Subject: The Family that Plays Together – Part 8 The Family that Plays Together � Part 8 Gay, Incest, Uncle, Nephew If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to donate! It’s easy, just follow the link fty/donate.html * * * * Once we were back at the house and Javier was asleep in his bed, Kayson joined us in the kitchen. “When I proposed we go out for dinner, she was all for it. Then I suggested Jeff spend the evening at the house with Javier. I told her you two would be happy to watch them. That’s when it got… unpleasant.” He paused and we waited. Then he continued, “She said that she was in the middle of a divorce and while she trusted Jeff with you in a public place, she didn’t want to give her soon-to-be ex any ammunition. I asked he what she meant and she told me that while she didn’t have anything against your `lifestyle,'” Jamie and I both rolled our eyes at that horribly overused term, “she couldn’t let you babysit. She apologized and said that she hoped I understood. I said that I was sorry that she felt that way but that you were my family and that I hope she understood why I had to rescind my dinner invitation. That’s when I came and got Javier and you two and we went into the locker room.” Jamie and I just looked at each other, stunned by what we’d just heard. I was secretly proud of Kayson for standing up for us but Jamie was the one who spoke for us. “Thanks, Kayce. I know that must have been incredibly difficult for you…” then Kayson cut him off saying, “It wasn’t actually. I meant every word. I could never be with someone who would treat my family that way.” I was speechless. So instead of saying anything, I hugged my big brother. Jamie did the same. Kayson didn’t usually like protracted displays of affection like that, but he didn’t seem to mind it this time. “Okay, that’s enough,” he finally said as he withdrew. Jamie and I laughed and he of course ignored our reaction. “Are you staying for dinner? I was planning on ordering from the Cuban place.” We got excited at that because we both loved Cuban food and we tended to eat it more since Javier had been adopted. We didn’t know if Javier was Cuban but he seemed to like it too. Dad and Pop had been out driving all day, exploring the mountains, so they were pretty hungry when they got home. We enjoyed a nice meal together and when Dad asked how the pool was, Kayson gave them the sanitized version of his conversation with Jeff’s mom. I had been thinking about it and had another brilliant idea. “I remember you saying that you’d hit it off with a single dad at the park. I can’t remember his name but you could ask him out the next time you see him.” Javier spoke up volunteering some more information. “His son’s name is Andy, I know that.” Then Kayson filled in the blank, “His name is Andrew. He’s a widower and I don’t even know if he’s gay.” Dad tried to help by offering, “You could always ask if he’d like to go to a sports bar, have a beer and watch a game.” “Yeah, I guess that would be harmless.” Then Jamie piped up, “And we could watch Javier and Andy while you were gone. It could be a playdate.” Kayson gave his brother a withering look. He did not look happy that Jamie had mentioned a play date in front of Javier knowing full well what had happened earlier in the day with Jeff’s mom. “Ooh that would be fun, Daddy!” Javier said excitedly. Kayson could only smile and say to his son, “It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I’ll call and ask, okay?” Javier bounced up and down in his seat. Kayson excused himself from the table to place the call privately. Pop commented, “Well, it must be a good sign that he already has the man’s number.” We all agreed. Then Kayson returned a few minutes later with the verdict. “He said he really doesn’t follow team sports but that he would be happy to meet me for dinner and drinks while the boys had a playdate. He knows of a pub sort of halfway between our two places.” “Yay!” Javier screamed. We all kind of chuckled and even Kayson had to admit it didn’t sound like a bad idea after all. Jamie and I had to leave after we finished cleaning up because we both had classes in the morning. We got dressed, said our goodbyes and headed back to the apartment. * The playdate had been scheduled for the following Friday evening and Jamie and I were looking forward to watching the boys for the evening. Pop had to work at the hospital and Dad was giving a client istanbul travesti a massage in his new studio. We had a lot planned for the evening and even though we didn’t get to everything, I think the boys had fun. By the time Kayson got home from his date, with Andrew in tow, both boys had already worn themselves out so we had put them to bed. There was a trundle bed in Javier’s room that Jeff was passed out on while Javier was asleep in his own single bed. Andrew thanked us, picked Jeff up, thanked Kayson too then left. Once the door was closed, Jamie and I dragged Kayson into the kitchen and began grilling him. Kayson was happy to provide the information we’d requested. Andrew worked in real estate development, his wife had died two years ago, he was happily bisexual like Kayson and would like to go out again. Jamie and I did our own version of the happy dance. And while Kayson did not appreciate the dance itself (he rolled his eyes at us), we could tell he appreciated the sentiment behind it. Kayson dated Andrew for a few months and he seemed really happy. Then Andrew was transferred to the west coast and that put an end to that. Kayson pretty much gave up on dating for awhile after that. It was too bad really because he is such a great guy, but he was determined to devote himself to his son’s upbringing and that is exactly what he did. * Fast forward ten years… Dad was still teaching at the university and Pop was still working at the hospital. Both were happy in their work and their lives together and we, their sons and grandson, were happy for