forth and dipped a finger into her pussy hole. Pam moaned softly.

With my finger still inside her, I managed to hold the camera and snap off a couple of lovely close-ups of my finger in between her glistening pussy lips. I continued working my finger in and out of Pam’s tight, moist cunt hole; she responded by starting to work her hips, slowly gyrating them against my contact. Pam was clearly getting well worked up, and so was I. I had to slip my finger out of her and re-arrange my uncomfortably swollen cock in my chinos.

“Ok,” I announced, “That will do for that pose. Pamela let’s get you sitting in that chair over there,” I proposed.

Pam, looking a little flustered, straightened herself up and her skirt fell back down. Once she was standing, I had an idea.

“Pamela, before you sit down, let’s have a proper look at those lovely puppies of yours. Can you pull your bra down, so we can see them?”

Pam tried to release her boobs from the confines of her bra, without success, so she slipped the straps off her shoulders. She was then able to pull down the front and tip her hefty boobs out of their lacy prison. She stood there, in her business skirt, her posh blouse undone, her breasts spilled out. She made quite a sight, and I snapped away with my little camera.

“Wow, you look seriously hot! A proper MILF,” I said, as she continually changed her pose for the camera, first crossing her arms to push her boobs up, then using both hands to tweak her big nipples. I was avidly taking photos. Medium shots, close-ups, the lot. I wasn’t just saying it, she did look fucking hot, and I was longing to feel my cock inside her again. All the while, from behind me, Mandy was busy capturing a video version of the whole scene.

“I think we need to lose that skirt, Pamela,” I suggested, almost pleadingly. “I know you’ll look fab in just the stockings.”

She had no hesitation complying, as she unzipped the garment and let it slip to the floor, leaving her dressed in just her stockings and French knickers, with her breasts poking out erotically between the folds of her blouse. I hoped Mandy captured that. I was beginning to feel quite desperate to fuck Pam, but also wanted help fulfil her fantasy, so decided to keep the game going for a bit longer.

With Mandy to my side, conscientiously filming everything, I leaned forward and took one of Pam’s lovely nipples into my mouth, sucking hard on it and rolling it between my tongue and roof of my mouth. Pam sighed and held the back of my head, urging me closer. The heady scent of her perfume almost overwhelmed me. I managed to blindly snap off a couple of shots, hoping they would capture the moment. Releasing that nipple, which had now swelled hard, I repeated my suckling on her other breast. Pam was now groaning audibly, and I could imagine the juice pooling in the gusset of her knickers.

I took Pam’s hand and led her over to the armchair. After getting her to sit down, I fussed with her blouse and bra, to get them looking just right. Her big breasts jutted out proudly, her nipples still beautifully erect. I made sure I brushed my hands across them as I adjusted her clothing, in the pretence of getting her to look just right.

“Now, Pamela, what I’d like you to do, is slide forward a bit and spread your legs. Let’s get some nice shots of your knickers,” I instructed.

Pam did as she was asked and shimmied forward on the chair. She not only parted her legs, but hooked one over the arm, which opened her legs wide. Oh, what a sight she made! The gusset of her white knickers was in full view, with a dark patch where her juices had clearly soaked through the thin material. The soft flesh of her creamy white thighs looked tantalising in contrast to the dark tops of her stockings. I just stood there for a few moments, taking in the sight in front of me. My cock was now hard beyond belief; I could feel the precum oozing from it and I had to fight the urge to release my engorged penis from my clothing and offer it to her warm mouth.

I snapped a whole series of photos, trying to capture something of the tantalising sight in front of me.

“What I’d like you to do now, Pamela, is pull your knickers up tight, please,” I urged her. Pam got the idea immediately, and grasped the top of them, then gently pulled them upward, so the material tightened into her pussy. The effect was wickedly erotic, showing her pussy lips in a clearly defined camel toe, her wispy pubic hair showing around either side. I got in really close for some really detailed photos. Click, click.

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