Subject: Random Tails/ The-Game Please donate to Nifty. Would you really want to lose this site? This will be my last submission to Random Tails as I take a breakfrom this grouping – However I will be posting a new multi chapter story to Adult/Youth called Hwy 62.I expect to have the first chapter out next week I want to thank all of you who email me about my stories and I am overwhelmedat how many of you feel compelled to let me know how much you enjoy them. The Game by Tagenhard [email protected] or ota HE’S AT THE TWENTY AND HE’S NOW AT THE 10 AND TOUCHDOWN. THE WILMONT WILDCATS HAVE WON THE TITLE. Screamed from the loudspeakers and the home team stands went wild. Cheering and shouting and people standing by me congratulating me and slapping me on the back because my son Ryan made the winning touchdown. A massive crack of thunder cut loose and rain drops started to fall. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE WEATHER SERVICE HAS ISSUED A SEVER STORM WARNING AND EVERYONE IS ADVISED TO GO HOME. ALL CEREMONIES AND PARTIES ARE CANCELED BY ORDER OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT. Was shouted out over the loud speakers. The teams hustled off the field to the locker rooms and the stands started to clear. I made my way down to the entrance of the locker room to wait for and surprise Ryan. I wasn’t supposed to be here because I had a business trip. Both Ryan and I were bummed out that I would have to miss the championship game. But I managed to make it back and see the last 15 minutes of the game. More parents high fived me as we waited for our kids to come out.The rain picked up intensity, I saw the visiting team just headed straight for their bus and skipped showering. Soon everyone was gone and I was left standing alone wondering what was keeping my son. The head coach came out and told me my son got a late start in the shower because of all the guys congratulating him but he should be out in a minute or two. I waited another 5 when I decided to head in and look for him. I heard the shower running in the back otherwise the locker room was empty and quiet. I know I should have just called out but for some reason I didn’t. As I got closer I could hear soft sounds over the running water and I hesitated and slowed my pace so I could just peek around the corner. I froze in place at the sight of my 14 year old son Ryan bent over at the waist. Behind him was assistant coach Ben Henshaw sliding his hard cock in and out of my son’s ass. Equally surprising was Ryan’s 17 year old brother Rick was fucking his hard cock into his little brother’s mouth. Ryan was taking it from both ends and I quickly realized he was taking it like a pro. This obviously wasn’t his first time as he was moaning in pleasure. I watched maybe another minute and then backed away carefully. I returned to the front entrance to wait and was feeling shaken but I also realized I had a hard on. Fuck I thought how long has this been going on? Are all the boys on the team getting fucked? Is this a Jerry Sandusky scandal or is my son special? I knew I had to get rid of my hard on and thought of everything I could till it softened. Rick was out the door first and I could see the surprise quickly followed by a worry painted on his face. “Hey they won.” I greeted with enthusiasm. Ryan was right behind him and also looked surprised then worried. “Hey there champ I got to see the winning touchdown.” I smiled with genuine pride and happiness for him as I pulled him into my arms for a hug. Both he and Rick relaxed thinking I didn’t know anything. “Great dad. Ryan enthused. “It was so awesome. I’m going to be named MVP of the team.” Ryan now reverted back to a normal 14 year old and was grinning like there was no tomorrow. Coach Ben Henshaw stepped out right then and hesitated a moment. “Congratulations.” I offered to him and extended my hand for a shake. Ben had just started at the school this year. “You picked the right year to join the team. I laughed “Or maybe the team was lucky you joined this year.” “Aw it was all the kids work, they are the champions.” He smiled back. “Yes but it takes a good coaching staff to organize them and teach them. To show them what they are capable of. So don’t be too modest and accept some of the adulation for a job well done.” I extended my hand for a shake and he took it. “I’m sure Ryan truly appreciates how much hard effort you put in to him.” Ben’s got a quizzical look on his face as I let go of his hand. “Okay boys lets head home.” And we disappeared into the rain leaving Ben standing alone. Ryan was very animated and full of energy all the way home which carried over while we ate pizza around the kitchen table. The boy’s mother, my wife passed away 3 years ago and we had developed a good bachelor life I think. The boys were very busy with school activities and with my work travel times it wasn’t as often as I would have liked that we got to sit down together like this. I knew we were still a loving family but the time spent together was fading. Of course it would happen eventually but it was coming faster than I wanted it to. In the middle of the night the storm really picked up and I got up to check on things. I looked in Ryan’s room but his bed was empty. I looked in