Subject: Secrets of Pinewood Heights: The Good Life Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing graphic depictions of sex between an adult male and minor boys. If this story offends you, if you are underage, or if this type of story is illegal where you live then please do not continue on any further. While writing is its own reward, this old man would love to hear some input from all of you. Please address all of your responses to dex. Suggestions are welcome, flames will be ignored, and words of praises will be put in a picture frame to be hung on my living room wall. I’m just vain that way. Acknowledgement: This story was inspired by twofoldman’s wonderful (and hot) “Secret World of Boys” stories. If you like this, I’m sure you’ll love those and other stories he has written. Just hop on over to the Prolific Author section and give it a whirl! Also, don’t forget to show your love and support to Nifty by donating to them. They’re a fine lot who’s helped authors to reach a wider audience, so it would be great if this time around we give them a helping hand. More info can be found at fty/donate.html ____________________________________________________ The Good Life (M/b, b/b, M/b/b, oral, anal, threesome, voyeur, orgy) By Mr.Bunns I poured myself a drink and sat back down behind my laptop. The hour is late and my boy is sleeping soundly upstairs hugging his brand new teddy bear. The time is right for a walk down memory lane and the moment I pressed the play button on the video I was instantly back under that Californian sun decades ago when I was but a child myself. I was an only child to a pair of tree-hugging hippies. I grew up in the residential area for a university that studies the art of fucking. No, you did not read that wrong and yes, I assure you such a thing did exist at one point in this country’s fucked up history. My parents were followers of a man who claimed to know the secret to an eight-hour orgasm. If that sounds like horse shit to you, that’s because it is. Hundreds of folks like my parents though apparently believed him and threw down enough money to help him set up shop in California in 1977. It first started out as a simple hippie commune with all the usual trappings. Thanks to the state’s astonishingly lax regulations on post-secondary education institutions at the time, it grew to become a legitimate degree-granting institution. My parents were one of the first attendees, and a few months later they had me. I was a lanky kid growing up, three feet eleven and forty-eight pounds with ear-length blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and tanned skin due to my tendency to go topless and barefoot at every opportunity. I’d like to think that I was the more modest of my pals since the rest of the kids would often run around outside in just their undergarments or tighty-whities. The more adventurous bunch would also play in the buff all day long, and flopping wieners and baby minnies were a sight so common that they barely elicit any response from us at all as we chased each other around the hills of the pinewood trees behind the campus. That is until the seventh summer of my young life, where they gather us kids to witness our first ever “lectures in sensuality” at the main building’s amphitheater. We were all seated on the front row next to our parents as they brought on a young couple to the stage, who both introduced themselves to us kids with warm smiles and kind words. I recognized the woman as my mother’s close friend, who had told her that she and her partner were trying to conceive many times in the past. The leader of the commune, now calling himself the dean of the campus, then came onto the stage to talk to us for a few minutes. He explained a lot about the human reproduction system, the nature of sex, and the mechanics of conceiving in terms that kids could understand. We were rapt in our attention, taking in each and every word with reverence before the dean nodded to the couple to begin the second half of the event. My innocent eyes watched the man and woman undressed, embraced one another, and proceeded to have sex right there on the raised podium in front of us. I gulped down hard while listening to their animalistic howls and watch their sweaty bodies twist and turn into one another’s, tingles running down my loins and churning around in my tummy. I looked over to my friend Kyle who looked back and forth between me and the lurid display before him, his chest rising and falling in an erratic manner to express his great excitement. I myself was pitching a tent on the front part of my shorts, and my father placed his large hand on my bare shoulders while assuring me that what I am feeling is perfectly normal for a growing boy. Since then playtime between me and my friends became noticeably a lot less innocent. Girls started liking to hug boys and rubbing their clit against our hard penises, and boys started grinding against girls’ asses while pretending to play leapfrog. The most common pairing however were boys with other boys and girls with other girls, apparently feeling much more comfortable exploring one another’s bodies when we are all of the same sex. One day all the boys who paired off with girls were noticeably absent from our morning play session over at the pinewood hills only to return that afternoon