The Choker Club Chronicles


The Choker Club Chronicles Plain Jane, The story begins… Algebra class was winding down and I was starting to get that same bummed feeling I always did when it was over. It would be another day before I could see Leah again in class tomorrow. I had come to grips with the fact that there was something about Leah I was attracted to. “I wasn’t a lesbian!” I thought because I wasn’t attracted to other girls. There was just something about Leah. Leah was beautiful I mean in every way. Skin tanned to perfection. 5 foot 4, maybe 100 pounds. Beautiful oval face with nice cheeks. Blue eyes and light brown hair to the mid-back that got blond as it grew out bleached from the sun. ‘B’ cup breasts that flowed into a flat tummy that flowed into great hips and ass, that flowed into proportioned legs worth their weight in gold. She knew how to carry herself as she walked. She had a wonderful smile and she shared it with everyone, even me when our eyes met. She dressed with fashion coordination I could only dream of. She had social skills and a cool circle of friends that seemed as nice as her. She wasn’t stuck up though I know she comes from money. Leah was the whole package… I, on the other hand was…a tater-tot. I wasn’t real bad, I mean I wasn’t completely “unfortunate looking”. I just didn’t have it all going for me the way Leah did. I had suffered through the braces drama and was down only to a retainer at night so I hadn’t been called metal mouth in a year. I’m 5 foot 2 with brown eyes that do require reading glasses, mid-back jet-black hair that argues with me every chance it gets. My pale skin contrast with the hair can be shocking if your not prepared for it. My ‘B’ cups were nice but not much more. At just over 100 pounds I was a little doughy but not protruding anywhere, just a thin layer. I had no real friends do to overdeveloped shyness. No social skills that I was aware of. The typical insecure high school girl that was also a nerd. All that, plus I seemed to have a real girl-crush on Leah which wasn’t helping anything. Outlook, not so good… The bell rang ending the period and I snapped out of my day dream about actually carrying my side of a conversation with Leah. I gathered my binder making sure I had my homework assignments as I carefully sneak a side peek at Leah as she walks past me from the row where she sits. She floats to the door. I’m so doomed. Such is the case of 17 year old juniors in high school. As I get up to drudge off to my “English Lit.” class next period I notice something in the seat of the desk Leah was sitting. I went over to her row to find her assignment binder for Algebra just sitting there in the seat. It must have dropped out of her pack when she got up and she hadn’t noticed it. I could chase her down and give it to her and maybe string 3 or 4 words together, perhaps a complete sentence! I grabbed the binder and headed for the hallway to try and find her feeling that maybe my luck was changing for the better, Ahh-no. I spotted her down the hall with her friends; Patricia, Skyler and Monica. Damn! Even her friends had cool names, I was just “Plain Jane”. There was no way I was going to be able to sound like more than a cave-girl if I had to speak in front of four cool chic’s. The four of them together were always easily identified by the ‘chokers’ they always wore without fail. It seemed like an odd fashion statement to make but all four wore them. Some of the chokers had small decorations on them that must mean something to their clique the rest of us could only guess at because when asked, the girls would not talk about them. Just something to set them apart I was sure. I looked down at the binder and noticed her name, address and phone number was written on it. NEW PLAN! I would deliver the binder to Leah at her home after school and maybe talk to her at last alone. I would be happy if I could hold eye contact. I had been walking through the “nice” neighborhood for some time when I finally found Leah’s house. The map I printed out in the school computer lab said that it was over a mile from school to Leah’s house which was of course in the wrong direction to my house. I better make this worth it and not choke if I was going to put this much effort into it. I hate to walk. I went up the drive and to the front door of a massive two story brick home, a far cry from the 3 water, Ice tea, soda? What would you like?” “Nothing really, I’m fine thanks.” Didn’t want to be rude. “(sigh) Jane there’s such a thing as being too nice. What would you like?” “Water then, water would be fine.” “Ice tea it is! Have a seat at the counter and take a load off.” Seems she was going to have her way and I was going to have ice tea. I took a seat at the counter as she spun and opened the refrigerator to get the ice tea. She bent over at the waist and I thought I saw…no I’m sure I was wrong, there must have been panties but I thought I saw her slit. It was too quick to be sure but now it was locked into my brain. Why was I looking there anyway. bahis