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Subject: The nephew problem-11(Gay incest, Mb,Mbtwink,oral,anal,3way) The nephew problem-11 The following story is completely fictional. None of the events or characters are real. ** Warning ** :This story contains sexual relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story offends you, is illegal in your municipality or you are under the age of 18 leave now! This story may contain explicit sexual content involving incest, oral, anal and masterbation, between a Man and a boy. If you enjoy this story and other stories here on Nifty, please consider contributing to the archive! This story is the property of the author and no copying, posting or reproduction is permitted without the author’s written consent. If you enjoy this story, please let me know! You may contact me ast I will try to answer all emails. Flamers will be ignored and blocked! Brief recap: Bobby age 10 and his middle aged uncle Tony, continue with their new relationship. Mark their hot young twink server comes over for some hot 3 way fun. The nephew problem- Part 11 A story by: Papa Bear After our hot meal and hot sex at Denny’s, with Mark the hot young twink server, we headed back home for the night. We arrived at my house and headed in, Bobby still wound tighter than a spring. ” Man Tony that was so awesome, I can still taste Mark’s cum in my mouth.” He said, sticking out his tongue at me. I laughed and gave him a kiss, swirling my tongue in his mouth. Then pulled away and said. ” Yeah it’s sweet and tasty like you.” He giggled and gave me a precious smile. We headed off to the den and kicked back. Bobby grabbed the remote and started flicking channels. He nuzzled into my side and we cuddled. My hand quickly entered his shorts, groping his ass. My fingers slid along his ass crack, which was still slick with my cum. The vivid flashes of Mark fucking Bobby’s face ran through my mind. He found some cartoon show and we watched for awhile. The whole time I was playing with his ass. Bobby’s hands had found my hard cock and he was gently playing with it through my shorts. I just couldn’t get the images of Mark out of my head. While we were sitting there fondling each other Bobby asked. ” Hey Tony, you think we’ll ever see Mark again? That was fun and I’d like to do it some more.” “Well buddy he gave me his number, so yeah why don’t we call him and ask.” I replied. ” Really… awesome! Maybe he can come over tonight.” Bobby said with excitement. I picked up my phone and gave Mark a call. I wasn’t sure if he was done with work yet but thought I’d give it a shot. As the phone rang in my ear I felt my cock twitch. The memory of our hot sex in the bathroom fresh in my mind. ” Hello” The voice said on the other end. ” Hi Mark this is Tony, from you know the bathroom.” I said. ” Oh hey man, damn didn’t think you’d call me. What’s up?” He replied. ” Well my nephew was asking about you and I thought I’d give you a call.” I said. ” Really the little dude is hot!” He said. ” You have no idea. Anyway we were wondering if you wanted to come over?” I asked. ” Hell yeah dude, I’d love to. I’m almost done working and could come over after.” He said with excitement. ” Awesome, Bobby will be happy and well me istanbul travesti too.” I said. We chatted a bit more and I gave him the address. He said he’d be over in about 1 hour. The whole time Bobby clung to my side and was trying to hear the conversation. We hung up and Bobby quickly asked me if Mark could come over. I explained the conversation and told him he’d be over after work. Bobby was excited and bouncing around. After he calmed down we cuddled up and watched TV. The whole time my dick was hard and ready for action. I caressed his soft skin with gental strokes, along his arms and face. Bobby responded by cuddling even tighter into my side. His hands traced my hairy legs and the outline of my hard cock through my shorts. I’m not sure how long we were caressing each other when the doorbell rang. Bobby jumped up all excited, as it had to be Mark at the door. He ran to the door, opening it and didn’t even ask who it was. “Hey Mark you made it!” Bobby said with excitement. ” Hey little buddy, yep I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Mark said. ” Hey Mark, glad you could join us. Bobby’s been all jacked up about you coming over.” I said, leaving out how excited I was. ” Come on in Mark