them. Kayson’s law practice had really taken off after he started specializing in helping place children with unusual (for our part of the country) adoptive parents, both singles and gay couples especially. Jamie had gone to work for Kayson as a paralegal after graduating from college and so far they loved working together. As for me, I went on to grad school and became an anthropology professor like my dad. I was hired by the same college I attended as an undergrad and I loved it but secretly hoped for more someday… like maybe my Dad’s job at the university when he retired. Javier continued to excel in school and was on the honor roll every semester. Life for the Battles-Cooper-Maddox family was pretty terrific. Just after Javier’s fifteenth birthday, Dad and Pop decided to take a long-overdue vacation to the Azores. They weren’t calling it a second honeymoon but we all knew that’s what it was. While they were gone, Kayson and Jamie had received some surprising news. An aunt they had thought already dead had died. Their father had told them that his sister, Betsy, had died when they were little but in fact she had merely been estranged from him because of his choice of wife. Kayson and Jamie’s mother, Rosa, was Hispanic and their aunt had not approved. Ironically as her only living relatives, the guys had inherited her estate without even knowing she existed! They wouldn’t know the extent of her wealth until they spoke with her attorney but it looked to be extensive. Since Javier was still in school and I was the only one who was going to be home, it was up to me to take care of him while everyone was gone. I didn’t know about Javier, but I was looking forward to some one on one time with my nephew. After dinner that first night alone together, we sat down on the couch to hang out. We had already discussed school, both his and mine, at dinner so now it was time to get into the more personal details of his life. I sat kind of at an angle facing him and he did the same. “So are you dating anyone?” “I’m seeing a couple of people, but no one serious yet.” I heard people and thought I should dig a little deeper, so I asked, “Boys or girls?” “Both actually.” I smiled and commented, “Just like your dad. Is he seeing anyone right now?” “Not right now. I don’t think he thinks he’s very good at it, so he’s busy being a helicopter dad to me now.” I could tell by the face he made that he wasn’t a big fan of his dad being so involved in every aspect of his life. “I just think he’s been hurt a few too many times… my sister being the first.” “Oh yeah, Aunt Susan. He told me about her.” I was surprised by that because he never talked about her or asked even about her after the breakup. “He did?! That surprises me.” “He asked me to get his other watch from his jewelry box, when the battery died in the kadıköy travesti one he was wearing, and I saw the little black velvet bag. I opened it and found a diamond engagement ring inside. He explained what happened and why he’d kept the ring.” I was curious so I asked, “He told you about the ring?” “Yeah, it was his mother’s. He still hopes to give it to someone someday, I think.” This was all news to me! He must have figured out that I was shocked by the revelation, so he asked, “Didn’t he ever tell you that?” “No, he never told me he planned on getting married again someday.” “Me either. Hey, that reminds me… when are you and Uncle Jamie going to get married?” “You know I wonder that myself sometimes. It’s not that I don’t want to. I just think maybe we’re too young, ya know?” “No, I don’t know. It seems to me if you love each other like you say you do then you’d get married no matter what age you are.” “Hey! When did you get to be so wise?” “Always have been. Everybody just assumes because I’m young, I’m not.” This conversation was beginning to sounded vaguely familiar. “Okay, fine. When you’re uncle gets back, I’ll see what he thinks about getting married. Happy?” He gave me a big, toothy grin and replied, “Very.” I needed to change the subject quickly but he did instead, “Would you mind if I laid down while we chatted?” “No, not at all,” I answered. I had assumed he would put his feet in my lap like he always did, but he took a throw pillow and placed in my lap instead then laid his head on it. I felt something was changing but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it yet. I needed more time to process. While I was doing that he asked me another question. “Why do men get circumcised? I mean we’re born with foreskin so why have it removed? I don’t mean to offend, Uncle Eddie. I’m just curious.” “I’m not offended. I think it’s because fathers want their sons to look like them and if they’ve been circumcised then they have their sons circumcised. Later in life, if someone is circumcised it’s usually for either aesthetic or medical reasons.” He looked like he wasn’t following so I elaborated. “Some men are pressured by others to do it because they think it’s unhygienic or unappealing. Others have to because of a medical condition where the foreskin gets tight and painful.” “The first one doesn’t make sense, Uncle. I keep clean and I like the way it looks. Yes, I’m only one of a few in the locker room with foreskin but no one has ever said that it was ugly.” “That’s because it’s not. It’s beautiful. If I’d had the choice, I would have kept mine. And before you ask, no I don’t blame my father. His father did it to him and Uncle Rory and so he did it to me.” “Thanks, Uncle Eddie. And for the record, I think yours is beautiful because it’s yours.” That made my cock stir and could see his starting to fill as well. Then he commented, “I wish I was hairy like you and Granddad and Grandpop.” “It’s genetics, buddy, so I don’t think you will be. Sorry.” “Is it okay if I play with yours then?” “Of course. As long as I get to run my fingers through your thick, wavy hair.” “Deal.” He began to run his fingers through my chest hair