The Boys Club Pt. 09


Saturday morning, Angela, and Mark’s.

Mark walked into the kitchen toweling himself off after a long run. His mom, Angela, was just finishing her last cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

“What’s your plan for today mom,” asked Mark?

“I’ve got to go to the office to finish my end-of-month reports,” replied Angela.

“Anyone else going be there,” asked Mark?

“Nope,” replied Angela with a smile. “Lily won’t be there.”

Lily was a 22-year-old college girl that helped Angela with her accounting business, part-time. Angela was well aware that Mark had a real thing for Lily, but wasn’t pressing it because he thought he was too young for her.

Angela decided it was time to switch from being her son’s sex slave to her son’s mother, looking at him and saying “Lily likes you. This is an order from your mother. Next time you see her you will ask her out she will not say no. She and I talk…”

“Mark, Lily is dying for you to ask her out. Do it before someone else does. Understood” asked Angela?

Mark replied, “She wants to date me?”

“Duh..” replied Angela.

“Okay, mom, I’ll call her as soon as we’re done here. Would it be okay if I stop by in a little bit to go over the final estimate for upgrading your computer systems,” asked Mark?

“Sure,” replied Angela.

Angela’s office.

Angela was in her office conference room finishing up her end-of-month reports for various clients when she heard the back door open. She turned, expecting to see her son and perhaps his partner, Billy. Instead, all four boys filed into the room.

Angela’s stomach dropped out from under her. She knew instantly what was about to happen to her. She immediately started to get wet. Over the last week or so, when she, and the other moms, had been turned into sex slaves, they’d all noticed that they became wet at the drop of a hat.

Christina had researched the subject for the moms and found that it wasn’t unusual for a person who is voluntarily a sex slave to become hyper-sexualized. Angela knew all it took was that look from her son or one of the boys, and her body would automatically start preparing to be penetrated. Deep down where she lived, she loved it.

Angela started to stand up but was quickly pushed over the conference table onto her face by her son.

“You don’t need to go anywhere mom, you’re in a perfect position,” said Mark.

With that Mark pulled Angela’s shorts and panties down and made her step out of them. At the same time, Tom was pulling Angela’s T-shirt off. Ken immediately unhooked and removed her bra, leaving the young mother naked and ready for their enjoyment.

Mark ran his hand down his mother’s crotch from the top of her pussy to her asshole, noting that her asshole was shiny and slick with lubrication.

“I think the ladies are getting it,” said Mark. “Moms asshole is nice and slick and ready to be used.”

Billy laughed, “Yeah the first couple times they get plowed with a less than thoroughly lubed asshole, they learn.”

Angela was mortified, turning a deep red all over. She also knew they were right. The mothers had quickly learned that to enjoy getting hammered in the backside, which they loved, they needed to make sure they were ready to be entered. Even as well-mannered as their boys are, they’re still teenagers, and sometimes a little quick to get to the point.

Angela felt the head of her son’s cock pressing against her rosebud and with one powerful thrust and a grunt he buried himself to his balls in his mother’s ass. Angela had loved being taken this way from the beginning, and arched her back and moaned, saying, “Yes.”

Mark’s hands were all over his mother’s amazing body, marveling at how smooth and silky her skin was, yet how firm and tight her muscles were. He especially loved his mom’s amazing breasts. Angela’s breasts were nowhere near the size of Mary’s, nor Christine’s, but he thought they were the most perfect pair in size shape, and firmness of all the moms.

Angela’s breasts had high small but prominent nipples. A certain look from one of the boys was all it took and those nipples would instantly get hard.

Mark grabbed his mother’s breasts and pulled her torso up against his. He spun her around so that she was facing away from the table. Holding her firmly he backed against the table and then squirmed up onto it so he was sitting on the edge with his mother impaled on his cock.

