The Instructor , the Student Ch. 01


This is a fact base story, believe it or not…It is my story that started a year ago.

All characters are over 18.

All characters are clean & safe.

This story may contain: MF, MFM, FF, Group, MM, FMF



My name is Tony and I am 65, retired, and teach driving to students in NY part time. I am married to my sexy wife Lisa who is 55 with a great figure and full breasts with big nipples.

I typically work on the weekends, giving 5 lessons on Saturday & 5 lessons on Sunday, which makes for long & tiring days.

Most of my students are between 16 and 20 and are a mix of boys & girls. Occasionally, I get a mature student but that is rare.

This one weekend I had on my schedule a woman named Robyn to teach. I pulled up to her house, texted her I was outside & waited. After a few minutes a youngish blonde appeared and introduced herself. I was pleasantly surprised that she wasn’t a teeny bopper but an older woman. During our introduction, she told me she was 30 and engaged. She had a nice figure, around 5’6″, maybe 120 lbs.

Well, the lesson went well & even though she was a new driver, she impressed me. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, she told me that she couldn’t schedule any more weekends because they were booked up. I told her I would make an exception & teach her during the week. However, we still had three lessons for the next couple of weekends that she had booked and we made the best of them.

Over the next couple of lessons, she told me that she felt really comfortable with me teaching her and that she liked how I was teaching her. She became a little flirtatious and I enjoyed our interaction.

Well, a few days later, my boss advised me of the seven weekdays that Robyn scheduled for lessons. Fortunately, I was available those days to teach her.

Our first weekday lesson went very well & because I had no other lesson that day, we went over the allotted hour. At the end of the lesson, she thanked me and gave me a kiss, then flashed me her gorgeous smile.

The next lesson went exceptionally well. We covered most of the items that are important for the road test and she did very well. I told her she was almost ready to take the road test for her license. We sat in the car & I went over a few things in the car itself so she would know about them in case she was asked about them on the road test.

I reviewed the wipers, head lights & the emergency brake. When I showed her the emergency brake, she took my hand and held it, looked at me, then leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips. We held the kiss for a moment.

“Robyn, there was no need for that.”

“I know that but I wanted to thank you for everything. You are so patient with me and I like you.”

“But you’re engaged.”

“That’s not a problem. Besides, I like older men. I told my fiancee how wonderful you are with me and he said that was nice.”

“I don’t think it would be appropriate since I am your instructor and I’m married.”

“I am a big girl. You don’t have tell your wife.”

Then she kissed me again and I felt her hand on my thigh.”

I moved her hand away and told her that I had to go, that the lesson was over. She got out of the car and smiled and disappeared into her house.

Two days later she had another lesson. I got to her house a few minutes early and texted her that I was outside. She texted back that she would be right out.

After a few minutes, out came Robyn. She looked especially nice and had a big smile on her face. When she got into the car we did our usual routine paperwork then she got into the driver’s seat. It was then that I noticed she had no bra on and that her nipples were pressing against the t-shirt. I didn’t say a word.

As it was getting close to her road test, I let her drive as if she already had her license just to give her more confidence. I told her she could drive wherever she wanted for the hour.

We drove off and after a half hour she drove to a high school parking lot where there were no classes. I asked if there was a problem and why were we here.

She put the car in park and shut artemisbet yeni giriş it off.

“You didn’t say anything about my outfit. I wore it especially for you.”

“It’s very nice.”

“I told my fiancee that I was wearing it today for you. He just smiled.”

“Why did you wear that for me anyway?”

“Because I like you a lot and wanted to please you.”

“Robyn, you’re my student and you getting your license will please me.”

Just then she moved her hand to my crotch and gave my hardening cock a squeeze.

“Well, somebody here likes my outfit a lot.”

She pulled me to her and kissed me. Her hand took mine and placed it on her tit.

“Mmm. I like your touch…feels good.”

Then she moved my hand to underneath her t-shirt onto her tit.

“Mmmm. Play with my nipples. They like that.”

I moved my hand from one tit to the other, playing with her hardened nipples.

This time I pulled her to me…

“We shouldn’t be doing this Robyn.”

“Tony, I want to suck your cock.”

I pulled back and her hands started to unbuckle my belt and in an instant had my hard cock out and into her mouth. Her moans made my cock even harder.

“Robyn, what about your fiance? You should stop.”

She sucked harder and faster, taking my cock completely in her mouth, deep throating me.

“Robyn, I’m going to cum…Robyn…”

Just then I shot my cum into her mouth. As fast as I was cumming, she swallowed every drop. After I stopped cumming, we kissed, then she put my limp cock back in my jeans.

Without batting an eye, she started the car up and finished the lesson like nothing ever happened. When we got to her house I said,

“Robyn, that should not have happened. I don’t think your fiancee would approve.”