şirketleri She poured and handed me the ice tea and sipped the one she made for herself across the counter from me. “So. we’ll slurp these down and then I’ll get changed to take you home. Can’t go driving around like this, believe me.” I protested, “I don’t want to take you away from what you were doing.” She looked at me over the glass and then started to go into mock dramatics. “Oh yes, however will I survive without my daily sunworshipping session. My whole reality would collapse in on me. Therapy would be needed if I couldn’t have my fix of lying motionless on a lounge.” I laughed at her overacting, she looked at me and said, “You have a really nice smile, you should use it more often than you do.” “I had braces for 4 years, I think I forgot how.” “Well take some time and remember how, smiles look good on you.” I smiled again and she looked at me and said, “That’s better isn’t it?” It was. “I wish I was as comfortable as you with myself.” That just came out, I was feeling more comfortable being with Leah or I would never have said that. ” How much time do you have?” She asked very matter of fact. ” What?” She mocked me, “Whaaat?” Smiled, and then spoke very honestly. “How much time do you have? We can get started right now. I don’t know who has been spilling low self esteem in your ear but stop listening to them right now. You are not some hopeless tragedy, you’re very cute actually. You just need some work here and there to get it to all come together. A little behavior modification to get you into good ‘aesthetically pleasing’ habits is all you need. Just a little training and you are on your way.” “Really? You would help me? Give me some pointers? That would be so great!” “No, no pointers. I would help you makeover your life. I’m not talking fussing and preening yourself all the time like a cheerleader. I’m talking a lifestyle change that will keep you looking sharpe all the time from now on. Ya interested?” “Yes, definitely! If it’s not too much trouble?” “It’s the least I could do for someone willing to walk my homework to me. So, how much time do you have? We can start now.” I looked at my watch, it was 3:30, “I need to be home by 6:30 for dinner.” “Not a problem, that gives us a good 2 1/2 hours to start off with, I think we can get a lot done in that time.” A sly little smile appeared on he lips. ” Ok, dump the backpack and I’ll be right back.” I put my backpack on the counter in the kitchen and heard her shout from upstairs. “Help yourself to more ice tea and pour me some more too, please!” I filled our glasses and I was putting the tea back when she returned. She was carrying what looked like a small croc-pot, 2 small satchels, a couple of oversized towels, some chop stix and a hair brush. I watched her plug the croc-pot in at the counter and then she lifted the lid and sniffed. “Mmm, smells nice.” I asked her what was in the pot and she told me it was all for later. She grabbed the hair brush, chop stix and the towels and told me to bring the drinks and follow her out through the glass doors that lead to the pool area in the backyard. There were several lounges, tables and chairs scattered around a very large pool in an even larger back yard enclosed by a tall stone wall around the entire perimeter, very secluded. She threw the towels into one of the lounges next to an umbrella table. Standing there with the brush in her hand she had me set the drinks on the table and announced… “Ok, chic, lets see the goods!” “Excuse me?” “Strip! Take it all off, baby! Woohoo!” She was being playful again but I wasn’t really following where she was going with this. “You want me to take off all my clothes? Here? Now?” “It’s time to see what we have to work with and how we can get it where we want it to be. Gotta see what ya got!” She walked past me and gave me a light swat on my ass with the back of the hair brush, then she started to brush my hair in long strokes. I was motionless with my mouth open. ” But, what if someone walks in on us? Are you parents home?” “Nah, mom and dad won’t be home til after 7:00 and my brother is off at college. It’s just you and me, all alone. So drop the duds while I work through this mess of tangles you call hair and lets get started.” Leah was still trying to brush out the tangles after a minute or so had gone by and notice that the shoes were the only thing I had removed. “Whats the problem, Jane? It’s just you and me here. No one can see over the wall.” She leaned forward to my right ear and spoke softly ” You strip naked and take a shower with 40 girls each day in Phys Ed. but your going all shy with just me? Whats the deal?” The deal was I wasn’t attracted to 40 other naked girls I showered with each day. That and when she leaned into my ear a second ago her breath on my neck sent a shock through my pussy. I was afraid I may have leaked a little and didn’t want to explain a moist spot in my panties to her. She walked around in front of me and bahis firmaları untied the robe she had been wearing. She pulled the folds of the robe apart and