The Limo Driver Ch. 10


Her driver was stood in front of her, his pants pulled down and his hard cock in her mouth. Naked from the waist down, she was squatting with one hand stroking his long shaft while she sucked and fucked the swollen head of his cock. His moans of pleasure and slight thrusting had her aroused and reaching down between her legs to stroke her throbbing clit. She could feel his excitement as his cock strained between her parted lips.

“That’s it, yes, suck that cock.” He panted, holding his shirt up with one hand as he thrust into her warm wet mouth. The finger between her legs had her dripping with wetness. Fuck she wanted to feel him cum in her mouth. Suddenly he was groaning on the point of cumming, his hips thrusting his cock down into her throat. Lost in his excitement she started to cum too.

“Hey, wake up. I have a cold drink for us.” The voice erased the images and jolted her back to consciousness. She jerked awake and it took her a second or two to realise she was on a sunlounge topless by the pool.

“What the fuck, shit, I must have been dreaming.” She said to her blonde friend standing above her dressed in a bikini and holding two drinks.

“It must have been a good one.” Said her friend staring down at where her legs met.

“Shit!” she said looking down between her legs at the dark wet stain on the light pink bikini bottoms stretched between them. “No wonder my pussy’s throbbing.”

“Anything I can help with?” Her friend asked smiling mischievously. Without a word, the two legs on the sunlounge parted in answer to her question. Placing the two drinks on the table, she sat on the edge of the sunlounge next to her host. Reaching over she started rubbing her middle finger up and down the wet patch of the bikini. The finger between her legs gave her goose pimples and she moaned quietly with pleasure as it began to press the material into the cleft between her pussy lips.

“Oh fuck, that’s it.” She moaned as her friend rubbed her hard throbbing clit through her wet bikini.

“Oh shit!” she cried out, shaking and starting to cum. As her hips jerked and legs shook, her friend watched on, her finger pressed hard onto the hidden clit under the wet material.

“Oh God, don’t stop, keep rubbing, I need to go again.” She begged her friend. This time the blonde’s fingers slid inside the leg of her bikini and into the drenched wet slit between her open legs. The fingers wet with her slippery cunt juice rubbed at her clit, flesh on flesh and no material between them.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, heaving and bucking on the sunlounge cumming hard again, her pussy gushing over the fingers rubbing her bulging cunt and flooding her bikini. Slowly her friend withdrew her fingers, sliding them out of her bikini. Smiling and pleased with her efforts, she sucked the silky wetness off her glistening fingers.

“Fuck, I really need the drink now.” Her host said, sitting up on the sunlounge her chest still heaving. Her friend passed her the ice cold Gin and Tonic and she gulped half it down thirstily.

“That really must have been a hot dream or were you just still horny after last night?” her friend asked.

“How did you know about last night?”

“Oh, a couple of things gave you away.”

“Such as?”

“For one, I woke up and you were gone.”

“And the other?”

“I’m a woman and very familiar with the odour of stale cum.”

“I wondered if you would notice that.” She told her friend. “It was a little ripe.”

“Anyway.” Her friend said. “I’m off to have my turn.”

“I’m sure dressed like that and with your nice tight pussy you’ll be well received.” She said, sipping her drink and lying back on the sunlounge smiling.

“I want to buy him off you.” Her friend said smiling.

“I’m not sure that’s permitted these days.” She replied laughing. “But you can borrow him for the afternoon.”

“Well, I’m off to get me some nice big cock. Don’t let your tits burn.” Her friend said, waving as she walked away, leaving her host to sunbathe.

Inside the house, she found the door to his room. Knocking gently, she opened the door and stepped inside.

“Hello.” He said. “What can I do for you?”

“I think we should take up where we left off yesterday.” She said, hooking two fingers inside her bikini bottoms and sliding them down as she walked towards him across the room, showing him her gorgeous shaved pussy.

“What about your host?” he asked, unable to take his eyes off the neat pink slit between her legs, his cock growing in his pants by the second.

“She had you last night. Now it’s my turn” she said, rubbing up against him and running her hand over the growing hardness inside his pants. Unzipping him, she slid her hand inside his pants and released his hard erect cock. “It’s so nice and big.” She told him, gripping it with both hands and gently pulling it. Aroused, his heart pounding, he pushed up her bikini top and caressed her breasts, rolling and squeezing her hard nipples as she stroked his straining cock.

