The Lion Chapters 7 , 8

Big Tits

Lifeguard 8 RecapFriday morning Alex was shaken out of bed with a, “Get up, sleepy-head. We’re leaving to go to Derek and Belle’s in thirty minutes.”Alex jumped into the shower, packed a small bag of clothes, headed downstairs, grabbed a water bottle and some snacks and headed for the garage. He was the last one in the car. When he jumped in he saw his sister Ashley for the first time. He’d totally forgotten that his sister was joining them for the weekend. Ashley was twenty-four, so being six years older than Alex and leaving for college at the age of seventeen and now in medical school, Ashley had never spent too much time since that time with Alex or at the family house she was so busy with school. She did come home for a few Holidays, but even then she was always out with friends. As a result, Alex and his sister weren’t particularly close.Ashley, Fay and John were just yapping away about medical school, how little they’d seen her, how much they missed her and on and on. Alex was basically ignored for the first half of the trip. What Alex couldn’t ignore is how good his big sister looked. He’d seen her so little over the years, it’d only now just sunk into his pea-sized teen brain. She looked like her mother bonus veren siteler Fay only a bit taller. “Fuck, she was hot,” Alex said to himself.As if she had heard him, Ashley finally turned to him and seemed to notice him for the first time and said, “Hi bro. You’re all grown up.” She leaned over and softly kissed him on the cheek. Spunk started swelling Alex’s penis. Alex had fucked his mother Fay. He had fucked his father John in the ass. Was he going to fuck his sister too? More spunk continued upward, filling his penis even more.Ashley noticed the bulging pants and said, “Yes, all grown up, I’d say.”A lesser man would have been embarrassed for having a hard-on so big his sister could see it. A lesser man would have felt awkward for wanting to screw his sister. Nothing normal had happened to Alex in the last month. He smiled at Ashley and said, “Yes, I have,” as he leaned in and kissed Ashley fully on the lips. Ashley accepted the kiss.Just then, the car pulled up to the gate to the long drive leading up to Derek, Belle and Caley’s home. Everyone got quiet in anticipation.Lifeguard 9Approaching the house, Caley was walking toward them out the front door. Ashley was the first bedava bahis one out of the door and she rushed up to Caley and began to hug her, kiss her and generally act like she knew Caley. Alex upon seeing that could only say to himself, “Ashley’s got great taste in women.” John and Fay were next with all the hugs and kisses as Alex held back just a bit. Ashley gave a last kiss to Caley, then she along with John and Fay went inside the door where “Hellos!” were unmistakably being made inside.Alex walked up to Caley while setting his bag on the ground. He reached for Caley’s hands and just gazed at her. She was so remarkably beautiful.Alex then said, “I love you.”Caley pulled Alex into her and said, “I love you too.” and kissed him with softness and strength. They stayed in the embrace for a long time.Alex then said, “I don’t want to ever leave you.”Caley replied, “Well, that’s what this weekend is all about, then, isn’t it?”Alex smiled, took Caley’s hand and walked her into the house.More hellos, more greetings, hugs and kisses for Alex ensued. Drinks were poured all around, chitchat happened and then everyone started grabbing plates of food: salads, sandwiches, veggies, desserts and headed deneme bonus outside to sit at the long table in the shade beside the pool.Then began a round-robin of sorts with everyone catching everyone else up about what was going on in their lives. Derek talked about some of the new media deals he was negotiating, Belle told everyone about a first-round NFL rookie that had hired her team to manage, Fay had lots of news from her hospital, John talked about some new insurance products he was leading the way on, Ashley talked about all she was learning at Medical School, Caley was bubbling about heading to Washington, DC to find an apartment for law school… This went on and on and back and forth.Notably silent was Alex.Finally, there was a lull. Everyone realized all at once that Alex hadn’t said a word, though he was alert and listening intently to what everyone was saying.When everyone stopped and everyone all at once looked at Alex.Alex then very much on the spot said, “I’m going to DC and moving in with Caley.”To say there was a stunned silence… well, you get it. Nothing up to that moment led anyone to believe that Alex had a clue what he was going to do next. He was such a… well kid.Then there was much sputtering and exclamations and “Wow, who knew?” but finally, everyone calmed down and waited for Alex or Caley to say something.Alex started, “I went to Charlottesville to meet my boss…” whereupon he was immediately interrupted and gasped at and sputtered, “Boss?”

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