Subject: TUESDAY MATINEE The day after CHAPTER 10 Adult Youth TUESDAY MATINEE ( THE DAY AFTER CHAPTER 10) Sixty days had passed since Christian’s dental appointment and he was due for another cleaning. ” Wake up sweetheart”, Christian’s mother whispered as she gently awakened the sleeping boy. ” Did you forget that you have an appointment to get your teeth cleaned today?” She asked Christian. Christian turned his body to the other side and kept his head resting on his pillow, wishing that he could have another hour to sleep. ” I want you to take Dalton with you as well. He missed his cleaning appointment last week and so the Dentist said that she would see both of you this morning” His mother said Christian opened his eyes and instantly thought back to his last trip to the dentist, which resulted in his meeting Brian at the Tuesday Matinee. Dalton was already out of bed and looking inside of his closet , trying to decide which set of clothing to wear for the dental visit. Christian’s mother left the boys alone and went into the kitchen to make them a light breakfast. “Hurry up and get up Christian” Dalton said as he opened his dresser and pulled out a pair of cutoffs that he planned ordu escort on wearing to the Dental office. He pulled open another draw and lifted a T shirt that was one of his favorites. It was a black T shirt that had I’M WITH STUPID printed on it. He opened Christian’s drawer and looked for Christian’s shirt that had STUPID printed on it. ” OH NO YOU DON’T” Christian yelled as he jumped out of bed and ran to his dresser. He quickly pulled out one of his favorite T shirts that had an image of Bart Simpson on the front, surrounded by the rest of the SIMPSON’S characters from the TV show. Dalton laughed and put his shirt back into the dresser and pulled out his favorite TOY STORY shirt that had a depiction of Woody on the shirt. Christian pulled down his underpants and tossed them into the hamper and reached into his dresser for a fresh pair. Dalton could not help but notice that Christian was semi erect. ” You got a boner ” Dalton said as he giggled, pointing to Christian’s engorged penis. ” I know, I was thinking about something just before I got out of bed” Christian explained. ” What made it hard?” Dalton asked ” I was thinking about the last time I met Brian. osmaniye escort It happened the last time I went to get my teeth cleaned. I met him at the movie theater” Christian explained. Both boys were quiet as they finished dressing into the clothes they were going to wear that day. ” Hey, Dalton”… Do you want to go to the movies today, to the matinee when we get out of the Dentist office?. I know Mom will let us go and then she can do some shopping and pick us up when the movie is over” ` Christian opened up his drawer and searched for the card that Brian had given him with his phone number. ” YEAH…That would be cool” Dalton yelled out ” One more thing” Christian added ” Do you care if Brian meets us there? We can’t tell Mom though, she will flip out if she knows we met a man at the movies” “Cool….I like Brian” Dalton added ” Breakfast is ready boys… Wash your hands and get in here….we are leaving in 30 minutes” “OK MOM” Dalton yelled back. ” Be there in a minute” The boys sat on the edge of Christian’s bed as Christian removed his cell phone from the charger on the night stand. He powered up the phone and when he had a connection , he checked ostim escort to see what was playing at the theater. ” HEY MOM… Can Dalton and I go to the matinee today after the Dentist…you can go shopping and pick us up when the movie is over?” ” Yeah…sounds good to me. I have a few places to go to. Find out what time the movie gets out” ” I’m doing that now” Christian yelled out Christian began to think to himself…. we should be out of the Dentist office by 12 and the matinee starts at 1PM…. PERFECT TIMING…he thought to himself. ” What is playing?” Dalton asked ” WONDER” is the movie playing, Christian said. ” It has Jacob Tremblay in the movie” he added. ” Hey MOM…we should be out of the movie by 3PM…we can wait for you outside the movie theater” Christian yelled to his mom. Christian grabbed the card and called Brian. ” Hello” Brian answered within seconds ” Hey dude….it’s me Christian” “CHRISTIAN… hey buddy, what’s up?” ” Hey Brian, I am going to the Dentist with Dalton this morning and my Mom said we could go to the Matinee after we finish” ” So , I was wondering…..” “You don’t need to say anything more….I WILL SEE YOU AT THE MATINEE” Brian yelled in glee. ” Is Dalton coming with you to the movie as well?” He added “Yeah, is that cool with you?” “OH HELL YEAH” ” I am so looking forward to this afternoon” Brian added “See you there” Christian said as he said goodby and hung up the phone.

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