Subject: THE CAPTAINS BOY THE CAPTAINS BOY THE CAPTAINS BOY Part 5 � Van T Z Boi 2018 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read and enjoy such fanciful creativity and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter. A good supply of tissues should be close at hand in case of sudden emergencies!) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) From Part Four Santos’s cries of ecstasy followed his ears as he tottered down the path to the Captain’s pool and Tobias did his best to ignore the desperate pleas of, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” which unnerved him somewhat. He turned the bend and received another shock, the Captain sat upright inside the pool and to his amazed and unremembered eyes, totally ignorant of the night events he saw Artar slowly riding up and down Captain Harder’s cock, the two engrossed men kissed heavily, tongues seen swirling around and about lips as Artar worked his hips for both their pleasures. Tobias stood stock still watching his beloved Artar slide easily up and down the thick organ, he could see the Captain’s fleshy pole as it slid in and out of his lover’s manpussy, the manlips opening to accept with ease the prodigious manpole. He dropped the bucket. Eyes swung his way at the rattling and splashing sounded that loudly in the quiet of the cove. “Ah there ye are lad, “Captain Harder greeted Tobias with a broad beaming smile. “Come up here boy, quickly lad, my sweet boy here wishes to fuck you.” End of Part Four Part Five Nervously Tobias stepped forward, his eyes never leaving the sight as Artar’s lithe muscular body rose and fell on Captain Harder’s fat male member. His own cocklet had thickened and filled as he watched the heavy coupling. Captain Harder’s eyes glittered as he watched the bumboy step into the pool. Stewey would have seen the signs that the aphrodisiac root was still working through the Captain’s system but as far as Tobias knew, his captain had issued an order and he was duty bound to follow it. Gingerly he stepped into the pool, the water was cool on his heated skin and he trembled. Artar reached out a hand, his touch was hot and Tobias knew the effect of the root was also still at work on Artar too. Artar leaned backward, Tobias caught sight of his member, it was bloated looking much fatter than usual and Tobias felt his inner muscles jerk and twitch as the sight of the swollen cock. Artar swung him up, held him at arms length and as he swung down Tobias latched onto Artar’s lips. He clung to Artar’s body as he was gently placed on top of the damp organ. His bumhole opened, Artar’s wide helmet sliding easily inside Tobias’s love tunnel and then it stopped, held back as the bloating took effect and Tobias cried out as the sharp pain of extreme penetration rocked him. “Sorry, sorry, my sweet,” Artar murmured and he lifted Tobias up and of his fat cock. Tobias felt himself being grabbed from the back. “I’ll help my boy,” the Captain boomed as he took hold of Tobias, the boy being pulled backwards. Tobias flailed his arms, he was unsettled and momentarily dizzy as his body was manipulated. He fell back, his head on the captain’s shoulder and his legs spread wide, he sighed and moaned loudly as Artar’s tongue licked at his boy pussy, the slavering tongue lashing over his sensitive lips, the tongue tip probing inside his boyport, Tobias relaxed as the exquisite pleasure rose within him. Artar plunged his tongue deep inside the gaping slit, Tobias, mewling with ever increasing joy as Artar plundered his prize, his tongue slavering and prodding Tobias’s opening boyhole. The Captain turned his head, his tongue finding Tobias’s sighing mouth as he too plundered the boys open orifice. Assaulted at either end, Tobias could only writhe and jerk spasmodically as the hot waves of delight wafted and rose higher and higher within him. The combined attentions went on for several minutes, each time Artar stopping short of bringing Tobias to his joy, the boy waxing and whining as the heated tingling sprouted and extended, making his body vibrate as though he was sailing on a storm tossed sea. Artar’s tongue was withdrawn, excited and measured ready he was again placed on the bloated member, the helmet sliding in easier this time, there was the pain but it was dimmed by the extraordinary heated ravishing so powerfully invoked by Artar’s tongue fucking that Tobias was able to slide down the fat thickness, grunting as the engorged head brushed past his own inflamed inner bud. The three joined together by the strange arrangement of inserted organs stayed static as each adjusted to the strains created by the triple configuration. “Ready to fuck him my dear,” the Captain’s voice passed Tobias’s ear, the words meant for Artar. Tobias saw the question in Artar’s eyes and nodded his assent. Sandwiched between the two muscular bodies, the slight figure of Tobias’s body managed to work his hips in a small up and down motion. “That’s it my dear,” Captain Harder whispered in Tobias’s ear, “tease my love with your glory, make him feel joyous