Ken immediately walked in between Angela’s obscenely spread legs and slammed his cock deep into her body. At the same time, Tom was busy tying Angela’s arms asyabahis yeni giriş behind her back and putting a loop of it up around her neck, and tightening it to hold her head back. The boys did need to tie her to get their way, it was simply a way of reinforcing to their slave that she was a slave.

Angela reacted the same way that her best friend Mary had acted when the boys first took her by force. She went crazy. She started wailing unintelligibly. That didn’t last very long, as Billy jumped on the table, grabbed Angela by the hair, and slid his cock deep into the back of her throat.

“Look me in the eye while I facefuck you,” ordered Billy. Angela immediately did as she was told, looking deep into Billy’s eyes, communicating with her eyes, that she loved what the boys were doing to her.

The feel of three young cocks filling her set off her first, and massive orgasm. Over the last few days Angela had had some truly impressive orgasms at the hands of the boys club, but this one was the prizewinner.

All the boys had to do was hold on to the thrashing mother. Her frenzied jerking, shaking, and almost seizing, was all it took to push them over the edge, the boys coming in a 123 order into their willing slave.

“My turn,” said Tom

Tom hopped up onto the conference table and lay down on his back with his legs hanging off the edge of the table. He looked at his friends and said, “lift the slut up and lower her down on me.”

Mark and Ken grabbed Angela and lifted her, positioned her over Tommy, and started lowering her. Tommy reached up and grabbed her gorgeous hips and guided her down until the head of his cock slipped into her soaking wet cunt. Once her full weight settled on top he hugged her, whispered into her ear how beautiful she was, and how good she felt wrapped around his dick.

He just held her there for a while, relishing in the tight hot wetness of Angela, kneading her ass, and running his hands up and down her smooth but muscular back while constantly telling her how amazing she was and how good she felt.

Teenage boys being teenage boys, the other three weren’t long in recharging. Mark especially was almost immediately hard at the incredibly obscene picture of his mother being used as a fucktoy by his friends. He walked around behind his mother, and with no warning at all, spread her cheeks and slammed his cock up his mommy’s ass.

Angela just gave a deep heartfelt moan. She’d pulled all the details out of Mary after Mary’s gang bang. Something that struck her most, was how Mary said that she had just drifted off into a private place in her mind and did nothing but concentrate on how good it felt to be pleasured by multiple men at one time.

Angela realized that she was drifting into the same kind of mental state. By this time Kenny had climbed up on the table and fed his cock into Angela’s mouth. The sensation she was experiencing was beyond amazing. The obscene but fulfilling feel of three cocks filling her body, coupled with the feel of four sets of hands caressing her, massaging her, kneading her breasts and ass, and the passionate words being whispered into her ear by the boys, pushed her into a state she’d never been in before.

The cherry on the cake was that she felt no shame, no guilt, and could not imagine why she should. She loved each one of her lovers, she loved what they were doing to her, and she loved the freedom she was experiencing. The freedom to let her body be used the way she’d always wanted it to be used, and not have to worry about it or agonize about it. She knew she would never again feel shame for wanting to pleasure a partner and be pleasured

The boys had more gas in the tank this go around, so Angela got ridden hard for almost a solid 15 minutes before the first cock went off in her mouth, sending a load of cum into her stomach. Shortly afterward she felt Kenny grab her hips and pull her down hard onto a massive upwards thrust and grunting as he shot a load of hot sticky cum in her welcoming cunt.

That was all it took for her son to reach his peak, as he slammed himself into his mother’s body with everything he had, before filling her bowels with his steaming load.

Angela had had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, and she was limp with exhaustion. In the back of her mind, she wondered how she was going to get through a whole day of this.

The boys pulled Angela off the table, untied her, and helped her put her shorts and T-shirt back on. They left her panties and bra lying on the floor in the conference room.

Mark held out asyabahis giriş a collar to Angela. She recognized it as a twin of the collar Mary now wore. It had a silver plate on it with her name and her son’s phone number. “Your choice mom, refuse this, and we’re done for the day. Put it on, and we’re just starting,” said Mark.

