The Lion Chapter 6


Chapter 6A week later John got a text from Maggie that she needed him for a consultation for a couple of hours. John decided to take an Uber and asked Kat to join him about 6 PM at his office for a tour then they’d go grab dinner. Kat arrived at the office a little before 6 PM. She had never been there before. She’d only met Maggie briefly at their wedding. The office was bright and spacious, nothing like the law offices she had been in. She was greeted by a casually but well-dressed woman as she walked in, who introduced herself, and led Kat to John’s office. His office was bright and airy with a not-too-big desk, a conference table for six people, and a lounge area. John isvecbahis was seated in the lounge area with Maggie, a very attractive black woman. As John saw Kat approach, he stood and walked to her, giving her a hug and kiss. Holding her hand, he turned and reintroduced Kat to Maggie. Up close Maggie was even more striking. Her brown color was dark and becoming. She held out her hand to shake Kat’s, who did her thing and immediately hugged Maggie. Maggie was a bit taken aback but soon she got the hang of the Kat hug and relaxed and enjoyed the sensation. Kat and Maggie sat, while John grabbed three glasses and poured some bourbon with ice for everyone. They all sat. The isveçbahis giriş talk turned to business and John was being a very proud Dad. He told Kat that his son was done with his clerkship at the US Supreme Court, but had no interest in practicing in a large firm. He had reached out to Maggie to see if she had an opening, and she instantly hired him! Maggie was delighted in hearing John tell the story. Kat watched her closely. Maggie couldn’t take her eyes off of John. She hung on every word. “Fuck,” Kat thought to herself, “She’s in love with John.” Kat also noticed that Maggie was getting a bit antsy, kind of wiggling in her seat. Maggie excused herself to go isveçbahis yeni giriş to the bathroom.When she walked out Kat turned to John and said, “Sweetie, that woman is in love with you.” John sputtered. Kat retorted, “Now don’t get a big head thinking you’re God’s gift to women, just because you’re tall, handsome, honest, giving, have a big dick and oh yeah, you’re rich…not every woman is going to fall for that bullshit.” Then she said, “I’ll be back.”Kat headed to the bathroom. The office was vacant by then as it was well past 7 PM. Kat stole quietly into the bathroom. The first thing that hit her was the smell of sex. Oh, how she loved the smell of a woman’s sex. The next thing she heard was a faint: thwop, thwop, thwop of what could have only been a hand rapidly pounding a pussy. A sudden gasp, a bit of silence, a huge inhale of breath and then the chorus thwop, thwop, thwop began again. 

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