and then we can be joyous together. Cast off the ropes, weigh the anchor and let us set sail and ride the waves of passion that calls to us as endless as the rolling whitecaps on the sea of life.” The words floated past Tobias’s senses; his mind was concentrated on the amazing jolts that burned within him as he rode slowly,working the impaling member against his boy jewel; the hot rocketing delights searing his nerves and creating his own furnace of sensual heat. Artar bewildered by the effects of the root, rode Captain Harder’s hot organ as his own lanced up into Tobias. He had known joys before, he had loved before but this was love and excess beyond measure, the drug coursed happily through his bloodstream ever increasing the sensual sensations and blinding him with delirious dissolution. Captain Harder’s eyes glittered with his own desire, his drug induced lenses seeing only the face of his lost love, reformed before him in Artar’s shape and body. His organ throbbed and his testicles swelled as the heat of lovelust bore through his blood, his hands now on Artar’s torso, guiding the trembling body up and down on his manroot. Artar his own senses muddled by the effect of the root’s properties felt safe in the arms of his Captain, his long denied need for love, the lost he had suffered when Sean had been lost to him was exposed and in some way healed by his Captain’s drug misplaced desire. His need for Tobias, not a replacement for his lost love but now for the first time an expression of the denied deep feeling he held for the boy brought into the light and life, expressed as his throbbing organ pulsed inside the tight embrace of Tobias’s anal heaven. Tobias rode the embedded manroot deliberately, he was overjoyed to be with Artar and relished the chance to enjoy being with the one person who he had the strongest feelings for. The threesome continued on, their bodies linked by cocklust as the sun warmed the waters of the pool. Harder grunted and sighed as he thrust upwards, his seaworked muscles easily coping with the stresses and strains of the two bodies loaded onto his plundering member. Artar rocked on the throbbing organ as his own weapon poked the tight bumhole as Tobies mewled and purred, his young torso wriggling with the intense pleasure. The hot stench of rutting males invigorated his senses as he inhaled the musky odour, the salty sweat steaming in the heated fetid air. Tobias swooned as the earth texture enfolded him, he felt so lightheaded as his young body was wracked with the joy of being fucked by his man, is Artar. Artar delved deep and hard as he rolled about his Captain’s cock, he felt the tightening around his bellend as Tobias hit his stride, he knew the boy was about to explode and he caught Tobias’s waist to thrust stronger and fiercer as he kissed the boy, his tongue dipping in time with his prick. Tobias yowled his joys to the sky as he was caught on the organ tossed sea of orgasm. His young inner bud bloated and swelled against the rubbing probe, sending more and more waves of heady delight pounding inside him. He squealed as he went into spasm, his dry cum rattling the teeth in his head, Artar growled loudly as the gripping tightness around his member released his own special joy, his organ ataköy escort thundered and blustered, shedding its pearly dew deep inside the squelching boypussy. “That she blows,” Captain Harder bellowed his broadside as his own cannon, fired up by his balls, shot his seed deep in the depths of Artar’s pulsing mancunt. The three shuddered and twitched as their respective delights flared and roared within them. Santos’s eyes rolled as he sucked the next prick in line, his boyhole was awash with the sandy slime of the men who had deposited their seeds, the sand beneath him being sucked into his pulsing boyhole as the lust drug worked its magic on his slight frame and young mind. The men still under the influence of the desire driving root were also staggering around the fucked boy, waiting their turn at whatever orifice or appendage was made available to them. Stewey kept an eye on the bawdy scene, waiting for a sign that he could remove Santos and administer the remedy to obviate the desire that raged within the boy. A swarthy crewmember was rolling between the boys legs, his naked backside burning under the sun as he fucked his dick in the willing hole, his eyes glazed as he recalled the whore he had loved and paid for until someone with more money and less sense had bought her from under him. Santos mewled and cried for his father who had taught him the way of life that would be his on the open sea. In his head he imagined the heavy lips and dark eyes that had fathered him as he was breeded by his father, readied for the market where he was sold as bumboy stock for the pleasure of the crew on the ships he would be signed to. Calkin took careful aim, his eyes were bright and clear, his youth allowing him the speedy return to as normal a state as could be in this strange isle of paradise. His eye and the musket followed the flight of the large bird as it took