Rick’s room to see Ryan curled up in bed with Rick. Rick opened an eye and I gave him a smile and a thumbs up then closed the door and returned to my bed. We all slept in late but I was up first and in the kitchen cooking some eggs when Rick stumbled in. “Do you want any eggs?” I asked”Sure some scrambled if you’re willing.” He returned. I sensed he was watching me and probably expecting me to say something about last night but I didn’t. Ryan soon came sauntering in and wanted some of the same. I’m sure Rick told Ryan I saw them because they both seemed to be waiting for something to come from me. “What’s your plans today?” I asked casually as I finally sat down with food in hand. “I’m hooking up with some of the guys and we’re gonna hang at the mall till later. I’ll be home in time to change and then go to the celebration party.” Ryan offered with his mouth full of course. “Me and some of the guys are going to toss the ball at the park. I’ll catch dinner with them and then find something to do after dark.” Rick advised. I accepted the news and didn’t try to suggest anything else. By 10 they were out the door and I was home alone. I pondered the whole sex thing. Just how active are they. Is Ryan being used since he’s the youngest? I found myself in Ryan’s room with his laptop in hand. I thought I might find something hidden somewhere. Of course I didn’t expect to find right there on the desktop a folder labeled SEX. I dug around as best as I could and found nothing. Even his browser history was boring. Then again the laptop wasn’t password protected so it stands to reason he wouldn’t leave something that he wanted to hide. With a sigh I set the lap top down and tried to look thru his drawers and under the bed or all the hiding spots a 14 year old might think of. No luck was the name of the game. Leaving the room I noticed the piggy bank on the bookcase. It caught my eye because it was clean whereas the rest of the contents on the shelf had a light layer of dust. I picked it up expecting to hear money rattle but there wasn’t a sound. It puzzled me that it would be empty but obviously has been handled recently. It occurred to me that maybe Ryan emptied the contents for his night out but something, some little thought had me turn it over and pull out the stopper. Inside was a plastic bag which I extracted to find a thumb drive. I took it to my den and plugged in to my computer. When I opened it a shudder went thru my body. There were two folders. One labeled pics and the other video. My hand shook slightly as I maneuvered the mouse first to the pic folder. It opened and there in glorious color were pics of istanbul travesti my boys having sex with each other and with Assistant Coach Ben. There was a real cute one of Ryan on his knees with his lips wrapped around the end of a cock and he’s looking up with angelic eyes peeking thru his brown mop of hair. I guessed the cock he was holding in his mouth to be Rick’s because Coach Ben was a red head. There were further pics of Ryan sucking Rick’s cock with Ricks face in and out of the pics. There were pics of Rick fucking Ryan from both behind and face to face as they kissed. Then there were pics of Ryan fucking his big brother Rick and pics of Rick sucking Ryan’s cock. It seems odd but I was glad to see that it was a mutual thing between them and not just Ryan getting used. I studied the pics closely and saw Rick had himself a toned jock body. He was smooth other than his pubic hair and a soft covering on his legs and arms. There was no hair on his defined chest with two dark brown nipples. His brown curls tended to flop to the left over his one eye making him look like a teen heartthrob. His teen cock looked to be about 6 � inches with a mushroom head. Ryan’s body was a budding 14 year old who enjoyed sports giving him some muscle tone but not fully developed yet. His brown hair was more of a mop and not as curly as Rick’s. His nipples were also dark brown but bigger than Rick’s and pouted out more. He was hanging I guessed to be 5 inches and had a nice round bubble butt. There were pics of both boys having sex with Coach Ben fucking both of them but also some of Ben getting fucked by both boys. Coach Ben as I said was a red head. He had a fiery red bush above his 7 inch cock with a red spray across his chest. From that peeked two bright pink nipples with eraser sized nubs. His head of hair was cut close and tight and was a deep rustic red. I knew him to be 24 and I had to admit he was handsome.I was ready to go to the video file when I realized that sometime while looking at the pics I had pulled open my pants and my hard throbbing 8 inch daddy cock was bouncing in the open air in rhythm to my heart beat. I clicked the video file and found only one.I started it and sat back to watch. It started with Ryan and Rick on a bed naked and kissing tenderly, Rick was on his back and Ryan on top. After a few moments Ryan slid down his big brothers body kissing and licking at the firm teen muscles. He visited the nipples for a while kissing and lightly biting at them. I wished there was sound but failed to figure out how to make it work if there was any. Ryan’s tongue swirled inside Rick’s belly button then moved to his prize. He licked at first, the hard