The Gardener: Ch. 01


Hi, my name is dan, all the characters in this story are over 18. this is the story of how an awkward 19 year old became the local stud for his whole neighbourhood, and it starts with unexpected rain:

Business was good. And by ‘business’ I mean my agreement whereby I’d cut my neighbours’ grass for money. I know, rock and roll.

But, living in in a sunny suburbia with lazy neighbours meant it was pretty lucrative. I wasn’t exactly a billionaire, but it was easy work, and when you’re 19 and trying to afford to move out of your parents’ house, you take what you can get. My whole neighbourhood had reasonably sized lawns and most of them were happy to pay me to keep it all trimmed. I’d also clean patios, take up weeds and basically whatever they asked, for a price. But most of the time I’d just put on a good Spotify playlist and push a lawnmower back and forth for a couple of hours.

Of course there were some houses I enjoyed more than others. There was a disproportionately high number of single mothers in the area and… well this is on I think we all know why I liked cutting their lawns. Nothing helps my work ethic like the milf just inside. And nothing ever happened, except a little flirting here and there, and as time went on they began to feel more relaxed around me, feeling free to walk around in just a bathrobe, or take a shower while I was outside. If it was a bigger job, they’d often invite me in for a coffee, and we’d chat about our lives and things. I’d do the job, get paid, and promptly go home and jerk off fantasising about them.

There was one woman who stood out amongst all others though. Her name was Rachel, and when I say she was hot, I mean boiling. She must’ve been mid 30s but didn’t look a day over 25. Her mid-length hazelnut hair was truly beautiful, whether tied up in a neat bun, or draped over her shoulders, I thought it was perfect. I had a crush on her from the moment I saw her, and was pretty awkward around her, though she never minded. I’d still crack the occasional joke and be rewarded with that day-brightening smile of hers, which was by no means her only curve. She had a very shapely figure considering she had had a child. Her B cup breasts were still perky and full, making me extra awkward whenever she was anything that showed cleavage. She was by far my favourite. I’d lost count of how many times I’d jerked off thinking of her. But I always knew nothing would happen. Despite their age gap of about 10 years, Rachel and my mom were pretty close friends, so making a move was completely off the table. That and the fact that I had about as much game bahis siteleri as a rusty spoon. 19 years old and I’d only had sex once. I’m getting sidetracked, I’ll get back to the point.

“Where the fuck did that come from?” Rachel asked me in a bewildered tone. I simply laughed and stepped inside. I look led back at the half cut lawn, with a curtain of rain suddenly showering down upon it. “Oh, sorry Dan, I mean where the hell,” she corrected herself

“Come on, I’m 19 year old, I think I can deal with a swear word” I said.

“Sorry, sometimes I forget that you’re not little anymore” she remarked “which is weird actually, considering those abs” she gave me a wink and pointed at my soaked t-shirt, now clinging to my chest, showing off my beginnings of a six pack. I became slightly flustered becoming imminently aware of Rachel’s low cut top.

“I’m just glad I didn’t get electrocuted” I said, turning back to the window so she didn’t see me blush.

“Yeah. Look at you, you’re wet through, if you like you can go use my shower. I’m sure I can find you some fresh clothes” she offered kindly, that heart warming smile spreading across her face once more.

“Uh, yeah thanks if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Probably best use the en suite, the main bathroom still has Tim’s potty in it.”

I’d always felt sort of sorry for Rachel, Tim’s dad left when he was born, and she’d had a rough time raising him alone. He was off at nursery right now, so at least she got some time to relax. I started making a move towards the stairs.

“Woah woah woah stop, look at you! You’re soaked! You can’t go walking around my house like that, take off those clothes before you go up.”

“Oh. Ok sorry” I said. We waited a few seconds before her response came.

“Well?” It handed occurred to me that she wanted me to strip in front of her, but I wasn’t going to protest.

I peeled off my shirt, and dropped it to the floor, Rachel’s hungry eyes burning into my chest. I blushed hard. I took off my shoes, socks and finally my pants, leaving me in just my boxers.

“Alright, off you go” she said after biting her lip. I walked towards the stares and she said something to herself that I pretended not to hear: “hate to see you leave, but I love to see you walk away”

I was half glad she couldn’t see my face, as a wide shit eating grin spread across it.

I washed my body down and thought about what Rachel had said, and the way she had been increasingly flirty with me over the last few weeks. It was then that I looked down and realised I was fully erect. I looked around, realising just canlı bahis siteleri how many times Rachel would have been in this very shower. She’d probably masturbated in here. The thoughts of such a beautiful woman doing something so dirty filled me with excitement and I decided to take the opportunity that would most likely never arise again.