to the air. The musket fired, the smoke billowing wreathing around Calkin’s head as the bird plummeted to the ground. One of the crew shouted as he darted towards the downed bird. “The feathers are mine,” Calkin shouted laying claim to his prize, such feathers and plumage were prized and would bring good money but he had to lay his claim, the crew could be ruthless where gold was the issue. Drake lay beside hi;, he was guarding Calkin’s booty. “A fair bag,” he smiled stroking the colourful array of feathers. “Too good a shot boy,” Tunel grumbled good-naturedly, “eye of a hawk for shooting but not too good on watch in the crow’s nest,” he slapped Calkin heavily on the back. Calking blushed, it was true, on duty in the crows nest; high up on the mast he had allowed his eyes to focus on any passing birds, his mind imagining pulling a trigger on the flying target. The ship had suffered an a narrow escape when distracted by a flight of sea eagles he had missed sighting the pirate ship that was heading straight for the ship. It was Captain Harder who was checking the course and using his telescope that had sounded the alarm when the dangerous ship came into his view, his quick command to shorten sail and run before the wind had left Calkin trapped in the swaying crows nest until the danger had been outrun. The dressing down and the ten lashes he had taken was nothing compared to the slights of his fellow crewmembers who well understood the danger he had nearly caused. “We’re done here,” Hans decided, wiping the sweat from his brow, “there’s enough meat here for salting and some for a good meal on shore afore we set sail. The group gathered around the various piles, each marksman claiming their own booty. Drake threw half of Calkin’s catch over his shoulder as Calkin hoisted the rest. The group set off back towards camp, eyes still peeled for sight of a wild boar or pig. Once back Drake and Calkin sat together plucking their birds for the feathers that would fetch a good price. “Santos is still a’moaning,” Drake commented, his hands busy with the carcasses, his eyes roaming over to where Stewey was finally able to dose the agitated youth, they had watched the continuing orgy when they first arrived back. Both had been astonished at Santos’ ability to writhe and quake and yet satisfy the crewmembers who were gathered around to fuck him. “The boy was fool enough to ignore my warnings,.” Stewey had grunted, “we’ve enough to do without having to put men aside to pleasure the boy. A bloody fuckless waste of our time, the boy and then men will be wasted and useless for a full week.” He had stumped off towards the fire where some of the birds were roasting on a spit. Liam had been drafted in to help in the task which Santos would normally have been tasked with. Calkin put down his bird and stowed the feathers carefully in the sack they were using. “You finished?” his tone casual. Drake pulled the last flight of feathers from his bird and passed them to Calkin, “That’s my lot,” he sighed. “Come on then,” Calkin grasped Drake’s hand, Drake grinned he knew already what Calkin wanted. Handing the birds to Stewey for readying for salting they rushed to the beach. Here they threw of their clothes and swam naked in the warm sea. Drake laughed when Calkin’s hand stole between his legs to squeeze and caress him. Wordlessly and smiling at each other they waded along the beach until they found a sheltered spot. Drake sank to his knees and sucked the sea salty tasting teenage organ that sprouted from between Calkin’s legs. His head bobbed back and forth occasionally catching the sun as the sea breezes wafted through the palm trees above them. Calkin moaning as his cock grew to its fullest length, fell to his knees and as he kissed Drake’s sweet mouth he pushed the boy down backwards on the sandy ground. Drake lay back, his legs opening, his own boy member stiff and throbbing and the itch between his legs a familiar need. His hand caught the sticky shaft of Calkin’s prick and guided it to his entrance. The two lovers sighed as Calkin’s organ slid inside the moist canal, Drake relishing every minute sliding sensation as the slim shaft stroked his sensitive nerves. Together they moved, rising and falling, rolling and twisting as the urges took them, there was no need to hurry, no voice commanding their presence. Here on the beach they were able to satisfy and pleasure each other, delighting in the sensual joys. Calkin lying heavily on the slim frame, kissed Drake hard on the mouth as his organ jerked and flexed inside the tight embrace of Drake’s fuckhole. Gone was the desperate scrambling’s and ramming’s of the night before. Calkin explored the boys body and treasure as never before. Their couplings on board had often been hurried and rushed but they had know they shared something between them, something they had not experienced when bumboying for the crew. Calkin’s heady newly hormone enriched scent was arousing for Drake who was used to musky sweaty rank odours that the sailors emitted, this new scent, this rare perfume was heady and