flushed from cheek to cheek and grinning from ear to ear. We crowded all around them and bombarded them with questions, but they all just giggled and grinned at one another before leaving us with a cryptic, “You’ll find out tomorrow!” I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep that night, and when the morning came I practically leaped out of bed, blazed through my morning routines, and was out the door before my parents even finished their first bite of breakfast. I caught up with my pals at the usual spot under the pine trees on the hills, and we didn’t have to wait long before a group of adults from the university approached us. They were all either relatives or friends of the families that we’ve grown up around so much that we trusted them enough to herd us together from our spot to the university’s main campus. We didn’t even question it when the women separated the girls from us and the men led the boys to the campus gymnasium right next to the student union building. The men herded us through the main entrance and towards the shower rooms that separated the lobby area from the gymnasium’s main floor. They then broke off into smaller groups with two boys to one adult man and each guided their charges towards the shower nozzles before turning them on. I was paired off with my best friend Kyle and a friendly bald man with a bushy beard, who led us to an empty spot in the communal shower room while chatting the whole way through. He told us jokes, asked us if the water temperature was too hot, and generally made sure that we were as comfortable as we possibly could taking a shower with another man who was not our fathers. He also loved to wash our lower regions and sniffed them close to his nose. We giggled over the naughty act and he in turn smiled back at us, the sight of our hard pickles seemed to excite him as he sported a raging hard-on between his legs. When the groups departed from the shower room for the doors to the main hall of the gymnasium we too decided to join them. The bald man shut off the showers and toweled me and my pal off, taking extra care to dry my blonde bangs and Kyle’s curly brown hair. He then placed his arms around each of our shoulders as we all walked towards the door and onto the arena floor proper. The place had a bit of a makeover that day as floral wreaths and exotic drapes were hung all around the walls of the gymnasium. Colorful bean bag chairs littered the floor with each one large enough to comfortably fit two adults or, as I later found out, one adult man and two little boys. At the far end of the gymnasium was the dean himself, and he was talking to a group of young men who looked to be part burdur escort of a film crew checking up on their cameras and other equipment. The dean turned his attention away to greet us all and told us the plan for the day: the men were all going to teach us how to have sex properly and the dean will be filming us as part of an educational video. He assured us that none present was forced to do so if they don’t want to and gave us every opportunity to turn back now if we’re not feeling up for it. Judging by the sly grins exchanged by all the men and boys present as well as the rock-hard erections they were sporting, I doubted any one of us would take him up on his offer as the dean chuckled and told us to pick any bean bag chair we like and get comfortable. All the boys scrambled towards the chairs around the room with their man handlers following closely in tow. There were shouts and arguments upon selecting the chairs as little boys wont to do, but the men proved themselves capable as they resolved the conflicts faster than they could form. Before long, twenty-eight large bean bag chairs were filled snugly with a naked boy on either side of an equally naked man smiling and waving at the camera as the studio lights turn on and the dean narrated. The monologue I later discovered was advocating for introducing sexual awareness to boys who are attracted to their own sex. It raises a point of never shaming a boy’s preferences and never keeping sexuality a secret from them out of fear of bad elements corrupting their healthy sexual growth. It was all presented in a formal educational manner, and to this day I find it hard to argue with the points the old fart made in the preface. At the time though I tuned out the dean in favor of the bearded bald man, who had his arms around our shoulders and running his fingers through Keith’s curly brown mop while lovingly rubbing my tanned bare chest with his large equally tanned hand. My heart was thumping a million miles a minute and my dick kept on throbbing with barely contained excitement. His hands traveled down our hairless bodies to tease our equally hairless genitals, though he declined our advances to play with his equally rock-hard cock saying that there will be plenty of time for that later. The dean finished his monologue before stepping away from the camera and nodded to the rest of us. Like clockwork, each of the men stopped their fondling and teasing of their respective boys’ erogenous zones and reached back behind the bean bag to pull up a small black satchel. From within they produced a large tub of lubricants and what I later recognized as sex toys of various shapes and sizes. The bald bearded man chose a purple vibrator that looked