The boutique


The boutiqueLouise fancied getting something to get her boyfriend hot and horny over the weekend so she entered the Lingerie Boutique late on Friday afternoon with the shop due to close within twenty minutes. She browsed the rails for ten minutes or so when she heard the assistant say, “You don’t have to rush as I have few things to sort before I leave tonight so please feel free to browse. I will lock the door in a couple of minutes though”.Louise leaned around the rack and noticed the assistant behind the counter. Around 5ft 2 or 3, she was a little shorter than Louise and in her early to mid twenties with blonde shoulder length hair, a cute round face with blue eyes and a figure that any outfit on the boutique would look perfect on. “Thanks, If you’re okay with that” said Louise.“No problem” replied the assistant, giving Louise such a sweet smile, “would you mind if I locked the door now as I don’t think there will be anyone else coming in?”.“Please do” replied Louise, returning the smile, and carried on browsing.Louise picked several outfits and made her way to the changing rooms. The negligees and bra & panty sets looked great on her 34-22-34 figure but she didn’t think they would have the desired effect. She picked up the leather corset, which had a laced back and a zipped front with some ornate stitching patterns, put it round her waist and started to zip it up. She tucked her ample breasts in to the corset and pulled the zip to the top. She was a D cup and guessed the corset was a C as her boobs were practically falling out the top and only held in by her nipples, which were hardening as she looked at her reflection. With her aureoles peeking out of the top under the bulging breasts, she knew she looked great. ‘Perfect’ she thought, ‘this will make his cock rock hard in seconds’ and grinned at her reflection imagining the hot sex that will result from her acquisition.Stepping back from the mirror she took in her black lacey panties and the black leather figure hugging corset that fit every curve she had, apart from her ample boobs which were trying to escape. ‘Maybe I’ll try the next size up just bahis siteleri in case’ she thought, ‘Mind, I do look so fuckable in this’.She tugged on the zip but it didn’t move. She pulled the zip up and then down, it still didn’t move. Her boobs jiggled up quivered with all the shaking and her nipples began to chafe. She tried several times but could still not move the zip but had voiced a few curses at the zip.Opening the door she started exit the changing room as the assistant came into the changing room area and stopped roughly 6 feet from Louise. “Sorry, I heard some unhappy words and thought I’d check to see if you’re okay” enquired the assistant. Her concerned look changed to a wide eyed stunned look and Louise blushed and immediately put her hands over her breasts. “Wow, what an outfit, you look fantastic” the assistant cried, her eyes getting even bigger (definitely the right outfit, Louise thought).Still blushing Louise said, in a coy voice, “I think I need some help, please. What use is it looking this good and getting my boyfriend all horny without him being able to get it off me?” She explained about the zip getting stuck.The assistant said, “I’m Katy, by the way” she gestured to the changing room, “shall we go back in and try again? The front door is locked so there’s no chance of anyone walking in”. She guided me back into the changing area, “Let’s have a look shall we” Katy said tugging on the zip. It didn’t move. She tugged harder, it still didn’t move. Louise’s boobs were giggling and wobbling like crazy and her aureoles were showing more and more. She gave another hard tug and Louise’s ample breasts completely fell out with her nipples as stiff as they could get, although they were very red. By this stage Louise had her arms out behind her braced against the wall for some stability. The zip came down and the corset was removed completely. Louise stood up and cupped her breasts and looked at the redness, “That was a bit rough on my boobs” said Louise with a slight smile.Katy said with concern, “I’m so sorry. Give me a momment as I may have something to help you. Please sit down on the canlı bahis siteleri bench and I’ll be back in a sec”. Louise sat down, looking at her boobs. Katy returned with a tube of cream, smiled and dropped to her knees in front of Louise and squeezed some cream from the tube into her palm.“This is a soothing lotion and should sooth the skin, taking away the soreness you’re feeling” Katy said.Just as Louise was about to say something, Katy had her hands around each of Louise’s breasts and was gently massaging the lotion in. Katy was taken by surprise due to the situation and wanted to protest but the wonderful feeling coming from her boobs stopped her in her mental tracks.’I am sitting here in a changing room, practically naked, except for my thong, and a strange woman is rubbing my tits! My god it feels good though’ Louise thought.“I am sorry but I feel so bad and hope I haven’t caused you too much discomfort getting that corset off” Katy said“I’m okay, thanks. Feeling a little nervous, that’s all” said Louise stammering slightly.“Hope you don’t mind me saying but you looked super sexy in that corset. It goes so well with your pale skin and your long dark hair, well, simply superb” commented Katy giving Louise a warm satisfied smile.“Thank you” said Louise softly with half closed eyes, lost in the warm tingling sensation coming from her breasts and nipples. Her nipples were rock hard and really sensitive. “The lotion is incredible”.“This lotion increases the blood flow to your skin making it feel warm and tingly” replied Katy.“It certainly does” said Louise, her eyes closed now. Louise arched her back forcing her her breasts into the wonderful massage they were getting increasing the pressure of Katy’s hands against her nipples.“Am I pressing too hard, are you enjoying it?” Katy asked, as I felt her massage harder.“Not too hard and yes it’s heavenly” Louise answered barely able to speak.Katy cupped, massaged and caressed Louise’s ample boobs paying attention to her nipples on every stroke, “Nearly finished. My mother always told me that when you get a sore you shouls always ‘kiss it better’” she canlı bahis said with a seductive smile. She then bent forward and kissed each nipple causing Louise to gasp and open her eyes slightly. Katy the blew across each nipple making Louise gasp with satisfaction again whispering, “Oh my god” and letting her head fall back.Katy took the opportunity to lean forward taking one nipple into her mouth, gently sucking and nibbling before moving to the other. Louise gasped and shuddered and moaned with delight. Katy repeated the sucking and nibbling getting harder each time. Louise was lost in the erotic sensation and when she felt Katy gently stroking her pussy lips Katy just let her legs open automatically to allow Katy to do what she wanted to.Katy was kissing Louise all over her breasts, stopping to appreciate each nipple before kissing her way up Louise’s neck to her ear where she nibbled and breathed softly on her skin. Louise was so aroused she couldn’t stop Katy if she wanted to. Katy then kissed across her face to Louise’s lips and gently pressed and pierced them with her tongue. Louise responded to the kiss, hungrily wanting more.It was then that Louise realised that Katy’s fingers had slipped inside her thong and were fingering her pussy, which by now was so wet that Louise was beyond stopping Katy doing anything she wanted. Louise couldn’t help but hump Katy’s fingers for all she was worth.“Take off your panties” said Katy.Louise lifted her ass allowing Katy to pull her thong all the way down so that Louise could remove her feet. Katy got between Louise’s legs and spread them very wide, then kissed her way down to Luoise’s soaked and gaping pussy. Louise was past the point of saying no any more but gasped and groaned loudly as her clitoris was sucked and tongue teased by Katy’s adept tongue. “Oh fuck, I’m going to come!” Louise gasped before screaming in ecstasy. Katy gently kissed her way back up to Louise’s mouth and gave her a soft and sensual kiss.The two ladies stood up and Katy kissed Louise again lovingly and then helped her to dress. Katy got another corset, tested the zip and gave it to Louise. Unlocking the door, she winked and, with a cheeky smile, wished Louise a very good and sexy weekend. Louise thanked Katy, smiled and walked away making a mental note to come back sometime in the future and return the favour.

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