exciting and wonderful and Drake drank it in, its effect was every bit as good as the effects of the root they had taken but without the frantic lusts that had driven them from man to man, organ to organ, emission to emission. Drake moaned as he sensed the itch inside him tingle, tingle in the new unexpected way. His inner muscles twirled around Calkin’s steaming cock, massaging and caressing it. Calkin grunted as his balls jerked, notifying him that joy was on its way. The two young lovers strived with and at each other as their respective delights became the passion of the climactic explosion and as Calkin’s organ delivered its fertile seeds inside Drakes receptive boyhaven, Drake’s joys were unbound and he grabbed and pulled Calkin trying to push him further inside him. “Oh, ohh, ohh, Drake,” Calkin sighed nuzzling his babysoft cheek against the satin smooth youngster’s face. “Calkin,” Drake sighed in return as his arms held the teenager tight, he could feel Calkin’s heartbeat lessen and his breathing fall as his body relaxed, his own synching with Calkin’s. The two lay entwined and dozed in the hot sun, sheltered by the waving palm trees and cooled by the sea breezes. Stewey held Santos tight in his arms as he dribbled the fruit juice in the squirming youngsters mouth, his hand clamped around the boys lips to ensure he swallowed the extract. Liam watched anxiously, he could see bruising all over Santos’s body where hands and limbs had rough handled him. “Will he be all right?” he asked the grizzled cook. “He’s a bumboy sold into service, it’s not the first time he has taken on a gang of men,” Stewey, poured a drop more of the juice in Santos’s mouth. “But the tuber has awoken inside him; it may be the effects will be long lasting, if only the boy had listened, dratted boys.” Stewey clamped his hand once more over Santos’s chin watching as the boy swallowed. Santos jerked and twitched and his eyes opened, Stewey was glad to see them focussed and clearly looking, taking in his surroundings. He felt the boy relax, the twitchiness subsiding as Santos stretched in his lap. “Where? What? Oh!” his eyes widened as memory broke upon him, he stirred and sitting up gazed around. The crewmembers merter escort who had been hard riding him were sat or slumped around the sandy area where he had lain. Bones the stubby carpenter cum doctor was walking around passing the skin with the fruit juice, making sure all the men drank copiously. All the suffering men had swollen member’s, many drooling clear juices as their balls were emptied now of any pearly seed, it was only the water that had been forced through their systems that oozed from their pricks such was the effect of the strong aphrodisiac. “Liam, get the besom and brush the ground, remove the traces, it would only serve to remind.” Stewey pushed Santos up on his feet, “stand fast lad, get your balance boy,” he held the honey skinned boy gently as Santos tottered within his arms. “Good, good,” he added, “now I have something for those bruises, come with me,” he tugged the boy towards the makeshift tent where he stored his equipment. Inside the tent Stewey grunted as he bent down, his own body was taking its time to recover from the excesses of the night’s orgy and he had also been required to feed the men. He located the embrocation he was looking for and sitting on a barrel partly stuffed with salted pigmeat he began to daub and rub the lotion over Santos’s body. Santos stood still as the strange ointment with a coconut aroma was spread over his body, the mixture slowly being absorbed and cooling the hurts he felt. “Better?” Stewey smiled at the boy. Santos stretched and tested his limbs, the aches were gently slowing and fading but the memories of the night and the morning still played heavily in his mind. “Yess Cookie,” he sighed and stretched his lithe young body. Stewey chuckled and using both hands together stroked and rubbed the lotion into Santos’s body, working it more delicately over the clear indicated darker bruised places. His hands also stroked the boy’s boy member, working the lotion down the honey coloured skin. As Santos’s cocklet expanded, filling with blood once more Stewey worked away, his intentions being to help ease the aches and pains that the roughly used boymember would have suffered under the hard and heavy pounding the crew fucked into him. It was when Santo’s hand curled around his own prick that he realised he was also hard, and this time there was no root to blame. “Santos,” Stewey’s voice was thick as he spoke, the boy’s earnest hand was giving him pleasure, gentle exciting pleasure unlike the rapacious lust of the night orgy. “Please Cookie,” Santos’s voice wheedled, Stewey felt a further heating of lust expand within him, `the boy wants it,’ he told himself as he continued to caress and massage the boymember, his thoughts of helpful healing fast fading as his dick decided another sort of massage was needed. `I do need to work the ointment inside him too,’ Stewey held in the grip of a lusting boy and his own rising want allowed the