Subject: the nice side of law enforcement part 2 This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts. Some of the parts are real but will leave that up to the reader to decide. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. You may contact me at [email protected] if you would like to comment. Also, I have many more stories so if you use the search feature on fty you can use woodd_guy as the key word and you will find my other stories. (Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories please consider a donation to fty) In part 1 I left off where Jack had showed me some fun stuff two guys can do and also afforded me a job helping him paint his house. As I said I traded blow jobs with my friend Hank but Jack was a man and with that his cock was a lot larger then Hank’s was. Also, with Jack we kissed and I never did that with Hank, I guess with Hank and myself the idea was just to get off. So, when I got home, I told my parents what happened at the park and of course left out the sex part, my parents knew who Jack was and they thought it was very nice of him to take care of me the way he did since they were not home. They also agreed that taking the job helping him paint his house was a good idea they felt that Jack would be a good example for me, if only they knew what we be doing together when not working. The following day I met up with my friend Hank and we went to the park, I wanted to tell him about what happened yesterday with me overheating and then Jack taking care of me but I felt I should leave out the sex parts. I was a little surprised when Hank said he thought that Jack was a good-looking guy and really shocked when Hank said he had seen him when he rode his bike and then sort of let it slipped out that he wondered what it be like to do the stuff that the two of us had did with him. I so wanted to tell hank that I had sucked his cock but thought about what Jack and I discussed and decided it would be best if I did not. While Hank and I were talking I noticed that Hank was getting hard and it showed in his shorts, I myself was getting horny thinking about what Jack and I did. So, I took Hank on a little detour further away from the main path, and we stopped at a small clearing. Hank knew just what I was thinking and as soon as we stopped, he lowered his shorts and underwear and his hard cock sprung out. Not sure what got into me but I got down on my knees and started licking his cock head. I used my tongue and lips just playing with the head of Hank’s cock. He looked down on me and said where did you learn that and I just kept working on his cock head. I had Hank walk back a little so that he could sit on this big flat rock and his legs were down and he was able to lay back I suspect just like I was when Jack had had me lay on his kitchen island counter. I went back to playing with Hank’s cock head then started licking his shaft like it was a pop stick. Hank looked at me and “said not sure what got into you but this feels great”. I worked his shaft a while every few strokes coming to the end and taking his cock head into my wet mouth. Then I worked my way back down the shaft to his balls. I started licking his balls like Jack did to me and Hank liked that. After I had his balls all wet, I moved down and went as far as Jack did and here I was licking my friend’s ass hole. I have to admit he was not super clean but being honest I was so super turned on I did not care. Hank was sort of in a limbo he was confused since what I was doing was way more than we ever did but at the same time he loved the feeling. Being in the heightened sexual state I was in I even started to push my tongue in deeper into Hanks ass hole. Hank was enjoying it so I kept it up. by now I had made his ass so wet and while I was doing this, I had dropped my shorts and underwear and my cock was as hard as could be. Not sure why I did it but I pushed Hanks legs up further and then took my cock and lined it up but escort izmit not into his ass but in the cheeks of his ass and I grinded it in and it felt slippery so I was in a sense fucking his ass checks. Afterwards I realized I should have tried to fuck his boy pussy but at the time just fucking his ass cheeks was fun. I suspect if anyone had caught us, we would have looked like two perverts. I kept sliding in his ass cheeks until I shot my load. The whole little adventure was a real turn on and after I came, I went down on his ass and licked up all the cum I left on his ass and then lowered his legs and went to work on his cock with my mouth. Hank was so turned on he came in only a few minutes. Once He shot his load in my mouth I pulled off his cock but left his cum still in my mouth. Hank made a comment asking how did his butt hole taste and I decided to let him find out for himself. I leaned in and we were face to face and I planted a big kiss on him and then opened my mouth so we were sharing his cum and some of mine that I licked off of his ass. I suspect I learned something from Jack kissing me and here Hank and I were in a deep kiss sharing our body fluids. As we kissed, we were grinding our cock together making them hard again and prolonging our kiss. I guess you have to say we were making out that was a new thing for the two of us with at least another boy. The two of us stayed kissing till I was turned on enough that I started shooting a load of my sperm