The Misdirected Note: the Teacher and the Cheerlea


The Misdirected Note: the Teacher and the CheerleaThe next scene begins with Cindy and Mandy eating lunch together. They have on matching school uniforms. They’re on opposite sides of the table. We see Cindy digging in Mandy’s purse and pulls out Mandy’s phone but is hiding it in her lap below the table. Mandy sees her digging in her purse but can’t see what she’s doing. Mandy asks “What are you doing?”“Shh. I just want to take a look at the photos of Miss Duke. Are they embarrassing?”It takes a moment to register and then Mandy panics but doesn’t want to get lots of attention. “No!” she whispers. “Let me have my phone!”“It’s okay. I’ve got it down here where no one else can see it.”“No, I mean it, don’t look.” Mandy comes around the table to grab the phone but Cindy thinks it’s a game and shields it. “Here it is.” Pauses. “Mandy, what are you doing.” She holds it to her ear to hear what Mandy’s saying in the film. Mandy sinks back into her chair and puts her head in her hands. Cindy closes the phone and looks at Mandy. “I don’t understand. You were going to use that email to punish her, and here I’ve got video of you tied up nude and begging her for … you know.”“It started the way we planned it but then it fell apart after …. Okay, let me ask you, do you like to play with yourself.”“She turned you into a slut just like she always said cheerleaders are.”“Heather knows how to make you cum and way better than any time you’ve ever done it before. Come with me, and I’ll let her show you.”“You’re crazy.”“No, I’m serious. — Cindy, I wouldn’t tell you this if you weren’t my best friend. You will get so turned on, and güvenilir bahis you’re going to have more fun than you can ever imagine. Come with me. Come see what Heather can do for you. I guarantee you that you won’t regret it, or … “ she pauses to think “… I’ll turn over my position as head cheerleader to you.”Very hesitantly. “Wow, you’re really serious about this. Okay, I guess you’ve convinced me. What next.”“Come to Heather’s room after the last class.”Scene shifts to Heather’s class. Everyone has left except for Mandy. Heather tells her “you’re the last one here again. Would you like to play some games again today.”“Yes, I would.”“I’ll drive you to my house again. First, come over here where no one can see us. I want you to show me your panties and then take them off and give them to me for the ride. That way, you can lift up your skirt and flash me when we stop at lights.” Mandy does it. “Great, let’s go.”“Uh, we’re waiting for someone. Cindy accidentally saw the photos on my phone.”“Mandy, you were supposed to put a password on that phone. I suppose I’ll have to punish you again.”“Please, Heather. What if I give you a present instead?”“What do you have in mind?”“Cindy.” Cindy walks into the room.“Miss Mancini, Miss Peterson was just talking about you. She says you want to come and play some games with us this evening.”Cindy says “I don’t know. Mandy said some pretty wild things. She told me that you can do … things … that I should try out.”“Dear Miss Mancini, I can give you the best time of your life. Do you want that?”Cindy nods slowly.“Then come with us.” Scene changes and they’re in Heather’s güvenilir bahis siteleri living room. “Cindy, you’re here because you want to be. But you can leave any time you want, and I’ll stop and never touch you again. Do you understand?”Cindy nods.“Now take off your skirt, and we’ll start.”Cindy slowly takes off her skirt. She’s not totally convinced that this is a good move. Heather caresses her legs while slowly lowering Cindy’s panties. Then she expertly licks and fingers her while Cindy screams in delight. Cindy stop and asks “Did you like that?”“Don’t stop. Please do it again.”“Take off the rest of your clothes and follow me. You, too, Mandy.” The girls undress. Heather takes Cindy’s purse and leads them downstairs. “You make such a pretty pair. I want you to stand like this. She puts them face-to-face. Mandy, put your hands here.” She places them around Cindy and on her butt. “Cindy, you put your hands here.” She wraps Cindy’s arms around Mandy and puts them on her butt. “Now pull each other as close as you can.” Heather goes to the other side of the room and comes back with some belts that she uses to strap the girls together (around the hips and below their breasts). Their breasts are pushing against each other’s and they are literally in each other’s face. (Perhaps she has a smaller belt or rope she puts around their ankles.) “Have you ever touched each other like this before.”The girls say “no.” “This is a good time for a picture.” She takes Cindy’s phone from her purse and takes pictures. “Cindy, this is on your phone. If I or Mandy ever ask to inspect your phone and these photos are iddaa siteleri missing, then we’ll know that you don’t want any more sex from us. Do you understand?”“yes.”“See if you can keep your phone safer than Mandy did.” She smiles wryly. “Unless you have a friend you want to bring to our party. Do you want me to stop?”“No.”“Perfect. Now feel how warm and smooth your partner’s ass is. Squeeze it and feel your own being squeezed as you squeeze hers. Feel your breasts pressing together. Feel each other’s breath.” pause. “Does this turn you on.”They both say “yes.”Heather removes her clothes and rubs her own body against theirs. “Do you think I’m hot? Do you want me to touch you?”“Yes.”She kisses their necks, their arms, their backs, their legs, their asses. “You want to kiss me back, don’t you? Close your eyes and think about kissing me. She gets on her knees so she can lick them and finger them. “Put out your tongue for me.”The girls’ tongues meet. They can’t help but start to kiss more and more passionately while Heather brings them to their climax. She unbelts them and leads them to her bedroom and poses Cindy the same way she posed Mandy the day before. “This is for my private collection,” and she takes Cindy’s photograph. “Next, get on the bed together with your legs apart for me.” Heather takes that picture, too, on her camera. “Now let me lie down on my back, and the two of you are going to lick my body as sensuously as possible.” They continue having sex. At one point, Heather has Mandy lie on top of her and positions Cindy to eat her. Mandy and Heather kiss while Heather is squeezing Mandy’s ass. After Heather has an orgasm, she has the girls switch positions until Heather cums again. After several positions, she tells them “it’s late. Put on your uniforms and I’ll drive you home. But leave your panties and bras for my collection.”Scene ends.

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