Subject: The Glory Days – Chapter 1 Preamble I have kept the location very non-specific and used a mix of British English and American English (or just some non-standard phraseology) to keep it vague. As you can tell from the category this story is in, there will be an element of sex between family members during this story. However, it is more of a slow read and that will come further down the line. Although it is more of a slow burner, this chapter, and hopefully every single subsequent chapter, will include an element of sex. All the characters that engage in sexual activity in this story are 18 or older. This is my first time writing anything, story or otherwise. I welcome constructive criticism or any other feedback you want to ail) – Perseus Chapter 1 � Birthday Boy No one would blame you for assuming it would be hard to grow up in a rural area with two Dads. The countryside can be unforgiving and untouched by the modern life the city kids get exposed to. We are always a few steps behind. But sometimes that works to your advantage. I never found school particularly challenging. Sure, there would be some smart kid every now and then getting too many laughs, feeling too cocky and pushing it too far. Kids can be mean. I was teased more for my braces, though, than I was for having two Dads. That’s the thing about going to a school in the middle of nowhere. We only had each other. We teased like friends do, gentle jokes, but at the end of it all, we had each other’s backs. Grudges never lasted more than a day. Besides, with one class per grade, I had known most of my classmates since the first day of our school lives. To them, having two Dads was normal for me, just like it was normal for Susie to live with her aunt, or for Danny to only have his mum. I guess, in hindsight, it was also First School that I first realised that I might be gay too. I at least had an upper hand. I knew what it meant to be gay. I knew that it was ok to be attracted to other boys. I had had crushes on boys and girls � up until the final grade of First School that’s all it ever was. Just crushes on classmates that I thought were cute. My sexual awakening was my last ever First School teacher, Mr Clarkson. He had always been the final grade teacher since I began school. Before I even knew how to read! There was something about him that stirred a response deep down. He was a young teacher. Or I thought he was compared to the other teachers at our school. And he got on with everyone. He must have been the favourite of every pupil. He made an effort to really get to know every one of the students. Even if it was just a simple matter of remembering your name and something you liked. Even before I was in the final grade, whenever I passed him in the corridors, he would always say the same thing to me. “Please, Jake, just stay out of trouble, you little rulebreaker” in the deep booming voice that was so at odds with his youthful face and slender frame. His accompanying cheeky, open mouthed grin gave him dimples that would make my heart flutter and my stomach flip without fail. I would always respond with a shy smile. I had a reputation for being a good boy, the model student, and never putting a foot wrong. His gentle teasing was fine by me. The first day of the final grade of First School came around. I had never been so nervous to start a new grade. Finally, Mr Clarkson and I were going to be seeing a lot more of each other every single school day. I couldn’t wait but God was I scared. Luckily for me, that year was also the year I learned about the sweet joy of masturbation. It was a skill that I relied upon a lot! We all remember that time, don’t we? Looking back now, I amaze myself recalling the bold risks I took for such a shy boy as I was then. Every break time, lunch time, or any moment I could find a way to hide myself away from class, I would release the tension built up from just being in the mere vicinity of Mr Clarkson. That year flew by all too quickly and, before I knew it, I was off to Second School. Again, growing up in the countryside gave us limited choices when it came to schools. Most of my Second School classmates were the exact same ones I grew up with in First School. But, of course, we all change when we grow up. Some of us drifted apart, new friendship groups are formed, and some of my new classmates weren’t as kind about my parentage. Luckily for me, the worst it ever got was name calling. Nothing physical. I may have been shy but I could still stand up for myself. *** And now here I am. My 18th birthday. Reminiscing with my Dads about how quickly time has passed. “I can’t believe it,” said Eddie, as we sat in the kitchen eating breakfast. At 52, Eddie was the older of my istanbul travesti