shaft before lapping at the balls. I could see that Rick was enjoying this from the look on his face. Ryan’s mouth engulfed his brother’s shaft right down to the root in one motion. I guessed Ben was filming this because the camera was moving around getting different angles. Rick’s hands went to Ryan’s head and he brushed thru his hair as the head bobbed up and down. This went on for a few minutes then Ryan slid his body up Rick’s till his ass was at Rick’s crotch. Ben walked naked into the picture and took Rick’s cock in hand and pulled it back so the tip was against Ryan’s hole. He held it there as Ryan slipped backwards down onto his brother’s hard on. Ryan undulated his hips and Ben walked around to the side of the bed. Ryan slipped Ben’s cock into his mouth as he fucked himself on Rick’s cock. Rick reached behind Ben and you could tell he was playing with his ass. The camera moved around to show that Rick was fingering Ben’s asshole.Wait if Ryan and Rick and Ben are in the video and the camera is moving there has to be a fourth person. There wasn’t anyone else in the pictures so who is this? I stopped paying attention to the sex and tried to see if I could catch a reflection of the camera person but I had no such luck. It also dawned on me that this bedroom looked familiar. I saw more of it as the camera moved around and I was sure I had seen it before but nothing clicked in my head. I knew it wasn’t Rick’s or Ryan’s and since I have never seen Ben’s it wouldn’t be his. Ryan had now laid down flat on top of his brother and Ben got up on the bed behind Ryan. Oh fucking hell he was trying to double fuck Ryan with Rick. I could see some grimacing on Ryan’s face before he buried it into Rick’s neck. Rick was running his hands up and down his little brothers back soothing him as Coach Ben entered into that 14 year old ass alongside the cock that was already there. I found myself jacking off watching the action on the screen as the camera moved for a close up of the cocks stretching that small boy hole open. Ben did all the work as he slowly and gently thrust in and out of my son’s tight ass. Or maybe it isn’t as tight as I imagine it to be. I was jerking furiously now watching my son get double fucked and at almost the same time as Ben. I shot a load out into the air and covered the underside of my desk. Ben pulled out of Ryan and sprayed across Ryan’s back with three strong jets of cum. I looked like Rick was cumming also from the expression on his face. I caught my breath and stared at the computer. I had to somehow find out what was going on. How could my boys be sexually active like this without me having a clue? I downloaded the files on to another thumb drive of my own and returned Ryan’s to his room. I found myself sitting in the living room with a drink in hand even though it was only the middle of the afternoon. I pondered everything and wondered why that bedroom looked familiar. I later found myself back in my den jacking off again to the video. I was confused why this was turning me on. I never thought about guys like this even though the possibilities existed. I had cleaned up from my second jack off session and was in the kitchen pouring another drink when I heard the front door slam and soon Rick strolled in. “A bit early for you isn’t it?” He commented indicating my drink in hand. It was true, although I never hid my drinking from the boys I almost never drank till after dinner. “Just my little celebration I guess.” I returned. Rick was rummaging thru the refrigerator. “Well Coach Anderson is having the party at his house tonight and parents are welcome.” “Really.” I responded in surprise. “That would never go over well you high school boys.” “That’s for sure.” Rick laughed. “But being in Jr. High I guess the little boys need parents to watch over them. “Is that how you see your brother? As a little boy?” I inquired. Rick scoffed. “You know what I mean. I’m just kidding.” “I thought so. After all you treat him as someone who is much more grown up.” Shit I shouldn’t have said that I realized. Rick narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean?” He asked as he took a bite out of an apple. “Well just that you two seem to get along really well and not fight much and I thank you for that. It sure makes my life a lot easier. When I’m traveling for business it comforts me to know you’re here looking out for him.” I replied in a straight forward tone with a calm face. Rick studied me for a moment but then seemed to be okay with what I had said as sounding like something a dad would say. “Well I’m gonna grab a shower and then I’ll be out the rest of the night.” Rick walked off and I told him to have a good and safe night as he passed by me. Part of me wanted to slam him up against the wall and interrogate him about why he was fucking his little brother up the ass but I knew I could sometimes have anger issues and I controlled myself. I wanted to find out about this but not in a way that might harm our relationship. I settled down into the recliner and turned on a game when Ryan came rushing in. “Party at Coach’s house tonight parents are invited gonna shower then I’ll be gone.” Gushed kadıköy travesti out of him in one long breath as he dashed into his room and then