“I’ve wanted this inside me again ever since adiosbet yeni giriş yesterday,” she told him, stroking the thick shaft with precum now oozing from its swollen head. Undoing her bikini top and letting it fall to the floor, she seductively climbed onto the bed and spread her legs wide, her perfect shaved pussy on display and parted for him, its delicate lips parted and glistening with her arousal.

“Lick me first.” She told him in a husky voice. Overawed by the sight of her tiny shaved cunt, he shed his clothes as quick as he could, climbed onto the bed and bent down between her smooth open thighs. Pushing her legs wider apart, he pressed his mouth between them and began to lick her. Intoxicated by the smell of her, he slid his tongue up between her parted lips, smearing her parted cunt with the wetness pooled at her opening, each stroke of his soft wet tongue arousing every nerve ending on her hard throbbing clit. Moaning with pleasure she ground her pussy up onto his hungry mouth, urging him on and willing him to taste her and lick her to orgasm. Lost to the taste and smell between her legs, he lapped at her furiously, wanting her to cum on his mouth, wishing she would squirt into it.

“Oh god.” She cried out from above him, her hips pushing upwards to rub her aching clit on his mouth. Yes! Cum for me he thought feeling her excitement. Cum and let me feel your cunt flood. Let me drink that wetness gushing from inside you.

“Put your fingers inside.” She pleaded, desperate to cum with something inside her. Reaching up, he slid two fingers into the aroused warm wetness of her pussy, curving them to rub against the spongy aroused front of her pussy. Desperate now, she slid her fingers down between her pussy and his mouth to rub her clit in perfect rhythm to the fingers fucking her insides. With a wet mouth and chin, he watched her rub her cunt as he drove his fingers in and out of her saturated pussy.

“Oh fuck, yes, oh God!” She cried out, jerking her hips upward against their fingers, cumming hard, her pussy erupting in a gush of wetness running like a river down her pussy and all around it. Beneath him, trapped between his body and the bed, his cock jerked and twitched with excitement as he watched her cum. It wasn’t the hard squirt to spray his face that he wished for but it didn’t matter. The sight of her flooding cunt almost made him cum. Excited beyond belief; he pressed his face between her legs, rubbing it in the warm wetness gushing from her pussy. Fuck, it was heaven. He raised his face dripping with her wetness and looked at her with pure lust in his eyes. More than anything right then, he wanted to fuck her tiny wee pussy and squirt his cum deep in her body. Kneeling up between her outstretched legs he gripped his thick rigid cock and tapped its swollen head onto her drenched contracting pussy. She groaned with pleasure and egged on by her arousal he slid his cock up the length of her pussy, parting her lips and rubbing it over her erect proud clit.

“Oh God.” She groaned, pushing her hips up grinding her pussy hard against his cock, craving its long hard thickness inside her. Pushing her legs wide apart and still holding his cock, he pressed its bloated head between her lips parting them as he guided it to her opening. She held her breath as he started to push into her. Oh fuck it felt good, his big cock stretching her open. Quivering with excitement, she couldn’t wait to feel it fill her, that big head rubbing against the walls of her pussy as he pushed it into her deep. With her legs stretched open and her head spinning with desire she braced herself for the thrust to come. He didn’t disappoint.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled in absolute pleasure as he pushed into her deep. One hard thrust filling her cunt completely, every inch of his long hard cock buried between her legs. Pulling back he thrust into her hard again. His hardness and girth made her gasp. Before she could catch her breath, he was fucking her, driving in and out of her drenched aching cunt, its tight opening clamped around his thick glistening shaft as it slid forced its way deep inside her.

“Oh God, yes, fuck me.” She cried out as his stabbing cock drove her closer and closer towards climax.

“Fuck my cunt!” she yelled, close to the edge and desperate to cum, his hard rhythmic thrusts and thick cock driving her wild with a burning hunger for orgasm. Breathing hard, he fucked into her deep, her tight cunt feeling so good massaging his straining cock.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, jerking hard against his cock, thrusting her hips up in orgasms her whole body shuddering with the intense spasms inside her. He held himself deep inside her as she came, her tight opening gripping the base of his shaft the only thing stopping him cumming as well. As her spasms and contractions began to subside, he rolled them over. Now she was on top and eager for more of his cock. Panting and with an overwhelming desire to cum again she thrust her pussy down on him, fucking his cock like a machine.

