The Last Escort Part Twenty-One Chapters 81-84

Dildo Ride

Chapter Twenty-NineGrace insisted that Mac shower first so that he wouldn’t have to wait until after she got ready. That way, he could go down a little early and be there before his guests. She’d selected the Mount Vernon Room, as there would be about sixty people in attendance. Several waiters were finishing setting the tables when he entered the room. Mac went to the bar to get a drink as he waited for people to arrive.“Ah, Mr. Stewart,” an older gentleman said, extending his hand. “Welcome! I’m Stephan, your event host for the evening. Ms. Remy indicated that you’d be arriving early. I hope that everything is to your satisfaction here.”“It all looks splendid; you did a wonderful job,” McKinley said.“All we did was follow Ms. Remy’s instructions. She was marvelous to work with; I do hope that I’ll get a chance to meet her in person tonight,” Stephan replied.“Yes, she should be down shortly.”Mac sipped his drink and wondered if he should have waited for Grace. He hoped that getting her to talk a little about her past this afternoon wouldn’t prevent her from enjoying her evening. She’d obviously gone to a lot of trouble to make sure he looked good.He decided to send a quick text to check on her.Hey, I just wanted to let you know everything looks perfect down here. At least it will once you’ve arrived. Will you be down soon?Her reply came almost instantly.Turn around.When he turned, the vision of her in a royal blue tea-length gown with sleeves that left her shoulders bare took his breath away. She had swept her hair to the side in a mass of red curls that settled softly above her heart. The top of her breasts teased him as they peeked out of the bodice and begged to be noticed. But she looked elegant, not slutty. How did she manage to pull off that sensually sophisticated look? If he were a woman, he might hate her for it, but as a man, especially as the man who was sleeping with her, he could only be in awe of her.He moved to her and kissed her cheek. “I didn’t select this dress for you either,” he said, thinking back to the backless green gown she had purchased herself and worn in Amsterdam.She laughed, “Yes, you did. I just adjusted the sleeves and ditched the belt to make it suit my taste more.”“So, you’re a dress designer as well? Tell me, Ms. Remy, is there anything you don’t excel at?” he said as he handed her a glass of champagne.“You’re far too kind, Mr. Stewart,” she said. “The guests are arriving; shall we greet them?”“You’re very clever at changing the subject, Grace.”She winked. “Just another thing I excel at.”Just as she had in Amsterdam and Paris, Grace managed to pull off another successful event. She had an uncanny knack of knowing how to read the room and, in doing so, prevented McKinley from letting his speech drag on too long. Her subtle nod that told him to wrap things up was perfectly timed.When the last guest departed, Grace surprised Mac by grabbing his tie and pulling him in for a passionate kiss.“Ms. Remy, are you seducing me?”Grace laughed, “Nope, just helping myself to something I want. Care to join me upstairs? There’s an incredibly long dining table in our suite that is begging kaçak iddaa to be the location of our next tryst.”Mac frowned. “We’re hosting the London CEO, the Director of Finance, and their spouses, at that table for dinner tomorrow night!”“Suit yourself,” she said, heading for the elevator. “I’ve ordered fresh linens for our dinner party. It seems a shame to send the current ones away in such pristine condition. Besides, imagine how aroused we will be during tomorrow’s dinner thinking about what took place on that table tonight.”He followed her onto the elevator and pondered her suggestion. It was hard to argue with her logic.“You make a good point,” Mac replied. “Although I had thought to make sweet, tender love to you in our bed tonight.”“Why can’t we do both?” she asked with a mischievous smile. “Our first meeting tomorrow isn’t until 9:00 a.m.” Chapter ThirtyWhen they entered the suite, Mac felt conflicted. Sensing his hesitation, Grace felt herself become irritated. “If you’re going to treat me like a wounded animal because I told you I was assaulted over a dozen years ago, I’m going to be very disappointed. I’ve spent a lot of time becoming strong, both physically and emotionally. I was knocked on my ass by seeing Armel, as it never occurred to me that I would bump into him in Europe. That was foolish of me. But I’m over it.”“But I’m not, Grace. I’m still trying to process what kind of man does what he did, and I feel helpless knowing that there isn’t a damn thing I can do about what happened to you,” Mac admitted.“You don’t need to do anything!”“Look, I can’t help the way I feel. I just…”He watched her chin jut into the air as she interrupted him. Clearly, she was pissed.“I see. Well, if I’d known that telling you what happened would make you see me differently, I’d have kept that part of my past to myself,” she said defensively.“Grace, stop,” he replied. “I don’t see you differently. I just…”“You just what?” she cut him off.Mac took a deep breath in and blew it out slowly. “Help me understand why that son of a bitch is still walking around as a free man after what he did to you!” he blurted out.She took off her earrings and sat down on the couch. “He’s a free man because he is a foreign dignitary with a great deal of power and money. Whereas I was, according to him, just a common street whore that he supposedly rescued from a sex trafficking ring. When I accused him of allowing his friends to rape me repeatedly, not only did the Ivoirian police not believe me, but they also put me in jail for three months for making what they called a false accusation.”McKinley felt rage rise in his belly. But he sat next to her and kept it contained.