Subject: The Fall of the Parker Bros. Part Three Thank you for reading my stories. Comments and questions are welcome aim. These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between above the age of 18. Nifty is able to offer this service for us to share and enjoy stories. Please consider giving below to allow Nifty the opportunity to fty/donate.html We were a few minutes into Fortnite and I could see him start to relax. “So baseball huh?” He nodded as he fired, “Shortstop.” “Nice, that’s a tough position to play.” He shrugged as he killed a player, “I’m not bad.” “So you have to be super popular right?” He shrugged again, “I gotta a lot of friends.” “Girlfriends?” He looked over and smiled at me, “A few.” I wasn’t surprised but I made a big deal about it, “Dude, you a player?” “I like keeping my options open,” he said taking another hit, “How much pussy you get?” I lifted my shirt to show my abs and grinned, “Dude I’m starting attacker, I’m beating them off with a stick.” He gazed at my torso and then looked away, “Nice abs.” “Lemme see yours.” He looked at me with a loopy smile and pulled his shirt off. God damn I was right, this kid was perfect. He had nice pecs and a fucking eight pack with deep, defined cuts. His nipples were dark, quarter sized and begging to be bitten. “Jesus dude,” I exclaimed truthfully, “Can I touch?” He nodded and I ran my fingers up his abs and then to his pecs. He closed his eyes for a moment and I knew the joint was kicking in. I tweaked his nipple and his eyes flew open as he gasped. “Don’t man! They’re super fucking sensitive.” “Oh really?” I said with an evil smile. He nodded and I could see the unfocused gaze in his eyes, “Yeah….my girl knows I’ll do anything once they start getting tweaked.” He was feeling no pain. “Anything?” I said reaching out and giving them a twist. He let out a moan and tried to swat my hands away, “Come on man…” His eyes were barely open and his hand just fell to his side. “You said anything…” I said pinching them again. He whimpered and I saw him stick his chest out, just begging for more. “Come on man…” he whined. I leaned in and licked one and he gasped, “What the…” I nibbled on it and he moaned and his protests fell flat. I moved over to the other nipple and he just kept making noises that might have been words but I wasn’t sure. I went back to tweaking them with my hands as I moved up and nibbled on his neck. He threw his head back and stopped fighting it. I moved up to his ear and he squealed a little. “What are you…” he slurred as pressed my mouth to his. At first nothing, he just laid there but as I moved a hand over his crotch he responded with a moan, which allowed me slip my tongue in. His cock started to harden in his shorts and as it did he began to kiss back. I don’t even think he knew what was going on any more, he was just enjoying it. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, his cock got bigger and bigger under my touch until it seemed massive. I broke the kiss and opened his shorts, he was just lying there, drool at the corner of his mouth. “Lift your hips up Sammy,” I said pulling them down. Like a good little boy he raised his ass as I slipped his shorts and boxer briefs down. A fucking man’s cock slipped free and slapped his abs with a solid thud. I looked on with amazement, this high school kid had a cock bigger than mine! It was easily nine inches and too thick to wrap my hand around, I know because it was the first thing I did. “Ohhh….” he moaned, eyes still closed, as I stroked the length of him. Jesus Christ he was hot. His pubes were trimmed neat and I could see his balls were smooth as a baby’s bottom. He had a deep tan line that told me he had spent most of the summer in nothing but swimming shorts. şişli travesti “Jesus you’re fucking huge,” I said out loud. He smiled and nodded, “It’s a family thing…” he muttered. “Your brothers are hung too?” With slurred speech he said “Parker family tradition…” and then trailed off. I leaned down and licked the huge purple head and he groaned and thrust into my mouth. “Yeah….suck my cock…” He had no idea who he was talking to…he just wanted to feel good. I could make him feel good. His cock filled my mouth as I tried to go down as far as possible. His hands weakly gripped the sides of my head as he tried to face fuck me. He was a leaker, a steady flow of precum filled my mouth as I worshiped this kid’s horse cock. He got into it, bucking his hips like a bronco as my tongue tried to swirl around his shaft. I let it slip out of my mouth and the wet slap of his cock against his shredded abs was as erotic as fuck. I licked the underside for a while and then moved down to his balls. They were bigger than fucking eggs so I took one in my mouth and swirled it around. He moaned ever louder as I relished the smooth skin. I moved to the other and he was just crying out in pleasure and I slathered him with my spit. He was in heaven and didn’t give a fuck who I was. Grabbing the sides of his muscular thighs I pulled them apart and leaned him back some, exposing that perfect baseball ass. I