It was at that point that adiosbet giriş the door opened a little and unnoticed by them his employer stood watching, her hand inside the front of her bikini bottom, silently and furiously rubbing at her clit. She had heard them fucking as she passed his room on her way back from the pool. Listening to them outside his door had got her aroused and dripping wet. Unable to help herself and needing to watch, she opened the door silently. The sight of her friend driving her cunt up and down his hard cock from behind took her breath away. Desperately she rubbed at her clit as she watched the stretched open tight cunt take every inch of his cock as it drove down onto his huge swollen balls. It wasn’t until her friend froze on his cock, her legs quivering orgasm that she came herself, her legs clamping against her hand as she desperately tried not to cry out. Just as quietly, she closed the door and leant against the wall. She had orgasmed but it wasn’t enough. She craved his cock but it was her friends turn. With her pussy still throbbing and needing to cum again, she raced to her bedroom, fumbled in her bedside drawer and pulled out a very large dildo. Ripping off her bikini bottoms, she flung herself on the bed, spread her legs and with a cry of delight drove it inside her With both hands on the base of the dildo she began to fuck herself hard.

Downstairs she was riding him hard again, enjoying controlling the depth, speed and intensity of his cock inside her. Sitting up straight, she rubbed at her clit as she bounced on him, every hard inch buried in her pussy.

“Oh shit, I’m going to squirt.” she cried. Rising up off him and quivering in orgasm she rubbed at her pussy frantically and exploded in a hard spray of wetness all over his cock and the sheets. The warmth and sight of it made his cock jerk in excitement before she grabbed it again and guided it back inside her dripping opening. Knowing he was close she rode him hard.

“Cum in me.” She panted driving down hard on his cock. She could see it in his face, he was almost there.

“Cum in my cunt.” She pleaded. His face screwed up and he thrust up into hard, cumming in a loud groan of release, his cock pulsating hard deep inside her as it filled her with cum. Slowly she rose and fell on him, milking his cock into her sticky wet cunt. When she finally rose up off him he was rewarded with a stream of cum running out from inside her down onto his glistening cock. Sliding down the bed, she bent forward and hungrily licked it off him and sucked his cock clean letting it soften in her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” This feels so good up my wet cunt.” She told him as she sucked the head and licked at the shaft.

“It’s not done with that tight pussy of yours.” He told her smiling.

“Good. I’ll pour us a drink while it recovers.” She said giving it a little stroke before climbing naked off the bed.

Upstairs she laid spreadeagle on the bed, the thick dildo sticking out of her spent pussy. Gently, she rubbed her nipples and slid a hand down to her pussy to slowly massage her clit. Fuck she needed that. The dildo wasn’t as good as his cock but it was thick and had filled her aching cunt just nicely.

“Here you go.” Said the blonde handing him a drink of whisky. Climbing up onto the bed with her own drink, she sat facing him with her legs open. She knew he loved the sight of her tiny pussy and it excited her knowing much it aroused him seeing it.

“You sure pumped a lot of cum into me.” She said slipping a finger into her sticky wet opening and pulling it out covered with his cum. Staring into his eyes she put it to her mouth and sucked him off it. She knew what she was doing. The sight of her sticky wet pussy and her sucking his cum off her finger was arousing him and stirring his cock again.

“Do you have a dildo?” she asked. Leaning over, he opened the bedside drawer and took out a medium sized dildo and passed it to her.

“Good.” She said. “I just feel like something inside me. As he watched on, she opened her legs wider, leaned back and slid the dildo into her pussy. His eyes were fixed between her legs as she started to slide it in and out of herself moaning softly. Fuck she was exciting. He could feel his cock swelling again.

“Do you like watching me fuck myself?” she asked seductively. All he could do was nod as he stared between her legs watching as she pushed the creamy cunt juice covered dildo in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. She signalled for him to move closer. As he slid across the bed, she reached out and took hold of his hardening cock and started to pull him softly.

“What’s your biggest fantasy?” she asked. “What turns you on more than anything?”

“Just what you are doing right now.” He told her.

“What, fucking myself? Not doing me with this big thing?” she asked, indicating the swelling cock in her hand.

“No, watching women make themselves cum is the most exciting thing for me.” He told her.

