The Other Side


No teenage boy deserves to see his girlfriend of less than a week getting backshots from her jock ex under the school’s bleachers. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t get what they deserve.This tone wasn’t foreign to Cal and Michelle’s relationship. Teary-eyed, he confronted her on her porch later that evening, and she didn’t even have the decency to lie or deny it. With little emotion, she confessed and told him that she will continue to do as she pleased, and he better accept it if he wanted to remain her boyfriend.The disadvantage of being a skinny, unconfident nerd reared its head as Cal feared their relationship’s end meant his resumption of high school senior singledom. It all started when she chose him to be her math tutor because her failing grades threatened the prospect of graduation. Tired of her father’s insistent grousing over her boyfriend choices, she offered Cal the role to placate daddy dearest until college started. That was fifteen years prior.In the present day, Cal and Michelle were a married couple of ten years – against the advice of his father. This caused a rift in their relationship, to the point that Cal and his dad hardly spoke anymore.  He didn’t want his son with a woman that disrespected him as much as she did because she would sink his already gutter-dwelling self-worth deeper until it reached Lucifer’s Pit.However, Cal saw it differently.Yes, she had sex with other men, but Michelle preached that it was okay as that was cuckolding culture and therefore acceptable. Plus, she let him have sex with her once a year – on his birthday – which was far better than what he previously pulled, which was none at all.A part of Cal got jealous hearing about how other men used her body and pleasured her, but in many ways, it aroused him as well. Many times, he masturbated in the guest house at night, imagining – sometimes remembering – men sturdier and supposedly manlier than himself, plundering his wife’s holes with reckless abandon. Imagining them fucking her like the ex that time by the bleachers and making her plump buttocks ripple with every thrust.Yes, the guest house was his residence, for Michelle couldn’t stomach being in the same place as him for too long, so she used her daddy’s money to build one. Within the marriage’s first year, Cal no longer slept in the main house. Not that they shared a bed, anyway. It wasn’t ideal, but Cal thought this was the best he could do because, according to him, he was “just an unsightly, skinny nerd.”One afternoon, Michelle texted him that she and her best friend, Shanda, were no longer on speaking terms. kaçak iddaa Shock was Cal’s initial response, given their friendship since Junior High, but he promised to fulfill the task bestowed upon him to get them talking again. After directly messaging her on social media, Shanda bit and offered to meet at a close-by diner for lunch. Dressed in his usual early 2000s, overly baggy attire, he entered the diner and spotted her seated, waving from the far end. Cal lumbered over and then sat opposite of her with an indecisive smile.“Hey, Cal, it’s nice to see you’re well,” said the dark-skinned, grinning beauty. Shanda was an amateur model that should have been a professional. Between her paper-white teeth, celebrity smile and smooth skin that would make a laminated desk jealous, the contrast between her and her lunch date was almost comical.“Hi, Shanda. It’s um, so nice to see you again.” Cal fidgeted in his seat before settling. “So, could you… could you tell me why you and Michelle don’t talk anymore?”“You’re wrong.” Shanda’s expression hardened, and Cal swallowed.“I… I don’t understand.”“You said we don’t talk anymore. It’s more than that. I’m no longer friends with that bitch.”Cal’s heart near leapt out of his mouth. His father, one high-school friend he had, and even her father called her that word, but not Shanda. Not her best friend since they were kids. Why?“But, you’ve been friends for so lo–”“Cut the shit, Cal.” Shanda leaned forward, resting her forearms on the table.“What? I didn’t eve–”“I said, cut it.”Cal kept his mouth shut, waiting for her to speak.“You of all people.” Shanda sneered and shook her head. “Is it really hard to figure out why I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone like her anymore? She doesn’t care about or respect anyone else but herself. But if you must know, the argument was really about you.”“Me? Why me? I don’t… understand.”“She treats you like shit, homeboy.”“No, you don’t understand. I’m lucky to be–”“I said to fucking cut it!” Shanda slammed the table with both palms, and the three other diner patrons looked around. “Cal, look, I don’t know what’s going on up in that head of yours, but I know, your self-esteem has always been shit. And she takes advantage of that. She gets off on having her little pet while she fucks and sucks whomever she damn well pleases. Doesn’t that make you feel any resentment? Anger? Anything at all?”“It’s no problem, really…” Cal whispered and shrugged.“Boy, the things she says about you when she’s with her friends. I’m no saint, because I would laugh with her while she made fun of how weak and pathetic kaçak bahis you are, but at some point, we all gotta grow up, ya know?”Cal remained silent, but his lip quivered.