on Hank’s cock. Once I did that I just had to have him back in my mouth so we broke the kiss and I got between his legs licked up all my cum that splattered on his cock and balls and when I cleaned him off I took him into my mouth and played with his cock till he rewarded me with his second load of cum. I tried to keep sucking him I just wanted more but Hank stopped me and said “wow what got into to you” and said “we better get going”. As we left, we ran into Jack he was on his rounds and we were just walking back onto the main path. I was not sure if Jack could tell if I was looking guilty for just having sex with my best friend but if he did, he did not show it. Jack just asked if we had a good hike and we said yes and I introduced my best friend to Jack saying “here is my best friend Hank”. I was thinking to myself did Jack put two and two together and realized that Hank was my best friend that we had been trading blow jobs but then he did not give any indication that he did. Then Jack said to me “did you ask your dad if you can help me paint my house”. I said “yes I did, and he thought it was a good idea”, Hank chimed in and said if we needed more help, he would be happy to help, he could use the extra money. Jack said he will think about it, and if so, he will tell me to tell Hank to help. Just a side note I am not sure I mentioned that my name is John. Since it was the weekend Jack asked if we could start tomorrow and I said sure and he told me to be there at 9 am and bring some shorts that were old in case I got paint on them. Hank and myself left the park and Jack went back on his rounds. As we walked home Hank said he had fun today and asked if I was not busy if I could come over to his house, it seemed that his parents had a company party to go to for work and it was in the city and since there would be drinking his company had made arrangements for them to stay overnight in a hotel. I said “sure, be happy to but let’s stop at my place so I can get some stuff for tonight and a change of clothes for tomorrow”. We did just that and I told my parents what we were doing and also, I would be home tomorrow afternoon since I was going to Jack’s house to help him paint. They were fine with that and said “make sure you two stay out of trouble”. I suspect if they only knew they would keep me grounded for years. Then my mom asked am I sure that there will be no girls there and I said no there will none and besides the two girls we hung out with were away since there was some cheer leading contest and they went for the week izmit escort end. So, once I got a few items from my room we were off. Once we got to Hank’s house his parents were just about to leave for their party, and they even said they had called in to the local pizza delivery place and ordered a pizza and left the money on the counter when the delivery guy showed up. And off they went, we played some video games till the pizza showed up and then we ate. I said “what would you like to do now”, and Hank said he found this good web site he wanted to show me. I suspected it was a porn site so I said sure. He retrieved his laptop and used an app to show the screen on the big TV. When he brought up the link it looked like it was a young guy and a young girl, when I say young, they were older then us but not by much. They were kissing and the one guy was dressed in tight pants and no shirt and the girl was dressed in a school girl outfit little skirt and white blouse. The girl was on her back and the guy had her blouse open and she had these cute little tits. The girl was cute but there was something about her that was exciting. The guy was kissing her and rubbing her tits and then he took a break long enough to drop his pants. Of course, he did not have any thing on under them so his cock was out. The girl still stayed dressed and the boy slid up and was holding the girls’ tits together and was sliding his cock between the tits. Hank said “let’s get naked while we watch this” so we did. Then the boy moved up further and was feeding his cock up to her mouth. While watching this Hank was starting to stroke his cock then looked at me and said “get down here why do this myself when I can have you do it”? I got down between his legs and started sucking Hank. He positioned himself so I could suck him and still see the porn, while the guy was fucking the girls mouth, he slid out and slid down and then he lifted the girls legs. What came next was a surprise to me, as the skirt went up instead of seeing a pussy the girl had a cock, and a good size one at that. The guy who was getting the blow job before moved down and took in the so-called girls cock into his mouth. Then the girl was saying to the guy “good suck my clitty”, the whole thing was strange but still a turn on. While this was going on, I was still sucking Hank’s cock. The guy in the film bent the girl forward and started doing what I did to Hank yesterday and started licking her balls and then her ass. The girl kept saying “please lick my pussy and get it wet so you can fuck me”. With that I stopped sucking Hank’s cock and watched the action. While I was sitting back Hank had leaned over a few times and sucked my cock but only long enough to keep it hard and wet. Then after the licking of the girls ass went on for a while the guy had her get up on the bed on all fours and then she lowered her face so her ass