By Pink Panther

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May 1961

Alex stood up and walked to the classroom door. Having conducted his usual inspection, he headed back to his desk.

“Okay,” he said brusquely. “In you go!”

Picking up the spare chair, he followed Whitney into the storeroom, locking the door behind them. This was going to be quite different from what they usually did. As the lad was being punished, it would be an impersonal, master-pupil interaction, with none of the affection that usually accompanied their assignations. Taking Whitney”s wrist, he placed the teenager”s hand on his erect penis.

“Take it out,” he ordered.

Michael readily complied, opening his form master”s fly-buttons before reaching in to extract the man”s cock.

“Now get down and suck it,” Alex instructed.

Michael knelt on the floor, obediently sucking Mr Faulkner”s prick. Alex revelled in the wonderful sensations the youngster was producing. Nobody could suck cock better than Whitney did. All too soon, he sensed that he was close to orgasm.

“Okay, stop now,” he said firmly.

Michael let him go, looking up expectantly.

“Stand up and bend over the chair,” Alex told him.

With Whitney in position, Alex reached around to undo the thirteen-year old”s trousers, which fell down around the lad”s ankles. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband, he quickly pulled down the teenager”s underpants, pleased to note that the boy”s penis was already rock-hard.

He would have liked to lick the lad out as he usually did, but that, he realised, would destroy the punitive atmosphere. Retrieving the tube of K-Y from his trouser pocket. He coated his index finger, inserting it roughly into Whitney”s bottom. As the lad had not been penetrated for four days, he was fairly tight, just as Alex had hoped. Having given the boy a cursory finger-fucking, he casually pulled out, smeared some K-Y over his penis and returned the tube to his trouser pocket.

“Right!” he said sharply. “You know why you”re here?”

“Yes sir.”

“Last Saturday, your behaviour fell below the standard I expect, and for that I am going to punish you.”

Alex hesitated for a moment. Unlike Southcott, Whitney was soft, and hated harsh physical contact. Although he was keen to spank the lad, he knew he”d have to be careful. Raising his right hand, he gave the lad a measured smack across the buttocks. Whitney winced but did not protest. Not hard enough, Alex concluded.

“The trick that you pulled on Pennington was cruel and thoughtless,” Alex continued. “That”s not good enough, is it?”

“No sir.”

Raising his hand a little higher, Alex administered a second smack, somewhat harder than the first one.

“Ohhh!” Michael protested, gasping for breath, the stinging sensations in his bottom accompanied by an unexpected jolt to his penis.

Alex allowed himself a smirk. Southcott could take smacks like that without batting an eyelid.

“So have you learned your lesson?” he demanded.

“I think so, sir.”

“Hmmm!” Alex responded. “I”m not so sure!”

He raised his hand for a third time, finally giving the lad a really hard smack.

“Oh sir!” Michael expostulated, his throbbing prick and the pain in his buttocks making him dizzy.

By this point, Alex was totally wrapped up in what he was doing. As soon as Whitney settled back down, he gave him a fourth blow, even harder than the previous one.

“Yeowww!” Michael yelped, hopping from foot to foot, his penis twitching and tingling as though it had been connected to the electricity.

Quickly dropping his trousers and underpants, Alex moved in, driving his cock fully into Whitney”s bottom with one powerful thrust. Holding the lad around the thighs, he moved back so that only his cockhead remained inside. After a moment”s pause, he slammed in again. Within seconds, he was fucking the boy more ferociously than he ever had.

He recalled the first time he”d had Pennington in the woods. On that occasion, he”d got carried away. This time it was quite deliberate. Whitney had admitted his guilt and asked to be punished. It was no time for half-measures.

Alex thought about playing with the lad”s cock but rejected the idea. Over recent weeks, it had been all he could do to catch the thirteen-year old”s spunk in the palm of his hand. On this occasion, the boy was more aroused than ever. He didn”t want to risk him making a mess that he would have to clean up.

Pounding the lad”s arse with all the force he could muster, he was never going to last long. His orgasm swept him up like an Atlantic breaker-wave. Tightening his grip on Whitney”s thighs, he buried his cock as deep as he could, rope after rope of creamy spunk erupting into the teenager”s bottom.

After several seconds, he carefully withdrew. He could have left the lad hanging, but that seemed unfair. Whitney had taken his punishment beautifully. The least the boy deserved was to be given some much-needed relief.

“Turn around!” he said firmly, kneeling on the storeroom floor.

As Whitney turned to face him, he plunged down on the lad”s throbbing cock, sucking it hungrily. It took barely twenty seconds, three volleys of teen cum spurting into his mouth. After savouring it for a few seconds, he swallowed it.

“Okay,” he said, getting to his feet. “You can get dressed now.”

“Thank you, sir,” Michael said submissively. “Sir,” he asked, pulling up his briefs. “What”s happening on Saturday?”

“We”ll be visiting Mr Smith, who”ll have your little playmate Van Kerkstraat with him.”

“Okay sir,” Michael responded, smiling. “I”ll see you at the usual time then.”

A minute later, he left the classroom and headed rather uncomfortably towards the boys” toilets, his form master”s spunk seeping into his underpants.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Friday afternoon. Having ushered Tom Pennington into the house, Michael led the way to his bedroom. He was dreading the next bit.

“Mr Faulkner spoke to me about what happened last Saturday,” he said, parking himself on the bed. “I just want to say sorry. I should never have done what I did. I wasn”t thinking straight.”

“I was right then?” Tom said, eyeing him suspiciously.

“I”m afraid so and I really am sorry. When I found that little space and discovered that you could see into the den from there, I just got carried away. I never thought about the position I”d be putting you in. So how did you work it out?”

“Oh, it wasn”t hard. He let you see him but didn”t want me to see him. If he was a complete stranger, that wouldn”t make sense. We could have gone to the police, and you”d have been able to give them a full description.”

“Yeah, I hadn”t thought of it like that.”

“So it was your uncle, then?”

“Yeah. He”d kill me if he knew I”d told you.”