like a giraffe’s head and an accurate plastic replication of the biggest blackest dick. He then told me to lie down and for my buddy Kyle to hold my legs up all the way up to my ears. The man then jammed a single lubed-up finger up my virgin anus, telling me to relax and breathe deep when I gasped and whined over the discomfort. I wasn’t the only one who was taken aback by the treatment as all around the gymnasium were the surprised yelps of my peers. I concentrated on relaxing my shitter per the bald man’s instructions, and soon the discomfort of the invading digit waned to be replaced with something else entirely. Tingles of pleasure raced up my spine, and a warm gooey feeling built up in my belly each time the man prodded my virgin hole. He asked if I was feeling good, and my grin of delight as I nodded made him smile. He then introduced a second finger into my hole, and I tensed up instantly. The man kindly persisted, stroking my cocklet to get me to relax while continuing to finger bang my poop chute. On and on it went until I was comfortable enough with four fingers up my pooper, and once the bearded man was certain I was nice and loose he removed his prodding digits to pick up the purple plastic giraffe head and shoved its entire length up my rectum. I was seeing stars as the purple plastic toy buzzed relentlessly in my innards. The curved plastic head rested snuggly against my kiddie prostate and the buzzing only added more delicious tingles building up in my immature nutsacks. I was arching my back, tossing my head from side to side, and gripping the fabric of the bean bag while hissing out loud by the time the man had started lubing up the second dildo in his hand. Kyle giggled over my exaggerated reaction, but he wasn’t laughing for long when it came to be his turn to have the big black plastic dildo jammed up his keister. When the man rammed the last few inches of the oversized toy up his anus, my best friend almost went cross-eyed from the intense pressure and drooled from the corner of his mouth while snot ran down his nose. Kyle pounded the bean bag with one fist while holding my hand for comfort as he closed his eyes and licked his lips to savor the massive monster buzzing around in his guts. The video cuts away to a series of images of other boys around the gymnasium pretty much going through the same ordeal as we had at the time. One boy was on all fours as a pink plastic dildo jutted out of his anus to slap around wildly on his asscheeks. Another was whining out loud as his man pulled a string of oversized anal beads out of his rectum one by one with an audible pop. Two boys were penetrated with a double-sided dildo, writhing around on the bean bag chair in a scissoring position. One of the smaller boys was squealing incessantly as his man seized him by the armpit and lowered him onto a nine-inch dildo sticking up from the floor. Another man had his boys on either side of him, one moaning out loud as he teased his cocklet with a small vibrator and the other quietly whimpering while the man’s hand jerked him off. I didn’t pay as much attention to the rest of them back then since the man was now bobbing his head on my crotch to distract me from my pain and discomfort. The wetness of his mouth on my cock as he rapidly smacked his lips against my loins was simply overwhelming to my immature senses, and between that and the thrumming dildo up my ass I was sent barreling over the edge in a flash. My dry orgasm was turbulent as I shook and spasmed to each and every wave of delicious tingles rising up from my balls, raising my small hips to chase more of that wonderful high. I was gasping and groaning when the man turned his attention to Kyle to give him the same treatment he gave me. That was when I saw the camera lens aiming straight for my face, and I couldn’t help but weakly stare back with a shy smile. Years later when I saw the footage I realized that my shy smile was more of a cheeky grin, prophesizing my future as an insatiable little boyslut. Kyle’s loud yelp broke me out of my reverie as I turned to see my best friend dry cumming in the bearded man’s mouth. He was holding on to the back of the man’s head and bent his small frame forward to demand more of the vacuuming mouth on his stubby erection. The man happily obliged and sucked him all the way down to the base, before Kyle finally let him go to slump back beside me on the bean bag chair, panting and flushed yet deeply satisfied. The man then noticed the camera crew and the dean standing right beside them. He nodded a silent approval to the man and the man, in turn, suggested to us to try kissing like an adult. I knew what it meant back from the show at the amphitheater several days ago, but it never occurred to me that it was something that we could do as kids up until then. The man chuckled when I told him as much and leaned in close to instruct me on what to do. Looking at the footage made me realize that perhaps I was a little too eager, devouring the man’s large tongue like a hungry baby bird. At the time though I didn’t care, because each time our lips smacked I could feel that wonderful gooey feeling churning around in the pit of my belly. Kyle wasn’t too eager to french the bearded bald bursa escort man but he was a lot more enthusiastic when the man directed him to kiss me. His breath