excuse to reason his actions. Generously he slathered a good helping of the lotion over his member, hampered by Santo’s beguiling handwork. “Okay then boy,” he grunted, Santos fell to the floor and held his legs wide, Stewey gazed at the bloated entrance to the boys heavenlyport. Tenderly he palmed a handful of the ointment over the gaping bruised lips. He knelt between the open legs, Santo’s eyes watching every move and Stewey saw the lust blaring from the dark eyes. Slowly he placed his cockhead at the entrance, the lotions pooling together as they met. His intention to gently slide inside was interrupted as Santos’s hand scrabbled down and grabbing his member tugged it, pushing it inside. Santos growled as the fat organ broached him and Stewey unbalanced fell heavily on the boy. As he dropped his cock moved further inside and to his delight he felt Santos’s hips move, fucking at him despite his heavy weight. `Oh well, I can use my dick instead of my fingers to work the lotion,’ grinned Stewey as the stout cook started the slow and sensual dicking. Santos sighed as he felt the broad fleshiness invade him and he replied with the use of his muscles, Stewey gasping as the tightening clasp around his cock. “Too soon, too soon,” he instructed, “slowly Santos, I want to, must get the lotion inside you as well boy, it will do us both good,” he explained. Santos relaxed and allowed the pleasure to come from Stewey’s expert slow fucking. He closed his eyes and recalled the nights he had spent in his father’s bed where his father lovingly had prepared his son to be the whore that would get the best price. In some ways Stewey reminded him of his papa, the plumpness of his organ and the heavy weight. His boy pricklet pulsed and throbbed, it was held by the fat stomach and Stewey’s movements provided a secondary caressing which inflamed Santos’s desire and lust. No longer at the whim of the sex inducing effects of the tuber Santos allowed himself the pleasure of being serviced by the cook. He grunted and writhed and then cried out as he went into his spasm, the stars and comets blazed across his close eyelids as the boyjoy brought him a release from the memories of the fuck filled night and morning. Stewey plunged on through the boy’s orgasm; he had enough control to delight in the pleasure of a boy climaxing beneath him without the urgent strident lust desire to explode himself. His caring nature took over as he sought to provide another joy for the boy, usually at night after a days work pleasures were often shortlived but here on the island the day progressed differently. Pleasure could be taken and given with relaxed ease and so he took his pleasure of Santos’s boycunt whilst ensuring that the boy in return was similarly pleasured. Santos responded, his lust in overdrive as the spasm’s came again, the stars shooting and flaring as the joys rattled through him bringing him to another plateau of sensual writhing delight. “Thar brought a good haul today, we shall eat well for months,” Grogg slapped Hans on the back, his hand slowly slid down to the man’s buttocks and he cupped the fleshy mound, squeezing the plump flesh. “although I know what I’d rather eat,” his hand slid around to the swelling organ, squeezing the spongy tube as it fattened. Memories of the night’s fucking wove inside their heads and the two grizzled faces came together in a smacking kiss. Tongue slapped at each other and hands and fingers rubbed at the masculine pricks which pulsed and jerked as passions grew. Grogg and Hans were longtime sailors and longtime bunkmates; the two had teamed up when pressed into service. Hans had been apprenticed by his father whose crop had failed, the ever grasping landlord, a high born German prince also owned several trading ships and to cut his cost often `apprenticed’ his tenants or their children to keep his costs down. Hans learned his trade the hard way but now as he approached the senior ages of his life, he had settled down. The rebellious youth a long distant memory; the beatings and the voyages had worn that out of him. Muscular and greying he had fallen in with Grogg, first as fellow crewmen they had toured the hotspots of the ports they visited, drinking and whoring to a sailors’ excess. On board ship when young and in their prime they had enjoyed the delights of the ship’s bumboys and fought off those that desired their own holes. Over the years they had succumbed to each other and the effect of the tuber’s properties had awoken something each knew and understood but had never put into words. Grogg, Herbert Groggings being his baptismal name had been taken by a press gang when he had been on a drunk, still a youth his huge frame had stood him in good stead, the heavy muscles obtained by the hard work on the farm where he had been born. He was nothing like his father to look at; his mother had an inclination to roam, her marriage had been arranged when the landlord’s son had got her pregnant. She never really loved her husband, a mild but strong man who worked tirelessly on the land the marriage had procured