was being presented. The guys cock was now super hard had reached over and grabbed some bottle from the counter and poured some on his cock then lined it up and slid it in. The girl took the guys cock with no trouble and was begging for more. Hank looked at me and said “you game for trying this”, I was not sure what position he wanted and he said I want to try to fuck you first. Seeing how easy the girl took the guy cock I figured why not. Hank said “this may get messy so let’s do it on the kitchen so we can wipe the floor clean if it gets dirty”. I was so horny I said “sure I am up for it”, and for sure my cock was up for it since it was as hard as a rock. Hank grabbed a bar stool and had me bend over the stool good thing it was a vinyl cover since my cock was leaking with what I was anticipating to happen. So here I was bent over my legs spread some and my ass open. Hank took some hand cream put it on his cock and lined it up and tried to enter me. It looked so easy on the girl but my ass was not opening up for his cock, he tried to push hard but it hurt and would not go. We tried for a while but this was izmit kendi evi olan escort not going to happen, I wanted to have his cock up my ass but he would have to work on getting me open, so I said “try your finger”, that was even tight but it did go in. It felt good so I had him fuck me with his finger, then I said “get something bigger” after his finger started feeling good, he looked at me and said “like what”. I thought about it a minute and said “I have an idea” and went to their refrigerator and looked and sure enough they had some carrots. I took out two one was a little bigger than his finger and the second was a lot bigger. I went back over and bent over the stool again and “said try your finger again then the smaller carrot”. That idea worked and with the hand cream the carrot was sliding up my ass. I told Hank I wanted to try something different and he left the carrot half way in my ass and I got up and laid back on the kitchen island and raised my feet so my ass was up. Then I told hank to come suck my cock as he fucked me with the carrot. That worked well I was loving his warm mouth on my cock and the carrot siding in my pussy as that girl called it. We did that a while and hank was able to get the bigger carrot in, it hurt a little but after a while it felt good. While I was being sucked and fucked with the carrot, I had my fill and wound up shooting my load into Hank’s mouth. Once done he said now it’s my turn and had me get down from the counter, he pulled out the carrot and had me bend over the stool and lined up his cock and sure as hell this time he slid in. It hurt a little at first but I wanted it in me so I told him to push and soon he was bottomed out and I felt his balls slapping mine as he fucked my ass. I know it was wrong but I was thinking wont Jack be surprised when he finds out a new trick I learned. Hank was in heaven he loved fucking my pussy and he kept riding me till he could take no more and I felt string after string of his sperm fill my ass. Once he was done, he pulled out we cleaned up the kitchen and decided it was time to get some sleep. Since we were alone for the night, we both jumped into bed and stayed naked and I just wanted to leave my ass filled with his sperm and slippery from the hand lotion. We were both tired after the fun and we fell asleep. Not sure what time it was but I was woken up when I felt Hank behind me, I was on my side and could feel his hard cock between my ass cheeks. He was hard and I knew he wanted to get a piece of my ass again, I tried to act like I was sleeping but when he reached around and felt my hard cock, he knew I was awake. He said “I know your awake and after last night I want to fuck you again”. He had grabbed my pillow and put it under my waist and had me lay on my belly and he got behind me spread my legs and before he lined his cock up, he dripped some hand cream on it and then slid his cock into me. It hurt like crazy and I told him to stop and he said stop being such a baby and kept applying down ward pressure until his cock was all the way in me. It hurt but the pain was tolerable. After a while he started making up and down thrusts and it felt better then after that it felt great. I was such a slut telling hank to fuck me I was his fuck doll if he wanted me. He was just pounding away and then started emptying his balls in my hole. Once he was done, he just stayed where he was his cock went down some but did not slip out and stayed somewhat firm. He told me to stay still and just give him a few minutes, and thats all it took he was growing again in my ass and I could feel his cock get hard and longer and I was loving it. Then when he was ready, he rode my ass till I was filled again with his load. when he was done, he just collapsed on me and not sure how we fell asleep with his cock still in me. When I woke in the morning, he was still on top of me and his limp cock was on my slime covered ass. I looked up and saw what time it was and knew I had to get going or I would be late for painting Jack’s house. I did not have time to wash up so I just threw on some shorts and a shirt and left without even waking up Hank. I love to hear from my readers at [email protected] If I hear from my readers there will be more to come. email me hoo

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