was hot on my face and his mouth tasted like the lollipop we shared earlier at the pinewood hills. I’m sure he was just as excited as I was since we immediately sported boners that we happily ground and humped against one another’s. The man then joined in for a three-way kissing while taking turns licking and smacking on our cheeks and necks. It was just as hot watching it on film as experiencing it firsthand, our tiny little bodies completely smothered under his beefy, muscular naked frame on that soft bean bag chair. To this day I still loved the feeling of being completely helpless and overpowered as a stronger, much larger male had their way with me, and I suppose that was how it all started. The bearded man eased back to give us panting boys some breathing room before looking back at the dean. He was addressing the camera to provide yet another monologue that I was too woozy from the group kissing and smothering. Today though I knew precisely what it was: he was introducing the main segment where the boys will have a full, firsthand lesson in sex between males. The bearded man then told the two of us to raise our legs up to our chests. He then gently removed the buzzing dildos from our anuses, taking extra care with Kyle’s due to the size, before tossing them down to the gymnasium floor. I could feel a horrible emptiness in my belly that made me desperate for something, anything really, to plug it back up. Judging from the way my best friend was looking at me by my side, I knew he was also wishing for the same thing. We realized that we were going to get our wishes sooner than we expected when the man poured a generous amount of lube onto his rock-hard seven-and-a-half-inch cock before he rolled my curly-haired best friend to lay belly-to-belly on top of me. He then twined my tanned arms and legs with Kyle’s skinny pale limbs, the two of us looking back at him and feeling puzzled look as he leaned back to marvel at our bubble butts and exposed anuses stacked on top of one another. I soon found out why he did that when my best friend let out a loud yelp as the bald bearded man drove his entire length up his quivering hole in one smooth motion. I lay helpless as I watched my friend cried his heart out and could feel the force of the man pumping his ass hurling him forward. Our tangled limbs prevented either one of us from escaping, and there was nothing I could do but cry out as well when I felt what feels like a telephone pole ramming up my butt. Within seconds the two of us were howling and moaning at each other with our eyes closed as the bearded man punched up our immature guts with his big fat dick. The video revealed that the rest of the gymnasium had joined in about the same time as it cuts away to a montage of the rest of the boys who lost their cherries that day. Twenty-eight adult-sized dicks penetrating forty-six perky little buns, interspersed with various reaction shots of forty-six howling little boys. Cute little round faces in various states of shock, gasping and moaning and crying out loud, filled the screen as long fat cocks stretched their holes to obscene widths. The two of us were too busy getting our own holes stretched to pay attention to the camera. We mewled like a pair of kittens, hugging each other close to seek comfort in our embrace while the bearded man pummeled our holes without mercy. My hole was on fire and my whines for mercy fell on deaf ears as the bearded man pistoned into both mine and Kyle’s holes like a machine. As my best friend drooled on my shoulder and I clawed on his back, the searing pain quickly subsided to be replaced by something else entirely. I knew that Kyle felt it too as he began to quiet down and his dick throbbed hard against my own stiffie. That same gooey feeling from before churned deep in my belly each time the bald man’s dick pressed against my prostate, and I began developing this itch deep in my rectum that can only be scratched by the invading knob punching up my guts. Soon our wails of pain were replaced by moans of pleasure as the man continued to fuck the two of us with a vengeance. I reached down to spread Kyle’s ass cheeks to allow the bearded fellow to plow his poor fanny better, and my curly-haired pal stifled my groans with a deep kiss when it’s my turn to have my anus violated. The friction between our skins and the heat of our bodies made the two of us even hornier than before, and we devoured each other’s tongues as the man slapped his nuts against the cracks of our asses. The camera did a great job capturing the desperate lust on Kyle’s and my younger self’s faces. It did an even better one when it cuts away into a montage of the rest of the other boys around the gymnasium. Every single one of them had passed through the initial pains of the penetration and was now thoroughly enjoying a rather thorough fucking. One man was fucking a brown-haired boy on all fours as the little guy sucked off another brown-haired boy on his knees in front of him. The man completed the circle by placing his hand on the back of the second boy’s head and pulling him in for a deep kiss. The boy was flushed from cheek to cheek as the man pounded the first boy’s ass rapidly, hurling him forward to smush his face against his pal’s crotch again and again. Another burly man placed two cute little redheads in a bear