The Liberation of Ruth Pt. 01


Ruth had been a good Catholic girl for thirty-four years, but of late, she had felt that life had passed her by, and she felt unfulfilled. She was not a virgin; she had been involved in a relationship when she was younger. Unfortunately, that relationship had been quite toxic and had ended badly. It had driven her into a celibate lifestyle, deciding it just was not worth it, but that was now grating on her. Ruth knew that sex was wanted and needed in her life. However, the vibrator she had was just not really doing it for her anymore; she could not talk to it like she could a man, nor could she embrace it when the sex was done.

Ruth had met Simon, who worked as a border control officer, five years earlier. She had been wearing sunglasses and earphones whilst listening to music on her iPod. Due to a lack of attention to her surroundings, she breezed past Simon, seemingly without a care in the world. Simon, however, needed to see her passport. So he called her back, giving her a stern talking-to about the laws regarding showing your passport on entering the country. This made Ruth rather angry, or shall we say angrier; she was already having a shitty day, and it was still only nine in the morning.

Later that day, and on social media, Ruth made a scathing attack on Simon, even though she did not know his name. She heaped insult upon insult, even stating that he had a face like a slapped arse and was obviously not getting enough at home. She was told by many on the social media thread that she created that she was the one in the wrong.

As a government agent, Simon’s employers did not really allow him to reply to such things on social media. He decided, however, that as the insults were of a personal nature, and attacking not only him and his family but calling his parentage into question that he would do so.

Simon, however, was wise in some things, and, rather than attacking Ruth back in the same way, he introduced himself as the officer that she had dealt with. He explained what she did wrong, but not in a condescending or patronising way. In fact, he was very kind towards his attacker. With the passing of Ruth’s anger, she accepted that she had, in fact, been the one in the wrong, and she apologised profusely.

A few more comments passed between them, and others on the thread agreed with Simon’s response to her remarks. Some of the usual idiots said that perhaps they should get into a romantic relationship. Obviously, that was something neither Simon nor Ruth had even considered; after all, they had only just met. Ruth decided that she had to prove her remorse, and a few days later, she brought Simon a big bag of coffee and a massive bar of chocolate. From that day on, they became firm friends.

They kept agreeing that they really must meet for coffee sometime, but for one reason or another, and that they both worked shifts, this meeting for coffee never materialised. The time eventually came when Ruth had decided to give up her job in Simon’s country and her rented home across the border, deciding to return home to the U.K. They agreed with each other that it really was time to finally have that coffee together, or, suggested Simon, “A bottle of wine or two.” Ruth said that wine was a much better idea than coffee, and thus plans to meet were set in motion.

Simon had actually fancied Ruth for some time, even though she was almost a quarter of a century younger than he was. In conversations with Ruth, he had hinted in obscure ways about his attraction to her; however, Ruth had not picked up on the hints. She was, after all, a good catholic girl. Simon thought he should finally tell Ruth about his feelings, and he knew there would never be another chance. If the Covid pandemic had proved anything to him, it was that life was tenuous and sometimes short. He was worried that it may ruin their friendship, but he felt he could not say goodbye without telling her. Life, however, in all its intricacies, can be strange. So as they chatted bonus veren siteler via Messenger that afternoon, they started flirting with each other, and the conversation was quite hot.

They arranged to meet at a bar on Ruth’s side of the border, but to possibly move on somewhere else; this is what they did, going to a well-liked restaurant where they ordered food and wine. Simon was actually well known to many people on both sides of the border; he was hoping that they would not be seen as he was a married man; Simon had told his wife that he was going out with the boys. Unfortunately, the sexual side of his marriage could best be described in geographical terms as a desert. It had been through the many long years of his marriage; the frustration it caused had resulted in him having many affairs.

Over dinner, Simon told Ruth that he had desired her for a long time; he had not said anything, as he enjoyed their friendship too much to ruin it with such declarations. Declarations that he feared may not have been welcomed by Ruth. Simon told her that he had been planning on apologising for having such feelings. Still, after that afternoon’s flirting, he no longer thought that was necessary. It was plainly apparent by the flirting that Ruth also harboured some of the same longings. Though she tried to deny it, her denial was not really strong enough to make it very convincing.