“Well I”m not going to tell him, and I don”t think Mr Faulkner will, so that leaves you. And you”re not going to say anything, are you?”

“No, of course not.”

“So why didn”t he want me to see him?”

“He says he doesn”t want to get involved with any of my friends. He thinks it”s too risky.”

“I suppose he thought last Saturday wouldn”t be as risky because I wouldn”t know who it was.”

“That was the idea, but I got it all wrong.”

“So do you promise you won”t ever do anything like that again?”

“Absolutely. It was a horrible thing to do. I wouldn”t want anyone to do that to me.”

“Okay, then. But I”m not going to forget it. I trusted you and you crapped on me.”

“Yes, and Mr Faulkner punished me for it.”

“Punished?” Tom queried. “How?”

“He spanked my bottom. It”s okay. I told him he could.”

“Really? Why?”

“Well, I”ve seen Southcott get spanked several times. He obviously loves it.”

“Yeah, but he”s crazy!”

“Well, maybe he is a bit. Anyway, I started wondering what it was like.”


“It was weird. It stung like hell, but it made my cock get harder than ever. It jumped around without anyone even touching it.”

“Did he fuck you afterwards?”

“Yeah. He did it really hard. He was like a wild animal.”

“Oh, he”s given me one of those fucks, the first time he had me in the woods. Did he play with your cock while he was doing it?”

“No. He usually does. When we do it in the storeroom, he sort of cups his hand over my dick so I don”t make a mess. But I know if he”d tried that yesterday, I”d have cum all over the place.”

“Didn”t he bring you off, then?”

“Oh yes. After he”d finished, he sucked me off. I came loads more than I usually do.”

“Wow!” Tom breathed, running his hand over the hard bulge in his grey school shorts. “Listening to that has got me really horny!”

“So d”you want to? After you didn”t come round on Tuesday, I wasn”t sure you would.”

“I like having sex with you, and I haven”t got anyone else, have I? I just don”t want any more nasty surprises.”

“There won”t be any, I promise.”

With their clothes discarded, they got onto the bed. Their foreplay had an unaccustomed sense of urgency. Although not wanting to miss out any of their usual steps, they were both totally focused on the end point and were unusually keen to get there. Within a few minutes, Tom was down on all fours, allowing Michael to lick him out and finger-fuck him.

In record time, they were ready. Michael pulled one of his pillows into the middle of the bed, spreading a towel on top.

“Okay,” he said. “Down you go!”

As Michael coated his penis with K-Y, Tom lay face down, the pillow under his hips, his legs spread apart. Michael got down on top, guiding his cock onto the twelve-year old”s anal ring. With one determined thrust he was in, reaming the younger lad”s tight little tunnel.

“Ooooohhh!” Tom gasped. “Oh yes! Do it! Fuck me! I want to feel you spunking up my bum!”

Michael needed no second invitation, his hard prick pistoning in and out of his younger friend”s bottom as though nothing else mattered. Tom was ecstatic. It had taken some time for him to get used to being fucked like this, but now that he was accustomed to it, the intensity was unparalleled, the teenager”s heart thumping against his back, the lad”s musky odour flooding his nostrils and that beautiful cock thrusting repeatedly over his prostate while his own prick rubbed against the rough towelling. It was what he was born for, and although they weren”t close friends, when it came to sex, nobody could fuck him as well as Michael Whitney did.

“Ohhh!” he moaned. “Oh yes! Ohh! Ohh! Ooooohhh!”

The muscle spasms began right down by his toes, rushing through him like wildfire. He shuddered from head to toe, his feet flailing wildly. In the next moment, his penis came to life. It swelled and pulsed, little jets of watery cum squirting onto the improvised cum-rag. At the same moment, Tom”s anal ring clamped tight around Michael”s cock, drawing the lad in. Michael held onto the younger boy”s shoulders as his balls began to churn, his teen spunk spurting over and over into the twelve-year old”s bottom.

As his orgasm subsided, Michael lay where he was, feeling totally at peace. Physically, he was drained, but he wasn”t concerned about that. It had been another incredible fuck. Although Van Kerkstraat was still his favourite, Tom Pennington ran him a very close second.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Standing outside the Kings Head, Michael spotted Mr Faulkner”s car from a hundred yards away. As it came to a halt next to him, he opened the front passenger door and got in.

“You”re looking very pleased again,” Alex commented, putting the car into first gear and driving away.

“Yes sir. Yesterday afternoon, Pennington came to my house. I apologised like you said I should. Then I told him about you spanking me. I couldn”t believe how horny he got! By the time I”d finished, he was pretty well begging for it.”

“Lucky boy! So how did you have him?”

“Lying on his tummy, you know, with a pillow under him.”

“Very nice!”

“Yes sir, it was fantastic! And he loved it!”

“So he came while you were fucking him?”

“Yes sir.”


“Sir, do you think I could have Van Kerkstraat like that?”

“I don”t see why not. He can have dry-cums every few minutes if we need him to.”

“Will you have him like that, sir?”

“I may do. We may not be able to match Mr Smith in the size department, but we can more than make up for it by giving the lad a good, hard fucking.”

When they arrived at Mr Smith”s house, Van Kerkstraat was already there. In his summer uniform of grey shorts, white polo shirt, white ankle socks and sandals, he looked even more appealing. After the usual pleasantries, they made their way to Mr Smith”s bedroom. As the two teachers sat down to watch, the boys set about undressing each other. Within a minute, Van Kerkstraat pulled down Whitney”s underpants.

“Oooh, I love kocaeli escort bayan your thingy!” he enthused, running his fingers over it.

Without waiting to be asked, he dropped onto his knees, leaning forwards to take it into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly, steadily taking it deeper and deeper. Michael could hardly believe how good it felt, instinctively running his fingers through the younger lad”s luxuriant blond hair. It was almost too good, an incipient orgasm almost catching him out.

“Oh!” he gasped. “You”d better stop! I don”t want to cum yet!”

Van Kerkstraat immediately let him go, the teenager”s glistening penis emerging from his mouth with an audible pop. From his position on the floor, the eleven-year old looked up, giving the teenager a mischievous grin. Reaching down, Michael helped him to his feet.