don’t know if you’ve ever fucked a baseball player but let me inform you, they have the best asses. Hard, tight melons of pure muscle with just enough meat to jiggle. I loved baseball players and knew I was going to take my time with this ass. I licked under his balls and his moans stopped. As I moved down and assaulted his perineum he let out a low growl that told me I was the first one to do this to him. He tried to grab my head but I was leaning him back farther and farther in the bean bag, exposing his ass to the air. Spreading his cheeks I could see hit tight little pink hole looking back at me, dying to be broken. As I started licking around the outside he let out a lustful, “What are you doooooing to me?” As I got closer to his hole I could see his pucker tighten up, a reflex that most straight men had. I pushed my tongue into the center and felt the resistance stop me. “No…no don’t…” he panted, his words slurring badly. Reaching up I tweaked his nipples and he let out an excited chirp and his hole opened in reflex. And my tongue dove in. There was aborted squeak from him as I pushed my way into his virgin ass. His hole was fighting the feelings he was experiencing, it would clench shut and then open fully, allowing me deeper entrance, which caused him to resist again. We fought like this for about a minute before he let out a sigh and his hole relaxed completely. My whole tongue violated his ass and he let out a moan of complete pleasure. He wasn’t the first start jock I had tongue fucked, now that he stopped fighting me I need him to want it, crave it. I don’t want to brag but I had a pretty talented tongue. The girls and guys I had eaten out had complimented my on the length and strength of my tongue and from the sounds little Sammy was making he was enjoying it too. He had moved from fighting to allowing to actually pushing back into the invader as I pushed his legs apart wider to get just a quarter inch more access. He was babbling mess, this fucking pretty straight jock was begging me to tongue fuck him blindly and we had just started. I stopped and lowered his legs and he gave me a panicked look for a moment until he felt my finger push into him. His mouth opened in shock and I leaned in and kissed him hard. Again I don’t think he even knew what was happening, that I was a guy or anything. All he knew was pleasure so he went with it. The walls of his ass fluttered around beylikdüzü travesti my finger as he kissed me back. I could hear the sloshing from my spit and slid a second finger into him. He moaned into my mouth as I pushed deeper into him, looking for the key to our next adventure. My fingertip moved over his prostate and his ass clenched as his tongue went nuts in my mouth. I stopped kissing him as I started to just pound his joy button with my hands. “W-what….no….ohmygod…what are you….oh harder…” I smiled as he went from concerned to shocked to rapture in a moment of seconds. I slid my fingers out and said, “Push out…” I shoved three into him and he stopped breathing as his ass tried to cope with the girth. He looked like he was going to complain when I rubbed two fingers over his spot and he just relaxed and practically purred. “Yeah…oh….yeah there….” he panted as I drilled him hard. His huge cock was spitting precum all over his abs as it twitched every time I hit him. He was too out of it to stroke himself off, he was just delirious with all the new sensation he was feeling. Once I felt no resistance at all from three fingers I knew it was time. I slipped my shorts off with one hand as I kept finger fucking him. My cock was bobbing in front of me, begging for some fun. I slowly removed my fingers and he hissed and then let out a plaintive moan. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed some lotion and slathered up my cock. “You like that?” I asked, moving over him. He gave me a stupid smile and he nodded. I raised his ass again and pressed my cock to his hole. “This is going to feel even better,” I said as I lowered his ass. He slowly pressed down onto my cock, the head cresting at his tight, little opening. “Wait…wait…” he said panicked. His eyes were wide open and he was clawing at my chest, “Wait…no….what are you…” I gripped his cock and started to stroke him which caused him to moan and lose concentration for a moment. The head of my cock popped into him and he gasped as I just stayed still. “No…no…you’re….don’t…you’re in me…” he whined. I kept stroking him as I tweaked his left nipple. His eyes closed and he just groaned as he slid another inch down my cock. “Uhhh….” he whimpered as he kept sliding further down on my cock. I felt his ass cheeks hit my pubes and I knew I was balls deep in this kid. “W-wait…” he pleaded as I pulled slowly back. Instead of answering I just trust forward. He grunted and then let out a sultry moan as his cock twitched. I pulled back again and waited before thrusting into him. Again he grunted and then sighed, and I knew I was hitting him where I needed to. I began to piston into him and he began to moan, his head thrashing back and forth. I made sure