Dads. He had cooked me a Full English and had decorated the table with `18′ shaped confetti and made me wear a ridiculous party hat. I didn’t imagine when I was younger that the start of my 18th birthday would be me eating scrambled eggs in a stunning combination of briefs and a party hat. But it made my Dads happy that I was entertaining their goofy sense of humour and so it made me happy. “It feels like only last week when we were bringing you home,” Damon agreed. He had joined me with the Birthday Breakfast Attire of briefs and party hats. Damon was younger than my other Dad by 4 years. Time had been very kind to both of them. Although Eddie had now turned into a handsome silver fox, Damon’s jet-black hair had only just started to fade. I had a privileged upbringing. My Dads worked together at a house-building company. After they married, they started their own property development company and were very successful at it. So much so that they had both now partially retired and we are more than comfortable financially. Our house is old but it has a lot of land. It was probably far too big for three people but it suited us perfectly. We all take advantage of having a gym at home and it shows. My Dads take a lot of pride in their appearances, but more than ever, they enjoy looking good for each other. They are still maddeningly in love. They are well groomed and keep incredibly fit. Eddie is more muscly by far. I take after my Dad Damon, both of us having lean, well-defined and naturally smooth bodies. I say I take after Damon with my body and Eddie with my face. We all know both can’t be true. One of them is definitely my biological father. They both provided a sample and a donor egg was implanted into a surrogate. There is an envelope locked in the safe somewhere which tells us who the father is, but none of us have looked at it and none of us really want to anymore. My Dads said they would have if they wanted a second child, so the other one could be the father. But I was clearly enough for them and they’ve not given that envelope any more thought. Although I was the shy boy at school, that wasn’t the case at home. My Dads never had me feeling ill at ease about my body. In fact, they taught me to be proud of it. I’m grateful for that. In an age of social media and a constant struggle of keeping up appearances, a trend that had surprisingly infiltrated our rural school, I never felt ashamed if other kids were thinner than me or were doing more exciting things. My parents aren’t exactly nudists, but they don’t cover up unless they have to and growing up till now has left me spending most of my homelife in just underwear just like them. Despite that, Eddie isn’t topless this morning. “You know that fatty breakfast of yours was spitting all over me, I can’t risk disfiguring something I spend so much time on for your Dad to admire,” he said, running his hand downwards over his physique, posing like some sort of statue sculpted by Michelangelo. It got the desired laugh from me and Damon. Their adorable relationship is so sickeningly sweet but so inspiring. I think I’ve only witnessed them have one argument. It was when I came out to them at 13. They had responded as well as you would expect two gay men to respond. Or at least I felt they had. That night I had wondered downstairs to grab a glass of water after waking up with what felt like a mouth full of sawdust. I heard the raised voices. “You were far too nonchalant,” scolded Damon. “What would you have me do? Tell him he’s a sinner? That hes abnormal? Give him the same old lectures that we were subject to?” “Don’t be so ridiculous. You take things to the extreme! I just think we should have talked about it more. What if we caused this? What if �” but Eddie cut Damon off before he could finish. “There is absolutely no need for you to finish that sentence Damon. I mean it. I don’t want to be having this argument but don’t be so stupid. You know as well as I do, you can’t help how you feel inside. Fine, he might have had more exposure to gay men than the average kid. That isn’t what makes him gay Damon. Stop this. Stop worrying,” Eddie said. He had always been the more composed and rational. Damon was such a worrier. I never did get my glass of water that night. I was just glad the argument had ended and that was as heated as it had ever got between them. “So, what are your plans for today birthday boy?” asked Eddie. I was going to celebrate my birthday in style by going to my first gay bar in the city. But that wasn’t going to be until the weekend. Today was Thursday. It was the end of July and all my friends and kadıköy travesti I had finally finished school for good. But most of them had found part-time summer jobs and so today wasn’t