“Time these came off!” he announced, skinning the younger boy”s skimpy briefs down his perfectly-formed legs.

Van Kerkstraat”s boy-parts were still very small, Michael noted, but it hardly mattered. The lad had the most wonderfully fuckable bottom imaginable. For any boy-lover, the eleven-year old was as delectable a specimen as one would ever encounter.

Getting onto the bed, they ran effortlessly through the routine of kissing, stroking, sucking and fondling that Michael usually employed. Not only was Van Kerkstraat outstandingly beautiful, he was extremely responsive. Nothing felt forced or awkward; it all seemed delightfully spontaneous.

Eventually, the eleven-year old was down on all fours, ready for the teenager to lick him out. Michael got straight to it, his tongue lapping eagerly at the younger boy”s rosebud. In contrast to his experience with Highfield, Michael found that with very little effort he was able to get right inside. It was, he reflected, not surprising that the modestly-equipped Bradshaw had found the lad a disappointing fuck.

Withdrawing his tongue, he set to work with well-lubricated fingers, using first one, then two. Van Kerkstraat”s bottom was so wonderfully elastic, he met little resistance, the lad purring contentedly. Deciding that there was no more to be done, he allowed his digits to slide smoothly out.

Picking up one of the pillows, he placed it under Van Kerkstraat”s middle. As the lad was unable to ejaculate, there would be no need for a towel.

“Lie down for me,” he said quietly.

After a moment”s hesitation, Van Kerkstraat complied. As Michael applied lubricant to his penis, he licked his lips, admiring the sheer beauty of the sight before him. `Twice in less than twenty-four hours,” he reminded himself, `and each time with a truly gorgeous boy”. That, he realised, was extraordinarily good fortune. Carefully lowering himself into position, he guided his cock onto its target. With one well-directed thrust, he penetrated the lad.

“Ugghhhh!” Van Kerkstraat gasped, shocked by the pain of being entered in this unfamiliar position.

“Just relax!” Michael whispered. “It”ll feel really good soon.”

After a brief pause, he began to push further in.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Van Kerkstraat panted, still struggling to accommodate the teenager”s appendage.

Michael was undeterred. Within a couple of seconds, his cock drove over the younger boy”s prostate.

“Ooooh!” the eleven-year old squealed, his little boy-dick twitching and tingling.

Almost immediately, Michael”s stomach was pressed tight against Van Kerkstraat”s beautifully rounded buttocks. Supporting himself on his forearms, he set to work, fucking the lad with long, vigorous strokes.

Sitting in his chair, Alex licked his lips, still trying to understand how it was that a boy so averse to strenuous exercise could perform with such athleticism. For his part, Van Kerkstraat scarcely knew where he was. Although he”d been fucked in this position before, Whitney was bigger and doing it much harder, the heady combination of pain and pleasure beyond anything he”d previously experienced.

Suddenly, he felt as though his whole body had been electrified. He could hardly breathe, his fingers clawing involuntarily at the mattress. A moment later, the pleasurable sensations in his little boy-prick went right off the scale. Inevitably, his thirteen-year old partner went over the edge with him, three volleys of teen spunk spurting hard into his bottom, to be followed by a couple of weaker ones.

After taking time to recover, Michael carefully withdrew, totally satisfied. It had been another fantastic fuck, the ultimate in sexual pleasure. It seemed inconceivable that any other experience could surpass it.

“Are you okay?” he asked, turning towards Van Kerkstraat.

“Yeah, thanks,” the eleven-year old confirmed. “That was wild! I mean, it hurt quite a lot, especially to start with, but it was so exciting!”

“Well, as long as you”re alright.”

“Sure! I suppose I”ll be getting Mr White”s next.”


“Will you lick me clean afterwards? I like it when you do that!”

“Yeah, of course! Come here!”

Michael reached out his arms, drawing his beautiful young friend into a delicious post-fuck kiss. Finally, their lips separated.

“Are you ready?” Van Kerkstraat asked, his eyes sparkling.

Michael grinned and nodded.

“Well, I suppose you”d better go then,” the eleven-year old added.

Getting off the bed, Michael went across to Mr Smith, who was sitting in his armchair. Without waiting to be asked, he knelt down, leaning forwards to take the man”s thick seven-and-a-half-inch penis into his mouth.

This was familiar territory. Although Mr Smith was not somebody that Michael would have sought out for sex, he was quite happy to provide for the choirmaster”s needs. His host was gentle and considerate, and always made him feel safe. More to the point, servicing the man in this way afforded access to boys like Van Kerkstraat that both he and his form master greatly desired.

Using all his skill and experience, Michael began to suck, going down a little further on each stroke until the man”s cock was right down his throat. Gordon stroked the lad”s hair appreciatively, reflecting that although Whitney was no longer the cutest boy around, when it came to sucking cock, the lad had few equals. Eventually, the thirteen-year old”s jaw began to ache and he pulled away.

“Mmmm!” Gordon purred. “That was wonderful!”

“Thank you, sir,” Michael answered politely. “Do you have the K-Y?”

“Certainly!” the man responded, handing it over.

Very carefully, Michael applied it to Mr Smith”s impressive prong. The task completed, he got to his feet, leaving the tube on the bedside table. Turning around so that his back was to his host, he slowly lowered himself into the man”s lap. Encountering the head of Mr Smith”s cock, he relaxed his anal ring, allowing it to slip inside. After a moment”s pause, he began to push slowly down until he came to rest with his host”s appendage fully inside him. Finally, he lifted his feet, bracing them against the side of the bed.

“Comfortable?” Gordon enquired.

“Yes, thank you sir.”

“Very good!” the music director breathed. “You still have a delightful little bottom!”

And with that, he set to his task, driving his cock into the teenager”s rectum with steady, rhythmic thrusts.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Replacing Whitney on the bed, Alex drew Van Kerkstraat towards him. The blond boy was a dream come true, not only one of the most beautiful boys he had ever seen, but eager to please and very fuckable. Over the following ten minutes, they kissed, sucked and fondled each other with complete abandon.