“Look, I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. Being a high-school bitch in your thirties is more pathetic than you, putting up with her if you ask me. Cal, we’ve never been friends, but I’ve got a newborn son. If a woman was to ever treat my son like how she treats you, I’d fucking kill her.”Cal’s eyes brimmed with tears, and he bowed his head, allowing them to pitter-patter on the table.“Jesus.” Shanda rubbed her temple. “Cal, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said all of that. Fuck, what is wrong with me? Look, for your own mental health, please… just please, run away from that bitch. As far as you can. I know you don’t believe this, but you’re actually a handsome guy. It’s just that you don’t believe in yourself, and you dress like a hobo, if hobos did their laundry.”Cal sniffled and wiped his eyes and nose with a table napkin.“She says you guys only have sex on your birthday. Also, that she’s the only person you’ve ever had sex with. Is that true, or was she cappin’?”Cal nodded, still making eye contact with the table. Pity blanketed her demeanour towards the animal in front of her that was set to be put down. She eased her right foot out of its flat and traced his inner thigh until it reached his cock. Cal shot her a surprised look as he engorged before shoving her limb off and scrambling to his feet.“You owe her nothing,” Shanda said. “Don’t you want to get back at her somehow? Some way? That way?” She glanced at his crotch on the last sentence.“No, I-I can’t. I won’t cheat… I’ve gotta go.” Cal held the sides of his head and darted out as Shanda called after him.When he returned to his residence, he curled up on the floor sobbing, becoming a tearful, snotty mess. What Shanda said to him wasn’t really news, as he always figured people ridiculed him behind his back. To hear someone explicitly say so, though, was a different ball game. Cal’s tears for the next hour represented the full weight of his fifteen-year relationship with Michelle. When the tears ceased, however, he calmly sat up cross-legged and stared into the distance while rocking for the remainder of that night. Eighteen Months LaterFor her thirty-fifth birthday, Michelle was not shy about having a gangbang with a bukkake finale. Cal, being the supportive spouse as always, nodded in agreement and suggested the guest house as the location. She shrugged it off initially but then weeks later said there would be perfect – as if Cal illegal bahis hadn’t suggested it earlier.As the sun set and the horizon turned into a canvas of blended colours, the first two dick providers arrived at the arena. Michelle greeted and directed them to the three-seater before advancing to a slouched Cal, who wore a long-sleeve shirt and sweatpants combo that swallowed him and still had room to eat.“Since when did you stop cutting your own hair?” Michelle asked, scanning his sharply lined Caesar cut.“What? No, I still… I still do it.” Cal avoided eye contact and rubbed the back of his neck.“Hmm, looks better than those shitty cuts you usually give yourself. Anyway…” She rolled her eyes and refocused on their guests.The remaining men arrived, making it ten in total that would be participating that evening. The furniture set had been pushed back, and the centre table moved, but the carpet remained. Michelle told Cal earlier that cleaning it would be his problem as she wasn’t kneeling on the tiled floor. Like an obedient servant, he nodded. In the present, he sat in his one-seater, awaiting the main feature for an audience of one.After a few drinks, his wife stood in the centre and beckoned one of the guests to step up to the plate. As a bald, full-bearded man of medium height approached, images flashed in Cal’s mind of the initial visit he made to his father the day after conversing with Shanda. His dad was quite surprised but not unhappy to see his son, whom he’d been estranged from for some time. Cal summarized his meeting with Michelle’s ex-bestie and asked for help. I’m lost, Dad.“Daaamn, this is gonna be good,” said the bald, bearded man as he snatched Michelle by the waist.“Stop,” Cal whispered.More memories of the past eighteen months replayed as his father carried him through intense fitness routines and the basics of grappling and striking daily. The old man was no Gracie, but he was far more competent than the average Joe.“Stop,” Cal said with more volume, but Michelle and her boy-toy continued leaning into each other to broach a kiss. Interspersed in the training sessions with his father were conversations surrounding how to improve one’s body language and confidence.  The advantage of being a househusband to a busy, six-figure earning wife was that once he handled all of the main house chores, she couldn’t care less what else he was up to. Even if she was consistently home, she still wouldn’t have noticed.“Stop.” This time, Cal was just above a murmur. Michelle placed an index finger on her lover’s lips, stepped back and undid her top and bra, exposing her bouncy tits. During this, Cal’s slouch straightened, and his jittery facial expressions calmed before he stood, strolled towards the action in the centre and placed a hand on the man’s shoulder.

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