eased the robe off her shoulders exposing her beautiful body to me in all its glory. There was no bikini on under that robe as I had earlier suspected. I couldn’t help but fill my eyes with every bit of her. As my eyes walked down the length of her body and then back up I was sure I felt a squish from my loins. My eyes rose to her face and then I notice she had watched me enjoying her every curve. She was enjoying being looked it. She tossed the robe on the table and place her right pinky finger in the right corner of her mouth. She bit down on it and then crossed one leg behind the other very slowly so I could see her bald mound. Her breasts were beautiful with little raisin nipples and quarter sized areolas, firm and perky. The ‘V’ line of her rib cage made a perfect circle to outline her abdomen down to her pelvis. As she breathed just the lightest definition was visible of her six-pac tummy. Her pussy was clean except for a small patch that lived just above her vagina’s entrance. Beautiful. “Seen enough?” She asked slyly. ” Um yeah, I mean, Yes this is… thats a very nice… yes.” I was trying to keep my eyes above her shoulders now but I wasn’t doing well at it. She walked up to me slowly, leaned towards my face, looked into my eyes and in a calm serious voice said. “Good, then strip, and don’t make me ask you again.” she returned to her duties behind me and continued on my hair. I started to get the feeling that this was not going to end well and that I may have got in way over my head. I was at least going to last a little longer because I hadn’t seen that ass of hers yet. If I was going to get all flustered and run away embarrassed I was going to see that ass so I could have the full picture for my masturbatory dreams. I started to unbutton my shirt and that soon was on the table next to her robe, As the bra came off there was a wonderful sensation as a mixture of sunlight and breeze hit my breasts. I laid the bra on the table and placed my hands under each breast cupping them slightly, this was the first time they had ever been in direct sunlight and it felt good. I was nervous but feeling better about disrobing. The pants came off with little resistance and they were now on the table. I reached down to check the condition of my panties, yep, a nice wet spot right where you’d think it should be. Back to those embarrassed feelings again. It was bad enough she caught me looking at her, I didn’t want her to know that it had made me drip. I slipped out of my panties and got my socks off at the same time in one move. I tried to bundle them together and tossed them to the table hoping Leah wouldn’t notice the moisture. That same breeze and sunlight that were working on my tits was now enveloping my pussy. Wow, this naked outdoors thing has something going for it…or I’m a closet exhibitionist. Leah had finished with my hair by putting it up in some sort of twist/swirl thing with what felt like the chop stix. I don’t ever where my hair up because then I can’t hide under it. It felt kinda sexy. Leah came around in front of me and said, “I’m going to give you some conditioner to use when you shampoo your hair. You will use it for the next three days no matter what each time you shampoo. After three days most of the ‘tangle monsters’ and frizzy should be gone and we can trim the split-ends in your hair. Got it?” “Yes, Leah.” I was left with the feeling I had just been given instructions, not suggestions. Receiving them while naked, I kinda like it. It was the second set of instructions I received in the last 5 minutes and I didn’t seemed to mind at all. Leah stood back to look at me. I was trying to figure what to do with my arms as she explored my body with her eyes. “Not bad, very not bad. Turn slowly around for me.” As I started to turn I realizes that I was doing the third instruction I’d been given. In following of Leah’s instruction I noticed that I was no longer self conscious of my body or being naked in the direct sunlight, or being naked in front of Leah. There was a strange sense of comfort being told what to by Leah. “You have a great figure, it just needs some toning.” She said as though she were looking over a race horse in the paddock before a derby. “Your boobs are great, nice tummy and hips. We will do something with that ‘jungle’ you have growing down there though, it’s just out of control.” She was talking to my bush when she said that too. “How is that going to make me look beautiful when no one can see it when I’m…clothed.” I asked, more like I stammered. “It won’t make you look beautiful, it will make you feel beautiful. And when you feel beautiful, you are beautiful.” I started to see where she was going. Leah approached me again, looked down into my face and studied my cheeks; “You have great skin, very tiny pores. Pasty white skin but its great. We’re going to start to kaçak bahis siteleri take care of that now.” She took my hand and her touch caused a shiver to go straight down my back to my muff. I had to control it. I took a long breath as she lead me by