I began to take long, slow strokes up and down my stiff cock, imagining Rachel’s hand in place of mine. Closing my eyes, my mind conjured up an image of her kneeling in front of me, her perky breasts covered in suds as she gently bobbed her head up and down the length of my cock. I could picture running my hand through her luscious wet hair with an almost lifelike clarity, as I started to tug faster and and harder on my shaft, letting out an involuntary moan and leaning my left arm against the wall for stability.

“Looks like you’re having fun.” I heard over the noise of the shower. I immediately froze, almost paralysed in fear. My head became a whirlwind of paranoia as I realised Rachel had caught me. What the duck do I do now? What if she tells my mom? Im so fucked.

I guess I must’ve thought about it for too long because my stream of panicked thoughts was abruptly halted by a tap on my shoulder. “I’m still here you know” it was at this moment I realised the insanity of the situation. There I was, cock in hand facing the wall, with one of my mom’s closest friends standing 2 feet behind me.

I turned around to face her and immediately started with the apologies, but was cut short by the shocking sight that lay before my eyes. There stood Rachel, completely naked with a huge grin spread across her face. “Is that for me?” She asked, glancing down at my still erect member.

My mouth began to speak but my brain hadn’t quite caught up yet, what what transpired sounded like the ramblings of a lunatic.

“Ok here’s the deal. You can close the shower door right now, I’ll leave you be and we’ll never speak of this again. Or, you can fuck the shit out of me. Right here. Right now. Which is it to be?”

For a few moments I simply stood in awe of Rachel’s body. Her perfect B cup tits stood proudly, full and perky despite her age. My eyes traced down her body, taking in her shapely fugue, neatly trimmed bush and perfect pussy. Eventually, it came to my attention that I had just been asked a question.

“Err. Erm. The second one… please” I spluttered, as my eyes locked onto hers, and she stepped forwards.

The feeling of her chest against me as water cascaded down onto us was already the most incredible sexual experience canlı bahis of my life, so when she pressed her lips against mine it was as if I had died and gone to heaven. We kissed softly at first, her arms wrapped around my neck in a loose embrace, but then she became more passionate, and her hand found it’s way to my incredibly hard rod.

“Have you ever been given a blowjob?” Rachel asked me between kisses, as she stroked up and down on my thick shaft.

I shook my head in the negative and she promptly dropped to her knees.

“I always hopped you’d have a cock this big” she said, before engulfing my cock into her moist cavern. I moaned loudly and instinctually place my hand onto her scalp. I had always imagined how great a blowjob would feel, let alone from Rachel, but this was simply unbelievable. She carefully worked my head, her tongue dancing and gliding across it, nearly causing my to cum on the spot. Instead, I restrained myself, not wanting it to be over too soon. She continued to suck me, occasionally pushed herself all the way down onto my throbbing cock, somehow managing to contain all 7 inches of my member in her mouth. She continued to pump her mouth up and down on me for another few minutes, before I abruptly shouted “I’m gonna cum”

She simply responded by firmly gripping my hips with each hand, and speeding up her barrage of pleasure. Sure enough, it was under a minute before my balls tensed and I felt the cum rushing down my cock, exploding into her mouth. Rope after rope shot down her eager throat as the guzzled on my cock. When I was finished, I leant back against the wall, spent. A minute or so passed as I stood, once again in awe of Rachel as she rose to her feet, turned off the shower, gave me a peck on the cheek and left. I hated that she was leaving, but I loved to watch her walk away.

I emerged from the bathroom 5 minutes later, a towel wrapped around my waist and a new found confidence clearly leaking through into my facial expression. Rachel sat on her bed, wearing a baggy t-shirt, which her legs crossed over each other. The rain continued to hammer down, and became etched in my memory as a freak shower sent by some horny guardian angel somewhere. “That was amazing” I said, now without stuttering.

“It was. But…” she paused for the briefest of moments, but for long enough to make me fear the worst. I knew what was coming, she was going to tell me it couldn’t happen again, or I shouldn’t talk to her again. In that split second I began to prepare myself for disappointment. But there’s a reason this story has more than one chapter. Because she didn’t tell my that. What she said brought a grin to my face and, admittedly, a lot of blood to my cock:

“But… you still need to fuck the shit out of me.”

Rachel spread her legs, and I walked towards the bed…

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