At last, Van Kerkstraat was back on all fours. Kneeling behind, Alex began to lick the lad out, savouring the taste of Whitney”s spunk as his tongue pushed through the youngster”s starfish. After a couple of minutes, he eased away, licking his lips.

As Whitney had fucked the lad barely fifteen minutes earlier, he saw no need for further preparation. Picking up the same pillow that the teenager had used, he placed it in the middle of the bed.

“Lie down, there”s a good boy,” he said quietly.

“Oh no!” Van Kerksraat protested, sounding alarmed. “Please, not like that, sir! Your thingy”s too big! And you”re too heavy, sir! You”ll squash me!”

Alex was taken by surprise. He could have pressed on regardless, but that, he understood, might not be a good idea. He looked across at Mr Smith to find his mentor looking impassively back at him, the older man”s penis still thrusting metronomically into Whitney”s bottom.

Alex took a deep breath. Van Kerkstraat weighed no more than eighty-five pounds. He was more than double that. Even using his forearms to support his upper body, he”d put considerable weight on the boy. Without Mr Smith”s express permission, he would have to change course.

“Okay,” he said gently. “Stand up please!”

Helping the lad off the bed, he guided him to the chair where he”d been sitting earlier.

“Bend down there,” he instructed. “Rest your hands on the seat.”

As Van Kerkstraat moved into position, Alex smeared lubricant over his cock. Shuffling forwards, he flexed his knees to gain access to the youngster”s rosebud. Without further ado, he penetrated the lad, bringing the boy right up onto his toes as his penis thrust deep into the eleven-year old”s bottom.

Though not a comfortable position for either of them, it gave Alex the dominance that he so desired. After taking a moment to settle himself, he set to work, fucking the lad remorselessly, his cock thrusting repeatedly over the youngster”s prostate.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Van Kerstraat whimpered.

It was music to Alex”s ears, spurring him onto even greater efforts.

“Nnng! Nnng! Nnnng!” the boy panted, his breathing harsh and irregular.

Reaching down, Alex wrapped his fingers around the lad”s stiff little nail. Almost immediately, the lad bucked wildly. A moment later his joystick pulsed and jiggled in Mr White”s hand, his starfish clamping tight around the man”s invading cock.

“Oh, you sexy little boy!” Alex growled triumphantly. “Now take what I”ve got for you!”

Resuming his grip on the youngster”s thighs, he pushed right in. In the next instant, his cock jerked into action, pumping several large ropes of sticky cum into the youngster”s bottom.

“Oh yes!” Gordon enthused, watching from his armchair. “Time to give you mine!”

Pressing down on Whitney”s thighs, he made one final upward thrust before depositing his spunk in the teenager”s rectum. A few seconds later, as his form master carefully withdrew, Michael lifted himself clear of Mr Smith”s wilting cock.

As agreed, he went straight to Van Kerkstraat who was still bent over the chair, spunk trickling down his legs. Kneeling down, he began to lick the boy clean, working his way up one thigh then the other before burying his tongue in the younger boy”s violated hole. Finally, the lad”s anal ring twitched and closed, pushing him out. Michael got to his feet. Gently lifting Ven Kerkstraat to an upright position, he guided the lad towards the bathroom.

“I”m glad that you took pity on Van Kerkstraat,” Gordon said coolly as the boys left the room. “He”ll be going home after tomorrow”s Whit Sunday Eucharist. It would be better if he was in one piece.”

“I must admit I hadn”t thought of that,” Alex conceded. “I did look at you, but you gave me no indication one way or the other.”

“I trusted you to make the right decision. I”m pleased that you did. As you know, I never fuck boys in that position. My cock”s too big and I”m far too heavy. It couldn”t possibly be an enjoyable experience for them. That isn”t what I want.”

“I appreciate that,” Alex said, understanding that having around two-hundred pounds of Mr Smith on top of him would be a daunting prospect for any preteen boy. “Has Van Kerkstraat taken it in that position before?”

“The boy Arrowsmith”s done him like that a couple of times,” Gordon said. “But he”s a lightweight and not all that big. Van Kerkstraat really enjoyed it. Martin”s done him too, but he”s not very big either, and only about the same weight as Whitney.”

“You weren”t worried about Whitney doing it?”

“Van Kerkstraat lay down readily enough. If he didn”t want it, he”d have said something. In the event, I think he got a bit more than he bargained for, but that won”t kill him.”

“Thanks!” Alex said, smiling. As he knew from experience, his mentor took great care not to hurt the boys he had sex with. That, he realised, could not be easy for a big man with a cock to match.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex started the car, turned it around and headed out of the Cathedral Close.

“Did you enjoy yourself today?” he asked, turning to Whitney.

“Oh yes, sir! Van Kerkstraat”s incredible! I love fucking him.”

“Me too!”

“I was surprised when he said he didn”t want you to have him lying on his tummy.”

“It”s as well that he did. He was quite right. I am too heavy to fuck him like that. Did you have a nice time in the bathroom?”

“Yes sir. I gave him a bath then he offered to suck me off. I wasn”t going to say no, was I?”

“Oh, definitely not! Did you cum?”

“Yes, not very much though. Not surprising, really. I”d shot loads up his bum!”

“Are you expecting to see Holdsworth this week?”

“I think so, sir. He”ll probably call me on Monday evening. kocaeli sınırsız escort It”s what he usually does. I”ve arranged to meet Pennington and Bradshaw at the station on Thursday morning. I”ll be seeing Pennington on Tuesday, so I can confirm things with him then. If it”s not on, I”ll have to get a message to Bradshaw, but that”s okay; I know where he lives.”

“He”s away at the moment,” Alex advised. “His mum”s taken him to visit relatives for a few days. He”ll be back on Tuesday afternoon. I suppose you”ll be seeing your uncle tomorrow?”

“Yes, he”ll probably want to see me on Monday too. So what about you, sir?”