She laughed and said, “My fiancee said I could do it.”

“Excuse me…your fiancee knew you were going to suck my cock?”

“Of course. We tell each other everything. He was fine with it.”

I sat there in shock. Here was this beautiful young woman that had her fiancee’s approval to give me a blow job.

Then she started laughing…

“What’s so funny?”

“Did you enjoy me sucking you off?”

“Of course I did, but…”

“You haven’t figured it out yet?”

“Robyn, what are you talking about?”

“For an old guy, you are dumb. I told you you I liked older guys, remember?”

“Yes, I remember. So what.”

“My fiancee is much older than me. And he knows I like you and he told me I could have you.”

“Have me?”

Lol…”Yes. He said I could fuck you too.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am. He gave me his approval. What’s more, he said even after we were married, you and I could fuck.”

“Am I missing something here?”

“Look, my fiancee and I love sex. And he knows he can’t completely satisfy my sexual needs. So, he has given me his ok to satisfy my sexual needs with you, if you want. That’s up to you.”

“Let me get this straight…your fiancee said it’s ok if you and I fuck, even after you two get married?”

“Yes, that’s right. But it’s up to you. There is one other thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“If you are ok with the arrangement, he would like to join in every now and then for a threesome.”

“Is that what you want…threesomes?”

“Well, I like having two men make love to me at the same time and this way, we all would be happy.”

“I told you I was married…may I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Are you bi?”

“Well, I’ve had sex with a couple of women & if that makes me bi, I guess I am. Why?”

“My wife, Lisa is bi and we have an open type marriage. As long as we tell each other what we do, everything is fine. We have no secrets.”

“If she tells me it is ok with her to start something with you & your fiancee, I’ll do it, but first I want you to meet her…maybe the four of us can have dinner and after that you can invite us back to your place for coffee. If Lisa and you click, it could be a great arrangement. What do you say?”

“That sounds great. Ok.”

I went home with my mind totally overwhelmed. artemisbet giriş Over dinner that night I said to Lisa, “My student, Robyn asked me to join her & her fiancee for sex. I told her about you and it would be up to you. She also suggested we go out to dinner with them first to see if you & her click. She is bi too.”

“Is she nice?”

“Very nice. I am sure you will like her.”

“Ok. We will go to dinner with them.”

“I’ll tell her at our next lesson.”

Our next lesson came quickly, so it felt like it. I arrived at her house and texted her I was outside. She texted back she would be right out. A few minutes later Robyn came out and there was an older guy behind her. I assumed it was her fiancee. They got to the car & Robyn introduced me to the guy. His name was Roger and he was her fiancee. He looked like he was in his late 40’s or early 50’s. We exchanged pleasantries as he said,

“Robyn has told me a lot about you and how good you’ve been in teaching her how to drive. I wanted to thank you.”

“You’re welcome sir. She is a wonderful student.”

“She also told me that you two had a talk, which I have agreed to and hope you consider her request. I look forward to hearing your reply.”

“I will let her know. Nice meeting you sir. We must be off now.”

Robyn drove off and we finished the lesson early. As we were parked in front of her house we chatted.

“Robyn, I’ve given our last conversation very careful consideration. I told Lisa about you & Roger and I’ve come to a decision.”

“Before you say anything, Roger hopes you will accept but, again it’s your decision.”

“I think you are a terrific woman. Roger seemed like a nice guy too. I’ve made my decision but first, Lisa said she would like to join you & Roger for dinner, like you mentioned.”

“That sounds terrific. I’ll tell Roger and we can go to dinner this Saturday. I’ll make the arrangements. I’m looking forward to it.”

She pulled me to her and kissed me. Then she stopped for a minute and texted Roger that the four of would be going to dinner Saturday.

“So Robyn, what’s next?”

“You have some time now?”

“I have to bring the car back but I could be back in twenty minutes.”

“That’s fine. We will be waiting.”

I left & brought the car back then drove my car back to Robyn’s place.

When I arrived, I rang the bell and Robyn let me in. Roger greeted me and told me he was glad I decided to join them and was thrilled about meeting Lisa.

The three of us had coffee and got acquainted. After about a half hour Robyn got up and took my hand and led me to her bedroom as Roger stayed behind.

We got to the bedroom and Robyn closed the door. She turned to me and kissed me. Our hands all over each other as we started undressing. It wasn’t long before we were both naked. I admired her body and she looked even more beautiful naked. We got on the bed and pressed our bodies together.

We made out awhile and as I mounted her, she spread her legs allowing my cock easy access to her treasure as I was slipping my cock in her cunt, I caught a glimpse of Roger watching us. I slipped my cock in his fiancee’s cunt until it disappeared in her.