let’s get naked and have some fun!” Bobby said, practically dragging Mark inside by his hand. ” Damn little dude you’re one horny boy.” He said laughing. We followed Bobby, as he led Mark by the hand to the den. After we entered the room Bobby was pulling his clothes off lickety split. The little boy angel stood before us in all his glory. ” Damn little dude your eager aren’t you.” Mark said. ” Oh yeah that’s my little lover, he’s always ready.” I said. ” Well I’m a little grungy from work, mind if I shower first.” He asked. Before I could even reply Bobby grabbed Mark’s hand and replied. ” Oh yeah cool, let’s go to the shower and play.” We looked at each other,smiled and followed Bobby too the shower. Bobby had already started turning on the shower before either of us could begin to strip. ” Damn Bobby your jacked.” Mark laughed. ” Bobby give us a second to get our clothes off.” I chuckled. He started cleaning himself while Mark and I began to strip. ” You can hang your clothes on the hooks on the wall.” I told Mark. ” Can I ask how you guys got so close?” Mark asked. ” Well long story but he’s my sister’s kid and has no father figure. It really was a surprise to me. I’ve never felt this way about a kid before.” I replied. ” Awesome, I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve always loved young boy’s.” Mark admitted. ” Really, cool. I know Bobby has captured my heart.” I said. ” I just adore their bodies. The smooth skin and hairless bodies.” Mark said. ” Hey guys you coming in or what?” Bobby asked. We laughed and finished stripping, then joined Bobby in the shower. He was being really playful and dancing around, shaking his little ass. We were both sporting huge boners, as we watched him. His small framed body glistened in the light, as water cascaded over his naked smooth skin. Bobby stopped his dancing and joined us. Without hesitation he took Mark’s cock in his mouth and played with his balls. Watching my young nephew, my lover, going to town on this twinks cock got me even more turned on. Mark grabbed Bobby’s wet hair kadıköy travesti and fed him his hard dick. He eagerly took the cock and tried his best to swallow Mark’s throbbing cock. Bobby was bent down exposing his tender sweet ass, an open invitation, of which I took advantage of. The hot water filled the air with steam, as our 3 way got underway. I quickly moved to Bobby’s inviting hole and feasted upon it. His tender hole throbbed on my tongue, as I lapped at his entrance. I’d look up and watch the boys, Bobby slobbering on Mark’s cock and Mark looking like he’d died and went to heaven. Strings of precum leaked from my slit and mixed with the shower water on the floor. Bobby’s ass tasted great, with just a hint of my cum from earlier. I looked up at Mark and his eyes locked on to mine. He mouthed fuck him and gave me an evil grin. His encouragement was all I needed and I stood, slapping my raging hard cock on Bobby’s ass. ” Yeah bro fuck his little boy ass!” Mark screamed out. Then he grabbed Bobby’s hair and started fucking his face. The site of this hot young twink face fucking my young lover was hot as hell and I slid my slick cock head over my nephew’s throbbing hole. I teased it a bit, lubing it up with my precum. Then gentle pokes and I watched his rosebud begin to open. Each time I poked and withdrew, watching his hole gap more. Mark leaned over Bobby’s body and watched my cock poking his ass. ” Fucken shit dude that’s hot. Fuck that boy’s ass!” He yelled. Soft choking noises echoed in the shower, as I was filled with lust. Grabbing each hip I slowly sank my rock hard cock into my little lover. Bobby was moaning and giving out little gagging noises. Mark was lost in the same sexual lust I was, as we fucked Bobby from both ends. His little body rocked back and forth, with each thrust of Mark’s cock into his throat. Then my thrust pushed him forward, causing him to gag more. The mixture of his moans and gagging turned us on even more. My grip on his hips tightened and I drove my cock balls deep inside my little boy. The mixture of steam, sexual noises and Bobby’s tight hole was driving me nuts. Not to mention the super hot twink fucking his face. ” Oh shit dudes, this is freaking awesome!” Mark cried out and he threw his head back, continuing to face fuck Bobby. ” Oh baby your making us feel great, damn Bobby I love you!” I said. This must have encouraged him more, as he pushed