Angela smiled, looking into her son’s eyes, and fastened the collar around her neck.

Mark then picked his mom up in his arms and carried her out to her car. While carrying her out he whispered into her ear, “I called Lily. I’m having dinner at her apartment tomorrow night. She made it pretty clear I was expected to stay for breakfast.”

Mark then drove Angela and the other three boys to his house.

Once inside, Mark helped his mother into the master suite and the shower, telling her that after she showered re-did her makeup, and put on her nylons and FMP’s, she was to come to the kitchen for a quick snack before round two. He explained that they were to follow the same pattern as Mary’s gang bang, for the next few hours Kenny, Tom and Billy would each spend some time one-on-one with Angela.

When Angela came down cleaned up and ready to continue, the boys had a light snack laid out on the coffee table in the living room. The inflatable bed, recognized from Mary’s account, was set up in the center of the living room so the boys could watch each other use Angela.

Angela was as relaxed and happy as she could remember for quite a while. She felt no shame about what she was going to do and was soaking wet in anticipation. She nibbled on some cold cuts and fruit juice, but frankly wanted nothing more than to jump on that bread and spread her legs and beg the boys to service her.

Angela walked to the bed sat down on looked around and said, “Which one of you studs is first?”

Tommy walked up to the bed and said, “That would be me.”

Angela looked up at Tommy and said, “How would you like me?”

Tommy lay down on the bed, looked at Angela, and said, “I want you to ride me. While you do it I want you to tell me every thought that goes through that pretty head of yours, no matter how dirty or obscene that thought is. You have hidden depths, and I want them exposed while I fill you with my cum.

Without a word, Angela straddled Tommy, gently caressing his rigid dick. She positioned herself over him, and lowered her pussy onto his cock, sighing in satisfaction when she felt Tommy’s pubic hair mesh with her trimmed landing patch. She sat like that, twisting her hips in a small circle on his cock, while watching his face.

Tommy was mesmerized by the sight of this wanton woman doing the most obscene things he could ever imagine just because he wanted her to.

He reached up and cupped her amazing breasts and began to squeeze them and knead them before sliding his hands down to her hips to guide her movements on his cock.

“Play with your tits bitch,’ said Tommy. “Knead them. Tug on your nipples, suck your tits. Put on a show for us!”

Tommy was in heaven. He’d seen a lot of erotic things in the last week or so, but Angela was a vision. She had so many amazing curves. She was so soft in some places, but like velvet-covered steel in others. She had waves of black hair, the face of an angel, and those marvelous tits.

To top it off she was fucking him like a porn star. She was swaying and bobbing on his cock. She had a longing and wantonness about her that was riveting. And she was thoroughly mauling and playing with her breasts, alternately sucking one nipple then the other into her mouth, smearing her tits with her lipstick while smiling in lust down at her boytoy.

Tommy looked over his shoulder and saw Angela’s son, Mark standing, stunned at the vision of his mother lost in obscene ecstasy. Tom didn’t hesitate saying, “Mark. Get over here and plug yourself into her ass. We have years for me to spend one-on-one time with her. Right now she needs gang-raping!”

Mark moved to his mom’s ass, and with a yell, “Take this whore,” he slammed himself into his mother’s bowels. Tommy and Mark quickly established a rhythm as they sawed into and out of their whore’s cunt and ass.

Kenny and Billy were content to just watch as Angela was used, marveling at the non-stop stream of erotic and dirty commentary coming from Angela.

Angela kept up a theme of, “Fuck me, boys, fuck me hard. I’m such a whore, and I love it. I want to suck every cock in town and swallow every drop. I want to fuck Mary. I want to fuck Alice, I want to fuck Christine. I want dick, dick, dick.”

Angela asyabahis güvenilirmi eventually had another massive orgasm, collapsing on Tommy. Tommy and Mark did not even slow down. They just kept using Angela’s limp body until first one, then the other emptied themselves into her.