exactly ideal to celebrate. I only had one plan today � a little birthday treat to myself. “I don’t really know yet,” I lied, “I think I’m going to go for a walk and think about it.” “That sounds quite nice, I think I might join you if that’s ok,” replied Damon. “You know I usually love our walks and talks Dad,” I said hurriedly, trying to calculate an excuse at the same time as actually saying it, “but I just want to clear my head and think about my plans.” “Oh, I won’t distract you, I’m sure,” he replied. My other Dad must have seen the look on my face as he quickly interjected. “Just let the lad walk Damon, he’s a big boy now, plus you never do know when to stop talking,” he said with a wry smile. “Who, ME?” said Damon in a mock dramatic tone, the back of his hand lightly smacking his forehead as he throws his head back. “Well fine. But you’ll have to find a way of keeping these busy lips from talking YOUR ear off instead.” “I’m sure I can think of a few ways,” Eddie responded as Damon leaned over to kiss him. It was a long embrace and with my Dad now standing I could see that the kiss would definitely be leading somewhere, the bulge in his briefs getting slowly bigger. I rolled my eyes laughing and took my cue to leave. “Make sure you’re done by the time I get back,” I said with a laugh as I walked out the room. “We can’t make any promises,” yelled Eddie with his trademark deadpan delivery. *** My favourite park was about a 45-minute walk away from our house, though a good 10 minutes of that is just the walk to get off our land. The excitement carried me there in what felt like record time. The views were gorgeous. The lake was reflecting the morning sun perfectly. The playing fields were looking as lush as ever. It was quiet. A bit too quiet. I wondered whether I had made a wasted journey. I slowly walked past the playground, passing a young family and a few dogwalkers. I made the usual pleasantries as we passed and ambled over to the toilet block. It was quite a large building as the park was really busy with city-folk during the peak times. But it was still quite early in the morning. The toilet block was the real reason I came and the biggest reason why this was my favourite park. The glory hole. I had been coming here a couple of years now and I didn’t always get lucky at first. After trial and error, I figured out the best times. I absolutely knew that I was far too early but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted that birthday treat as soon as I could. I situated myself in the cubicle furthest away from the entrance. It was my preferred cubicle of the two that shared the glory hole. There was a small peep hole in the cubicle door, no bigger than the head of a thumb tack. The cubicle was opposite the urinal, which was a large metal trough along the adjacent wall, so you could check out the goods. In the first ten minutes only one person came in and it was unfortunately for genuine reasons. I watched with a hopeful eye as he gripped his average dick in his hand and filled the trough with a heavy sigh, but as soon as he was done, he was out of there. “Well,” I thought to myself, “at least I got a good look at a nice cock.” I didn’t want to waste too much time or worry my parents by staying out too long and gave myself a deadline. I was close to calling it a morning and leaving. I stood up just as I heard more footsteps. A man on the younger side of middle-aged stepped up to the trough. As he pulled out his sizeable uncut dick, he also pulled out his phone. He was focussing more on responding to a message than he was on his dick so I had an unhindered view. His foreskin was pulled back around halfway over his thick helmet and I felt my mouth water. I was so occupied on his cock I had hardly noticed he finished. I looked up just moments before he glanced directly at the peep hole. He moved his head forward slightly and squinted as he gave his meat a few more tugs than necessary. As he found what he was seemingly looking for, a flicker of a smile appeared on his face and the last few tugs became strokes. He lazily tucked his now semi-hard cock into his jeans and quickly moved into the cubicle next to me before immediately taking it out again. My eyes had quickly moved to the larger hole to watch him stroke his cock to its full potential. I desperately needed the 7 inches he was teasing me with. I put my fingers in the hole motioning for him to finally give me my birthday treat. He quickly lowered his head to take a brief look at my face before standing up straight again. “I have to be bakırköy travesti quick, boy,” he said in a hushed voice. He slid through his rock-hard cock and I bit my bottom lip. It was smooth and thick and was radiating warmth. His foreskin