“Well guess what.” She said. “It’s the same for me too. If I fuck my adiosbet güvenilirmi cunt, will you pull your cock for me?” Nodding, he replaced her hand on his cock with his own and started to stroke it as he watched her fuck herself with the dildo and rub her clit with her free hand. She groaned at the sight of his hand sliding up and down the long shaft, making himself harder and more excited.

“Not too fast.” She panted, her cunt getting more and more aroused. “Stop when I say OK.” They watched each other masturbate, both getting more and more aroused, her cunt leaking and his cock dripping with precum. They were feeding on each other’s excitement, both breathing hard and starting to shake. Suddenly, they were both on the edge.

“Stop!” she cried out. He released his cock and she ripped the dildo out of herself. Both sat there agonisingly on the edge but unable to cum. His cock jerked in the air and her pussy snapped in denied orgasm. It was agony but so good at the same time.

They began again slowly, watching each other bring themselves to the point of cumming before stopping again, her pussy gushing but not cumming, his cock pushing out a little stream of cum. Both of them groaned with the denial. Now it took almost nothing to bring them to the edge of orgasm. Getting there one final time, she abandoned the dildo and lay on her side with her legs open. He dove between them, wrapping his arms around her thighs as he buried his face in her drenched pussy, licking her hungrily. Her mouth was around his cock, sucking him and fucking the head as her hand pulled his hard shaft. They came in seconds, her pussy gushing hard into his mouth as he came into hers, both of them jerking against each other in a massive intensive orgasm. Even after their orgasms had subsided, they remained locked together, licking and sucking each other. Neither of them wanted to break off their embrace.

He felt a little sad when she had to leave as he watched her get up and replace her bikini. He liked her and she wasn’t just the normal fuck like with his employer’s friends. He couldn’t explain it but somehow it had been a bit more intimate between them. She was feeling much the same but she couldn’t stay and neglect his employer. She bent and kissed him before crossing the room and slipping out the door.

“You seem a little distracted.” His employer said to her friend over dinner.

“Sorry, my mind was miles away.” She replied. Her thoughts had wandered to the edging session with him and their final sixty nine embrace.

“It must have been good then.” Her host said.

“It was, believe me. Very good.” She replied with a smile.

“Anything you’d like to share?” she asked. Her friend told her about their intense edging session together.

“Fuck that is so hot, I’m jealous.” Her host said, her pussy moistening as she pictured them downstairs doing that.

Sensing her host was aroused from her tale, the blonde rose out of her seat, walked around behind her and slid her hands over her shoulders and down onto her breasts. “Perhaps we could get naked and I could edge your pussy for you.” She said in a husky voice, squeezing the breasts cupped in her hands.

“Oh fuck that would be so good.” Her host said with closed eyes and a throbbing between her legs.

“Come on then.” Her friend said, taking her by the hand and helping her out of her seat and leading her into the adjacent living room. Standing facing each other they stripped naked. The blonde’s hands were once again on her hosts breasts, kneading them and rolling her hardened nipples. She slid one hand off a breast and slid it down between the others legs.

“Oh God.” She moaned as gentle fingers probed between her wet lips seeking out her aroused clit. Still rubbing her hosts’ pussy, the blonde edged her back onto the couch, laying her on it. Eager legs parted giving her hand free access to the parted pussy between them. Slowly the fingers coated in wetness stroked at her clit, rolling it under a lubricated fingertip, dipping down between parted lips to get the wetness pooled at her opening.

“Oh fuck!” the host cried out, her pussy on fire with a need to cum. She started to quiver, moaning as she hastened towards the edge. She was tensing, her legs scissoring, scraping her ankles on the couch.

“Oh God!” she cried out about to cum. The fingers stopped and pulled away leaving her gasping and moaning I agony with her hips pushed up and her pussy snapping furiously in denied orgasm.. The blonde friend let her calm down and then once more stroked at her clit with a fingertip. As her host started to get aroused again, she slid her fingers down and pushed two up inside her, fucking her pussy with them. Once again her host was crying put, bucking against the fingers desperate to cum. Just as she thought she was there, the fingers slid out of her.

“Oh no, oh God, please.” She begged; her hips and cunt jerking up against fingers that weren’t there in her frantic need to cum. She was allowed to calm down again and then the cruel merciless fingers found her clit once again. Frantic, she threw her legs wide, her whole body trembling, her mind a blur on the very edge again. The fingers stopped and she wailed in frustration, her pussy snapping open and shut uncontrollably with a trickle of wetness running out of it.

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