for him, he accepted the children when they arrived, knowing that not all of them could be his; to him the land was more important. Herbert the fourth child was clearly none of his making but the boys strength was a formidable help with farming the plot. Herbert who enjoyed the tough existence always felt better when he was using his hands. His one failing was his desire for drink which had produced the night that brought him on board. His ability to defend himself allowed him some respect in the usual battle for supremacy below decks; to his own surprise he discovered a liking for the sea. In no time at all he was scrabbling up the rigging and attending to the sails with commensurate ease; as ever when the ship came to port the longing for being drunk always claimed him. Once he teamed up with his shipmate Hans, the tall German who drank with him and whored with him, remained sober enough to carry them both back on board ship. Grogg as he became known to all, due to his love of the daily ration like his fellows was introduced to the delight of the ships boy’s. Being a lusty rugged fellow in his prime his natural need quickly outweighed his preference for a woman’s holes. The two had become lovers bahçeşehir escort or `more than shipmates’ as they preferred to say when the ship they were then on had become becalmed for ten days. Thrown together in such dismal surroundings they had taken pleasure in each other and from then on, had bunked together; they still drank and whored on land but at sea their relationship was a settled fuckmate arrangement that suited their way of life. Hans grabbed Grogg around the buttocks and with a jerking pull unbalanced his mate so they both fell on the spiky grass. The two kissed heavily before switching around to suck each other’s pricks, it was the precursor to their fucking although they would often suck each other to orgasm dependent on their given situations. Hans growled as Grogg’s rough tongue slid up and down his shaft and hairy balls, sucking the clumpy ovals heavily to the point of pain. Hans grunted as the pain pleasure jolted his frame and then repaid Grogg’s pleasuring by sucking both of his bulging balls into his mouth and clamping his lips around the sensitive skin. He smiled at Grogg’s replying grunt. The grizzled head bobbed up and down, taking and receiving the joys of longtime pleasures which had skilled their art. Licking and sucking and rubbing they moved on to tonguing each other’s holes, their hard tongues probing the tight puckers. Grogg moved to lay on his back, the invitation was clear and Hans knelt between Grogg’s muscular thighs pushing them further apart. He aimed his dripping member at the glistening entrance, Grogg’s hand guiding him at just the right moment and he slid inside his bunkmate with ease. Still wet and damp from the nights joys, his dick swelled inside the spunky leavings he had delivered earlier. Hans quickly began the hard thrusting, his peak was close and he plunged deep and hard at his bunkmate’s tunnel. Hans felt the swelling bulge as his member made contact and he moved slightly so to easily batter the man bud, they knew each other’s bodies so well now. Grogg grunted as he sensed his passion nub pounded, his lust rose driven by the overwhelming sensations sweeping up from his mancunt. The two crewmates kissed and thrust at each other until with a growling deep throaty roar Hans exploded, his prick spitting its spurting seed deep inside Grogg’s funnel. Hans was aware of the throbbing from Grogg’s prick which was caught tight between their locked bodies, sated for the moment he sank down on Grogg, his weight and his panting torso massaging the fleshy tube. Grogg allowed Hans his minute of relaxation before he grasped the man in his beefy arms and swung him about, Hans’ prick swollen and bloated with lustblood was malleable and it slid from its manhole drooling a pearly strand of mandew which spread thinly over his belly. Grogg grunted with the exertion, his hands yanked Han’s thighs apart and he shoved his fleshy throbbing dick inside the moist wetness of Han’s tunnel. The two grunted at each other, words were meaningless as Grogg took his pleasure of his bunkmates lovehole. His prick bounced against the swollen inner bud of Han’s lovenut, Hans growling as his lust rewoke and his arms closed around Grogg’s back to help draw him in deeper inside him. Grogg thrust hard and fiercely as the hot vicelike grip that tightened around his shaft. He battered away much as Hans had done, the intention the release required to seal the balances of their lustfuck relationship. Hans held Grogg tight, working his inner muscles, something he had learned over the years as he helped pleasure his mate. The grunting reached a crescendo as almost howling with pleasure and joy Grogg gave the final spewing deep shove inside Han’s mancunt and his own seeds departed, swimming inside the unfertile groove. Grogg in turn collapsed on Hans, their kissing became gentle and caring, for the moment the lustrush between them sated. “Thar’s been a good mate to me,” Hans