Throughout the meal, they talked and talked, finding out that they had so much in common, from similar interests to the sexual frustration they both had in their lives. Simon did ask Ruth if she would invite him home for coffee; she said it was probably not a good idea. However, her resistance to Simon’s charms was weakening. She knew that that was what she really wanted; Ruth wanted to take Simon home and fuck him, no matter how much she tried to fight the urge to do so.

Ruth mentioned that she liked to smoke a joint once in a while, but she was not really adept at rolling them; she had, in fact, burnt her fingers the last time she had tried to do so. Simon cheekily told her that he knew how to roll them, but it had been a while since he had last done so. Working for a government agency, he was randomly tested for any presence of drugs in his system from time to time. He told her that he could roll it for her if she invited him home, but he would not partake of it.

For Ruth, it was the final straw. All resistance to Simon’s charms flew out of the window. Reluctantly, but at the same time filled with an internal longing, Ruth said that it would be ok for him to come back to her place and roll the joint for her. They finished the meal and asked for the bill, which Simon wanted to pay for. Ruth, however, insisted that it was her shout as Simon had always been a good friend supporting her at vulnerable points in life without ever taking advantage of her. Simon protested but, in the end, acquiesced to Ruth’s wishes, but he did buy another bottle of wine to take back to Ruth’s place.

As they walked back and chatted, the conversation actually went up in temperature. At the back of their minds, they both knew where this was going to end up, and neither one of them could wait to get back to Ruth’s apartment. They were still a short distance from Ruth’s place when Simon asked her for a kiss. Ruth was taken aback a little by Simons bold request and allowed the kiss. She was still dazed by the request and kissed, at least in her mind, awkwardly, but Simon had no complaints. Simon had often been told that he was a great kisser, and Ruth would reiterate that before the night was out.

After reaching Ruth’s flat, the bottle of wine was opened; and the joint making materials came out, which perplexed Simon a little as the pot was, what is, colloquially known as chocolate. He was not too sure how to deal with this; he had been expecting marijuana. He made a brave attempt, but it was an abysmal attempt. They both ended up laughing about it, and bedava bahis Ruth, nearly pissing her panties, said that she thought he knew how to roll them.

It was rather hot in Ruth’s apartment; it was a hot July Mediterranean night after all. Simon asked if she would mind if he removed his T-shirt; she replied that it would be fine and why not kick off his shoes too. As he did so, Ruth poured two rather tall generous glasses of wine.

They sat at opposite ends of the sofa; it was not a big one, so they were not too far apart. As Ruth raised her leg onto the couch, Simon got a perfect look at her black cotton panties. Ruth was about to lower her leg again now that it was upon the sofa, but Simon asked her to leave it up and let him savour that lovely view. Ruth told Simon that he was a cheeky fucker, but left her leg up and her panties on show. Simon then said that it would be nice if his shorts came off too; Ruth told him to go ahead and feel free to do so. He let her know that he had worn his lucky red silk boxers just in case he got lucky. She laughed, saying that she liked their look, and after rubbing her hands on them right where Simon’s cock was now beginning to grow, Ruth said that she also liked their feel.

Ruth said that to be a bit more comfortable, she would remove her bra and panties. Simon suggested that she let him remove the panties. Ruth readily agreed to this and felt a tingle at Simons attentiveness. She lifted up her thin summer dress, and Simon moved his hands underneath. He gently removed the panties whilst Ruth removed her bra and decided to remove her dress too. She stood in front of Simon as naked as the day she was born.

Simon looked her up and down in approval taking in her lovely and very ample breasts, her nipples firm and proud, already erect in her excitement. Simon could not find fault with her body in any way; her vagina was bereft of hair, just the way Simon liked them. He could already imagine the pleasure he would get from eating her pussy, one of the things he loved most when it came to sex. He turned her around, gazing at what he considered one of the loveliest rear ends he had ever seen.

Ruth then asked Simon if he would like her to remove his boxers, and, of course, readers, you know what the answer to that was. As she began to take them down, Simon’s already engorged cock came flying out, standing at attention. Ruth’s eyes widened at its size, wondering if she could actually take it all the way inside her. Simon was not a young man anymore, but Ruth just knew she had never seen one so large or wide before. She could not wait to sit astride it, longing to feel its length and girth deep inside her pussy.