that door banged closed. About 20 minutes later the two were gone and I was alone. I probably should get used to it I figured. After all they are growing up and Rick will be going off to college in a year. Part of me wanted to just stay home and re watch that video over and over but another part wanted to go and see how the boys on the team all interacted together and maybe have a small talk with Coach Ben to try to feel him out so to speak. It was getting dusky and I knew the party would be well under way by now. I found a place to park and walked in the open front door of Coach Anderson. He was the head coach for the Jr High and in his 50’s with a model wife and grown kids. He saw me shortly after I entered and welcomed me and explained where the food was and that while there was officially no alcohol at the party it could be had but you just had to know who to ask. I had no trouble locating the gate keeper of the adult jubilation. I mingled and smiled and accepted congratulations for what a great job my son did. Some wondered if he would be a star like his older brother once in high school and that it must run in the genes since I was something of a stud player when I was younger. It made me feel kinda sad how some adults needed to live their glory days over again on the backs of their kids . I made my outside and saw all the boys had gathered around a bonfire. The parents were giving them their space but a few watched from a distance just in case they were needed. I saw Ryan being happy and horsing around with his mates. He looked so innocent and angelic. I almost wished I had never found any of this out and I felt slightly guilty about jerking off twice to watching him get fucked. “Hi, good to see you made it.” I heard and knew it was Ben’s voice before I looked at him. “Hey, figured I kinda had to at least make an appearance.” I returned and went back to looking at the boys. We stood there silent for a while when my drinking took a hold of my better judgement. “I know you didn’t grow up here, how are you finding our little town?” “Oh I really like it. Everyone is so friendly and helpful,” Ben responded with a smile. “Have you had any trouble finding a boyfriend?” I asked with a calm even voice. He didn’t answer for a moment but in an equally calm voice. “Why are you interested in me?” He turned the tables on me. I looked at him directly without a response. “There’s nothing wrong with being interested in guys, even if they are younger than you.” He added. I sighed and turned to walk away without a response.”To answer your question.” He said to my back. “I had no trouble in finding a caring and sharing boyfriend.” Yea my oldest son and he’s sharing his younger brother went thru my head but I didn’t vocalize it. I did almost stop and confront Ben but I exercised better judgement knowing this wasn’t the time or place. Won’t that have really fucked up the party? I just kept walking and made my way out. My favorite bar found me sulking over my bourbon in the back corner booth. My head was foggy and my thinking hazy. Probably not the best time to be trying to make a decision about my boys and how to handle the situation. Should I confront Ben one on one or should I set the boys down and simply tell them I know what’s going on and that they aren’t in trouble but I would like them to share with me any relevant info. That option seemed the best but I think I needed to get a grip on my jerking off to them. I certainly didn’t want to pop a boner while trying to have a sincere conversation with them. Plus the idea of an aggressive confrontation with Ben also had an appeal to it. “Maybe you’ve had enough.” My younger brother David suggested as he slid into the booth opposite me. “Fuck you.” I slurred slightly but not in a mean way. “And I love you to.” David responded. I was the oldest child in the family at 37 and then was followed by two sisters. David was the youngest child and now 26. David and I had a great relationship. Since he’s 11 years younger than me we didn’t really mesh much growing up. I was out of the house and off to college when he was only 7. I was always willing to spend time with him and didn’t mind him tagging along but it’s not like we had activities in common. When David was 16 he came to me and informed me he was gay. I told him I didn’t care, I had no problem with men loving men and men having sex together. He was still my baby brother and nothing would change that. Now mom and dad were less happy with the news and I was there for him to help smooth out the ruffled feathers. Many a time when he just needed a friend to talk to or to escape from mom and dad I was there for him. When he was 17 he got really really drunk one night and found himself at the police station I got the call. Luckily for him the parents were on a cruise so the police called me as the oldest sibling. They didn’t charge him or his friends with anything but gave them all a warning that the next time they would. I took David home to the parents and sat with him. I didn’t berate him for getting drunk and just listened patiently as he rattled on. I revealed to him that I also started drinking behind our parents back at that age but the only difference is that I never allowed my friends to pressure me into