“Tomorrow, I”m off to spend a few days with my parents. I”ll be back first thing on Wednesday. Bradshaw”s coming over for a tutorial.”

“You mean a tutorial plus sex!” Michael said, grinning.

“Probably,” Alex agreed, grinning back. “Come over on Wednesday afternoon if you can. You can let me know about Thursday.”

“Okay sir. Will half past three be okay?”

“Yes, that”ll be fine.”

“Will you want to do anything, sir?”

“It”s hard to say,” Alex said guardedly. “But after three days without anything, it”s more than possible.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On Wednesday morning, Alex returned to the flat at five to ten. Although he”d enjoyed three days of good food and relaxation at his parents” house, it had left him extremely horny as it invariably did.

Bradshaw was due to arrive for his maths tutorial at half past. Sitting at his desk, Alex began to prepare. He would start by giving the lad a few questions of the type that he would face in the upcoming exam. If they had some time left at the end, they would talk through a couple of less obvious problems, in order to see if the youngster could work out how to tackle them.

Having completed his preparations, he checked his watch. It was quarter past ten. With a little time to spare, he strolled into the kitchen to make a pot of tea. Five minutes later, as he poured himself a cup, he remembered that there was something else he needed to do.

Carrying his cup of tea back to his bedroom, he set it on the desk. He opened the second drawer of his chest, retrieving two pairs of clean white cotton gym shorts, a larger pair that Whitney and a few other boys had worn, and a smaller pair that he had acquired for Southcott to use. The latter pair would fit Bradshaw perfectly.

Placing both pairs of shorts on top of the other items, he closed the drawer and sat down. As he savoured his cup of tea, he allowed his mind to run ahead. If all went to plan, Bradshaw would have another new experience, and with Whitney due to visit in the afternoon, before the day was over, both pairs of shorts would be stained with spunk, his at the back and the boys” at the front.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At half past ten, the doorbell rang. Alex went to answer it, a smiling Bradshaw striding confidently into the flat.

“So how was your weekend?” Alex asked.

“Okay, thanks sir.”

“Did anything interesting happen?”

“Not really. I had to share a bed with my cousin Anthony, but that”s all.”


“Sir, Ant”s only ten. I didn”t even get to see him naked. I wasn”t going to start anything.”

“I”m guessing you”d have liked to?”

“Well, sort of, but only if he”d wanted me to.”

“That”s sensible. Without a bit of encouragement from him, it would have been too much of a risk.”

“The worst part was that we were together all the time. I couldn”t even have a wank.”

“That must have been very difficult,” Alex sympathised. “Now it”s time we got some work done.”

They settled down to it. Over the next thirty minutes Russell worked through the five questions that his mentor had given him. Alex sat and watched, admiring the twelve-year old”s thighs, largely exposed below the lad”s khaki shorts. As soon as the boy had finished, Alex checked his work. As usual, it was faultless.

“Well, done!” he said, smiling. “I”ve got two more problems I”d like to look at. You won”t get anything like these in the exam. I”m just interested to see how you go about tackling them.”

They read through the first one.

Temperatures in degrees Centigrade can be converted to degrees Fahrenheit using the formula F = 9C/5 + 32

Calculate the temperature at which the two scales coincide.

“Well? Alex enquired.

“Does it mean the temperature in Fahrenheit is the same as the temperature in Centigrade?” the boy countered.


“We”ll have to set up an equation, sir.”

“Okay. What do we need to do first?”

“Define the unknown, sir.”

“Fine. Do that.”

After a moment”s thought, the lad wrote: `Let the temperature at which the two scales coincide be x.”

“Don”t forget to include the units,” Alex reminded him.

Russell added the word `degrees” to the end of the sentence.

“Good,” Alex encouraged. “You could put `Centigrade” or `Fahrenheit” as well, but there”s no real need. Okay! Now write down the equation.”

After thinking for a moment, his prot�g� wrote: x = 9x/5 + 32

“Excellent!” Alex congratulated. “All you have to do now is solve it.”

Three lines of algebra produced the answer. “It”s minus forty, sir,” Russell said confidently.

“Well done!” Alex said warmly, knowing that even the most able boys in his fourth-year class would have struggled to solve a problem like that.

They moved onto their final question, which concerned the golden rectangle. This time, Alex didn”t prompt the lad at all, but within five minutes, the young mathematician had solved the puzzle.

“Okay,” Alex said quietly, running his hand along the boy”s silk-smooth thigh. “That”s enough for today. I bet you”re as ready for this as I am.”

After giving his mentor a quick smile, Russell pulled off his shoes and socks. As the youngster sat up again, Alex reached across to remove the lad”s tee-shirt. Knowing what was to happen next, the boy stood up, allowing the man to remove his shorts. There was a hard bulge in his briefs. Alex quickly pulled them down, leaving the youngster standing naked and erect in front of him, the lad”s uncut four-inch penis standing proudly against his stomach.

Alex licked his lips. Bradshaw wasn”t pretty. Instead, the boy had a sort of tough-guy cuteness that he found most alluring, and a slim, athletic body that was almost perfect. Leaning forwards, Alex devoured the lad”s rampant spike, sucking it steadily, his head twisting this way and that, his fingers gently stroking the youngster”s perineum.

After a couple of minutes, Alex eased away. Having undressed in a matter of seconds, he got onto the bed, taking his prot�g� with him. Instinctively, they snuggled up, their bodies pressed together. They kissed passionately. With the kiss at an end, they took turns to suck each other, both of them becoming increasingly aroused.

“Okay,” Alex urged. “Stand up and bend over the chair.”

Bradshaw complied without a moment”s hesitation. Kneeling down behind, Alex prised apart the youngster”s bum-cheeks. Leaning in to lap at the lad”s little pink rosebud, he was surprised to meet more resistance than he usually did. But he hadn”t fucked the boy for more than a week, Alex reminded himself. He would need to be patient. Eventually, his persistence was rewarded. The boy”s starfish relented a fraction, allowing his tongue a little way inside.

