The Bet


“Oh you’re going down, Mister!” she said while doing her best rope and ride impression.“Oh right!” he replied as they watched the final game of the American League championship. Neither of their teams made the playoffs, so they decided to have a little fun at the end of this series.“You’re gonna have to watch,” she said. “Two more outs and it’s ALL OVER!”That was Sunday evening.—-It was one of those weirdly perfect early fall days. Not hot, not cold, and no humidity. The sky, a deep blue with cotton ball clouds here and there and a light breeze. One of those days you feel like you need to cherish because they are so rare even in the Appalachian mountains where the weather is pretty good most of the time.Average traffic on the way there was bahis siteleri accompanied by some singing out loud in the car. He wondered if she picked those songs to hide the fidgeting. She’s not the sing the car type.They arrived at the airport and passed through the security gate with their badges. There weren’t many planes on the ramp despite the incredible weather.They pulled up to the hangar and opened the doors. Stepping to her side of the plane and looked around nervously. No one was around. Didn’t hurt that it was a Tuesday and the hangar was in the middle of a row of buildings, well concealed from the rest of the airport.She took a deep breath and pulled off her shirt. Her thick red hair fell to her shoulders, and she put her arms canlı bahis siteleri down, looking at him briefly with a smirk.”Be on the lookout you!” she said, pointing at him accusingly.He shook his head, “Oh no, I’m not missing one second of this part.”She shot him a dirty look and stuck out her tongue at him.She unhooked her simple white bra in the front and paused for a second, looking him directly in the eyes before slowly letting it slide off of her ample breasts. He couldn’t look away as she undid her pants and let them drop to the floor.“Shoes on or off?” she asked casually in just her panties.“Ladies choice,” he replied.She paused to think for a second. This seemed like a daring move to him. She was almost naked in plain canlı bahis view of anyone that came by, and her pause seemed intentional. She climbed into the plane with just her shoes and panties on and fastened her shoulder harnesses.“Let’s get this thing moving, flyboy,” she said with a little less confidence than before. Her eyes shifted around as if looking for a spy.He was deliberate in his preflight. Not because he expected something to be wrong with the plane, but because he knew she hadn’t anticipated this required step and the time spent on the ground was dangerous for her.“C’mon, man,” she cried as he checked the oil for the second time. He smiled at her as he stepped to the sink to wash his hands.He walked to the front of the plane and pulled it out of the hangar. Sunlight beamed through the windshield, and the crisp October air reached her through the pilot side door.She looked around nervously, knowing that someone could walk right up to her at this point.

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