hug in front of him as he rammed his mighty rod repeatedly up one boy’s ass while probing the other kid’s hole with all four of his fingers. The two kids’ limbs flailed like a pair of ragdolls with their tongues lolling about, all ten of their tiny toes stretched wide. The look on their faces was a cross between terror and lust as they surrendered their helpless bodies to their captor’s every whim. A pot-bellied man lounged on the bean bag chair while his large hands seized a smaller boy’s hips to slam his ass down to his crotch and at the same time sucking on the throbbing woodie of a second boy sitting on his face. Their cute button noses flared up as they flicked their tongues to lick their ruby red lips, eyes closed and brows all scrunched up. The man looked at the camera for a brief second before smiling, obviously thanking his lucky stars for the blessings of two submissive boysluts. A rather muscular man made a set of twins mount each other to fuck doggystyle before getting behind the second twin and fucking him from behind. The look on the dark-haired boy’s face was divine, sandwiched between his brother’s perky buns and the man’s massive dick with his small body hurling forward with each powerful thrust of the man’s hips. The muscular man reached around to massage the first twin’s testicles and wanked his stubby erection at the same time, the boy’s wails of joy joining his brother as he supported both of their weights on his small back. The twins’ cacophony was joined by my own as I arched my back to yet another dry kiddie orgasm. This time the bald bearded man joined in too as he growled and sprayed my innards with what felt like gallons upon gallons of his white-hot cum. My belly has never felt so full, and I could feel a river of his semen flowing out of my distended asspussy. Both Kyle and I were a sweat-drenched mess, gasping and panting with our chests heaving from the heavy workout. I looked up through bleary eyes while stroking my panting buddy’s chest and lovingly running my fingers through his curly brown hair. The bald man was looking down at me, at us really, with a proud smile. I grinned a cheeky grin, silently telling him I was ready for more. More was exactly what the two of us got after the man came back with three water bottles that we all downed in one go. Once we’re all properly hydrated, the man wasted no time to instruct both of us in the finer arts of fellatio. Kyle took to it faster than I did, and çanakkale escort I wondered if he much preferred if men used his mouth more than his ass. The same dick that had rammed itself repeatedly into our collective anuses was now worshipped by our small tongues and mouths. The musky masculine smell invaded my nostrils and it was driving me wild. The bald, bearded man hissed as he lounged on the bean bag chair to watch me gag over his massive cock and Kyle chewing on his low hanging balls. He then instructed us in the fine arts of sixty-nining with me lying on top of Kyle and coming face to face with Kyle’s hard little dick. This wasn’t the first time I saw the uncircumcised peg with the angry red knob that only pops out when he became excited. Never in our playtime together have I considered putting his dick in my mouth though, and the first time I did I was rewarded with a familiar warm, wet sensation on my cocklet as Kyle returned the favor. We sloppily slurped and sucked on our immature dickies before once again I felt the man’s engorged fuckstick invading my tender hole. I sighed into Kyle’s loins as I bobbed my head to the pounding rhythm my ass was receiving. When it was Kyle’s turn to receive the man’s dick, I once again spread out his asscheeks with my hands to allow the man unlimited access to his puffy boypussy without once stopping to suck on his slim little sausage and taut little eggs. My best friend rewarded my efforts by sucking my genitals whole, devouring the cock and balls into his mouth in one go as the man pounded his ass into oblivion. The bald bearded man was not the only one who caught his second wind, for the video showed another montage where they decided to be more creative with their boys. Several of the men took to bouncing their boys on their cocks while walking around to chat up the other couples, talking and laughing while using the little ones’ bodies like they’re living fleshlights. Some even held little contests of endurance to see who could hold out the longest without cumming into their squealing kids’ cum-drenched holes. One man borrowed the boys of another sweat-drenched man recovering on a bean bag chair and added them to the pair he was already fucking. He arranged all four to penetrate each other before slipping his cock into the last boy’s ass, fucking him hard from the get-go. The quartet of well-fucked boys let out a chorus of wails as the force of the man’s thrust forced them to penetrate the boy in front of them just as hard, with the man reaching out to the squealing boy in the lead to tug and massage his stubby hard erection. Another man lounged on his back while ramming his rod up into a chubby boy’s perky ass while fingerbanging two boys on either side of him. The groaning pair sucked on their pal’s plump tits like a pair of hungry babies while the rotund boy himself threw his head back to meet the man’s mouth with his own. His long slim wiener was