Realising that he would not make any further progress, Alex pulled away. Applying a liberal coating of K-Y to his index finger, he inserted it gently but firmly into the twelve-year old”s anus, slowly pushing it in until the tip made contact with the boy”s prostate.

“Oooh!” Russell gasped, his penis twitching slightly.

Having given the lad a steady finger-fucking, Alex carefully withdrew. After lubricating his first two digits, he pushed the first one back in, the second one following a few seconds later. Bradshaw winced almost imperceptibly, but typical of the lad, did not utter a sound. Alex carefully worked his fingers around, gently stretching the youngster”s anal ring.

“Are you ready?” he enquired.

“Sir!” Russell confirmed.

Alex allowed his fingers to slide out.

“Okay,” he instructed. “Stand up for a moment.”

Stepping across to the chest of drawers, he took out the smaller pair of shorts.

“Put these on for me,” he said, handing them to his prot�g�.

Russell looked at him quizzically, grinned and put them on. Alex breathed in deeply. The boy looked so sexy, the pristine white shorts fitting him perfectly.

“Right!” he said, smiling. “Back as you were!”

Still with no idea what was about to happen, Russell obeyed. Standing behind, Alex eased the waistband down onto the youngster”s hips. After smearing lubricant over his cock, he guided it up the leg of the skimpy garment and onto Bradshaw”s anus. He pushed hard. Drawing on all his experience, Russell relaxed his sphincter muscle, allowing his mentor to penetrate him.

“Good boy!” Alex cooed, savouring the tight ring of muscle that was gripping his prong.

Holding Bradshaw around the thighs, Alex steadily pulled the lad onto his prick until he was fully inside. Taking another deep breath, Alex began to fuck the boy with long, steady thrusts. For Russell, the sensations were overwhelming, his mentor”s cock stimulating his prostate while his penis rubbed against the crisp cotton material. Almost immediately, he began to leak precum, a small wet disc developing at the front of his shorts.

Suddenly, the intensity went off the scale. He began to quiver, his muscles going into spasm. A moment later, boy-cum squirted from his prick, the small wet patch becoming a large sticky one. At the same time, his bum flared and tightened around his mentor”s cock. The result was inevitable.

“Oh yes!” Alex rasped triumphantly, “Now I”m going to fill your bottom!”

“Oh, yes sir!” Russell responded. “Fill me up!”

As Alex thrust right in, his cock jerked violently, prodigious amounts of creamy fluid spurting into the twelve-year old”s rectum. After an appropriate pause, he gently withdrew.

“Let it out!” he urged.

In reality, Russell had little choice. Little jets of spunk squirted from his anus, making the back of his shorts even messier than the front.

“Okay, you can take them off now,” Alex said gently.

Standing up, Russell peeled them off. “Are you going to keep these as a souvenir, sir?” he asked, returning them to their owner.

“Maybe for a day or two,” Alex admitted. “Then I”ll have to wash them, ready for next time.”

“So do you fuck the other boys like that?” Russell asked.

“Yes, once they can cum. Not usually in those shorts though. I”ve got a larger pair that Whitney wears sometimes. Pennington uses his own. The only boy who”s worn those before is Southcott.”

“I bet he loved it!”

“Of course he did! You enjoyed it, didn”t you?”

“Yes sir, it was fantastic!”

“Well, you”d better get to the bathroom,” Alex said, squeezing the boy”s shoulder. “I”ll see you in a few minutes.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The next ring from the doorbell came just after half past three.

“Good afternoon, sir!” Michael said brightly, stepping into the flat. “Did you have a good break?”

“Yes, thanks, what about you?”

“Not bad, sir. I went to my uncle”s on Sunday and Monday. Then yesterday morning, Pennington came to mine. He was wearing football shorts under his ordinary shorts.”

“So you fucked him in his football shorts?”

“Yes sir! He loves it!”

“Hmmm! Not unlike someone else I know!”

“Sir, did you ever get fucked like that?”

“Yes, but not until I went to public school, so I”d have been a little older than you. The senior boy that I attached myself to liked to do me like that.”

“Oh, I see!”

“So is everything okay for Thursday?”

“Yes sir. Sir, do you think Pennington would fuck Bradshaw?”

“It”s not the obvious way round. What”s the idea?”

“Well, if Pennington fucks Bradshaw, when they”ve finished, I can have Bradshaw sitting on my cock while Pennington gets Holdsworth”s prick up his arse and Bradshaw”s in his mouth.”

“Hmmm! Taking a leaf out of our book! Well, as far as I know, the only boy that Pennington”s fucked was Long. And that only happened because Long got him lying on his back. Then he knelt astride Pennington”s chest and sat on his prick; pumped up and down till Pennington came. I”m not sure if Bradshaw would want to do that. You”ll have to ask him. Just remember what the word `no” means.”

“Yes sir. I”ll get Holdsworth to ask him. He and Bradshaw seem to get on really well.”

“Yes, they do. I take it you don”t see Bradshaw that often?”

“No sir. Pennington comes to mine on Tuesdays and Fridays, and I see you on Thursdays. It doesn”t leave much time.”

“When you add in your weekend commitments, I suppose it doesn”t.”

“So d”you want to do something now, sir?”

“Yes,” Alex responded. “And I can see that you do,” he added, nodding towards the very obvious bulge in the teenager”s summer shorts.

After pulling off his shorts and socks, Michael allowed his form master to undress him. Over the following twenty minutes, Alex happily reprised the routine that he”d performed just a few hours earlier. Finally, he handed Whitney the larger pair of gym shorts. izmit anal yapan escort Having put them on, Michael bent over the office chair, resting his hands on the seat.

“Hmmm!” Alex purred, gently lowering the waistband a little. “Four hours ago, Bradshaw was standing there, just like you are.”

“He couldn”t have been wearing these though,” Michael asserted. “These are clean.”

“No. Do you remember when we went to Mr Smith”s house and I”d taken a pair of shorts for Southcott to wear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I”d got them specially. The ones you”ve got on would have been too big. But of course, they fit Bradshaw too.”

“Oh, right! Well, I bet these end up spunkier than the ones Bradshaw was wearing.”

