The commuter train


Lucky me as I was able to get out of work early and catch the early afternoon train home. Not nearly as crowded as normal. I enjoy a row of seats to myself. As the train departs, I look up from my book to see a very cute red head has sat down in the row across from me. I check here out from head to toe as she types into her cell phone. She has beautiful strawberry blonde hair, milky white skin, and great profile. Her breasts are large and I notice them slightly shake with the train’s movements. I try to get to back to my book, but I can’t almanbahis şikayet help but continue to steal glances as her breasts as they shake with the vibrations of the train along the tracks. My cock starts to notice the vibration as well and starts to grow. Shortly it is straining against my pants and I need to adjust myself for comfort. As I do, I notice she looking my way and noticed as I tugs at the lump in my pants. I flush with red as I notice that she just caught me adjusting my hard on. She gives me a sly smile and goes almanbahis canlı casino back to her phone. I want to crawl into a hole with embarrassment. At the same time, she did not seem appalled that I had a hard on. I look over and she still has a smile on her face. Shes’s probably texting a friend about the creep on the train I think to myself. A minute later, I steal another look and she has put her phone down and is looking my way. There is still a noticeable bulge in pants and I see her stare move from the window behind almanbahis casino me to my crotch. I decide to offer a better look and again tug at my pants as I hold my book in front of me pretending to read. Her eyes never move from pants. I decide to keep my hand there and rub it a bit. After about 20 seconds of this, that feel like forever to me, I look over at her. She notices me looking her way and breaks her trance of looking at my bulge to smile at me. Now it is her turn to shift in her seat. She moves to place her back against the window and lifts a leg onto the seat. Her loose fitting shorts are to long for me to see anything, but the curve of her legs are beautiful. She moves her hand slowly down from her knee to her thigh and over shorts and what would be her pussy underneath.

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