while I ran mine through his thick, curly locks. Curiosity got the better of me again and I asked, “Do you mostly kiss your boyfriends and girlfriends or do you do more?” “Mostly it’s just kissing but sometimes we have sex. Only Dad says no fucking until I’m eighteen, so it’s just sucking cock and eating pussy.” That surprised me, but it sounded reasonable. “I’m sure it’s just because he doesn’t want you getting an STD or a girl pregnant.” “Yeah, I know. It’s just frustrating not being able to go all the way.” “I understand completely.” Then I had to ask the most important question of the evening, “Do you and your dad ever…?” “Oh, yeah. We suck each other’s cocks and he even lets me fuck him, but he won’t fuck me. It’s very frustrating.” That I hadn’t expected to hear, so I asked, “He lets you fuck him but he won’t fuck you. Hmm. Perhaps it’s because of your Dad’s girth. You’ve seen when he gets hard how much thicker he is than most men. Maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt you.” “I can see that, yeah, but there must be a way for him to fuck me without hurting me, right?” I knew I had to help him out so I offered, “You know, your Granddad didn’t want to fuck me the first time either. He’s a little meatier than bakırköy travesti me and he thought he’d hurt me too. But eventually he gave in and I was relaxed enough to take him and it didn’t hurt at all.” He sat up and turned to me. “Can you show me how to relax enough to take a cock in my ass?” I was too deep in it to say no, but I had to make sure he knew what he was asking. “Are you sure you want this? I mean I can’t be seen as pressuring you into anything, do you understand?” He threw himself at me saying, “Oh yes, Uncle Eddie, I want you to fuck me! Please, please fuck me?!” Well, he couldn’t have been more clear so I agreed. He hugged me tightly squeezing almost all the oxygen from my lungs. “Okay, then let’s go to your bedroom.” He got up, grabbed me by the hand then practically dragged me down the hall to his room. Once we were on his bed I asked, “Do you have condoms or should I go to your Granddad’s room to get some?” “Yeah, but wouldn’t it be better for you to fuck me raw since you’re circumcised?” “It would. Is that what you and your dad do?” He nodded. “Okay then, but you have to promise me that you’ll always use a condom when you have sex with anyone outside the family, okay?” “I promise… but remember I said I’m not allowed to fuck outside the family until I’m eighteen.” “I remember… I just don’t believe you. You’re a horny teenager.” He chuckled but didn’t acknowledge the truth of my statement. He opened his bedside drawer and retrieved a small bottle of lube and handed it to me. “I’ll lay down on my back and you can sit on it, okay?” I laid down on the bed, then added, “I think this will be best for your first time. You can control it better this way.” He nodded then straddled me. I lubed up his hole and my cock then told him to lower himself as he breathed in and out slowly. He did as I instructed as he spread his butt cheeks and I guided my cock into his hole. He slid right down without any problems. Once he was seated in my lap, he opened his eyes and smiled. I asked, “How do you feel?” “Fantastic! Your cock fits right inside me.” Maybe he hadn’t been fucked before. I’d have to ask later. At that moment, I needed to make this fuck his best ever. “Okay now raise and lower yourself at your own pace. I’ll make sure you don’t go too far. You don’t want my cock to slip out once you get in a rhythm.” Again he did as instructed and it felt as good to me as it must have to him. “This is amazing, Unc. Fucking fantastic!” Once he knew how far to go, I began to stroke his cock with my slicked up hand. He raised and lowered himself a littler faster each time and I was enjoying watching his beautiful face as he fucked himself on my hard cock. “Why don’t you lean forward a little and let me take over for a while?” He put his hands on my chest, letting some of his weight rest on me then I brought my knees up slightly and started fucking him. His mouth opened and he started yelling, “Oh yeah, fuck me! That’s it. Fuck me, Uncle Eddie!” That kind of talk always wound me up so I sped up as I took my free hand and pulled on a bronze nipple. “Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yeah, fuck!” he continued as I sped up even more. “Oh god, oh god,” he cried out as the first pearly rope of cum shout of his cannon. His ass ring tightened around my shaft and with one last thrust I exploded deep inside him with my own, “Ah fuuccckkkk!” I emptied my balls in his tight hole as he covered me with his jizz. When he finally opened his eyes, he looked down at me and said, “Wow!” before collapsing on top of me. Somehow I managed to keep my cock inside him and we laid like that for some time, both coming down from a super intense orgasmic high. “Damn, Uncle Eddie,” he managed, speaking into my chest, “that was fucking awesome!” I chuckled and said, “You’re right, my beautiful nephew. That was fucking awesome.” Eventually my cock did fall out of his hole and I was able to roll him over then offer my hand to pull him up. “We need to jump in the shower before the cum starts leaking out of your ass.” He looked at me like I was crazy as he took my hand and rose from the bed. “It does that?” “Yeah, it does sometimes. Come on.” As we walked to the bathroom, he remarked, “Holy shit, it’s running down my leg!” I chuckled and replied, “Then you better get in first.” He did, turned on the water and we took a leisurely shower together, soaping each other and sucking each other’s cocks. Of course he probably could have come again but I needed to rest up for what I was sure was a week of sucking and fucking. As it turned out, we did suck and fuck each other every evening after dinner all week long and it was fucking awesome. (to be continued in Part 9)

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