“Oh, the front undoubtedly will,” Alex agreed, sliding his cock up the leg of the teenager”s shorts. “I”m not so sure about the back.”

He entered the lad easily. This would be a nice fuck, he reflected, and very enjoyable, but Whitney had been screwed too often. His bottom wasn”t nearly as tight as the delectable Bradshaw”s. What might turn the experience from `nice” to `outstanding” would be for the thirteen-year old to have a really wild orgasm.

Alex knew that in order to make that happen he”d have to fuck the lad really hard. Even then, it wasn”t a certainty. Unlike Bradshaw, who”d had to endure several days of enforced abstinence, Whitney had been getting plenty of sex. But it was worth a shot.

He set to his task, gradually increasing his efforts until he was pounding the teenager”s bottom as ferociously as he had after spanking the lad. It was certainly having an effect, Whitney”s moans and whimpers an unmistakeable sign of how aroused he was becoming. Alex ran his index finger over the front of the shorts, delighted to find them already wet with precum. Resuming his grip on Whitney”s thighs, he fucked the boy even harder. Almost without warning, the dam burst.

“Ohhhhh!” Whitney cried out, his anal ring spasming violently around his form master”s cock. A moment later, his penis jerked into action, his cum soaking the front of his shorts.

“Oh yes!” Alex growled, the lad”s anal contractions having done their work. “You really needed that! And now I”m going to get what I need!”

He held onto the thirteen-year old”s hips as volley after volley of spunk flooded into the boy”s bottom. After a few seconds, he carefully pulled out. Immediately, semen spluttered noisily from Whitney”s anus, creating a large wet patch at the back of the shorts.

“Wow, sir!” Michael gasped, pulling them off. “You don”t usually fuck me as hard as that!”

“Well, like I told you, I fucked Bradshaw earlier on,” Alex explained. “If I was going to do you justice, I needed to make you cum really hard. It seems like I succeeded.”

“Yes sir. I came loads. So did you.”

“Yes,” Alex said, examining the soiled shorts. “And you”ve won the race. These have definitely got more spunk in them than the ones Bradshaw had on.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The four boys arrived at Michael”s house at twenty to twelve. As they went inside, Simon Holdsworth took Bradshaw to one side.

“When we go upstairs,” he whispered. “We”d like you and Tom to have some fun together, you know, like you did last time. Is that okay?”

“So you and Mike can watch us?” Russell queried. “Yeah, that”s fine.”

“After you”ve messed about for a bit, would you kneel astride Pennington”s chest and sit on his cock?”

“So he”s fucking me?”

“Yeah, except that you”ll be doing the work.”

“Well, I”m not that bothered about fucking him. He”s been taking too many big ones.”


“Yeah, okay. What”s going to happen afterwards?”

“We”d like you to sit on Mike”s cock while Tom gets spit-roasted.”

“Oh, I get it!” Russell said grinning. “You and Mike get to play at being the teachers!”

“Pretty much.”

“Okay, it that”s what you want!”

After quenching their thirst with lemonade, they made their way to Michael”s bedroom. Having discarded their shoes and socks, Tom and Russell began to undress each other. As soon as they were naked, they got onto the bed, taking turns to suck and fondle each other.

“D”you want to do a sixty-nine?” Tom asked.

“Actually,” Russell answered, picking up the tube of K-Y, “there”s something else I want to try.”

Having squeezed some lubricant onto his fingers, Russell smeared it over his friend”s cock.

“What are you doing?” Tom enquired.

“You”ll see,” Russell told him.

Rolling the bigger lad onto his back, Russell quickly knelt astride Tom”s chest, reaching back to take hold of his friend”s penis. He sat down but found he was too far forward. After shuffling back a couple of inches, he tried again. This time his rosebud landed perfectly on the head of Tom”s prick. Taking a deep breath, he pushed himself down on it.

“Wow!” Tom gasped. “I didn”t think you”d do that!”

“Yeah,” Russell responded, grinning. “I”m full of surprises!”

He immediately set to work, pumping his hips. Sitting to the side, Michael and Simon grinned at each other. This was what they wanted to see! Tom lay on the bed, grimacing and involuntarily licking his lips. Although he”d had this experience once before, Russell”s pelvic thrusts were longer and more deliberate than Long”s had been and were drawing his penis further in.

Instinctively, he wrapped his fingers around Russell”s prick, but knowing what would happen next Russell moved the hand away. Inexorably, the intensity built, Tom unable to comprehend the sensations that were coursing through him.

“Ohhhh!” he groaned. “Oh, I”m going to cum!”

Suddenly, everything went out of focus, the whole room seeming to shake. With his hands pressing down on Bradshaw”s thighs, he found himself hurtling through the longest, most powerful orgasm of his life, his cock twitching several more times after the last of his spunk had gone.

“I think you enjoyed that,” Russell said, smiling down at him.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” Tom responded, his head spinning.

Very carefully, Russell lifted himself clear. He went to join Michael, who”d moved his chair so that it faced the end of the bed.

“That was fantastic,” the teenager enthused. “Tom looked like he didn”t know where he was.”

“I don”t think he did,” Russell agreed. “He”s still out of it now. Look at him!”

They glanced across at the bed where Tom was still on his back, a glazed expression on his face, his chest rising and falling.

“You”ve worn him out!” Michael said, grinning. “It”s just as well he doesn”t actually have to do anything else.”

“So what d”you want now?” Russell asked.

“Will you give me a BJ?”

Kneeling on the carpet, Tom leant forwards, his lips closing over the older boy”s prick. Taking a deep breath, he began to suck.

“Mmmm!” Michael purred, stroking the twelve-year old”s hair. “That”s nice!”

Russell continued steadily, working his tongue all over the teenager”s shiny cockhead.

“Okay,” Michael advised. “You can stop now.”

Obediently, Russell let him go. Michael handed him the K-Y. Squeezing some onto his fingers, Russell applied it to the teenager”s cock.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As he went to get onto the bed, Simon found Tom still lying inert on his back, seeming completely oblivious to anything around him. With little other choice, he moved the twelve-year old to one side and lay down next to him. After a couple of minutes, Tom looked across.