exposed half of his cock head which was still glistening. I couldn’t hold off. My tongue instantly circled his helmet, probing his slit and working its way around his skin. As I eased the head into my mouth it retracted fully. I knew there must be a reason that he needed to be quick and I wanted to make sure I got that nut before he left. I raised my hand to his shaft and gently stroked it as I eased more of his dick into my mouth. He moaned softly and started to gently thrust against the cubicle wall, tickling the back of my throat. My nose pressed against our separator as I got as much of his cock as I could. I felt the precum slowly dripping out, a sweet tangy burst of flavour dragging across my tongue as I pulled back. I began to pick up the pace, aching for that big load I was hoping for. I took out my own cock which was already throbbing and began to stroke my full 6 inches. My mystery man began to get bolder, thrusting harder and letting out louder moans. He quickly realised he would need to be quiet as we heard footsteps coming into the bathroom. It didn’t scare either of us; clearly he had done this before. People come and go all the time in busy bathrooms. It definitely doesn’t stop me. “Daddy? Are you in here?” a soft voice echoed across the room. We both froze. My left hand still gripped around my cock and my right hand around his. Neither of us knew what to do. “Maybe the boy was mistaken,” I thought to myself. Assuming he would leave I started slowly easing the throbbing cock in my mouth back down to the back of my throat. He started a loud moan before trying to disguise it. “Uhhh- I’m in the cubicle Oliver,” he said, his voice trembling. I know deep down I should have stopped. But I wanted what I came for so desperately. I picked up the pace, stroking his cock as I tried my best to disguise any sounds of my lips wrapped round his twitching shaft. “Go back outside, I won’t be long sweetie.” “But I wanna go on the swing and Mummy won’t push me!” he said with a small whine. I thought I would cut my losses and began to pull his cock out of my mouth given the more pressing matters waiting for him. But as I began to pull back, he couldn’t help but stop me the only way he could. “Don’t stop, boy”, he said in full volume. I didn’t need to be asked twice and forced the entire length of his cock down my throat. “I’m gonna stop until youre done Daddy” said the boy, mistakenly responding to his father’s command to me. My cock was leaking precum onto the floor. I could feel his cock flare and throb with every word spoken. Against my better judgement I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had drained this Dad’s balls. And I knew he must have been feeling the same way. “I’m so close now, boy” the man said gruffly. I knew what I wanted. I knew what we needed. I focused my attention on his delicious helmet. “I know Daddy, you’re only on the other side of the door,” giggled Oliver as the sound of his body slumping against his Dad’s cubicle door softly filled the room. Despite his son being closer than ever, his Daddy didn’t stop. And nor did I. I was gagging for the hot load that had been working up. I knew it was imminent as his cock head began to pulse ever so slightly but noticeably. I took it out of my mouth and held it against my tongue, rapidly stroking the shaft, milking the rock hard before me. “OH, JESUS CHRIST, BOY! HERE I COME,” he roared, not trying to hide his panting and moaning any more. “Good!” chirped Oliver, echoing my thoughts exactly, as wave after wave of thick hot cum shot out of his cock and onto my waiting tongue. It was worth the wait. Three shots of spunk coated my mouth as two more struck my face and began to drip down. The taste his load was strong and as I swallowed my dick began to jerk out of control. Rope after rope covering the separating wall and the floor underneath it, some even crossing over to the Dad’s cubicle. We were both panting, my tongue still circling the head of his softening cock as he pulled it back through and shoved it hastily into his jeans. He leant down again and took in the sight of my face covered with two thick ropes of his spunk. He smiled and winked as he unlocked the door and greeted his son. “What took you so long Daddy?” his son said impatiently. “Oh, sometimes these things take time sweetie,” he replied as he readjusted his package. He grabbed his boy’s hand and walked out of the toilet building muttering something about how high he was going to push him on the swings. I remained in the stall, on my knees with the Daddy’s cum still dripping down my face, my own softening cock in my hands slick with my own spunk. I smiled to myself. “Happy birthday, Jake.”

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