“When I was released, I had no job, no money, and nowhere to go. Fortunately, I became acquainted with a woman while in jail whose brother owned a diner in Abidjan. I went to him and begged for a job. I had zero experience, but I had red hair and could speak both English and French. He took pity on me and not only gave me a job as a waitress, but he let me sleep on a cot in his living room until I could afford my own flat.”Grace turned and looked Mac in the eyes, kaçak bahis “I learned how to survive. I waited tables, I did odd jobs, and eventually, I managed to reconnect with someone I’d worked with at the embassy. He helped me get a new passport so I could return to the United States. Once I returned, I swore I’d never let myself become a victim again. I would never allow myself to be someone who didn’t matter…”She stopped short, feeling her own anger and fatigue threatening to make her cry again. She wouldn’t allow herself to stir his pity any further. Either he wanted her, or he didn’t, but she was done talking. She wished at this moment that they had separate rooms again.Mac took her hands in his and said, “You matter to me, Grace. More than I counted on.”She withdrew her hands and stood up. “I don’t need your pity, Mac.”Mac stood up as well. “Am I allowed to feel angry about the fact that a man who claimed to love you betrayed your trust and abused you?” he asked. “Grace, I sense there’s more to your story, but nothing you could tell me would make me think less of you. It’s not pity I feel for you; it’s desire. How can I not want you? You’re the strongest, most resilient woman I’ve ever met!”Grace shook her head. “I’m a woman who took a job as an escort for a ridiculously generous salary so that I could experience living well and traveling abroad. I got tired of scraping my pennies together and decided to spread my legs for a while to beef up my bank account. Alice is right; I’m an overpaid whore. And I’m a tired one, so if it’s all the same to you, I’d appreciate a raincheck on the wild table sex.”Mac ran a hand through his hair and said, “You’re wrong.”She turned back to face him and frowned. “Wrong about what?”“The job paid the same amount, regardless of whether we had sex or not. So, you’re many things, Grace. You’re my assistant, my planner, my bedmate, my companion, my lover, and I hope, my friend. But you’re not my whore,” he said calmly, despite the anger brewing in his eyes.His words took her by surprise; she did matter to Mac. She was quiet for a moment, then she asked, “Was the last escort as much of a pain in the ass as I am?”He smiled, his anger simmering. “The last escort couldn’t hold a candle to you, Grace. No woman could.”She was at a loss for words. She had no idea how to respond to that.He grinned, “The formidable Ms. Remy has no comeback?”She gave a soft laugh and shook her head. His eyes seemed to stare into her soul, and it was disconcerting. But she didn’t look away. And she was grateful that she didn’t, or she would have missed seeing that it wasn’t a look of pity on his face; it was one of genuine desire.He glanced over at the table. “You made some pretty racy suggestions on that elevator. Since you’re asking for a raincheck, I can only surmise that you are all talk,” he teased.She tilted her head. “Oh, is that what you think?”Grace went over to the table and boosted herself onto it with a naughty gleam in her eyes.Mac walked over to the table and lifted her dress. “You sexy little minx! No panties again? Mmm, you know how to make me instantly hard.”Grace purred, “And you know illegal bahis how to make me wet.”“I thought you were tired. Still want that rain check?” Mac said, letting his fingers open up her wetness.“It doesn’t look much like rain, Mac. Take me and make me yours.”While one hand teased her pussy, he used the other to let down her mass of red curls that had been held back by a clip all night. “You’re so fucking hot, Grace!”He grabbed a handful of her auburn locks, crushed her lips with his, and let his tongue dance with hers. Since his hands were occupied, Grace used hers to unfasten his trousers. When he broke off the kiss to finish the process of taking off his pants, she said, “God, I want you, Mac! I’ve never wanted anyone more!”Mac grinned. “Then lay back and scoot to the edge of the table. Let me have you right here. Spread your legs for me, my hot little slut.”Grace let her legs fall open for him, and she moaned while he rubbed the head of his cock against her slick, swollen labia.“You’re so fucking wet, Grace! I need to be inside you!” He slid into her pussy and cried out, “Fuck! You’re so tight!”He knew she needed to be fucked hard, fast, and deep. He could love her tenderly later. But now, she needed to be taken like this. He thrust into her again and again, pumping fiercely into her.He let his thumb move in circles, massaging her clit until her back arched, and she screamed, “Oh, fuck! Oh, God! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!”Her climax had him on the brink of cumming. So, he grabbed her legs and hammered into her until his balls tightened. He exploded inside her, making a guttural sound that was somewhere between a growl and a howl.He stayed there with his body pressed up against hers for a moment. Then he grinned wickedly as he pulled out slowly. As he did, a pool of their combined cum formed on the table. When he helped Grace down, he said, “Let’s make sure one of our dinner guests sits here.”She laughed, “See? It’s a decadent thought, isn’t it?”“You’re right, as usual,” he said, kissing her gently. “Shall we continue this in the comfort of our bed, my darling?”“Mac, I…” she struggled to find the right words. “Thanks for knowing what I needed and how I needed it.”He pulled her onto the bed with him. “Thanks for letting your guard down so that I could. However, now that I’ve given in to your needs, I expect you to put up with mine.”Grace cocked an eyebrow. “Oh, and what are your needs?”He nuzzled her neck and planted kisses there. Then he whispered, “I want to make love to you, slowly and sweetly. I want to make you so aroused that you beg me to take you.”“I think that sounds only fair, considering you obliged me,” she said, tilting her head to offer him the other side of her neck.Mac was a man of his word, for after what seemed like hours of foreplay and a slow, seductive fuck, she did, indeed, beg. This time, her climax was a wave of orgasms that made her feel drunk. When Mac finally allowed himself to cum, he pulled out and flooded her stomach and mound with his seed.Grace smiled a woozy, dreamy grin, “That was a fuckin’ hot way to shoot your load, Mac.”He fell on the bed next to her, feeling quite pleased with himself, and said, “Who says making love slowly and sweetly can’t be erotic?”After a few moments, Mac asked, “Do you want me just to let you fall asleep? Or do you need to wash up before bed?”

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