“So what are we doing now?” he asked.

“Oh, I”m glad you”re still with us,” Simon quipped. “I thought we might have to call an ambulance.”

“Very funny!” Tom countered, sticking his tongue out.

“Actually, you”re going to get spit-roasted,” Simon informed him.

“Oh, I know,” Tom said. “I”ve done that once before. I had to suck Long”s cock while Mr Brown fucked me.”

“So I understand,” Simon responded. “Only this time it”ll be me who”s doing the fucking.” He looked across to the other boys. “Hey Mike!” he called. “Chuck us the K-Y!”

Michael tossed him the tube, Simon catching it neatly.

“Unless you”re going to lick me out, you needn”t bother putting any up my bum,” Tom suggested. “I had Mike”s up me on Tuesday. I”ll be fine.”

“Fair enough,” Simon agreed, handing him the tube. “Just put some on my cock then.”

With lubricant smeared over his prick, Simon got off the bed.

“Okay,” he said. “You know what to do.”

Getting onto all fours, Tom turned to face the foot of the bed. His eyes widened. In front of him Russell was in the middle of impaling himself on Michael”s penis. He shuffled towards them. This would be better than the last time, he decided. He”d be sucking Russell”s cock instead of Long”s, and Russell could cum. For the first time, he was going to get spunk in his mouth and up his bum.

As Tom moved down the bed, Simon moved in behind him. Guiding his cock onto the twelve-year old”s rosebud, he pushed it in. Facing them, Russell was sitting right in Michael”s lap, his feet braced against the foot of the bed. Without waiting to be asked, Tom lowered his shoulders, his contemporary”s penis sliding smoothly into his mouth.

“Okay,” Michael instructed, repeating the words he”s heard so often. “You boys keep still. Simon and I will do the work.”

And so the fucking began. Although Russell had been in this position before, it had never been like this, Michael”s prick thrusting rhythmically over his prostate, the older boy”s fingers tweaking his nipples, his own prick pumping in and out of Tom”s sucking lips. He tried to stay relaxed, keen to make it last as long as possible, but ultimately it was a lost cause.

“Ohhh!” he gasped, bucking uncontrollably. “Oh, I”m going to cum!”

His balls churned purposefully. Spunk barrelled through his penis, squirting hard onto Tom”s tongue. The lad”s anal spasms were the most powerful Michael had ever experienced, the twelve-year old”s starfish gripping his cock like a vice. Suddenly it eased off, sucking him right in. The result was inevitable, several ropes of teen spunk flooding into the younger lad”s rectum.

“Oh yes!” Simon announced triumphantly. “My turn now!”

Gripping Tom around the thighs, he deposited his cum in the twelve-year old”s bottom. After a few seconds, they carefully disengaged. Tom and Russell immediately headed for the bathroom.

“Wow!” Simon enthused. “That was fantastic! It”s no wonder Mr Smith and his friends like it so much!”

“Yeah!” Michael agreed. “It was incredible! Russell”s arse clamped so tight around my dick, I was worried he might break it!”

“I certainly won”t forget it in a hurry,” Simon suggested.

“Definitely not,” Michael concurred.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Simon and Michael waited outside the Kings Head. As the town hall clock struck two, Mr White”s car appeared, drawing up next to where they were standing. Michael quickly got into the front, Simon into the back. In less than two seconds, they were on their way.

“So how did your morning go?” Alex enquired.

“Very well, thank you sir,” Simon replied. “We had a super time.”

“Were you able to persuade Bradshaw to sit on Pennington”s cock?”

“Yes sir,” Simon told him. “He didn”t need too much persuading.”

“It was really hot, sir,” Michael added, “watching him pumping up and down on Pennington”s dick.”

“Pennington came really hard, didn”t he, Mike?” Simon interjected.

“Yeah!” Michael went on. “He was pulling faces and writhing around. Afterwards, he was out of it for about five minutes.”

“Excellent!” Alex said, smiling. “We might be able to get him interested in fucking after all. So what did you do next?”

“We set it up like you do at the flat. I sat on my chair facing the bed. Bradshaw sat on my lap with his back to me. My cock went right up him. I was surprised. He was really tight.”

“That”s understandable,” Alex told him. “Prior to seeing me yesterday morning, he hadn”t been fucked for more than a week.”

“He never made a fuss though, just pushed himself down on it.”

“Oh, that”s Bradshaw! He”s as tough as old boots. I assume Pennington was on all fours facing you?”

“Yes sir,” Michael confirmed. “He sucked Bradshaw”s cock while Holdsworth fucked him up the bum.”

“Hmmmm!” Alex purred. “I”d love to have been a fly on the wall while that was going on.”

“Yes sir,” Michael enthused. “It was super! When Bradshaw spunked, his bum squeezed my cock so hard, I thought he was trying to break it off.”

“No damage, I hope?” Alex enquired.

“No sir, but he had me worried for a second or two. Then suddenly it eased off, my cock went right up him and I came loads!”

“Wonderful! And how did Pennington take to being spit-roasted?”

“Oh, he loved it,” Simon informed him. “He can”t get enough cock, can he sir?” He paused for a moment. “Sir, this afternoon, can we do another chain-fuck?”

“Of course, if that”s what you want,” Alex agreed.

“It”s Whitney”s turn to be in the middle this time, sir,” Simon went on. “I was in the middle last time.”

Alex hesitated. It wasn”t the arrangement he”d been hoping for.

“It”s okay, sir,” Simon said reassuringly. “Mr Smith”s promised to bring me over to see Bradshaw again before I leave. You can fuck me then.”

“Fair enough,” Alex conceded, the prospect of Holdsworth”s imminent departure from the Cathedral School having left him feeling a little sad. The blond boy was cute, sexy and one of the nicest kids he”d ever met. The lad had been making occasional forays into his life for more than eighteen months. He tried not to dwell on youngsters who were moving on, but Holdsworth was an exception, a boy he knew he would miss.

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