Kenny and Billy helped Angela off Tommy. This time Billy sat on the edge of the bed. Billy positioned Angela facing Tom, who impaled her on his cock. Billy positioned himself behind Angela and easily slipped inside her thoroughly wet ass. The boys caressed and fondled Angela gently at first, and as she slowly began to respond, their movements began to intensify.

Within 10 minutes Kenny and Billy were fucking Angela with the same intensity as Tom and Mark. Angela had revived, and was fucking them back just as hard, and was back to her obscene diatribe of just how slutty and wonton she was. Angela was the first to orgasm, having to deal with the sensations of a cock in her cunt and ass.

Angela’s thrashing on the two cocks is what pushed Billy over his hump, making him explode deep inside Angela, followed by Billy’s load in her ass.

All five were done for the moment, the four boys piling around Angela, hugging her, caressing her, and thanking her for giving herself to them. Eventually, all five fell asleep in pile.

When they awoke it was midafternoon. Angela went to the master bedroom and took a shower, redid her makeup, changed into dry nylons and garters, and a fresh pair of 4-inch pumps.

Meanwhile, the boys had stripped the inflatable bed, replaced the linen, and had cleared away the dishes from earlier.

When Angela came back to the living room all four boys stood and took turns to hug and kiss her and tell her how beautiful she was.

The next couple of hours were relaxing. The boys were watching old westerns on the big screen. Angela played the perfect host, fetching drinks and snacks as needed. See took turns sitting in each boy’s lap and making out with him.

They were in no hurry. She took her time with each boy and let them explore every crevice of her body. The boys were satisfied enough that they didn’t feel the need to throw Angela down and take her as they had earlier, so they just relaxed and enjoyed her.

They took joy in letting this beautiful naked MILF sit in their laps while they played with her. Their hands were all over her body, and often inside her. She took time to teach each boy how she liked to be touched. Where to kiss and nuzzle her.

Not that there weren’t orgasms, there were. Angela was fingered and eaten to orgasm multiple times, and she made a point of showing how much she loved sucking cock by making a production sucking off each of the boys. She’d suck them to orgasm, capturing their load in her mouth, and displaying the creamy mess on her tongue, before closing her pretty red lips and shallowing with gusto.

The group was pacing themselves. They ordered Chinese takeout for dinner, and after cleaning up the dishes, the boys took Angela back to the inflatable bed/stage in the living room.

They no longer had the frenzy of the morning, but it was no less enjoyable, and in many ways more so. Everyone had the control to pay attention to Angela, so they could milk her body for every drop of pleasure she could give, returning that pleasure to her in spades.

From about 6:00 PM to 10: PM Angela seldom was without a cock in all three holes. By this time it was less the boys taking their pleasure from Angela, and more them giving everything they could to her.

Angela had given herself completely to the boys early in the day. Late in the day the boys joyfully gave themselves to Angela because she deserved it.

10:15 PM.

Mark and Angela were waiting at the door to say goodnight to the boys. Angela was cleaned up, wearing a nighty Mark had picked out, and on her knees, She had a fresh coat of bright red lipstick on her lips, and one at a time she left a ring of her lip prints around the base of each boys cock, telling them, “Make sure your mom sees this as soon as you get home,” with a wicked smile.

Before leaving, Billy looked at Mark saying, “The club is beginning to form traditions and customs. Christine started the lip print tradition. My mom started what should be a tradition as well.”

“Before we went to sleep the night of her gangbang, she told me she’d never been that tired, that sore, and that satisfied in her life. Then she made me promise her something,” said Billy.

“She made me promise that when my dick got hard during the night, I was to use it on her,” continued Billy, saying her exact words were, “If you get hard, take me, I’m a whore.”

Angela looked at her son with a tired smile and said, “I’m a whore. If you get hard during the night, promise me you’ll take me.”

“Yes Mom,” said Mark, “I promise.”

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