his ass hard into my body. His hard thrust back against me drove my cock even deeper. My balls slid along his slick wet groin and my pubes ground against his ass. We were all lost in a sexual dance, moving in perfect harmony. Like a little piston Bobby’s body moved between us. Back and forth, as we drove our cock’s inside his holes. We began to loose control and started pounding his ass and face. My balls slapped against his groin, with each powerful thrust. I was so fucking turned on I dug my nails into his skin, as I gripped his hips tightly. Mark had a death grip on Bobby’s hair and was really using his throat. Bobby’s voice was muffled by his aggressive assault into my nephew’s throat. I could just make out little whimpers, gags and moans. ” Jesus man I’m going to blow my wad, oh fuck man little dude it’s coming.” He cried out. bakırköy travesti His verbal cries of pleasure drove me over the edge and I plowed my little lovers ass with fury. Slap after slap echoed off the shower walls. Bobby’s body was thrown back and forth, as we both rapidly aproched our orgasms. ” Son of a bitch, fuck oh damn baby I’m gonna fill your ass!” I groaned. ” Yeah dude fill that boys ass, fuck him hard!” Mark yelled. Slap,slap,slap my body slammed into his ass. Gag, slurp, moan, gag came from Bobby. ” Fuck…fuck.. here it comes little dude…oh shit…shit…shiiiiiitttttt!” Mark screamed, as he unleashed into my nephew’s throat. Bobby gagged and did his best to take all of Mark’s jizz. That was too much and I screamed out, ” Jesus, Jesus oh fuck!” and I slammed my cock balls deep inside my little boy and unleashed what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside his tight young ass. I tried to keep my balance, as my orgasm was so intense I damn near passed out. Mark was still pumping Bobby’s throat, then slowly started to pull out. I watched as strings of cum drizzled to the shower floor. Mark’s cock was still rock hard and dripping cum from the slit. His pubes were cover in saliva and jizz. I pulled out of my little lover’s ass, my cock covered in my own cum. I held Bobby in place and gazed upon the beautiful site of his gapping hole. My cum oozing from his sweet young ass. It trickled down his crotch, onto his hairless little nut sack, then dripped on to the shower floor. ” wholly fucking shit dudes, that was intense!” Mark said ” I hear that bud, I damn near passed out.” I said with a chuckle. Bobby slowly raised up, his face covered in saliva and a little cum on his lips. He had this big grin on his face, as he licked his lips clean. ” Oh man that was awesome!” He said. ” Well I guess we better shower off before the hot water runs out.” I said. We all gathered together under the warm water and began washing off. We both paid a lot of attention to Bobby’s body, washing his smooth young form. Mark’s cock was still very hard and to my surprise mine was at half mast. We finished cleaning up just as the hot water began to run out. After we all dried off we headed to the den. I suggested we stay naked since it was just us. ” Well it’s getting late I guess I better head home.” Mark said. ” Oh man do you have to, just stay here.” Bobby said. ” I don’t know about that little dude, that’s up to your uncle.” Mark said. ” Can he spend the night Tony…please…please?” Bobby whined. I chuckled and thought to myself. ” Like he really needs to beg, this could be an interesting sleep over.” ” Of course Mark can spend the night, if he wants to.” I said. ” Oh hell yeah that’d be great. I have to be at work by 10am, so I gotta leave early. Need to change into clean work clothes.” Mark said. ” No problem we’ll set an alarm.” I said. ” Cool we can play some more!” Bobby said, as he danced around shaking his naked ass. We looked at each other and gave each other a wicked grin. To be continued….. Papa Bear If you enjoy this story check out my other stories here on : https://www.//gay/adult-youth/peeping-boy/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/roberto-the-boy-lover/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/street-ball-boys/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-nephew-problem https://www.//bisexual/incest/caring-for-samantha-and-jason/ If you like this story and other stories presented to you on the Nifty Archive, please consider donating to help this site continue its good fty/donate.html)

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