nuzzled Grogg’s ear. “Like thy have done for me,” Grogg playfully tugged Hans nose. The two longtime lovers lay quiet still connected by Grogg’s slowly shrinking organ. “This is a good place,” Grogg muttered, “a good place to live on.” Hans jerked his senses alert. “Yo’ve mean?” he did not finish his sentence, his thoughts spinning. The two disengaged and sat up; they looked around the clearing, down the glowing sandy beach basking in the hot suns ray, seeing the vista with different aspects. Stewey grunted as he probed slow and deep inside the wriggling boy beneath him, Santos squirreled with delight, moving and adjusting his body so that Stewey’s organ rubbed him where it needed too, he had experienced another delirious joyful release and was about to hit another one as Stewey got into his stride towards orgasm. Stewey moaned as Santos’s expertise use of his boypussy muscles brought himself close to the edge. Sensing the boy was also on the cusp he quickly and fiercely hipped his torso, his organ working the age old magic of sexual explosion. As Santos struggled and writhed under him, his membrane pulsing in orgasmic spasm. Stewey fountained, his jets of mandew spurting and spewing inside Santos’s boycunt, shooting hard before being halted by the froth of the spunk sea that filled Santos’s overfucked hole. The two grunted and clung to each other, each knowledgeable as to how to extend the length of their pleasurable fuck, striving to make the ebbs slow and sensual as their respective joys faded. “Cookie, Cookie, where are you?” Liam’s shout brought them out of their reverie, “the water’s boiling, what do I do next? Sighing Stewey slid his limp and bloated organ out of the wet and seeping boyhole, `Duty calls,’ he said to himself as he patted Santo’s thigh, the boy lay back, a happy glowing smile on his face. “Stay here and rest,” Stewey in a moment of unexpected tenderness, stroked Santo’s sweet boyprick which like his was bloated but squidgy. “Can he take us my love,” Captain Harder sat on the edge of the pool. Artar as e knelt between Tobias’s legs worked his tongue deep inside the boys hole as he slicked and licked and slavered at the sensitive lips to boyheaven. Artar looked up and kneeling over Tobias asked the question. “Can you take two boy?” Artar’s eyes were lust filled; the excitements of the previous night rampant inside his head. Tobias bit his lip, he knew what Artar was asking; his eyes strayed from the thick wedge of manly organ of Harder’s member to the long heavy tubing of Artar’s manly glory. “If you want, I can try,” he spoke hesitantly, he had watched as Santos and Calkin had been taken by two members at one time. He recalled the look of ecstasy on Santos’s face and the grim determination on Calkin’s as he drunkenly strove to pleasure the two seamen that were intent on plundering his boycunt. Tobias was not sure, his eyes flashed from Harder’s imposing weapon to Artar’s equally frightening length, he had taken each of them singly inside him, in Artar’s case it was always with joy, with the Captain it had been a delight but still a duty. `Could he take the two biggest organs inside his tiny furrow?’ He shivered at the prospect and then decided `If Artar wants me too I can at least try,’ he said to himself and gave himself up to the continuing joy that Artar was intent on giving him so he could reach the plateau needed for what Artar and Harder lusted for. Captain Harder stroked his member, the fat stocky length glimmering in the sun as he worked his mandew down the long shaft. He took his place between Tobias’s legs to slave at the boy’s porthole as Artar worked his personal manjuce to enable his own cock to slide easily. Harder felt Tobias’s sighing long drawn out moan and he lifted his head. “Ready boy,” he barked his eyes blazing his lusty need, a statement not a question this time. Tobias could only nod, his eyes intent on the Captain’s organ which waved pulsingly in the sunny breeze, the flared head oozing and dripping. Tobias swallowed several times in succession and mentally willed his body to comply. Harder lay on his back, his organ stood proud as Tobias knelt above him. Sucking in a deep breath, his eyes now on Artar’s member which was close to his mouth ready for some extra lubrication Tobias grasped the captain’s organ and placed the weeping tip at the lips of his boypussy. End of Part Five To Be Continued…??????????????????????????? (Oh poor Tobias will he be up to the two man task? Will Santos recover or is he destined for a life on his back? What about the lovers, are their secrets exposed? Okay. Well if you want more and want me to continue this story why not write and tell me or is this story about to be marooned, is the journey over for The Captain’s Boy? It’s up to you but don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing ( fty//authorslist.html V for Van T Z Boi ). Please also make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this further chapter. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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