to push up with my end thrust, making sure the head of my dick hit him squarely where it counted. His cock was rock hard as I began to fuck him hard, his hands that had been on my chest trying to stop me moved to my shoulders as he hung on. I spread his long legs and just went for it as he began to just whimper with each push. “W-w-hhhattt….” he asked as his cock bobbed back and forth. “You like that Sammy? You like that cock?” He shook his head as I slammed him again and again, he was saying no but his cock was begging for more. I grabbed his ankles and spread him wishbone style as I began to lay into him hard. His perfect little body was covered with a sheen of sweat as his eyes rolled back into his head and just accepted his fucking like a good boy. I really gave it to him for a few minutes, no words, no variety, just a plain old fashioned fucking. This was the next part about harvesting a straight jock’s cherry, repetition. After about five minutes I stopped and pulled out of him. He gasped as my head plopped out of his former istanbul travesti virgin hole and he looked at me confused. I moved over to the other beanbag and then pulled him over, his ass over my cock. “Come on Sammy, you know you want it.” He looked conflicted as his pucker touched the tip of my cock. “Come on…you can do it…” He closed his eyes and slowly lowered himself onto my cock. The look of radiance on his face as he felt me enter him almost made me cum right there. He bit his lower lip as I he bottomed out on me. He sa ton my cock and opened his eyes to look at me. “Good boy…” I said putting my hands on his hips. I raised him up some and he moaned as I let him go, falling on my cock. I did this about a dozen times before I could feel him helping me. Slowly I lessened my grip and watched as this little baseball jock began to fuck himself on my cock. “You like that Sammy?” I asked as he bounced up and down. He nodded as he slammed down hard onto me, each time that donkey dick spurting a little more precum. “Tell me you want it Sammy, tell me what you want….” He was silent as kept fucking himself so I stopped him and his eyes flew open and locked with mine. “Tell me what you want.” You could see the conflict on his face so I pushed into him. His eyes closed and he moaned and I stopped. “What do you want?” “Fuuuck mee….” he pleaded, the last dregs of his resistance vanishing. I pushed up into him and pulled him closer as I began to bunny fuck him hard. His arms went around me as he geld on for dear life. My cock was smashing his guts everywhere and from the whimpers coming from him it was everything he hadn’t know he wanted. I could feel him pushing down onto me as I pushed up, our hips slapping loudly as we both got into it. He was out of it, he didn’t care of he was straight or gay or whatever. He was too fucked up to know anything but pleasure and he wanted more of it. And I was ready to give it to him. After a few I tossed him off my cock and told him to get on all fours. He assumed the position and looked back at me like an eager puppy. I grabbed the back of his sweat matted hair and rode him for all it was worth. He was begging me after a minute or so, I mean what could I do but give the boy what he wanted. I watched the muscles in his back roll as he reached under himself and started stroking his big cock. “You like that cock Sammy? You like that cock in you?” “Yea..yeah….fuck me….fuck me harder….” he said between strokes. Grabbing his neck I pulled him up and began to nibble on his ear as I fucked him. He whined as he fisted his cock for all it was worth. I applied pressure and cut off his air as he got closer. If he knew he was without air he didn’t show it, all he did was stroke faster and push back onto me like his life depended on it. I heard an aborted choke from him as his ass tightened around my dick. Letting go of his throat his cock exploded with cum. Ropes and ropes of teen cum painted my floor as he convulsed around my hard cock, feeling his first fuck in all it’s entirety. After about four shots he whimpered as his cock kept flowing, his ass tight as a vice. My cock began to pulse and I knew I was about to breed his jock boy good. I pushed all the way into him and whispered into his ear, “Take my load boy, fucking feel me shoot into your pussy.” As I began to cum he moaned, it was a combination of shame and lust as a part of his mind realized what he was doing while the other part of him loved every second of it. He passed out on my cock, his body spent from his first violation. About an hour later his brothers came looking for him and found him asleep on my bed as I played Fortnite. “I think he drank too much,” I said smiling, “He just passed out.” John rolled his eyes, “Typical Sammy, talks a good game but is a little bitch in the end.” He reached down and picked his little brother up, “Thanks for looking out for him man.” I gave him a wink, “My pleasure man, he’s a cool kid.” They both nodded and left, leaving me with a satisfied smile. And a desire for more….much, much more.

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