Both standing they embraced, and kissed, the awkwardness of the kiss in the street long forgotten as they let their tongues explore each other’s mouths. Simon began to gently stroke Ruth down below with his right index finger, rubbing and circling both her external and internal labia before reaching her clit. Finally, he inserted his finger into her pussy that was already very wet and pulsing in pleasure and expectation.

Simon turned Ruth around, spreading her legs as she rested on the open window of her lounge. Then, drawing ever closer, he guided his cock into her vagina. He began a slow, rhythmic pushing in and out, driving Ruth wild as all her sexual frustrations started to dissipate. She had never felt pleasure like this before. The memories of her former lover faded from her mind as Simon kept up his slow pace allowing her to get ever closer to an orgasm.

Since knowing Simon, Ruth had never even thought about what a great lover he would be. She was not really into sex with married men, not wanting to be labelled as a home-wrecker. As her climax neared, Ruth regretted that she would be leaving in just over a month and would probably not see Simon again. She had mixed feelings of guilt that she was with a married man; she also had feelings of joy that the good deneme bonus fucking that was sorely needed was now being received. Ruth began to rue that she had not gotten to know Simon in this way long before now.

Simon was also enjoying himself; much like Ruth, he felt guilty, but he always did when he was cheating on his wife even though he could not help himself. He was also wondering why the hell had he not made a move on Ruth long before now. Simon would never leave his wife even if there was no sex in the marriage, which had been made clear to Ruth at the beginning of the evening. He had told her that he loved his wife; he told her they had been through a great deal of pain together over the years. Through it all, they had supported each other, even if at times it seemed more like a brother-sister relationship than a marriage.

Ruth was getting nearer to her orgasm by the second; Simon, detecting this by the rate of her breathing, along with years of experience, began to pump a little faster and harder. Finally, Ruth began to moan and raised one of her hands to her mouth to stifle a cry as her body shuddered in pleasure and her knees went weak. Simon cupped her buttocks in his strong hands, preventing her from falling to the floor. Then, as he finished his strokes and shot his hot semen into her, Ruth’s need and obvious delight at what had just taken place urged him into one of the best orgasms he had ever experienced.

Once again, they sat on the sofa and continued to kiss passionately. Their hands searching each other’s bodies, stopping every now and then to chat and drink the beautiful dark red wine known as a Rioja. Simon started to kiss Ruth on the neck, moving slightly up; he nibbled on her ear lobes, Ruth cooed at the feelings it gave her.

Moving down, he began kissing her breasts, alternately sucking and gently biting her still erect nipples, rekindling the fires within Ruth’s body. Simon continued to move down her body, kissing and licking her skin, eventually arriving at her inner thighs. As he did so, Ruth opened her legs, allowing him to move in and taste the juices flowing from her vagina.

Simon then began to suck on her pussy lips. Her pussy was just like Simon liked them, clean-shaven with a prominent mons pubis of a type that he had not seen since he was once involved with a Russian girl in London. Simon had always enjoyed cunnilingus and was well-versed in it from his many affairs over the years. So he took first one labia in his mouth, playing with it with his tongue and then the other.

Ruth realised that Simon really knew his way around a cunt,. It was not long before she began to feel ecstatic as Simon expertly manoeuvred his tongue and teeth, driving her wild with passion and a sense of fulfilment. Again, despite the pleasure his tongue gave her, Ruth realised her body craved him to be inside her once more. She drew his head away from her genitalia, and his body rose up, their lips meeting once more in an open-mouthed kiss. Then, he pushed forward with his cock hard again and entered her, causing her to gasp. Ruth told him to go hard and fast this time, and that is what he did. They came within moments of each other. Exhausted and nearly spent, they lay entwined on the sofa, enjoying the feel of each other’s naked bodies.

They had been making love for over three hours. So it really was time that Simon began making tracks, but not before making plans for Ruth’s liberation to go one step further.

As he was a naturist, Simon had once suggested that Ruth accompany him to the naturist beach even if she wanted to keep her bathing suit on. At the time Ruth had declared that she could never do that, she was far too shy, she had said.

In the breaks between making love, when they had been chatting, Simon had brought this up again, and he had told her about the benefits of being naked on a beach. He reiterated that having something wet and clingy around your body, waiting for it to dry, was just so unnecessary. He told her about how good the sea felt as it engulfed your nude body and how the sun and gentle breezes caressed it. Ruth decided what the hell, you only live once, and daringly agreed that she would try and give it a go but not promising anything.

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