hard the whole time and flopped around like a rigid beanstalk to each slap of the man’s nuts on his asscheeks. One handsome blonde lad was surrounded by three naked men who demanded his service using his mouth and hands on their angry, throbbing dicks. The bowl-cut multitasker always made sure to have one dick in his mouth and one on each hand each time he turns to swallow another rock-hard cock. He was rewarded with a torrent of fresh hot white cum splattering across his cute face, and the sweet little imp tittered gleefully as he lapped up all he could with his tongue. The soundtrack of the video was filled with the incessant whines of forty-six little boys, interspersed with the baritone growls of the men and the wet sound of sweat-soaked skin slapping against sweat-soaked skin. The video could not convey the smell of cum and male musk permeating the gymnasium that day though, nor could they deliver the feel of smooth velvety skin rubbing against each other as well as the soft downy fabric of the bean bag chairs. To this day I cannot sit down on one of those without sporting a raging hard-on that just won’t quit until I took care of business with my own hands. The video did convey perfectly the intensity of the closing moments of our initiation, with all forty-six of us boys laid in a circle made out of all of the bean bag chairs in the gymnasium for one last great cumming. Some of them held hands with the boy next to them while others held each other tight for comfort, all while the men hopped from one angry red buttholes to another to obliterate whatever remains of our innocence in our collective rectums. All of us howled a soprano chorus of joy as we barreled through an earth-shattering kiddie climax for god knows how many times now, mine being one of the loudest ones as the bald-headed man once again inundated my cum-drenched hole with the last of his seeds. My hole felt wider than a wind tunnel when he pulled his cock out of my distended boypussy and I felt a torrent of cum spurting out of my violated hole. The cameraman walked around to take one continuous shot of our tired yet satisfied faces, healthy flushes of pink cheeks marred by streaks of sweat, snot, and tears. The dean closed out the shoot with several pears of wisdom before the camera decided to pan away and zoom on to one of the panting and gasping children that just happened to be my younger self. I couldn’t help it and flashed a cheeky grin while giving out a double peace sign with my two hands. That was how the video on my laptop ended, though my life went on after the screen turned dark. We left the gymnasium long after the sun went down, and the men delivered us back to our parents with words of high praises. My mother washed me off thoroughly in the bath that night and kissed me on the forehead to congratulate me for being a man, albeit a little man she hastily added, before tucking me in for the night. Sex became a part of our play ever since that day, and it didn’t take long for a game of hide-and-seek to turn into a game of hide-and-suck. We didn’t even bat an eye anymore when two or three kids broke off from our group, giggling while holding hands to walk over to the nearby bushes. In fact, a kid would end up being very lucky upon inspecting one of the giggling bushes of the pinewood hills, since the horny boys and girls hiding in them can quickly turn a play session into a threesome or a foursome or even a full-blown kiddie orgy. I often wondered now as an adult if this was the dean’s vision for how the world should be. I never got the answer due to the campus being shut down by the Californian government. All good things come to an end, as they say, and in the summer of 1997 that good thing turned out to be the university itself. The main campus was now a public elementary school building where I drive my boy to school every morning. The pinewood hills were still there, though a lot of the trees were trimmed to make way for proper play facilities for the kids. Not a single one of those kids knows the history of those bushes they are still using to play hide and seek in. Well, that is, save for one. Some of the dean’s visions survived until this day, however. My best friend Kyle along with many of the boys in our group grew up to join the real estate business, and he offered me to join him in his lucrative enterprise. We were successful in spite of the housing market crises and soon grew to become a formidable force in the industry. There was not a single day where we didn’t pine for those carefree childhood days under the Californian sun, though. Eventually, we pooled our resources together and pulled some strings to recreate that wonderful playground of joy and sex that we all grew so fond of growing up. We called it Pinewood Heights, after the pinewood hills where we used to gather as children so many years ago. Ah, if only the walls of these suburban homes could talk! But that is enough nostalgia for one night. My drink is almost out and my son is smiling at me from my home office door. He was naked save for the brand new teddy bear he was hugging tight in front of him to cover up his modesty. The cheeky monkey knew what I was doing tonight and waited until I was good and horny before springing himself onto me. Life is good. -End-

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