I started slowly fucking her and picked up the pace. Soon, we were in synch with her body matching my thrusts. Her moans got louder & louder. She started yelling out, “Oh my God… don’t stop…Roger, he’s fucking me baby..oh God…he’s making me cum…Roger, I’m cumming.”

Just as I was shooting my cum into her cunt, her body started shaking as she had one orgasm after another. After she quieted down, my limp cock slipped out and as I laid on the side, Roger joined us. He was already naked. He had a big hard cock and moved quickly to Robyn. He wasted no time in pushing his big cock into her cunt. He started fucking her and she responded to his thrusts…”Oh God, I’m going to cum again.”

As she was getting fucked, she grabbed my hand and put it on her tit and told me to squeeze her nipple. As I did that, she screamed out…”Yes, Yes… I’m cumming baby… I’m cumming.” Roger then shot his cum into her. Her artemisbet güvenilirmi body convulsed in spasms which lasted a few minutes.

She & Roger both laid next to each other spent.

For what seemed like forever, we rested, after which I got up & dressed because I had to leave.

Robyn took me to the door and we hugged and kissed and said our goodbyes.

I told her we would see her Saturday for dinner. We both smiled as she said, “We can’t wait to meet your wife.”

Saturday arrived and off Lisa and I went to have dinner with Robyn & Roger. Lisa wore a black mini skirt and white blouse with no bra

When we arrived, Roger greeted us and then Robyn. I introduced everyone and then Roger drove us to a nice looking restaurant.

Over dinner & wine we got to know each other and we all felt comfortable with each other. After dinner, Robyn invited us back to their house for coffee Lisa quickly accepted and in a short time, we were back at their house. I knew then where this was all going to go.

Robyn made coffee as Roger, Lisa and myself sat in the living room and chatted. When Robyn came in, Lisa wasted no time in bringing up the proposed arrangement.

“So Robyn, my husband told me about your arrangement. I told him and I’ll tell you that it is ok with me.”

“Thank you Lisa.” Robyn replied.

“He also told me you’re bi as I am. If you ever want to get together, let me know. I’ll give you my cell number. Oh, and that goes for Roger.”

“Well, thank you Lisa. Roger already told me that he liked you, especially your outfit.”

“Thank you Robyn & you too Roger. In the future Roger when you text me, you can always tell me what you would like me to wear or not wear.”

Robyn then said, “Look, if we are all comfortable, why don’t we enjoy each other starting tonight?”

Then Lisa said, “Robyn, did my husband tell you we are nudists? We even belong to a clothing optional resort in Florida. You guys should join us one week. And, you can get plenty of cock there. I know. Right Tony?”

“Now, that sounds interesting. Let us know when you are going and we will join you.”

“actually, we made reservations for next month for a week’s stay.”

“Lisa, give me the details. We would like to join you.”

I looked at Lisa and before I could say anything Lisa started removing her blouse & in seconds her big tits & erect nipples were uncovered. She stood up and removed her skirt and thong and was now nude.

When Robyn saw her, she and Roger removed their clothes, as did I. Now the four of us were naked. My cock and Roger’s cock were both hard & erect.

Robyn went over to Lisa and sat next to her. In a minute they were in an embrace. Their tits pressed up against each other’s. Roger & I watched as the two were lost in each other. Lisa started kissing Robyn and soon Robyn had her mouth on Lisa’s erect nipples, sucking them hard.

As the two women were into each other, Roger got up and moved closer to the women. Lisa grabbed his cock and started jerking it off. It didn’t take her long before she had his cock in her mouth as Robyn was eating Lisa’s pussy.

In no time at all Roger said he was going to cum and then filled my wife’s mouth with his cum. In the meantime, Lisa started yelling out that she was going to cum and her body shook from her orgasm.

Just then I went over to Robyn and managed to get my cock in her cunt and started fucking her. In a short time I told her I was going to cum & filled her cunt with my cum.

We all rested as we were spent. After awhile we retired to the bedroom where we all swapped and enjoyed each other. It was almost dawn when Lisa and I left.

On the way home Lisa said, “I like them. Robyn is a keeper for sure. You’re going to have a lot of fun with her.”

“Is Roger a good fuck?”

“He isn’t bad. His cock is nice and I like his balls and he cums a ton.”

“Do you think they will participate in the club in Florida?”

“I have no doubt they will join in. She is one of the best lovers I ever had. I thought she was going to suck my nipples right off my tits.”

“Send her the Florida info ASAP and let’s get them on board. You get Roger’s cell number?”

“I will later & I have his number & he has mine.”

After lunch Lisa sent all the info on our Florida trip to the resort. An hour later Lisa got a text from Robyn that they are joining us.

Look for Chapter 2

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