getting so drunk I was out of control. He vomited, I stripped him down and cleaned him up then tossed him in bed. I mentioned that a few of the guys he was with were rather handsome and inquired if he was getting any action from any of them. He laughed and said that was none of my business. He seemed to settle down and I thought he was passed out when he sat up in bed. “Bro.” “What?” “I want you to know I love you.” He slurred out.I put my hand on his shoulder. “I love you to now you should get some sleep.” “No you don’t understand.” He pouted. “I really love you like I want to make love to you. I want to lose my cherry to you.” I was surprised but didn’t let it show. “I’m very honored, but while I don’t have a problem with men having sex and I don’t have a problem with brothers experimenting with each other I do have a problem with being unfaithful to my wife.” He got a bigger pout on his face but then said he understood. But that if I ever changed my mind he was there for me. I told him I would remember that offer but for now he needed rest. I stayed the night at the parents rather than leave him alone on his first drunk. My wife agreed that was a good idea. In the middle of the night he crawled into bed with me. He was naked I was in my underwear, he cuddled up against me but nothing else happened.In the morning I figured he might be embarrassed but actually it was the opposite. I awoke and went to do my morning pee when he stepped up alongside me and let go of a stream. “You know there is more than one bathroom in this house.” I stated. “But then I wouldn’t get to see your cock.” He quipped back simply. “Oh well if looking at old men is your thing then look away.” I chuckled. “You are hardly old and you have a great cock big brother. I was serious last night, I would love to have sex with you but I know you have your ethics.” He added when he saw I was about to say something. “And I admire you for that.” I just smiled at him. I had stopped peeing and his attention was causing my small brain to rise. “Beating off isn’t cheating is it?” He asked slyly.”No.” I responded.”And if we just happen to be in the same room beating off at the same time isn’t really cheating is it?” “I agree but it is something I would tell my wife about after. I keep no secrets from her.” I confessed. “Are you going to tell her I want to have sex with you?” David asked “Yes. But I don’t think you need to worry bakırköy travesti about her knowing that.” And in fact it didn’t, she thought it was cute and the two of them sometimes ganged up on me openly discussion how sexy David thought I was and my wife explaining the reality of sex with me. Then she would tease him with tales of what a hot fuck I was and how well I used my cock. It seemed it always then ended up with her wondering how I would be as a bottom. It was all done in good fun and bonded us even closer. David and I did end up beating off together that morning but no physical contact was made. David and I were always there for each other and he was the biggest help getting me and the boys thru everyday life after my wife died. Now he was here in the bar no doubt trying to protect me from myself as I had done for him on countless occasions.”So why the glum face and the drowning in drink tonight? You should be happy and celebrating with your son.” David placed one of his hands on mine. I signaled for the waitress to bring me more. I sighed heavily. “It’s his party, he doesn’t need me hanging around.” I mused. “He’s developed his own life and it doesn’t really have room for me in it.” “Now that just sounds like self-pity. Of course he’s growing up but he will still always need you as a dad. He loves you more than I think you know.” David offered. “He would love to love you even more if he could.” I was going to ask what that meant when the waitress showed up set my drink down. David informed her that was to be my last and asked for the bill. He settled the tab and sat patiently as I broodily finished my drink. “I’m the big brother.” I spouted. “I’m supposed to be protecting you.” “And you have over and over. But tonight let me look after you.” He replied softly. He walked me out of the bar and to his car. “I’m taking you to my house.” He informed me. “Ah gonna take advantage of your drunk brother are you?” I laughed. He looked at me with a serious face. “I really don’t think the boys need to see you like this. They are having such a good night celebrating I don’t think you want to ruin it for them.” Well that was like cold water to the face and I looked out the car window glumly. “And if I accidentally get my wishes to come true then so be it.” David smirked. I smiled to myself, I liked the non-parenting brother better. He did take me to his house and on the car ride over I thought about discussing what was going on with the boys and Coach Ben with David but then decided it was something I should do when I was sober. David plopped me down on his bed and proceeded to undress me. I protested and said I could do it myself but he reminded me that I had stripped him naked all those years ago and he didn’t protest. But that’s because you’re a fag I stated. And that’s why your enjoying this he pointed out as he thumped his finger against my hard on thru my underwear. Well