the hand to a lounge and sat me down. “Everyday after school you come home with me and we will sunbathe together for 2 hours, one hour on each side. That should get a healthy glow going on your alabaster skin in no time. Plus we will do that ‘behavior modification’ training to get you self sufficient and lose the self conscious parts. This is going to work girl! Now, lay back and lets catch some rays.” I smiled as I looked up at her; “Thanks Leah.” That was all I could think to say as I laid back in the lounge. Leah lowered my lounge to perfectly flat and then walked back to the table. Finally I got to see her ass, it was worth the wait. Smooth and round, tapered and joining her legs flawlessly. She bent over slightly reaching for something I couldn’t see and her slit popped out again. Her labia looked butter smooth, she was candy for my eyes and inspiration for my fantasies. I could feel my pussy starting to flow again. She returned to me with a bottle in her hand. As she walked toward me I enjoyed ever jiggle from her pert breasts. She leaned over me to remove my glasses and placed them on the table next to the lounge. Aww dammit! My sight was now denied me, she was a blurry version of her former self now. I could make out her arm extending over my head and I heard her say; “Close your eyes.” I did as instructed…again, and soon felt the drippings of an oily substance on my face and throat. My mind went to a place all its own when that happened. What could this be I thought? I heard her giggle; “Its suntan oil and don’t worry its harmless if you swallow some. It’s banana oil and coco butter. It’s all I use…oop, excuse me, all we use.” Still unable to see more than a furry outline of her I reached up to rub the oil she had dripped on me when she stopped me. “I’ll do that, you can’t see and I don’t want any part of your delicate skin to get missed or you will fry.” I could see her move over the top of me, it looked like she was straddling me and the lounge. Oh, the view I must be missing now could keep me busy in my room for weeks. I felt her weight settle on my tummy as she sat split legged facing me. Oh God! I thought, her pussy was split open and exposed sitting just above my belly-button and all I could see were smears. I think I heard one of my eggs drop. I don’t know how much longer I was going to be able to hide the fact that she was turning me on like a t.v. set. Her hands started to move over the surface of my face messaging the oil in. Her touch along with the slippery oil on my skin was almost electric. She told me to keep my eyes closed so she could cover the eyelids. Her hands moved under my chin, down my neck and then back up under my ears. WOW! did that ever feel wonderful. I didn’t know the back of my neck and behind my ears was so sensitive but I do now and so did she because a small moan escaped…I couldn’t help it. “You ok?” “Yes….just…fine.” Trying to keep my focus off her hands on my body. She took my hands and placed them on her shoulders then lubed both arms completely down all the way to my ‘pits’ which tickled me crazy. I giggled “No…stop, stop it your killing me…giggle.” Playfully she said, “Never! I may torment you with out mercy, but kill you, never.” She threw in an extra tickle and I squeaked. More oil now dripped on my chest between my boobs and she started to work it in, gently cupping my breasts in each hand and rubbing her oil soaked hand over them. I felt a deeper breath than normal fill me as she played with the left Brest’s nipple and said, “You have nice nipples and areolas, are they sensitive?” More now than they ever used to be, thats for sure. The best response I came up with was, “Kinda” “I won’t linger then.” She slid down dragging her crotch over me as she did. Talk about control, I was starting to try and do my sociology homework in my head to distract me from what seemed to be innocent statements, comments and actions taken out of context by my runaway horny libido. It wasn’t working. She finished my tummy and moved straight to my legs avoiding my pussy which was a blessing because I know I couldn’t handle that at this time. When she finished the tops of my legs she went down to the feet and worked lotion in. I thought I was going to die. Her fingers went between each toe, under my instep and then to the ankle. I had no idea that my feet were an erogenous zone but they were because I felt my pussy squish again. It had to be getting messy down there because I could feel some dripage running to my anus. As she raised my left leg to rub the lotion in on the underside of my calf and thigh, it caused my labia to drag against itself. Wow again, I felt the warm spot inside me start to spread and another soft moan escaped me as it did. When she moved to the right leg and lifted it the soft moan became and outright groan. “Jane, did you know that sunbathing can sometimes be a great turn on to some people causing them to get very aroused? Is the sun having that effect on you right now?” ”…

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