shit I thought, I didn’t even realize that had happened. I let him strip me totally and I watched in silence as he stripped himself. “You’re keeping yourself in great shape fag.” I complimented and taunted with a laugh. “I figured I would never have a chance with you if I was fat and gross.” He quipped back with a smile. I liked how we always bantered back and forth. “Well what makes you think I’m interested now? After all if I’m gonna go gay then I think I would like to go after a younger model.” He wrapped his hand around my 8 inch hard on that was betraying my disinterest. “I think this tells me you’re interested and as far as a younger model I think you should start off with a more experience fag to start then you can try to find a cub.” I didn’t understand the term but then my mind was more focused on the feeling of the hand on my hard meat. I hadn’t been with anyone since the wife died and it felt so good to be touched regardless of who it was. No let me correct that, it was so good to be touched by someone I loved regardless of sex. David worked my cock wonderfully and if I hadn’t already blown to loads jacking of to my son’s sex video I probably would have popped in an instant. He long stroked my throbbing shaft with alternating pressure and had me squirming when I then felt the warmth of his mouth engulf me. Fuck he knew how to give a blow job like I never felt. “Fuck you’re great at this” I muttered then added “fag” He scrapped his teeth across my meat making me jump slightly then returned to giving me the attention he always wanted to give me. He pulled up off of me and I moaned in disappointment. But he said this won’t be the last time this was gonna happen but that right now he needed me in his ass. I was gonna protest that there was no reason to think that this was anything more than a one off but once he slid down my shaft with his hot tight ass that thought disappeared. Maybe we could do it again I muttered to myself. I swore out load about how fucking great this was as he demonstrated his skill on my hard throbbing big brother cock. He rode me till I blew off a load that curled my toes and made my body shudder. Maybe I should have kissed him I thought as darkness over took me while I was still planted up his ass. I realized the room was getting lighter and cracked one eye open. I was alone in the bed and wondered if I dreamed it. But the smell of sex was still there and I felt dried cum on my chest. He must have shot off at some point during our fucking. I worried that now that I was sober I might act awkwardly around him. Does the idea of doing this again agree with me I wondered? I felt good and satisfied and decided that yes I would have sex with my brother again if he wanted. The fog in my head cleared some more and I sat up and froze.This is the fucking bedroom in the video. My fucking brother molested my kids. How could he have done this to me? I jumped from the bed with anger now rising thru the cells of my body and naked I walked out into the hallway. I saw David standing in the doorway to the kitchen with a smile on his face. He turned still smiling and looked at me as I approached. His smile disappeared as my hand wrapped around his throat and I slammed him against the wall. “Dad.” I heard screamed and looked to see a naked Ryan and Rick and Ben standing there with shocked looks on their face. Rick was the first to step up to me and placed one hand on my shoulder and the other on the forearm that was gripping David by the throat. “Please don’t dad.” Rick begged. Ryan was next and placed a hand on my back and the other on my stomach. “It wasn’t his fault dad it was mine.” I looked down to Ryan with confusion on my face.”I blackmailed him into it dad.” Ryan confessed. “One night when he stayed at our house I crawled into his bed and told him that if we didn’t have sex I would tell the police that we did. I knew they would believe me over him. I’m sorry but in essence I raped him.” My grip on David lessened a little.”Then I did the same thing to Rick but once they realized they enjoyed what we were doing it was no longer necessary to threaten them.” Ryan added as his hand on my stomach lowered itself downward. “Dad” Rick said softly. “Please let Uncle David go. He didn’t start this but has been loving and caring through all of it. We only do what we want to do.” Ryan’s hand was now on my cock and he was stroking me. For some reason I started to get hard again. “How does Ben fit into this?” I asked. “Uncle David met him in a bar and they hit it off.” Rick explained as I now stared my brother in the eyes. “I told him what I was involved in and he was okay with it.” David picked up. “So you’re the real pervert in the group.” I stated putting it to Ben. He stepped up behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart. “Your boys were already having sex so it’s not like I seduced them.” Ben pointed out and then I felt his tongue licking my asshole. I let go of David and he dropped down and began to lick my balls as I felt my youngest take my hard cock into his mouth. Rick turned my head to him. “Welcome to the new family dad.” Then he pushed his mouth to mine and we kissed like two teenagers in heat.

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